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Last day of the month

View looking down the laneI told DJ that I should get a picture of how pretty our crape myrtle bushes looks this year. I don't think we have ever had that many blooms on the pink one in particular or the smaller white bush. The red ones are my favorite but that one is still getting established. It was pretty small when we moved here in 97 and needed to be staked up as it was growing quite crookedly. It makes us both smile to see how well that white one is doing since we reclaimed it from the kudzu vine that acts like a hedge on the edge of the hill. I wish you could see the lake beyond the tall trees along side the street you see but maybe this fall-winter as the undergrowth dies back. DJ was out hacking at bush he was trying to remove but I didn't get the "bent over bottom" in this shot---like those old wooden "yard butt" things that people used to stick in their yards, as my friend Robin called them, LOL. Her MIL used to paint those things.
Outside lookin…

one word

Since I don't have much to say and the only thing quilty I will probably get done today is making binding and then sewing some down, I'll do the One Word MeMe floating around the ring.

The house is all cleaned up since I mopped up the kitchen floor but now my shoulders and arms are protesting the hand scrubbing involved in THAT process. I think they are trying to tell me "what do you mean, tossing a quilt around, when we are already sore!?"

So without further ado---

One Word for
1. Yourself: caring
2. Your partner: goofy
3. Your hair: auburn
4. Your Mother: loving
5. Your Father: loving
6. Your Favorite Item: computer
7. Your dream last night: interrupted
8. Your Favorite Drink: iced tea (oops that two)
9. Your Dream Home: impossible
10. The Room You Are In: sewing
11. Your pleasure: quilting
12. Your fear: heights
13. Where you Want to be in Ten Years? home
14. Who you hung out with last night: DJ
15. What You're Not: patient
16. Your Best Friends: dear
17. One of Your Wish Lis…


Saturday morning and the walking is done. The cloud cover was helpful in keeping the heat down in the low 70's but boy, is it muggy out there. We normally walk about 2 miles every other day and alternate between laps in our local park one day and walking along the paved trail the next time out--depending on the sun, we might hit both areas.

Even though I have DJ to keep me company, I always take my tunes as it helps the time pass more quickly. I thought I was set this morning--had the cassette player, a tape installed and new batteries---none of it was working once I got out there. Color me "sad". He asked what genre I was planning on listening to as he would take requests. "The Committments" soundtrack so I was guessing 70's R & B/rock might best describe it--know any Wilson Pickett or Otis Redding songs, Honey?

We were both laughing about his being the pesky little brother bothering his older sister when she was dating the man she later married. (There…

more from the archives

Looks like a shift from alt webring to ringsurf has brought us some new faces--some that I know have been waiting for an opening in alt webring. Welcome to you all! With more waiting for approval or activation consider yourselves welcomed in advance, LOL. I will echo the sentiments of others when I say that bloglines helped keep us in touch if a few bookmarks were missing from your computer. That might be enough reason for those not in the loop and relying on a "next" button to try that service or one like it if only for a backup position.

Good looking out for us, Judy. The only thing I notice so far with ring surf is that the "next" button seems to go to random sites rather than in a row--like the list is "liquid" rather than in a static position? Anybody else notice that---you might get the same site you just left.

The quilts I am showing you are three that I made for WTIL in the past---a challenge of sorts. Ellen got a ton of these fabrics in both blue a…

whole lot of nothin'

I have really not gotten much of anything done today quilty wise. A little redwork--well, make that bluework actually. That little January snowman is finished up as of this afternoon. I started on the February one but so far, all that is done on that one is his hat.

Melanie asked me to share some of my embroidery on my blog. I had told her that I would but nothing is done! Go figure. I have had this much of the Santa done for at least 18 months. It is from "American Patchwork and Quilting" magazine, Dec. 99. All it needs is the small sawtooth-like border put on it. Of course, it is on my UFO list. Should really think about doing as Vicky does and work on Christmas stuff on the first weekend of the month. Its main function at this point along with the feathered star block is to hide the stuff on the shelf behind it---it has become part of the rooms landscape in other words.

Santa is covering up some of the star points and the others I chopped off with the camera. Originally I …

meeting day

So Blogger isn't playing nice today or rather the web rings aren't. Always something. My computer was being a bit tempermental last evening and again this morning prompting some uninstall/reinstall. I was late leaving the house for our meeting this morning and then even later when I stopped to pick up some binding fabric from one Belle and some quilts from another--both were unable to come today. Fortunately, no one was waiting for me to unlock the door.

For various reasons we were a little sparse on people today but we got 6 quilts pinned. One of them my own personal project, believe it or not-my 30's Sampler. I'm still debating about the hand quilting part. With all those pins in there and as large as it is, it weighs a ton!!

That is the 47 quilts piled up in my room---the closet shelf is just as packed. I' ve got three more to quilt-- a few more are out for binding. I am taking a bunch of these over to Linda S' house this week as she has an empty closet we ca…

Too much credit, y'all

You all are giving me far too much credit for my productivity. Yes, I get a good amount of sewing and quilting done but I goof around too much on the computer to do ALL that you seem to think I do, LOL. I do not work outside the home and have few responsibilities so what else do I have to do but devote time to my sewing and quilting?

I totally believe in giving credit where it is due and always tell you if I am posting a quilt that someone else in my quilt group made. Sometimes I have helped out by quilting it and sometimes not. Sometimes I have pieced them but often not. Because my quilt group has been in existence since 2000 and we have made and donated 1200 plus quilts, I am never gonna run out of "eye candy". I'm the record keeper so I've got tons of pictures! I guess that makes me the public face of whatever I put up here so I'll pass on the compliments/comments to the maker.

Several you have said that blogger was not playing nice with comments this morning. H…

done for the day

I am done for the day and can cross two quilts quilted off my July list. With time winding down for the month, I know that my goals to piece a few tops are not going to be met. Then I ask myself "have you ever gotten completed all of those?" Heck, no! Those are just a suggestion of things that could be done. It is like my husband's response when I start with the " I have to do this, have to do that......." He says "who gave you all those jobs?" Oh, yeah, it was me. That realization grounds me in a big hurry. I can un- assign some of that stuff--- just as easy. Round robins, binding and quilting have taken a chunk of time this month--a little piecing as well.

Yesterday afternoon we had several bands of wind and rain come through--enough to have to turn off the computer and the sewing machine. Long enough to have to find something else to do. My husband took a nap. I was looking at a cookbook, did some redwork and went out in the kitchen and made a Fluf…

followup to 7-21

Just thought I would share a couple different versions of the quilts from the previous post. Mom pieced the oh, so cute "Baby Picture Frame" featuring the pastel bears. I quilted it. (This was before she machine quilted) The colors are so sweet. We've got a few others in our files in primary colors that are just as cute. The star part probably show up a little better the darker colored ones so that changes the look.

This is an animal interlocking squares that I made but I believe
Mom had this one all kitted up. Maybe not though because I managed to NOT get those animals going in the proper direction. Directional print. Now if I decide to use my 1/2 yard of butterfly fabric on this one, trust me I will be mindful which way they will be flying. Doesn't mean I still won't get it wrong but I'll be mindful.

As I said before both patterns are in the Trudie Hughes Crib Quilts book. Both quilts look far more intricate to piece than they are.

I have already had a quilty…

found 'em

I found the pictures I was referring to in my previous post that used the Noah' s Ark fabric for the challenge. The two directly below are the ones my mom made. See in the passage of time I had forgotten she had made a 2nd one. These both are from Trudie Hughes book Crib Quilts. Interlocking Squares on the left and Baby's Picture Frame at right. My local quilt group and Cher's Portland Piecers have a piece of butterfly fabric Cher shared with us for a challenge (and a few more of our friends as well) I am really considering one of those for my quilt. I love these little challenges and will probably share a couple more that I have participated in as we go along.

This is the one that Joy did. Those arks are appliqued and not the broderie perse type of applique either. She made her own ark and then used the fabric as the alternating square. Quilted in the wave marks in the sashing--quite clever of her. The color is not quite right on this one though.

I took the last stitches i…

Plugging along

Not sure where the photos will quite land in this post--do we ever, LOL?

I'm still binding on the friendship star in alternating red chains, maybe half done at this point and should go shell those purple hulled peas (thanks, Melanie for helping me with that word that I was NOT coming up with---lord knows, I did enough shelling and snapping beans when I was growing up)

This morning I had the chance to go with three friends to a small quilt shop just over the state line in Bowdon, GA. Aline had gotten some fabric there on one of the JOY group's field trips and was short a piece about 6 1/2 inches square. She probably was the only one admitting to "needing" anything this trip. I think it is a little shorter trip over there than us going to Birmingham but smaller sampling of fabrics. I would go back though depending on what I needed.

I almost bought some batiks that I thought would work in the round robin but since I went off without it, I thought it best to wait till I had…

this and that

Pippi posing in the hallway

I am not at all sure what the attraction is but this is her new spot to hangout. She almost got stepped on in the middle of the night potty run so I wish she do that only during the day light hours. Who knows with a cat? Lately though it the hallway in the mornings and then her perch. Evenings, often out on the catnip scratchy box watching TV with DJ. Lord knows, the little basket in here is out as well as access to the cutting/pressing table till those quilts move from atop it.

Not much going on here because I spent all day binding the Pink Mennonite Bowties from several posts back. (Click on the link if you wish to go look). Finn made most of the blocks---I assembled and quilted it.

In between I was trying every which way from Sunday to get some digital photos uploaded to the Sony Image Station site yesterday--almost 30 of them. I had recently bought a Cybershot so go a total of 120 free prints if I use it and shipping is only 99 cents for a few more days--…

UFO 11 done-done

Just got the binding and label finished up on this one. I showed the top some time back but for the life of me, could not find it in my archives. Oh well----there are new members in the web ring that didn't see it.

The embroidery is machine done by Lois, the 2nd quilt I have made show casing the blocks. First was a Double Attic Window set. All the black and brights are left over from my Kitty City quilt . The muslin from my quilt backing cutaways or previous piecing projects--that stuff winds up in bowtie tops, as sashing, you name it. Finn, I used that St. Nicole teal on the back and added something complimentary from my stash to get it a bit wider--it's two toned.

I thought about sewing this afternoon--possibly starting that Hopscotch quilt. I kept telling myself "finish this side and then you can go sew". I even pulled some possible substitutions for the kit--printed off my EQ print out since I had already made some color changes from what Atkinson shows. Actually e…

Before and after

Okay, I am going to post the "BEFORE" shot of Betsy's quilt again so you can compare them side by side or more like top and bottom. Finn said that the quilt as it is shown, is from a book called One Block Says It All. Those outer half square triangles are pretty large but it does fill out the top nicely and made a wonderful bedsized quilt. A little big for our needs but it is scaled back, the large HST's repurposed and Sarah will include the other leftovers into something wonderful along the way. Did you catch Finn's comments about it on my previous post? It made me smile. "Boy that quilt top has alot of fabric in it...LOL. I've never seen it spread out like that before. Betsy finished it up while on retreat, bundled it in a lump and stuffed it in her tote. Once it was home, she lost it completely, about 4 or 5 years ago...LOLI think it's going to serve the best possible purpose. Can hardly wait to see what it grows up to be..*VBS* "
Thanks to Th…

robins, Road to Ireland etc

Norma mentioned "Road to Ireland quilts" and showed one on her blog today that she had made. Eileen posted one of hers in blues after seeing the one that Lois had made for her mom on my blog a couple posts back.

This is the first one that Lois made and donated for the kids--the original pic I posted is in my "gone with the wind" blog, LOL. I like the way she took a little chunk of the frame with the white.

I am just back from the round robin hand off. We do a little show and tell with them--one person for each of the two groups in the order our names are on the list. When it is your turn, you have to leave the room and try not to listen in--even if you DID hear anything , they would be saying stuff like "oh that black (fill in the blank) looks so good on your top". I wish I had thought to take my digital camera with me because they are looking good--there was not a one that I would not have been proud to take home with me. Each one's theme is so differe…

before shot

This is the "BEFORE" shot of a quilt top that Finn sent on behalf of her friend Betsy for the quilt group to use for our kids quilts--the boys, for sure.

It is a bit large for our needs and I had their permission to use it as we saw fit. A few weeks ago, I got it down to the approx, 40 inch square at center and was able to salvage enough of the blue and white print to make HST's and treat this like a medallion quilt.

Well, I have been sewing the better part of the day and still do not have it done for the "AFTER" shot---all that remains is the last border with the blue print but I'm trimming it down narrower first. It will still be good sized but not big enough for a full sized bed as shown. So maybe tomorrow afternoon I can get this thing finished. I am considering working on one of my UFO's Terry Atkinson's "Hopscotch" after that---boy colors on that one. It looks like a version of Monkey Wrench but she may have a different way to assemb…

next time, listen!

I am happy dancing at the completion of my part of the round robin. I took the last stitch in it at 11 last night. Not the best picture since the stuff behind it on the book shelf is bulging it out. Trust me, it lays flat and measures 41 square---or darned close to it, LOL.

Next time I should listen to the that small voice that told me I should sew the nine patches together first and then cut and sew the spacer. The math of this was just confusing the heck out of me Sunday when Cher, Pam and I were collaborating. Why should I have trusted myself that it was right? I should have heeded that old carpenter axiom of "measure twice and cut once".
BUT NO----I did the opposite. Then when I laid the 7 nine patches against the quilt--1/2 inch too long. I forgot the seam allowance somewhere along the line. SIGH--off went the afternoon's work. By 10 I had the spacers re-cut, sewn on and was getting ready to sew on the top patches. DJ asked me how much longer I intended to sew…

replies on comments

Esteemarlu asked how I document the quilts the quilt group makes. This may be an little involved explanation but hang in there, I'll get to it, LOL. At left are the ones that were either ready for binding or already completed from yesterday's meeting. Judywith the sharp eyes-- Jeanne's yellow one is in the forefront because Jane had dibs on binding it. Lois had the pink and black one working on the binding. I show you the quilts to give you an idea of what I need to do to track these things when they are laying on the tables like that.

From the sheer number of the quilts that we have on hand at the present time (close to 85 or 90, I think) and the fact that we are donating them here in Alabama in WTIL's name I must keep records for Ellen, our founder at headquarters and send her a copy of that document. I keep track on a spread sheet. First I assign each quilt the numbers she gives me to put on the label, plus our number so I have an idea of how many we have by year'…

Back from the meeting

Another busy day with the Bama Belles. Pinned 4 quilts that came home with me, lots of labels sewn on and some binding stitched. Carolyn was the only one machine sewing--working on a kitted up quilt with Barbies that my mom had set up. It has triple rail sashing and nine patches for the corner stones so lots of strips to sew.

The funniest thing was that I went with two tops to be pinned and brought 5 quilted(6 counting the one I intended to work on) that needed binding volunteers. The girls brought in 13 completed ones for WTIL My trunk was stuffed!

They also had a couple of personal projects to share.
The Dresden plate is one that Aline--that's her on the right trying to hold up her end. Lois is on the other end and is quite a bit taller. Aline made this for a donation to Steel Magnolias for fund raiser for the American Cancer Society specifying that any funds raised will stay here in Calhoun County.

Beverly and Lois are hiding behind the other quilt you see. I believe th…

round robin--finally got a plan

At last a plan and even some strips cut---making some progress. I believe this is kind of what this thing might look like though I am not so sure which of the fabrics will be used in the spacer area. I figure that I will make the blocks and then see what I think but am even leaning to the same black print that does not read so much dark in that spot as the colors in the 9 patches will play off it. The colors are not right in the triangle row, nor are the actual shapes---I was just being lazy about redrawing what actually exists.

As late as yesterday it was going to be 4 patches in two shades of green. Then last night Cher and I were chatting on IM and then I showed her nine patches--then somehow it evolved into what if you put another color at the centers of those nine patches? I didn't like that near as much but then decided to make the centers alternate with the two predominant colors in Lauren's grandmother's flower garden. Pam joined in later and voiced her approval of …