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Done and what's up next

Color me happy---I am done with that round robin applique and it did not kill me. I can post this because the person who will receive it in the end is not online and is not likely to be reading my blog. I took the last stitch in the silk ribbon embroidered bees at 5 p.m. I see the little things did not show up terribly well in this picture. Looks like a little speck of dirt in this shot, LOL but trust me, they are there! The flight paths I made with two strands of embroidery floss show up better in person as well.

So it will give me great pleasure to cross this off my April goals. I revised the April, May and June goals a couple days ago--much of April had to be moved to May because this applique thing was so time consuming.

Next up? I will be completing a Christmas quilt top that our friend and fellow Bama Belles started for one of her sons. She passed away 2 plus years ago and left about a third of the top completed with some loose blocks included. I was asked to complete it as I have…

Don't have a clue

I don't have a clue what she was doing with this basket. She had a little wild hair thing going last night and this is how DJ caught her.

We have a vaulted ceiling in kitchen and living room with an open spaced wall between them. She hops up from the back of the couch, up to the open window space, to the top of the refrigerator and up to the top of the kitchen cabinets. Then she has the option of going even higher atop the top board of the windowed area.
DJ said he had a wonderful birthday. The weather was chamber of commerce beautiful yesterday so that made our laps around the Oxford Lake very pleasant with a nice breeze off the water. We found a tape measure for half price at Sears to replace his worn out one and walked down to where we thought the cafeteria restaurant was. The mall had converted that space into a Goody's department store but a lady walking by heard our conversation about "it was right here" and directed us to where it had basically moved--now it…

It's finally Friday...........

George Jones song that they play on the country music station here around 4 p.m. on Friday. Funny how that an approaching weekend is not such a big deal when you don't work outside the home.

It's Talladega race weekend and Oxford will be jumping because of the influx of people to the area but here is my little corner of the world my only concern is that my husband have a "happy day" as he passes a milestone birthday. We still have storm door work ahead of us as we basically only got as far as figuring out how the hinged section went on the door itself when it was time to quit. (talk about the blind leading the blind there!)

He has informed me that he wants to eat somewhere near the mall area (about 12 miles south of us) and we will walk around Oxford Lake rather than our section of Chief Ladiga Trail or around the adjacent town park. Meanwhile, I am still in my pj's, thinking about hopping in the shower and doing some of this applique.

Here is the view from my desk …

tagged twice!

Hanne and Serenaboth tagged me for "6 Weird Things About Me". I'm not going tag anyone else but encourage you to participate if you like as some of the others in the ring have done.

I would tend to think along the lines of Jeanne and her gratitudes that she lists in each of her posts. Let me explain. Maybe we would be better served to concentrate on the good things about ourselves rather than the oddities or strange personality quirks. For example: I might say that "I am a good listener" or "My friends know they can tell me something in confidence and it will go no further" or "I am a good hugger".

We, as women and peacekeepers, say "I'm sorry" even when something is not our fault or we say it in a situation where we had nothing to do with outcomes. Maybe that is to express sympathy or comfort whoever we say it to, I don't know. We suffer from enough hits to our self esteem NOT to concentrate on the good things we do or the p…

7th Annual Spring Sew In

The Bama Belles Quilting Club (of Calhoun County) and I just concluded two days of sewing. When we first started these years ago, Joy opened up her home to us--perfect set up! We often imported talent from out of state from the quilt lists we belonged to or other family and friends. We sewed to all hours of the night and had her neighbors wondering what was going on that late in the evening on her front porch. You could go lay down for awhile if you needed to etc. Even I stayed overnight and I live here! Her daughter-in-law and grandkids came to take care of the kitchen details though we brought food in to pass too. Joy's granddaughter who is now 18 or close to it has been sewing/quilting since age 7 or 8 would sew right along with us. But then Joy moved a good hour away back to her hometown. :-(Now we just tack an extra day onto our regular meeting date and extend the time. Come when you want, stay as long as you want, one day or both days philosophy. I'm the one with the key…

"Whatever you want to call it" block

Upon awakening, I realized that I needed to get a handout together for the Bama Belles annual spring sew in for the block that we are going to try. At this point I think you could safely call it, "Whatever You Want to Call It" block. There are at least three known ways of assembling it and I added a 4th twist, LOL (as pictured)

This essential layout has been all the rage on one of the internet lists I belong to. On our recent field trip we saw one very similar to this done up at Heart to Heart Quilt Shop designed by one of the shop owners, Cindy Wilson. (click on patterns and then scroll down to "Nine Patch Fun". She used 3 inch squares and had half blocks on the side and used a limited palette of colors. The blocks were huge though and we thought 12 inch blocks would work better for our needs.

The options as I see it------
Brandy offers a free pattern called “Chiclets” on the internet. She, more or less, approaches it in doing horizontal rows like a checkerboard and …

Shopping and time with a friend

More 30's repros--as if I needed them! You would not think that taking a quilt up to the long arm quilter would lead to buying fabric but it did. Eva has has about 400 bolts in her little shop. Enough to find something that I wanted to go home with me. Plus it was only 3.59/yard!
I picked up Betsy who lives about 12 miles from me putting a few extra miles on the car on our trek. It was good to have the company as I was not quite sure where I was going and good to be out of the house. We stopped for a sandwich before returning home and let the husbands fend for themselves. It was raining when we left but turned into an absolutely gorgeous day. Everything is so lush and green right now!

The pattern is by Debbie Maddy from Calico Carriage. I own her "Shining Star" pattern already but have always been intrigued by the Carpenter Star. If there is no diamonds and y-seams involved than that is just fine with me!
No sewing yet today as I was doing some web design studying/exer…

Plodding along

Now here is some applique I can handle! The snowman quilt was made for my secret pal on a former quilt list. I have plans to one day make me one! The design is from Piecemaker's book "Something to Crow About". It also contains some cool folk -arty sunflower ideas I have toyed with in recent days. Who knows? I may end up with a couple of those on my round robin project yet!

In the past I also have done a few Appliquilt patterns from various books written by Tonee White--one of which was a round robin pass around project. I'll save those for another post since I am having a little problem getting images to "play nice"

Here is another way I can handle applique--fuse it within an inch of its life, LOL.

The pattern is designed by Diane Arthurs for "From the Powder Mill" and is appropriately called "God Bless America" . It was made for another secret pal.

You cannot see it very well but I also made the quilt hanger--gold stars on the end of the do…

Making some progress

I know I have been moaning and groaning about having to some applique on a round robin. I've gotten a little of my project ready but not ready to show. Here is a wall hanging I made for my sister who lives in Colorado circa 2000. I am being too lazy to dig out the pattern to tell you the designed but it is called "Rocky Mountain Spring". I can do it but prefer not to.

I am making some progress today though, thanks to some helpful suggestions from Hanne that she emailed me. Thanks again!

One little bee hive is prepped and one little orange shaded eight pointy petaled flower is sewn. I can use the owners focus fabric for the flower centers. Hey, that's more than I had done this morning! I figure 4 flowers in that goldy yellow I showed you from my first attempt and 3 more orange ones should do it.

The pointy flowers have the edges already have the raw edges enclosed and ready to applique to the borders I applied yesterday. I have dug out my flexible curve and bias pr…

Tale of two sunflowers

Evelyn showed us her Dresden Sunflower block the other day--quite lovely and looks terrific on the green background she has selected. Consider this one an experiment that won't quite work for its intended purpose.

I am still agonizing over what I want to do for a 6 inch hand appliqued round for a round robin. Two elements I know will be included--beehives and some silk ribbon embroidered bees. The owner's center is a Honeybee block and she "put in her order" for the bees at least. It is those flowers, stems and leaves that are driving me round the bend. I am not usually so indecisive about anything. Perhaps if this were my OWN project I would quit waffling so much. I am not fond of applique to begin with and resent being told that it has to be done a certain way to begin with so there is a whole lot of issues involved here, I guess.Anyway, yesterday I ran through the crafts/fabric area at Walmart Supercenter looking for DMC floss for my "bluework" snowmen BO…

Holiday is passed.............

.........until the next one rolls around. Since I no longer work outside the home, a three day weekend is just no longer as big a deal as it once was but that's just me, LOL.

I served a traditional Easter type meal and even made my first ever lemon meringue pie for dessert! It used to be that if something called for beaten egg whites or separated eggs, I didn't try to make it. I guess I have learned a few things about culinary arts as I have gone along. Now just to get past yeast goods! Sister Shurbet does a bang up job with those (frozen and you heat them) but I still would like know the ends and outs.

If you are like me and will have some leftover ham to use up, you may want to try this recipe for some of the leftover bits. I've already packed some of ours away in the freezer to re-purpose it down the line but will make some of this for our evening meal.

Ham Scrap Casserole

2 cups wide noodles
2 tablespoons flour
1 cup grated cheddar cheese (1/4 lb.)
2 tablespoons catsup
2 cups …


Don't these ladies look like Marshmallow Peeps?

Got to give you something to look at. This is Easter holiday- like, in my view, even though it was from a Thanksgiving Day parade. I clipped it from the paper some time back because at a glance all I could see was lines of Marshmallow Peeps. They make them for other holidays now, of course. I am not poking fun or anything as I think it is perfectly charming, actually. We don't have anything like in the Midwest where I'm from or at least not that I am aware of.

I finished up the top I was sashing and assembling about 9:30 last night but cannot share a picture of it yet. (Not when you don't know who might be reading). I have pretty much decided that it is going to a long arm machine quilter. Other than binding and labeling it later , my work is done.

So, the whole day is ahead of me and what do I want to work on? Never just a few choices there! I know what I don't want to do: borders on a top I drug home from the meeting w…

what did and didn't get done yesterday

Newly folded 30's stash
Yesterday was one of those days where I seemed to take one step forward and two steps back. Know what I mean? I had great plans though and some things DID get done and other plans were altered.
First, I got all my 30's reproduction stash folded and sorted by color except for the stuff that is already cut in project boxes. Some of this lovely stuff was "flung" to me from Cher who decided a Fons and Porter Pinwheel/Hope of Hartford type star was not to her liking in those fabrics---she being a brights girl after all. Some I have bought recently because I thought I needed them for a project I should be stitching on like, NOW. Others were stuck back up in the closet where it was not easy to get at them. Lots of fats, some half yards and a couple in yards but not much plus some other yardage is in the bottom of that bin--though I think one if probably more of an authentic 40's vintage. My wish to get it all put away in one spot did not work unle…

Family quilts

Finn asked about the block taped to the inner side of the pizza box with cat in my previous post. I DID re-piece that whole thing and the quilt was mailed off to DJ's niece last year. I don't seem to have taken a picture of it for my records but I have the EQ sketch.

The block appears to be a variation of Mosaic #18 or Spinning Star attributed to Ladies' Art Company, 1898. Brackman shows a slightly different coloration than Joen Wolfrom in "Make Any Block Any Size" page 23. I just called it Auntie's Star. One block had to have the background plaid replaced but other than that I was able to salvage all that orange-y red plaid though even Aunt Effie had made some substitutions there.

I have quilted one other of Aunt Effie's tops with three more to go--possibly five as another sibling has two spider webs. I can post picture of that one as well though the coloring is so pale I am not sure if it will show much. All over quilted with Baptist Fans as it ne…

a quilty day

Pippi in the pizza box Today's picture: She is testing out a project box of a quilt I was re-piecing for my husband's niece. His aunt, her great-aunt made it back in the 60's probably (based on when she passed away). The background fabric was torn, stained etc so I had Sheri's permission to re-piece it. The HSTs ranged in size from 4 1/2 inches to 6 plus in the pre-rotary cutting days. I trimmed them all to the proper, uniform size before preceeding though.Okay, that has nothing to do with what I did today but you need a picture of something up there, LOL.I got an earlier than usual start on the day as the Bama Belles and I had a field trip planned today. Since I was going to a quilt shop, I needed to be sure if there was anything else I needed so that led to a treasure hunt throught the sewing closet for something. I tell you, I can get up in plenty of time and STILL have to scurry around at the last minute to get out the door. Today was no exception. I only had 5 mins…

Pattern source

Does anyone have an idea of the pattern source of this block?
This is a block that was a pile of donation material--possibly from some that Ellen, the head of WTIL, brought with her to the spring sew in a few years back but I have no way of knowing that for sure. I can see that it probably pieced by partial seaming around that little yellow block. Is it something from Thimbleberries? Any ideas of where to start looking or what it might be called? I would like to make more like it if I could because it is just a cute as can be--maybe about a 9 inch block? No quilting or sewing around here today. The Belles are going on a field trip tomorrow so I was trying to get all my ducks in a row, so to speak. I had to let everyone know what time we are leaving and from where as that was up in the air last time we met. I keep getting answering machines today so things are still not finalized as far as head count. Quilt shop, lunch out and a tour of the Girl's Ranch are on tap. A litt…

Sunday afternoon

Pippi napping on the pillowsIt is has been a fairly quiet afternoon today so I am sharing some pictures of a special quilt that I own. In early '97 I made a phone call to my mom and asked if she were sitting down. DJ and I were getting married in a week after being a couple for almost 21 years. This was the quilt top that that she took to the area hand quilters the next day. I love it, of course, because it is my wedding quilt but also because it is my beloved 30's reproduction fabrics but I know there are some authentic ones as well.

I even have a few blocks in the quilt as it was Mom's pass around quilt. Had I still been living in IL, I would have still been a part of her small group and would have made some blocks anyway. Little did I know that I would one day end up with it! See the post below for the quilt full out on the bed.

The block itself has a little family history involved. While visiting my grandmother in Falls City, NE along with my mom and sister some 12 plus …

Wedding quilt full out

Pippi relaxing on my wedding quilt

Stormy Night

When we went to bed last night we knew that there were storms on the way in. The temperatures had topped out at about 80 yesterday which a bit too warm for this time of year. It was not a great surprise when the weather sirens and our weather alert system were both going off at about 2 a.m. Winds and rain here though there was a tornado spotted by the public about 2 miles east of us. It is still raining a bit and looks quite gloomy this morning. DJ said we lost a limb off on the small trees in our side yard but that is nothing like TN—another tornado with fatalities and not all that far from where my brother and his family just moved and another dear friend lives.

DJ spent some time yesterday afternoon watching the “Masters” PGA golf tournament. The weather looked glorious on TV, the azaleas lovely, the commentators “commented” blah, blah, woof, woof. All we could think was “look out tomorrow, Augusta. The bad weather we get tonight is probably heading your way next.” DJ said he wasn’t…

now for the quilt-y notes

Amy or anyone that is interested --I posted my crockpot turkey recipe in the preceeding post. Those of you with Mastercook software MAY be able to export it from my note. I had to do some heavy duty editing after copying it to blogger so maybe not.

My demonstration on bowtie blocks went pretty well today. A couple of the members did stay over to have me help them try a couple of them. It is always neat to see how the one that just learned how to do it can walk the next person through the steps of making a 3D bowtie. I figure they have learned their lesson well if they can do that. Linda S and I went to lunch at a Chinese buffet after I was finished up--DJ played golf and had made his own plans since I didn't know when I would be home exactly. Girl's day out all around!

If there were not a few good sites online with a tutorial for this I would post my own, LOL. Cher asked me to do this for her. I' ve got the pictures except for a good one with the fingers spreading the kno…

Crockpot Turkey Breast

my adaptation of a recipe in Southern Living magazine for Savory Turkey and Gravy. Here you go, Amy and anyone else looking for an easy to prepare turkey without turning on the oven. Just the right size fortwo meals for my husband and I with some leftover for the freezer.

* Exported from MasterCook *

Crockpot Turkey Breast
Recipe By :unknown author
Serving Size : 8
Preparation Time :0:10
Cooking Time: 4-5 hours on HIGH or 8-10 hours on low
Categories : Main dishes, Poultry

3 -4 pounds turkey breast, thawed in fridge
1/2 bunch parsley springs
salad oil and lemon pepper seasoning
1 onion, sliced
2 carrots, cleaned and sliced
2 celery stalks, cleaned and sliced
1 cup chicken broth
1/2 can tomato soup
1 teaspoon rosemary
1/4 cup cornstarch
1/4 cup Land of Lakes fat free half and half--may need a little bit more to thin the gravy
1/4-1/2 teaspoon Kitchen Bouquet browning and seasoning sauce, optional

Place sliced onion and parsley springs in the bottom of the crockpot. ( I used my 5 quart model.) Rinse off …

some quilts from my past

I mentioned a few days ago that my niece/godchild would be graduating from the College of Nursing at Illinois State University. This is what my old hospital based nursing program evolved into; my sister Diane and I both graduated from there before the switch. I no longer practice nursing but my sister is still plugging away in the OB department but she has two kids in college at U of I.

The quilt pictured is the one that I made for Allison as she graduated from high school. She said blue and yellow or purple and green and this is what I came up with. One of the last things I hand quilted. The pattern is from Jackie Robinson "Arrowpoint Stars", I think. Her version used flannel and some folding technique. I couldn't understand what I was supposed to be doing, didn't want to fold it, used regular cotton fabrics and just pieced it. It is hanging from the clothesline at my parent's house. I have a picture of Allison holding it but not full out and it is kinda dark to…


see note below for the "rest of the story"

Happy dancing and various other ramblings

Simple but effective, right? I just laundered it this morning so the quilting is really standing out. Nice and fluffed up. I am kind of leaning towards nine patches for the spring sew-in blocks at the end of the month. We had tossed that idea about before we ended up doing houndstooth from one of Ursula Reicke's Fat Quarter booksn for the fall sew-in. A lot of times we gang piece blocks and then combine the efforts to have many quilts made from the same pattern. Lots of things to do with nine patches to make them different.This was made and quilted by one of our members in her early 80's. (we have two in that age group) Neither of the two contemporaries want so see any fabric go to waste. Sarah is a whiz at putting stuff together out of nothing so she gets the backing cutaways and orphaned blocks. Bless her, she doesn't mind stitching batting strips together either. Theramae would be the first one I would ask to take something apart so we can re-purpose it. She likes worki…

Prairie Stroll

Here is the picture I should have sent with the last post. Quilt is called Prairie Stroll--pattern source Sept/Oct 01 Quiltmaker magazine. This was one that we cut up from Mom's stash while on a "busman's holiday" Good choice for a 5 color quilt, I think, with a strong graphic element. I don't know about it working if you used entirely scrappy but planned scrappy works for me. I put a flange of pink in between it and the outside border-- just to add some separation of color. I know the LA machine quilters hate it but on home machine, no biggie.

My club banking matter is finally straightened out as of this morning and I still had time to my grocery store errands almost taken care of. Lunch has been consumed, turkey breast in the crockpot for supper but I have one other stop to make before I can say I am officially finished running errands. I believe I will concentrate on finishing up some binding once I get home so the quilt will be done for the demo on Thu…

goal setting

Some of you have posted about whether you felt your expectations for the preceeding month. It is good to set daily goals for the short range and monthly or weekly, for the longer range.

I guess this will be my "reckoning". I knew that I had too much down in my March goal session about half way through the month as I am notorious about underjudging how long something will take to accomplish. I revised my notes in the template accordingly on Saturday as I was supposed to be working on binding on the little bowtie quilt. Some stuff moves onto April and others, to May--see if that is more realistic.

DJ and I will be gone to IL for a few days when my niece/godchild graduates from the college of nursing at Illinois State University. I'll be there for Mother's Day as well before he whisks me back to Alabama. My point is, I will have 5 days of no quilting unless Mom and I find some projects to get into while I am gone. I have referred to my vacations as busman'…

UFO 7 completed

#7 UFO is "done-done"--mark it off the list. I had originally said that I would not post a picture of the EZ bowties once it was quilted and bound. That statement was made before I had to start all over with my blog notes. Bear with me for parts of this post. #9 Card Trick and #10 Jewel Box are with two of my fellow Belles for binding right now and are probably done as well but not turned in yet. I may have more completions for March than I know, LOL.

Most of the ties are done in pairs--a few had more if I liked the fabric. A good many of the fabrics in the ties were leftovers from backing yardage from the "Snuggle Up" quilts we made at one of the sew-in's last year but other scraps had been around a lot longer. To me it represent 3 days of cutting through my scrap bag back in January. I guess this is an example of what you can whip up if you have 3 1/2 inch squares cut out and 2 inch ones to match. Pattern source: one of Mary Ellen Hopkins' Co…

3 post story--sorry

Sorry that I could not get this all loaded in the same post--scroll down to the third post to get the complete story here. Actually since I only keep 3 on a page for easier loading, the bottom of the page will work, LOL. Blogger pic uploading is not playing nice again.

Sharing the background story about the quilt presented to me by a quilt list I once moderated for close to 6 years: Joy and I had traveled up to Indianapolis in the fall of '99 to sew for a couple of days with Ellen, the founder of Wrap Them in Love and our hostess Becky. Along for the ride was a young mother from Mississippi and her 10 month old baby daughter. Shown at left is Hilary who had traveled up from TX for the event. Later in the weekend a couple list friends from IL and KY came to be with us. That chubby red head at right is me.

This shows the quilt front.

Isn't it pretty? Hard to sleep under since it is heavily quilted but it is my favorite colors and reversible. The list owner and the other moderator …

quilt back


it's raining, it's pouring.....the old lady should be snoring!

April Fool's! DJ has been warned not to pull anything. The man loves to tease and what is more perfect a day for someone that does?

Perfect day for sleeping in too--dark, rainy and quiet. Maybe I should climb back in the rack? The thunder and lightning seemed to have passed over just leaving spells of intermittent downpours. Good for the growing things like my husband's grass he is trying to get started in the back yard post septic system work. The last two years he has over seeded in the front and on side yard in the fall giving us the only pretty green grass in the neighborhood all winter. Now Mother Nature is helping to get the front and back on the same page. The white daffodils or maybe they are paper white narcissus and lupines are just up. Gotta love the spring.

Okay so far, nothing quilt related in this entry though I am starting to put a few stitches in the binding on one of the bowtie quilts. Nothing to see there. The memorial heart quilt was half done with the quiltin…