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Goals, UFOs and other musings

I spotted this the other day on SusanB's Ramblings from Early Retirement

mouse potato
- A person who spends an unusually large amount of time sitting in front of a computer.

I had not heard that before but boy, that described me pretty well for a few days this week. Apparently it is now an addition to the 2006 Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary along with some other computer related terms.

Yesterday I revised my August/September goals. As usual my August list was hopeful and I DID get some things done. My SIL's balloon quilt, binding for several quilts, the applique on the little Santa, some knitting though that is NOT on my list. I also started machine quilting my 30's sampler and just finished basting said Santa wallhanging for hand quilting. I did get the cat challenge fabric at least cut into something I can sit down to sew---always a good place to start. But the four sewing project were not to be. It is NOT that I don't want to do them that they keep moving to the…

quilt delivery post 1--other pics below

Linda's van right before we unloaded--amazingly all 71 fit back in there with enough room for transporting passengers. We took 2 vehicles because we thought one person may have been waiting at our usual pickup point--she wasn't but the vehicles were already rolling.

We were a few minutes late getting there but that didn't seem to matter. The director John David Phillips and Mary the staff Social Worker met us and we took the quilts down to the large community room. When we toured the facility earlier this spring, that is where we had gone before--on the other side is a gymasium and outside a small swimming pool and a gazebo the girls had built as a summer project. I don't think that either will show up in these pictures.

The founder of the both the Big Oak Boy's Ranch and Big Oak Girl's Ranch John Croyle had this built with the idea of the girls being able to have their wedding receptions in that room. In fact, John David and the Croyle's daughter Regan did j…

quilt delivery post 2


Monday notes

Let's try this again---a whole post when scurrying off into cyberspace. Blogger not playing nice or my network connection isn't?

At left we have Ms. Pippi on one of her favorite haunts. How that could possibly be a comfortable position, I don't know. It almost hurts my neck to look at her! The picture was taken before I cleaned those kitty nose prints off the window from her peering at the birds below in the holly bushes. No doubt that the curtains have their fair share of cat hair when you see that paw and leg pushing them out of the way.

I seem to be having some connectivity problems today. Earlier I could not get online at all but had to let it go till we got back from walking. Once we were home it was back working like it always did. Now it is "doing it" again--not sure who I need to call about it. The local yokels at the cable company? The 800 number that I was given when I first hooked up? All the green dots are NOT lit up on the external modem is all I know …

slump ended/why I quilt

I will be the first to admit that I have been in a quilting/piecing slump. Part of the reason was just winding up the loose ends before we put the quilts out on the pews last weekend. Another part was my grandmother's passing and making that 5 day trip out to MO and then trying to get caught up at home from my absence. The other part is frankly, I just didn't feel like it. Who feels like having that hot thing on their lap when it is 80 degrees in the house and the fans are not cutting it? I know better than to sew when I don't have the desire.

I did manage to get the binding finished up on this one Thursday. Yesterday I added aome quilted lines around those large half square triangles and in the large red and plaid flying geese around that center star to get the large pieces to lay down a little better. My frequent readers will recognize the picture from a July post.

I threw it in the washer to remove the markings I had made and DJ was looking at it laid out on a chair in t…

this and that

Jealousy Rears Its Ugly Head
Okay, this picture doesn't have much to do with anything other than it came from a friend in morning email along with a joke. Joke was okay but the picture looks priceless. Perfect picture of human nature, even at this young age. The little one on the right is pretty upset about the attentions being paid elsewhere.

Yesterday I managed to slog through two more chapters on my continuing ed units--two to go today but these are a lot less reading. I promised myself a peek at the new Fons and Porter "Love Of Quilting" magazine that came in today's mail once I am done with the last exam on the material.

I also got the binding completed on Betsy's revamped medallion for the boys. I am going to stick a few more quilting lines in it before I stick it up in my closet for holding purposes. I see that the walking foot is still on the machine so maybe later today or tomorrow. I know it is silly, but once the machine is set up one way or the other I h…

another block find

Seesaw Brackman#1336 from Gutcheon's Perfect Patchwork Primer. 1973.

What brought this up? Well, I flipped the 365 Quilt Blocks perpetual calendar page that sits atop my computer and there it is. LOL, after I just asked Karenabout the one she featured in her post dated 8/20. The fabrics are blending at bit in her blocks and the flying geese units are less prominent then in the colored sketch. I can see how using a no waste, 4 at once flying geese pattern would come in handy for making this block especially if you were doing a whole quilt.

Judyhad asked where I was coming up with the numbers on the previous post--which book etc I was using. BlockBase software which is just Electric Quilt's version of the Barbara Brackman book, actually more like the quilting bible in my opinion, Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Blocks. The software is probably easier to use than the handdrawn quilt thumbnails but I still pull the book out occasionally.

I really enjoy learning about the history of qu…

quilt blocks

I was looking for what the quilt block that Libby shows in the homespun fabric on her site today. While stumbling through the various categories of block divisions in BlockBase, I found the block that many of you have been using for JudyL's challenge as shown at left is called Lincoln's Platform Brackman #1935---I knew it looked familiar! Judy may have identified it as such and I just missed it in the reading. I may try this eventually as all of yours are turning out so wonderfully--all the different color variations.

Oh, I think that Libby's block is called Lady of the Lake Brackman #1342. They show one on Quilter's Cache here.

Paperwork is basically done for Bama Belles but wouldn't you know just when I thought it was finished, all three of the checking accounts statements came---those can wait a couple days! Documents updated, pictures properly filed and CD burned. We had thunderstorms last evening and about 4 inches of rain in our gauge over about a 2-3 hour tim…

typical Monday

No quilt pictures to show you--did plenty of that in the last two posts, I think. I appreciate all the kind statements you made on viewing them laid out the church pews.

I work with a great group of women here locally but I would be remiss if I did not thank my online friends (and Mom) who also sent tops and materials to keep us going. The core group of active piecers and quilters here is probably about 8-10 people but everyone contributed at least one quilt this year. The core group, more quilts or tops. Volunteerism is not mandatory to be a Bama Belle but it is contagious. You saw how they add up over time- one and then another, another, etc!

While I am on this topic, I could have sent a press release to the local paper but they have covered our efforts on three different occasions. Once was a pictorial spread and they said we had made dozens of quilts----that I took issue to because it was more like 100's and actually we were very close to 1100 since late 99 at that point. *VBS…

quilt display, post 2

A better view of the church left hand side--every surface covered with quilts. The rest, groups of the right hand side--apparently there is a limit to how many pics I can post. If you really haven't seen enough (there are 20 total pics) then you are welcome to look at my yahoo photo album dated 2006-08-19.

A few of these have been posted on my blog before and you may remember them--some you have not. Some tops were shared by friends here in the ring so I hope you enjoy looking at the finished product.

See the preceeding post for the "rest of story"

Quilt display

My regular readers may recall my mentioning that today was the day we were to take the quilts on hand that will be donated soon. We counted 98 quilts on the pews today at our little display. It was just like visiting some "old friends"--if you missed a couple meetings, then you didn't see all of them so there were some new ones to you. We had a few visitors but I said that we put them out there more for us see one more time before we hand them over.

Most will be going to the Girls Big Oak Ranch at the end of the month, some of the ones that screamed "boy" were saved towards our efforts for the Boys Big Oak Ranch next year (12). Several (6) will be going to a cottage of girls that the Presbyterian church where we met has "adopted". We also had some that are a bit too small for our needs this year but we share some members of our group with a guild in Etowah county--they need some help to make some for DHR and we had 9 to share. I need to crunch a few nu…

random thoughts

She thinks she is hiding here but I guess it is better than diving under DJ's bed for hours on end. SIGH, I had hoped that she would be over this when I got back. All it took was the cable guy coming to hook up the high speed 10 days ago and she is jumpier and hiding again. Actually it was kind of funny--she was walking down the hall with him figuring those were just anybody's legs heading her direction till he asked "where do you want the cable to come up?" When he spoke, she could not high tail it fast enough!

I've read through the most recent blog postings (no way to catch up with all of you) , slept later than I really intended, need to hop in the showers and get groceries sometime today and started the laundry. I seem to be in a pattern of sleeping for a few hours, waking and staying that way for a few more and then conking back for an hour or two. I could attribute that to travel and sleeping in a guest room or hotel room but I don't seem to do much bet…

back home

No eye candy today and I will write more tomorrow--I am beat. My sinuses, neck, back and legs have about had it with me after a roughly 1500 miles round trip. I just wanted to thank you all for the condolences (and bday greetings) I received in my last post.

I pulled up in my own driveway about 12 noon today from middle Tennessee. I was beginning to wonder if I would ever find I-24 as I made some mistake after leaving my brother's home. Took a more scenic route than I planned but I knew that US 231 would hit it at some point. I will get out the map to see where I might have gone wrong here.

There is absolutely no way for me to catch up on the last 5-6 days happening on the web rings and other blogging friends so I'll start fresh tomorrow. (Like 26o some messages on bloglines---yikes)


day of up and downs

Today is a day of ups and downs. It is my birthday but am hardly in a celebratory mood as my maternal grandmother passed away today. My last surviving grandparent. She had lived a good long life to age 93 but it still makes me sad. It was expected--that fall and hip fracture last month did her no favors with existing health problems and ultimately it was too much to deal with. DJ and I had just left for my birthday lunch out when the call came in.

The funeral is Monday and I will be riding with my brother in TN and his family. It is about 4 hours or so to his house and about 8 1/2 hours to Springfield, MO from their house. I'll be taking a blogging break then from Saturday morning till about Wednesday leaving my husband behind to take care of the cat (He had told me he would not be going and I couldn't convince him that he had to)

This picture was taken in the summer of 54 and is one of my favorites of the two of us. I don't know if I was teasing her or her teasing me but we…

shopping and round robins

I got a call from my friend and fellow Bama Belle Jane this morning about the time I was about to head out the door to walk. Did I want to go to the quilt shop in a town in the next county up and out to lunch in a couple of hours? She, her mom Sarah and our friend Aline were going. The time frame was doable so off I went. DJ was on the golf course trying to beat the heat. That is almost impossible this time of year.

The first shop we went is going out of business at the end of the month but there were no big discounts on the fabric. The books were half price though so I got the Civil War Diary book---not that I think I am going to actually make any of the blocks but I do like the history part of the book---not a bad price either with no shipping. I found a bridger type fabric, black with a lot of gold in it directional print and those fun kitties HAD to follow me home too--just a half yard there. I think you will see it better once you click on the picture.

We left for lunch at Mexican…

how to clean the house


1. Open a new file in your PC.
2. Name it "Housework."
3. Send it to the RECYCLE BIN.
4. Empty the RECYCLE BIN.
5. Your PC will ask you, "Are you sure you want
To delete Housework permanently?"
6. Calmly answer, "Yes," and press mouse button firmly......
7. Feel better?
Works for me!

I was trying to post this to one of the private blogs that I am on but it posted here twice---so guess it was meant to be. Thanks, Norma for the giggle!

meeting day

Look who is making herself right at home. Yep, even left her perch to get on it. One of the girls was storing some quilts for us at her home but will be out of town when we spread them out on the church pews for viewing. I needed to transfer those back to my house. I was refolding this one to put back on the armoire or atop the clothes hamper when guess who took that as open invitation. (And no, Pam, I didn't get that bed made this morning. First time in over a week that I haven't. ) Guess she is giving it the kitty stamp of approval. You will get off of it when I am ready to hit the sheets, Missy Miss!

We only pinned two tops today since we are in wind down mode and know that we have enough quilts to meet our obligations. I had three tops with me and three volunteers to help with the binding. One was completely finished by meeting's end but it was half done to start with, another was half done and that big revamped medallion, a good bit done---I'll finish them up so th…

nope, not sewing

This picture was on my lost blog but hey, it's gone so I can drag it out again. Nope, I am not sewing---just binding. I've three sides done and will get back to it at the quilt meeting today.

Yesterday was errand day as usual but I finally got myself hooked up to high speed cable internet or as DJ called it "your new toy". Lots of friends, family, newsletters subscriptions, accounts to change . Oh, I needed to install new anti-virus protection as I had been getting it free as a subscriber to my old ISP as well.
Very little stitching got done yesterday.

So I best get myself dressed and outta here or I am going to be late. Later--------