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day slipping by

Oh, to be like my cat! (Ignore the unmade bed). Here it is 6:30 and the day has just flown by. I am not entirely sure just where it went either considering that I have been up and at it for 12 hours now. Walked out on the trail early trying to avoid the heat, talked to Cher on IM and another local friend on the phone but that didn't take all morning. So where has the day gone?

Cut and pressed some binding for the 2nd quilt I worked on last night--polished cotton but the right color. I know how hard that stuff is to needle so I thought I better practice sewing on on the back, bringing it to the front and machine stitching it. LOL, that whole process took longer than it took me to quilt it. Here is the finished quilt--pieced by Linda S and quilted by Linda J. The only stash busting involving me is that piece of binding fabric that came from who knows where.

I still have one quilt to go to make my May goal of having the 7 WTIL quilts in my stack done. That Pioneer Braid--how to quilt …

Holiday or typical Monday?

Pippi's napping spot atop the microwave--outside looking in Hope everyone is having an enjoyable weekend and if traveling, a safe trip home. Interesting to see what other countries do to celebrate this same sort of holiday. Except for putting out the flag, it looks and seems like a usual Monday. Neighbors are home and have company over so a bit noiser than usual. People in the pool, etc. For DJ and I, tomorrow will seem like Sunday or Monday all over again. We just got our minds wrapped around what day it is (was) after coming back from vacation and will be confused all week.Poor kitty was sick this morning about 5:30 and that sound roused me. Where did she hit and what needs to be cleaned up?? A moment of panic as the tops I had just done were in the same room but it was HER little quilt that got nailed. Off that went to the laundry so there was no getting back to sleep. She spends so much time with me here in the sewing room that I had to wait till she left to vacuum up my threa…

and another one's gone

another of Linda's tops is done--crazy patches with plain alternating squares which I crosshatched with widely spaced lines. I even got brave and did loopy l's on the outer border. I found some leftover binding in the right color and a bit of matching yardage so no trip to Hancock's or Walmart for something appropriate--yahoo! 4 quilted with 3 to go. Sorry, no pictures of the last two. Pippi is laying on the one from yesterday that I forgot to put the label on and the one I finished will need laundered to get the markings out.

SO got to give you something to look at---Amish Wallhanging that I made for a friend back in the early 90's. I still have the pattern and one day will make one for me. It was hand quilted--rough going on that black. As many of us know even machine sewing on black is not easy for ahem, maturing eyes. Obviusly this was taken back when I also did some garmet sewing---not any more!

Not much going on here and I'm just going to go chill out with…

another one bites the dust

Another quilty day---what else is new?

Marilyn ran up to the long arm quilters with me this morning to pick up the quilt I had dropped off a couple weeks ago. We both did a little bit of shopping. I was good and just got 1- yellow background 30's repro fat quarter and 2-1/2 yard cuts of two nice neutrals. One of the neutrals was perfect for the background of the Dresden Plates that Marilyn is making for her bed. She did a little more damage though finding some lovely lilac/lavenders for a butterfly quilt for her granddaughter. We would have stopped for lunch and maybe hit Hobby Lobby on the way home but Marilyn had an obligation with her mom around noon.

Later this afternoon I pulled out one of the four tops that we pinned for Linda S at the sew-in--little frogs in a log cabin-ish set. It didn't take too long to quilt since it was just nine blocks. I listened to the Cardinal-Padres game on Gameday Audio while I worked. Our paper said that the game was supposed to be on Fox this …

2 down & 5 to go

I have already revised my May goals to just quilt the 7 WTIL quilts that I have pinned here at home. Since I didn't start until May 25th, that may still be a little ambitious of me with just 6 days to work with. As of 15 mins ago, I finished the 2nd of Finn's quilt tops that she sent for the Bama Belles to donate to the Big Oak Girl's Ranch. If you are a regular reader of her blog, Pieces from my Scrapbag, you will possibly remember her posting pictures earlier this year.

But here they are quilted--binding is not done but one of the Belles has already volunteered to do that part so I can keep quilting. Enjoy and thanks again, Finn for your generosity and kindness.

finished top & round robins

Lois' embroidered blocks in Picture Frame set---rows joined yesterday afternoon about 4:30. I mention the time only because you can see who followed DJ and I back out to the living room. Pippi was sure that I was headed out the kitchen to start supper and let me know she was available if there were any handouts to be had, LOL. She rarely ever gets any--a bit of turkey breast and a teeny bit of fish recently, though after it was cooked, not withstanding. Hope springs eternal.

You also see the ubitiquous TV, plant stand and the coffee table I did not crop out this time --even the dog door stop is not quite hidden. The coffee table and one side of the loveseat cushions are like my husband's office--or his little nest, as I call it. When he is not outside doing whatever, or in bed sleeping, he is in the living room with all his toys. Me? Mostly in my computer/sewing room with MY toys, of course.

I was messing around with my camera settings and may need to adjust them back to where …

church quilt show pics

These pics were taken when we delivered 80 some quilts to thePresbyterian Home for Childrenlocated in Talladega in the fall of 03. That number provided a quilt for every bed at the facility as well as their emergency intake facility some 20 miles away. We sent 25 more down the following year but not enough to warrant a 2nd "quilt show" on the churches pews. That same year a bunch went to headquarters, the Friendship House (the Baptists home in Oxford) and the Salvation Army Battered Women's Shelter.

It was a gorgeous warm sunny day with the sunlight streaming through the open doors. The carpet is a rosy red color so the pictures show that reflected light---everything looks pink, LOL. Hope you enjoy the show!

right side looking back towards the doorfrom the back of the church looking forward

left side of the pews looking toward the door The "Amen Corner" was even filled!

post meeting note

Here is Carolyn standing proudly at the meeting today with probably her 2nd or 3rd finished quilt top. The JOY quilt guild was giving a beginner's quilt class for anyone that wanted to come and Carolyn took it for a second time. I love that butterfly block! I hope to get a copy of the pattern so the rest of the Belles can make one. Wouldn't that be fun girls quilt?

We were few in numbers today but this close to a holiday weekend, I was not surprised. We helped Carolyn pin her top and one that Sarah had finished up. We pinned my Braid quilt too but all the ladies thought it should go to one of the boys with that dark binding. It doesn't scream "girl" quilt so I won't put it on the front burner.

Here are a few of the album cross blocks that we got done today. Betsy stack cut her three colors so each block had a different background. Carolyn got the hang of the blocks as well though it took a bit longer. The other two are mine from the scrap bag. I got the Pictu…

meeting day etc

At 5 a.m. it hit me that the reason I was short 8 pieces of sashing and why some were cut too long for the horizontal on my Picture Frame quilt. Not every block has a bottom and left side. The right and bottom edges of the quilt are supposed to have a regularly cut border once the piece is completed. DUH. That's what I get for not paying attention and sewing mindlessly. SO do I un-sew some of last evening's endeavors and do it "right" or leave it and consider it closer to being finished? Dunno, but I'll figure it out at the meeting when I lay the blocks out. How much does it bother me? Knowing that I am not all that fond of doing borders in the first place, you might guess which way I'm leaning.

I am never sure how many quilts will be coming home with me or who all might be coming when the Bama Belles meet. Some have been ill and other have family obligations but we keep plugging away. I know we are getting close to our goal of 55-60. I know I had more volunt…

Replies and other Monday musings

I noticed in some of my earlier pictures a hint of blue at the base of the quilt. The danged door stop had gotten in the way. Norma, you asked what it was--a molded dog with a metal spring type tail. I wanted a cat one but by the time I made it back to the store that had them, the cats were gone. It is cute though but I would prefer he stay out of the next picture.

The road crew was back bright and early this morning getting ready to put new asphalt down. DJ and I had hoped that they would get this job finished up while we were gone last week but no such luck. You can either get stuck in the "lead and follow" flow or try to avoid the mess by detouring in a creative manner. BUT it was errand day so I was heading in the "detour" anyway. We walked but not quite early enough now that the temperatures are up--try 8 a.m. next time out. Low 70's by 9 a.m. and oh, goodie, the weathermen are saying the humidity will be going up. The power went off for a short time this …

another top finished up

Yesterday afternoon I finished up the top and bottom bands on the Pioneer Braid that the Belles and I had started last month. Strike through another of the May goals. The story behind it can be found a post from Friday Borders or Bust. Busting a little of everyone's stash on this one a little at time.

I had to laugh when I had it laid out one the floor at the church during the sew-in. Lois or Judy looked down on her way back from the pressing table "you know that you have one of those upside down?" I said it was by design since I was going to have 5 bands and could do an alternate direction thing. I hope I thanked them for checking first since I very well could have goofed. I see the outer band is bowed a bit--may have to do a slight trim.

Norma, see the plant and TV we spoke about off post? I gotta remember to move our little door stop before I take another picture, LOL. I would be interested in hearing how others take pictures of their quilts so they don't have hand…

Betsy's original Christmas quilt

I thought you might like to see a picture of Betsy's original Christmas quilt. This was taken at the Spring Sew-in 2001 but I know she had the top completed in September 2000. I found a photo of her standing with the top on one of my CDs. CD drive has been a real poop since I did a search on one of my CD's looking for it. I know which file but can't get the thing to open. It is not acting like it is on friendly terms with some others that I know DID open properly too. GRRRR. I scanned this one so it may look a bit fuzzy.

Anyway, Betsy did this one according to the patterns and gave it to her son Rob at some point. By round two, if you scroll down, you will see that Santa and the sleigh got ditched for the words "JOY" and those letters that gave her fits on the cookie jar were eliminated. Gone are the little house appliques---that is what she was working on when I first met her. She had the friendship star in log cabin block and folded fl…

done at last

Not the best picture in the world but quilt holder was already complaining about how big it had gotten with the borders added. So I was not about to tell him to lift it up further and hold the top straighter. You get the idea. It is square and lays flat, trust me.

Just finished seaming the back, binding strips are joined but piled up with 3 other quilts worth.


Borders or Bust!

Here is another glimpse into my sewing room since I don't have anything finished to show you. Look who found a new hiding place! She squeezed in this little spot even after I put her little quilt atop the serger case so she would quit furring up my quilt tote. She did not stay long once I flipped the table skirting up and took this picture. She is back to sunning on DJ's desk.

Borders for the Christmas quilt are all ready for sewing as I found a wonderful forest green with some metallic overlay for the middle border. In retrospect, I probably did not get enough fabric for the back lengthwise. I'll either have to make a trip BACK to Hancocks or better yet, use more of the green and paisley and add some bands of those to make it longer if that is needed. Of course, this is NOT the time of year to be shopping for Christmas fabric but I found a nice almost Jacobean looking print on a neutral background that has all the colors that are in the quilt--hints of blue, green and red…

making progress

Some sewing progress happening around my house yesterday as I joined the bottom blocks/sections of Betsy's Christmas quilt yesterday in a few hours time. All those seams to contend with on the pieced spacer units--oh my! The top is done minus the borders.

I have decided to go with a nice red paisley that I have miles of--probably from my mom since I don't remember buying it. Those borders are cut and so is the binding from the same fabric. I just got the white inner border ready a bit ago but will need a run to the fabric store for a nice green to go between those two. I have greens but not enough of any of them---read: no yardage to speak of, just fats or thereabouts. I know Judy L hates phalanges on the long arm but that is about what this thing needs--a narrow bit of color. I am supposed to walk when DJ gets back from getting his oil changed so I'll make my run after lunch or better yet, when I pick up lunch. (My philosophy: if there are no leftovers to be had, this hom…

two, two....... two posts in one

Last night Jane brought over the round robin I do next having stood in for me at the hand off meeting on Saturday. I am to apply 4 finished inches of squares and/or rectangles. That might not be what the quilt needs but that is what is required. It is sooooooo dark because the last two people used black backgrounds that it has to be brightened up. The owner has the center section fabrics included for possible use though it is not a requirement. I was warned that Mildred loves a black and red combo and so far the two pass off's from her have been black. I hung it up to live with it a few days to see if inspiration may hit but y'all might need to give me some suggestions for it. Even Hello did not want to load a picture properly for the blog page but clicking on the dreaded red X did open it up. I may have messed up the settings? Try this and see, I guess.

(See the other post for the day below.......danged computer!)

Silly kitty

Pippi has been hanging out with me here in the sewing/computer room this morning. Silly girl insists on drinking in here rather than by her food bowl but I have heard of other kitties doing that. She has stayed curled up at the bowl long after she was done drinking but that is not unusual for her.

What cracked me up was that I think she was about to fall asleep and her head was resting on the edge of the bowl! You know they don't like getting wet! Plus she looked like someone hugging the toilet after an all night "toot"--maybe just because it is a porcelain bowl? I moved her to up her perch where she remains looking out the window without the possibility of wet fur.

Yesterday she was all over the house checking things out as if she had not expected to come back home. Her scratching box, under the bed, under the cutting table, up atop the kitchen cabinet and a lot of time on top of the microwave looking out the window. Our little "family" is complete.

No sewing, …

Home again

My brother's four kiddos that I got to see while on my trip--the youngest of the nieces and nephews from their Christmas card photo taken last fall. Quite a whirlwind of activity at their house which gives me an inkling of what it may have been like for my parents with 6 kids. I believe my mom said she went home and took a nap after we visited, LOL.

DJ and I got home about 6:30 last night having left IL at 6 a.m. It rained intermittently the whole way back but thankfully, we got home in one piece. DJ drove most of the way but I took over once we hit the Alabama rest stop on I-59. There is much less truck traffic and winding steep grade hills than on the approach in towards Chattanooga on I-24. I am a bit of a white knuckle driver, I admit when it comes to that sort of thing. Kentucky, Alabama or Southern IL, I would help drive---TN, not so much. I am, after all, a child of the corn and bean field flat lands.

Had we not stopped to eat supper in 30 miles north of us, we would have h…

Happy Mother's Day!

While I am not a mother marrying late in life as I did, I have a mother and a lot of friends who are mothers so I'll pass along the greeting. I remembered what my blogger password was so could sign in on my step-son's computer. Whad'ya know about that?

My parents will be coming soon to pick me up so we can head to Champaign for Blake's graduation. We'll be blasting out of here tomorrow morning bright and early and DJ would like to drive straight back--about 675 mile drive or about 12 hours to get home.

Got Allison graduated on Friday from my old alma mater in its present incarnation. I was not only pleased to have Allison honored but one of my classmates graduated from the masters in nursing program and another friend has achieved doctoral status and tenured position with the university. Wendy was one of Allison's clinical instructors this past year. Her mom, dad, brother, both sets of grandparents and I had dinner out at a restaurant called Flat Top where you gr…

almost getaway day

One last picture and then I'll stop yakking about this project until I can tell you that the top is done and on its way to the long arm quilter.

I must correct a misconception that Laurie Ann may have had. I wish I were that organized to be working on Christmas projects this early in the year, LOL! It is not my quilt but rather one that I am finishing up for the family of one of my quilt group members who passed a couple of years ago. Betsy had two sons---Rob has a quilt that Betsy finished but Russell and his family are waiting for this one.

I was able to spread the blocks out at our meeting yesterday and stood up on a chair to get it to fit in the picure. I finished up the blocks that spell out NOEL that fit under the Santa block once I got home. The only piecing that remains are two bands of flying geese that I hope to do this afternoon. The little mittens will probably be shifted up. Betsy had the spacer bands, the candy cane blocks centers, folded flowers and the friendship sta…

recent completions

my most recent completions to add to the Christmas quilt. Today I'll work on a couple of the applique blocks since I am off to my quilt group meeting soon.

I spoke of the block sources for these in my post on Sunday.

Bed of Roses block in Christmas colors--foundation pieced but that was mainly because it was a goofy size on the cuts I would have made conventionally.

Memory block--one of the few that the pattern actually called for

Part 2--pics in 1st one

I continue to plug away getting applique blocks prepped for the Christmas quilt so at this point I don't have much to share with you as they are not done, just ready for the next step. BUT it has been a couple steps forward and a couple back lately.

I spent most of the morning yesterday making two ornaments for a block and then hated the result. The fabric, while quite lovely (what looked like Hoffman metallics--cut squares I had purchased at one point) just didn't work. One was too low in contrast on and too much contrast on the second and they were ultimately too big for the space I needed. Maybe I can use it somewhere else down the line but not here.

SO after messing with those ornament blocks and getting really glue-y fingers, it occured to me that I had some Quilter's Glu-tube that came with another patterns plus for a stained glass quilt wallhanging. It's still in the package sealed up but would it work after all this time? Only one way to find out, right? Pretty s…


Inspiration comes from a lot of different spots. This was in an advertisement for a quilting publication, I believe. I made three of them this size for my own quilt but resized them a bit for Betsy's as they go in a space with a different configuration.

Then this one came from a transfer book--full sized sheet that I resized with Rapid Re-sizer software to get it to fit in an approx. 9 x 7 space. I love to do redwork embroidery and had done a similiar block for my own quilt so Betsy's will get one too.A Christmas card my husband received several years ago. Resized it as well but bigger this time, not smaller. I cannot replicate the colors used necessarily but it made a cute version last evening. I had the most fun digging around in the scrap bag and Christmas fabrics to dress this little guy. Betsy had some neat star buttons and one that looks a lot like the sunflower that can be included on the block. Probably will use some perle cotton for the outlining stitch since there …

Followup, thanks to Jan

Thanks, Jan for sending along the picture of Beth's doll, doll quilt and her big quilt. Now I can post a followup to my post of yesterday. Looks like the doll's hais is a little worse for wear, LOL.

Beth got her doll quilt a long time before she got the bed sized quilt. I was determined that she would have it in time for her 10th birthday last year. There it is on her new bed in her new home in TN.

I should say that the fabric was purchased for this when Beth was just a baby, got stalled out for too long but now she has grown into it, I guess.

Today finds me working on a couple more blocks in Betsy's Christmas quilt. The train blocks are done and added plus two hole in the barn doors with a candy cane she had appliqued for the centers of both blocks. I got the bright idea to try to make a pointsettia block instead of doing 2 Ohio Star blocks--hey, I can do this easy after making some that were about half this size for the round robin!! And yes, that means more applique, LOL.…

Girls and dolls

Today I am sharing some pictures of the dolls and their quilts that I made for my nieces. I had a ball with these! But realize that I never did get around to making any for the youngest ones, as I type this.

This one belongs to Rosie.

Randi called her doll "Amy". The Wild Goose Chase block is in the same colors and much the same pattern as a real quilt that I have started for her--another UFO, sorry to say.

Amber called her doll "Rachel" Rachel's quilt was a little puff quilt and just big enough for me to try making one. 121 squares was quite enough to convince me that I probably would never make a large version, LOL.

My SIL Jan will have to refresh my faulty memory. I know this is Beth's because it replicates the big quilt that I made for her but did I make her a doll?? I seem to have no pictures of it. Also did I post a picture of her quilt in my "Lost" blog?

I'm passing on the quilt meeting today to stay home and make some more train blocks fo…

what I've got so far

Here is what I have together so far. Betsy had most of this done--I only made one of the Christmas ornaments and that foundation pieced candle you see by the angel.

I had to join the loose blocks and then do the set in seams to make it fit together. Awful way to design a quilt in my opinion. I tried to draw a line to show you roughly what I got have gotten done .

I spent most of yesterday afternoon making this block, foundation piecing. Who wants to do the needle turn applique that the project originally called for? Well, some of you gluttons for punishment might but NOT this quilter. It is too big with no white space around. Back to the drawing board.

Well, back to EQ to find the ones I want and re-size them. that I need some coupling between the cars so draw that up so I can add it to the foundation piecing on the block itself. More designing and re-sizing and re-printing this morning.

The gray at the top is too light anyway on this block and the spot calls for a darker background. …