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Happy Halloween! No sewing going on today and just a bit yesterday.

I had planned to get back to work on the toad BQ that I showed you in my last post but with it being errand day I only got around to seaming a quilt back, making another quilt's worth of binding and then pressing binding for 4 quilts.

Jane and Sarah had dropped the quilt show entries off so those needed to go back up into the closet in some semblance of order. I mentioned that I was going to go over this morning to pin the tops that I will be sending up to TN and they offered to come help. Not going to turn that down--we got four tops pinned leaving three in my stack to pin at our next meeting. Or I'll go over sooner should I run out of anything to do before the 14th, LOL--not likely!

DJ came by the meeting place on his way back from golf to see how much longer I might be working---translation: go to Cici's for lunch or go home for leftovers. Who can time things like that? I told him to go out to eat. When w…

a little of this and that

A little bit of sewing going on today. Last night I went on a treasure hunt for backing fabric for those two Snuggle Up tops---this is where having some stash fabrics around comes in very handy! I found a cute dinosaur print for one and another a fun star fabric that just needed to be seamed. Got the binding fabric sewn but not pressed.

I also cut out a BQ top using this cool toad fabric from Finn. There was not a lot of the fabric and it needed a pattern that would not require cutting it in little bitty pieces or you would lose the cute motifs of the toads. I had gotten this pattern after seeing it on Norma's blog earlier this summer. You may recall that she spotted it at a quilt show and wondered about the pattern source. Bloggers to the rescue! Debby Beaves of Maple Island Quilts. I guess that BQ stands for "Big Quilt". I was able to make a slight modification in the size of the blocks to make a 12 inch finished blocks. Three of the 12 9 inch finished toad squares …

no trip after all

No, I didn't make the trip up to TN to see my friend and my family after all. I awoke to pouring down rain that according to the hourly forecast projections on both I-59 and I-24 showed no sign of lessening. It would not have mattered if I had waited a few more hours to leave either. My friend confirmed that my drive would have been rainy, possibly heavy and thunderstorms on the TN side as well. I don't drive much in the rain at average speeds let alone at 65 or 70 mph.

So I stayed safely at home and will make the trip up at a later date--to be determined later. I decided to make good use of time that afternoon and get the borders on the little nine patch top I had left hanging for several days. DJ came in and asked WHY was I sewing---if I HAD gone on my trip, I would have taken the day off! I said, I had already piddled away Weds and Thurs that week and I was getting back to "work" He said "you act like it is a 'job" sometimes and it is supposed to be …

Coming or going?

“Are you coming??” She seems to be saying.

Lost a complete post earlier this afternoon---I think I chose to post right during the unscheduled Blogger outage and off it went to who knows where. If I am showing only a Pippi picture or two then you can about bet that I haven’t gotten much of anything quilt related done the past two days other than running the t-shirt top up to the long arm quilter some 30 miles north of here.

You can see how much Pippi resembles Nancy’s Agatha—featured this morning with two of her kitty compatriots atop the ironing board. Nancy commented that they might need a weight limit sign. I agree that my kitty probably has more white especially on her belly and of course, half light, half dark face—probably a good bit of tabby along with that tortoiseshell markings. As pictured she is doing her “follow me to the kitchen and the food bowl pose”. I had already been warned by the three previous circlings and then the “park it” in the doorway. The wet spot on the carp…

Happy Dancing!

I cannot take a picture of it because it is just so big but the t-shirt quilt top is done as of a half hour ago. (You get a picture of Pippi kitty instead, LOL. ) The fabric I was waiting for arrived just before lunch so I got busy finishing the last row soon after.

Earlier this morning I met Lauren one of the girls in my round robin group over at Hancock's for a consultation. Normally she would put her head together with another friend but this time she has that's friend's top. Ada who just happened to have Lauren's this round had some fabric to pick up from her so once we all weighed in on what to do with Pat's then Ada and I conferred. Ada came by the house to pick up some stuff that I had used in earlier rounds that might work and went home with a book that had a possible idea and something I drew up and printed from EQ5 for her.

While at Hancock's I asked if it would be okay to use their tables to get a measurement for the top and bottom borders wh…

Mail Call!

Just before lunch a horn honked signaling us that their was an oversized package waiting for us. Nope, not the fabric I was expecting from Hancock's of Paducah to finish up the t-shirt quilt. DJ said it looked like Christmas when I came in. Poor guy only got a mailing from our Ford dealership but I had a haul.

A mailing from Norma with a pattern mailer from "Quick Quilts" I had not seen---more ideas of what to do with plaids and homespuns among other things! Thanks, Norma.

Two priority boxes from Finn--stuffed to the gills. Three quilt tops, cut squares, blocks needing a new home, a book for me to sell for fund raising, more blocks that just need a few more blocks made. And if that were not enough, this one here was loaded with fabric that can be cut into squares or strips. I want to make another bowtie top or two and my cut squares are not necessarily appropriate for guys at this point. Thanks Finn and pal Betsy!

Now here is the surprise package. Nadine had posted that she…

sewing and sewing some more

Getting some production done this weekend. I ran out of sashing fabric for the last vertical row of the t-shirt quilt so am waiting for my order to come in early next week. Yesterday I added one long side border the half that is done, joined rows 4 and 5 and squeezed on one more sashing strip from the border cut away fabric.

What to do, what to do? Since yesterday afternoon I have prepped the backings for three quilts and added the borders to the bricks quilt. With the larger quilts we are shooting for that means two length of backing and splitting it to get the proper width. I went through the muslin bolt we had at the church and polished off most of my own bolt as well--good thing that Hobby Lobby just opened!!

This is not the best picture in the world shooting across the room and passed the desk but there it is. The one piece of plaid on the right edge looks nothing like this check that I am seeing on the photograph. The top finished right at the target range of 50 x 70 an…

Cards and tees

Go Cards!! A nail biter to the end but World Series Bound!

Okay, I am not getting anything remotely quilty done today but was up too late because of the ball game and then could not get to sleep once I go to bed--reading for a bit didn't help.

I have half of the t-shirt quilt done--vertical rows are even joined. I sewed later in the evening than I normally do just because of the nervous energy of the ball game. I wanted to know what was happening but not necessarily "watch it", mute the sound and look when I wanted to or follow the progress on MLB gameday like I often do. (By now the talking head announcers have drove me around the bend, one in particular.) So I kept cutting and stitching and it got closer and closer to 11 p.m.

What you are viewing is Finn's "Strip Twist" quilt that she sent us for the WTIL. This is one of two of hers that I hurried up and quilted last weekend. Jane got busy with the binding on this at the sew-in so it was ready for its closeu…

Turkeys and T's

A little of this and that and then I have to get back to work on the t-shirt quilt. First let me thank you all for your comments about the Bama Belles sew-in. I know just how much I am blessed to have them to sew with. We have fun and get a lot done. I know I hear them say "I get more done at home" and heck, I've even said that myself a time or two but the point really is, I sew by myself all the rest of the time without eating someone else's cooking and the fellowship involved with working with a group.

Here is the cute little turkey center quilt that Veronica sent me for the quilt base of my calendar themed wallhanging. Isn't it adorable? I guess she has made 4 of these now??? Going like hotcakes for her clients! Thanks again, Veronica!

Here is what I am really working on--not sure how well the whole thing will show up but I have the first column done. I switched things around a little bit on the first one due to the colorations of the shirts. I already sewed t…

day two sew in report

Theramae had set her sailboats aside as she needed some fabric from home. She is in the process of making a "Road to Ireland" top from M'liss Rae Hawley's book Fat Quarter Quilts . To the right in the picture is a Snuggle Up that I cut for her (actually I cut two--Sarah said she would sew the other and I cut hers a bit wider). We had been looking at a bunch of fabric that had been donated by Cher, Antoinette and Finn with boy motifs---when 5 of them seemed to go together and there was plenty of it, this pattern seemed to be a natural, LOL.

Here is Lois at work on her butterfly challenge quilts. I told her that I tried to upload a shot on Monday but "lost" the pic. She got one of her 24 blocks done just so I could show you what her log cabin blocks will look like. I think she had 8 rounds of the 10 done on the other 23 so good progress was being made. Gotta love those pinks, purples and teals!
Carolyn and Ada teamed up to make 24 nine patch blocks that I wil…

Day 1 Fall Sew In

Just got home from day 1 of the 7th Annual Bama Belles Fall Sew-in. We had 9 of us there today including our friend Pat is who back in Alabama. Another friend who is still working came for a bit after dinner so good to see her as well.

Jane, Pat and Sarah helped on binding and label detail and Jane pinned up a top that Cher had sent us and that I put a top/bottom border on. Aline was working on 9 patch blocks today--sorry that I didn't get a picture taken of them before she left as the fabrics were wonderful--all from her stash.

The picture at left shows the plaids and homespun bricks quilt that I have started. I'm going to keep piecing at least four more rows--six if I have enough rectangles cut. The pile is diminishing fairly quickly. After supper, the four of us who remained pinned by Kitty quilt. I think I have enough of the pink kitty bling from the cutaways on the back and the little bit of yardage I had left that I used on the back to make a "girlie" quilt for W…


Today I am sharing pictures of two special quilts that were sent to the Bama Belles by Libby who wanted these to go to the Boys Big Oak Ranch. They are even better in person and already quilted, bound and everything--we will just attach the WTIL labels. I asked Libby if she was going to post pictures on her blog and she replied that she had not planned to and they had already found a new home. We thank her again for her generosity and direct any compliments her way. Aren't these wonderful!?

Because I was waiting for my Hancocks order to be delivered, my t-shirt quilt was put on hold. That's okay though--Friday afternoon I decided to put my time to good use and pulled out one of the pinned quilts in my stack. Finn had sent two tops a month or so back but I knew they were going to the boys and there was no rush when round robins and other quilting intervened. I got an email from one of the Belles who said to save her some handwork for the sew-in. She can have the binding detail a…

No Name Nine Patch Duo tutorial

Google Documents and Spreadsheets may have made it possible to post this handout I had once shared with my quilt group. This is an experiment on posting a document on hand to my blog. (It may have messed up my sidebar temporarily, from what I could tell before editing). This might open up another way of sharing information on my blog!!NO NAME NINE PATCH DUO
One of the Bama Belles saw a picture of a quilt that I had made several years ago from some donation fabric and wondered how to make this. It is technically called “No-Name Four Patch Duo” and the original pattern was found in Marti Michell’s book Quilting for People Who Still Don’t Have Time to Quilt. Publisher: American School of Needlework ISBN 0-88195-863-8 .I did not follow the directions, however as it makes more sense to me to do this as an uneven nine patch. I renamed it. There are two separate blocks that comprise this graphically interesting quilt.

BLOCK 2I made my blocks 7 inch finished but really you could make …

more cutting, no sewing

Pippi this morning on her most recent "favorite spot". DJ tried like anything to get the cat hair off it and changed out the towel but that was an exercise in futility.

I had spent the better part of the day either trimming up the fused t-shirt blocks and working out a design in EQ. The sizes roughly fell into into several width---some square, some rectangular. Workable--with some spacers of various sizes around them but roughly arranged in rows at this point. I've got them separated out by size, by row in the order I want them and clipped with binder clips. When the sashing fabric comes, I will be ready.

By 4:30 I knew that I am going to need 3 more shirts. I called the future owner's dad to see if he can dig a few more to fill that last approx 36-40 inches. I was just sure when I picked up a few more earlier in the week that I would have too many and the quilt would be huge! As it is I will be around 92 x 108 with borders. It was a little surprising for me…

still dreaming of quilts

This is another quilt going through my head--"Road to St. Louis" from Trudie Hughes' Even More book. I have a stack of 16 patches started, possibly for another "Whatever"/Chiclet type but this one also appeals to me. We have some cut 2 1/2 inch squares around with more coming and a 2 days sew-in next week. One of the girls called to see if we were working on a "community" block this time and was hoping she could pair up with a buddy---sure, make me some blocks and I'll take it from there!! So basic really---4-four patches and hour glass blocks in between them.

I found this from an internet search of images for this quilt-- from the Fernie (BC, Canada) Quilt Show 2000where there are many nice quilts to view. It does look like they all took the same class with several of the same quilt popping up. (Like one I recall in Macomb, IL with tons of "Around the Twists"--also by Trudie.)

BUT I see that Bonnie of Quiltville fame had a "Road to S…

So many quilts....never enough time

Yesterday as I was cutting up t-shirts and fusing interfacing to the backs in preparation for the commissioned quilt I have been asked to do, my mind wanders to quilts that I would like to make and haven't yet. The Tile quilt at left is one of them and the one shown is one of my Mom's quilts from 2002. This is just so happened to go to Paraguay when my niece/godchild Allison went there with a mission group from her hometown. Pretty, huh?

I have also heard this same resultant quilt called "Cubic Turtle" in Marti Michell's Quilting for People Who Still Don't Have Time to Quilt but I think where I first saw it was from Bonnie Domeny at Thread Love. The directions for her version are given as I found when I went looking for the website. My surprise was that my pal Cher has one shown on the same page!! Actually she approaches it a little differently than Michell does but it sure looks the same to me! From a distance, the backside of my perpetual calendar atop the …