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Day off--field tripping!

Such a sweet little face---she DID come out to greet me when I got from our field trip today. That is more than DJ got when he came home from golf. First time she has been on the bed for quite some time but I have a feeling she was getting a little too hot on her perch in the blazing afternoon sun. Our thermometer says low 90's and I believe every bit of it. Breeze blowing but just hot air.

SO as a followup to my note from yesterday--when I told you my mom could work rings around me? I got her into making a few quilts for Wrap Them In Love (WTIL) way back in 2000. She would tell you that her intention was just to make a couple to help us out. 422 tops later, she is still at it---and it is all my fault, LOL. I wish she could find someone to work with up there in IL but the area quilt guild probably has something else in mind for Community Service project. You may have noticed that the Project Linus is a P. O. Box in Bloomington, IL? (that is basically where I was from till DJ and I …

Goals etc

Good morning---figured I better post before I get back to quilting. We have already walked for the day so that's out of the way and the whole day stretches out ahead of me.

I already know that I am not going to reach my June goals--my part of the round robin will have to wait till after a fabric purchase tomorrow. My SIL's wallhanging got set aside because of all the WTIL tops--deadline is September but I sure don't want to wait that long--next month, Jan, I promise.

I finished up the quilting on Friendship Star with alternating chain blocks yesterday and got part of the blocks locked in on Jeanne's Project Spectrum: Yellow before I finished up for the evening. I will most likely get it finished today and possibly start on her retro pink and black but will STILL fall short. I know, I know, I always have more listed than I possibly can get done--but two quilts short on the WTIL is still pretty darned good, IMHO.

Since I don't have any pictures of what I have been doing…

back from quilt meeting

Just back from our quilt meeting about an hour ago. Productive day, I would say. Most of the group was there as well which was good along with two guests. Even better--our two older members seem to be back to better health.

A few of the girls were working on the butterfly block that I gave them for our BOM, two more were sewing batting bits together, a few more were sewing on labels or binding, others were pinning. Me? A little bit of picture taking (spare Quilt Holder the job once I got home), record keeping trying to figure out the numbers that went on which labels, gave instruction on how to do this month's blocks and last month's for those who were not there, pinning, visiting, trips to the Xerox machine, etc, etc--like trying to nail Jell-o to the wall.

Jeanne, everybody loved your tops especially the bright yellow-orange one. I told them that a friend in California sent it so they could see why you might select those colors. I am going to send them the link for the one yo…

4 to go--till tomorrow

Quilts 4 and 5 were finished up yesterday--4 to go until I pin the other three tops on hand at our meeting tomorrow. 5 quilts in 4 days, not bad.

This is the Bama Belles Pineapple Blossom quilt from blocks we all made as a block of the month earlier this year--February or March, maybe? I had just put on the binding and trimmed it when I took this. Maybe you can see a little better how I set up to quilt on my trusty old Viking. This one counts as one of my UFOs for 06 so I'll do the binding--often the quilts are I work on do NOT but that's okay. I don't do it to cross something off a list in the first place.

#5 is Finn's top and what I am calling "9 patches and bear panels" for my record keeping. I don't have time this morning to go back for her first link. I will put the binding on (black in this case) after I get back from my grocery errands--it being Monday, after all and my usual day to shop.

Not sure that the quilting will show up very well but…

making progress

Making some progress with the quilting: Finn's Broken Dishes is finished for WTIL. (See her post in the her archives for April 30th for her comments about the piecing strategies she uses). It went fairly quickly in that I had it done before lunch except for the binding. DJ came home from golf and was commenting on how colorful it was--high praise indeed! I pointed out all the fun things I was seeing in the fabric--the Hershey bars, M & M's, fish, lady bugs, hearts, pigs, etc. I know you can see the fabrics up close and personal in her post if you follow the link above.

I think DJ noticed them too though he was far more interested in telling me about his golf score. Normally I'll get a "that's nice" or the statement "you finished another one" implying the "big deal--you will just start something else; you are never done with any of it" While that might be true somehow I expect him to be a little more proud of what we are trying to …

bright and early

I slept pretty well last night but by 530, I was done with that. Pippi had already drug DJ out to the kitchen for her morning feed but she still pounced up on the bed and was tearing through the living room like her tail was on fire---that finally convinced me, LOL.

I have gotten two of the WTIL quilts in my quilted --the Heartson Thursday and the Whateveryesterday. If you want to see a full out shot click on the links of the quilt name--the hearts looks slightly different because I left off the borders on this one. I like those zigzags and the gold fabric on the "Whatever"--fun setting and fill quilting though both of these are headed to the washer once the binding is done to remove the markings. Today, Finn's "Broken Dishes" is parked next to the machine for its turn. (sorry cannot find the link right off so will post a picture of the quilt with unfinished binding later)

There is absolutely nothing noteworthy going on today or yesterday either. Just an average…

color me distracted

I had the best of intentions of quilting yesterday--and actually, I came close to doing it. The Jem is put up in preparation for dragging my old workhorse Viking out. Looks like enough bobbins are wound already etc. Floor is even vacuumed up but I have since started messing it up again, LOL.

So what did I find myself doing? Sewing backing fabric for three quilts and pressing binding for 4 and dis-asssembling a quilt Finn sent on behalf of her friend Betsy. It is may be full-queen and would be great for a boy but wayyyy, too large for WTIL purposes. I've got a before shot taken so you'll see it down the line. Large sections can be used but re-sized and other parts I am cutting down for 3 inch finished HST's. I knew that the 4 inch bias square I own would come in handy some day.

You see, it officially hit 99 in Anniston yesterday--95 by our thermometer. By the time Mr. Clueless put on the a/c at 11 it was up to 84 in the house so it takes a long time to get reasonably cool i…

Tuesday check in

Thanks everyone for your compliments about the Friendship Star with alternating chain blocks. I am pleased with how it turned out. Consider it my contribution to the spate of patriotic quilts on the blogs *VBG*

At left you will get an idea of how I spent part of the last two days. Not the best picture in the world because the block colors show up SO much better in person. I decided to use a set I saw presented on "Simply Quilts" called Mennonite Bowtie or something like that. They showed it with red, blue, yellow calicos, as I recall.

You see, a package from Finn came in the mail yesterday which contained many of the bowtie blocks (among other things!) that you see here. I made a few just to get the number I needed to make the top. Yesterday I thought I might have to make a trip to the fabric store but was able to scrounge up just enough of the same WOW that I used for a heart quilt alternating block, sashing and borders on my 30's sampler, the W in the RWB stars and now t…

quiet day

It being Father's Day, I bet many are involved in family get togethers. I told DJ "Happy Dad's Day" but only because it is a special day for him as I, in no way, think of him as MY dad. That honor is reserved for a special man back in IL. I love you.

So before I make myself any more homesick, it has been a pretty quiet day around my house. DJ left earlier to play golf and then later was watching golf--the US Open being played this weekend though he was intermittently switching over to the Cub game.

I was listening to two public radio programs that I enjoy and then switched over to the Cardinal game online while I sewed. We are both Cardinal fans from way back but rarely get to see them play since we are out of market--Gameday Audio and Gameday at least lets us stay aware of what is happening. He watches the Braves because that is what IS on in our market.

I finished up this top a little bit ago. You saw the pile of 4 patch stuff in the previous post so that is the par…

sewing and computing

Yesterday was sewing day and I was able to get the 2nd pineapple blossom top together. Cross another one off my June goals.

I appreciate Linda making me a full set of blocks so we have another of these fun tops to donate to the cause. I noticed that a couple of the fabrics in the strips are a little light and kind of fade away. Something to consider when I take on the remaining 7 blocks that are started at some point. I do love the scrappy!

You may notice that I did not press Quilt Holder into service. Just clipped it to the lip of my shelving unit giving you another shot of my sewing room. The two red baskets and the yellow atop it hold the remaining 2 inch strips. Slowly and surely they are finding their way along and into tops. Some backing fabric that Pam sent a few months back will be used and probably blue WTIL kit fabric for binding though I did not cut it yet.

A lovely package came from Jeanne today---her yellow and orange Quilt spectrum quilt (see April 20th post) and the Pink …

no sewing here

I didn't get any sewing done yesterday after all as our pinning "date" was moved up to yesterday afternoon. It is definitely in the works for today as there is no walking today and few errands.

I have essentially been awake since 3 a.m. since little kitty paws were trying to remove my sheet cover telling me to get up. Not really complaining about that since she has not done that for some time. We did the "bowl trot" and of course, she needed nothing. I just couldn't settle down and go back to sleep. I lay there thinking about what to do with this round robin among other things and it is all Aline's fault! She shared what she was doing on the one I had two rounds back when Jane, Sarah and I were over using her pinning table. By 5 I pulled a book off my reference shelf on Seminole piecing and a couple of things might work or could be revised a bit for less seams. At 6 I just got up and turned on the computer intending to look at my project file in EQ. BY 6…

Weds catch-up

Yesterday was one of those days of doing "necessary" quilt related things. Yes, I was feeling much better though my tummy could cooperate more *VBG*.

DJ was heading right by the meeting place so I rode along with him and got busy pinning the three quilts I had layered. I got them all pinned in 2 hours (they are about 40 x 60 so that helps) with about 5 minutes to spare before he came back for me. I gathered up my batting cut aways and some out of the closet to join up with some that I had at home and stuffed them into a 2X ziploc bag that someone had left for us.

The 1st picture shows just what was in that bag of goodies. Burlap, upholstery samples, a half finished blouse of some sort, canvas like material two patches, some khaki denim, some oriental looking upholstery fabric, olive stuff and that darker green-brown that is some sort of brushed like couch cushion stuff. There is even a small piece of faux fur that I kept out Pippi. I don't know what you call that red and w…

special day

Happy Birthday, Mom--I love you

Yep, a Flag Day birthday. She will correct me if I am wrong about this family story, but her younger sister could not see why SHE didn't have one out when it was her turn if Elsie did.

missed meeting

I missed our meeting today because some headache from you know where/upset digestive tract thing slipped in here last evening. Aline, bless her, stopped by the house on her way in to pick up some things that needed delivered to the group. They pinned one top for me and she brought me batting for 4 more. She also brought me the completed quilts that were turned in so I could get pictures and log them into our document.

Quilt Holder helped me with these a little bit ago so I have some to share with you. Not sure where the text and pictures are going to land so the tulip top you see was made by Theramae using a panel piece at the center as her jumping off point. I could not quite get the colors adjusted properly. Pretty clever quilt, I thought.

The little redwork quilt at right was made by Lois. The embroidery was done by machine and has the cutest penguin fabric for the print squares. Red heart buttons anchor the setting squares and the color picked up by the outside border.

The 3D bowtie…

2nd of 2 and revised

See post below to see why in the world I am showing you this!

These two are probably enough to put your eyes out---sorry, Finn--you might need to look away or they REALLY will make those eyes water.

Still I hope that some child somewhere is enjoying them even if they probably are not getting much rest. Someone gives us fabric and we try to use it if we can------

Edited note: The quilt on the left is a Patience Corner which we did as a free mystery quilt from Judy Hopkins. She called it BlockAid because she meant it to be used for charity quilt work. We cranked out a bunch of these probably back in 2002 or 2003. Good one to do scrappy or with two colors of fabric.

Finn, I know the quilt on the right as "Bonnie Scotsman" or "Scotch Quilt" BlockBase #1390 so you are right in your identification of it. I have made several from this design--my favorite is a green with a lovely black with the same shade of green ivy but I did the first one in WTIL fabrics and it turned out p…

another one bites the dust

Another top assembled---Pineapple Blossom with blocks that the Bama Belles and I did earlier this year. I am still debating if it needs borders. It is large enough for WTIL so I am guessing I won't on this set. Originally I was considering the burgundy fabric that I know is at the meeting place but I think I'm done. There is another set of blocks that Linda S made that I might set block to block and border that bunch though I have sashing strips cut if I change my mind. Those can be used for more blocks since I have 7 more blocks started.

The strips are largely from the large xerox paper box Ellen sent me from WTIL headquarters though I see bits and pieces of my stuff and some brights others were using in there. Everytime I see that bright yellow with the black "eyeballs" on it, it cracks me up. I made a Patience Corner out of that stuff that Marilyn donated and sashed it with a black gingham---it was bright!! Imagine--no one wanted to quilt that thing, LOL. And I spo…

2 of 2

I had tried to post this with the last note--danged blogger and those photos--done and then nothing there. Liar!!

I was going to share a still picture of what I saw last night while I was preparing dinner (Vidalia onion quiche--I think it was better as leftovers than when fresh which is different) Here was a ground hog (or woodchuck?) out there chomping on the kudzu leaves. My new digital camera will make movies and we caught the little guy running up the backyard and then standing up and grabbing a leaf in his mouth. Film quality stinks because I didn't know what I was doing and I was shooting throught the closed kitchen window. DJ and I got a kick out of it in spite of the jumpy image.

Well, off to fix supper---turkey tetrazini. Crockpot turkey breast leftovers that I put in the freezer will be pressed into action tonight. If we don't want to be eating supper at 7, I better get cracking.

stitching, stitching

Well, once things settled down a bit around here I am actually getting some sewing done. The "Whatever " top on the left is hot off the press. I decided to try that zigzag set that had so intrigued me from one of Evelyn's past post. I'm just being lazy right now or I would go look for the link for you. Edited later Scrappy Happy Quilts by Starfishy: April 2006 scroll down to "Blue Progress"

The blocks were made at the Bama Belles spring sew-in by the group. I had just enough completed for this top though there are a few more centers done. All I did was cut the setting QSTs and HST's. If Pam and Finn were to look closely they would see some of the cut squares they both sent recently. I see bits of my fabric in there as well--stashbusting a bit at a time from several peoples stash. Fun bits from the Belles as well though I really couldn't say who made which block at this point. There were so many bits and pieces piled up on the tables.

I had not intend…

working in series

Our local Hancock's opened several years ago and I was asked to teach some quilting classes. I guess that the manager had talked to people who said they were making a quilt to see who might be able or interested in teaching because my name kept coming up from the help I had given my quilt group. Okay, I was in. I could do this since I was doing it informally anyway.

A small sampler seemed like the way to explore doing some of the basics of rotary cutting as well as the techniques of the basic blocks units--four patch, nine patch, HST's and QST's. The quilt at left was one of three that I made as my class sample. I have a 4th cut out as I kept making them and then giving them away to WTIL when there were no class prospects. I'll get around to piecing the rest of the 4th sampler one of these days but it won't be used for teaching purposes this time around.

Eventually in frustration, I quit trying teach and someone else has the honors (doing a crazy patch block from wh…

Sampler completion

Okay, you have seen all the block pictures in previous posts. The top is completed as of last evening but I waited to take the picture till this morning.

Amazing how long that process can take and how it leads to vacuuming two rooms and the hallway just to clean up after doing it. The living room still needs it from all the thead tracking and hauling the top in to show DJ. Pippi is hanging out there so I'm not dragging out the "kitty eating machine" just yet.

I'll need to purchase the backing and maybe some ultrawhite batting before this can be pinned but it is closer to done than it has been for some time.

So today, back to assembling some WTIL tops after I run a couple of errands this morning. Our next meeting is on the 13th so I will try to get a couple more together for pinning by then. There goes the clean floor, LOL but do I care?