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wrestling a bear

It has taken the better part of a 24 hour period to get this round robin to this point. First viewed in this post when I asked for your help. I don't think you can tell just how wobbly it was on the outside edges.

I re-sewed the seams that were pulling apart, taking slightly bigger seams. Then I stay stitched it all around the outside as the fabric was raveling and I did not want to have to patch up more opening seams.

My mom had called to see if my day was going any better than yesterday. Well, that was good question as I had just discovered that I was Still a half inch off in either direction. She suggested doing an easing stitch like one would do in garment making--Cher and Pam concurred. It helped square it up but there are a few spots where I had to just trim out a quarter inch seam allowance on one side and re-sew to take up more so the borders will match up at the quarter points. What a giant pain! It is as squared up as it is going to get and laying down the best it will on…

some people have no clue..........

No picture of completed sewing to show so I'll re-post my favorite picture of Pippi which may have been on my defunct blog. Ignore the unmade bed but she makes it a little difficult to make a bed at times. The quilt? One made for me by the list members of a group I used to moderate--where I met Cher, Pam and Veronica and Ellen the founder of Wrap Them In Love among others. It is reversible with log cabins on one side and Sunbonnet Sue blocks on the other.

It has been one of those days--errands took longer than they should have today. Delays at one store due to lack of personnel. The guy behind me at the self checkout was quite impatient--I know I was exasperating him as I fed change into the machine but hey, there were three other lanes open, he could have gone on when he saw I had a week's worth of groceries. Sheesh. This afternoon I went into make part of our evening meal only to discover that I didn't have one of my grocery sacks--the last one I sacked up that had the c…

some thoughts to consider

From a blog I follow from the old home town newspaper HERE

Sunday, November 26, 2006
Find ways to give thanks in everyday life
Filed under: Hearts at Home — Holly Schurter @ 2:00 am

By now the turkey leftovers have been consumed or consigned to the freezer. The Pilgrims and their Indian friends are being replaced by manger scenes and Christmas trees. Our focus is shifting away from what we are most thankful for to our Christmas to-do lists. Before we pack Thanksgiving completely away, it might be good to consider how to make giving thanks a part of our everyday lives.

Imagine what a difference it could make in our Christmas celebration if we practice a sense of thanksgiving throughout these harried days of preparation and celebration — and even afterward!

A sense of thanksgiving encourages us to focus on what is right and good in our lives, and helps us keep a sense of balance. Thankfulness tames our greed, and keeps us from being overwhelmed by advertising-induced wants. When we focus on …

goal met

I worked last evening until I had the 2nd SEC top to the same point as the 1st--needing only the vertical borders on both. I pre-washed all the muslin for the backs and a bit more besides and then spent about an hour and half ironing it all with time out to run for more sizing and wrinkle release. That stuff came out looking like it had been accordion pleated!

So when I took this picture I was working on the 2nd top or at least trying too, LOL. Pippi thinks the measuring tape is a cat toy. Not only was she attracted to the top itself but she wanted to play. I still got the series of measurements I needed but it wasn't easy. (That Vanderbilt block threw all my measurements off and it looks better now that the side borders are on.)

I met my goal of having the tops done by the end of this week. Both backs are pieced and all the binding strips joined and waiting to be pressed. Wanna guess where Pippi is sitting now?? Yep, right on a big pile of charcoal gray binding. What …

Peace and Plenty

Peace and Plenty

Good block for Thanksgiving weekend, I thought. #1201 attributed to Farm Journal but looking at me atop the computer and the "365 Quilt Blocks a Year" from Nancy Martin and That Patchwork Place. I have made this block before. One that can be approached several different ways actually but I recall foundation piecing it in 4 quadrants.

Hope that everyone that celebrates our American holiday had a wonderful day with family and/or friends. Ours was a quiet one with just the two of us since we live some distance from our family. Local friends have their own plans. I could have gotten a ride up to IL and flown back but I didn't want to leave DJ alone on the holiday.

I got smart Weds morning when I was making pecan pie and cranberry sauce---if you need chopped celery and onions for supper and for dressing the next day, do it once!! A light bulb moment and how long have I been cooking?? Mostly I just don't plan that far ahead though as I may not know exactly …

some progress

Some progress being made on the two SEC quilts. The drawing at left is kind of where I am headed with this though I may flip the 3rd row with the 4th. I used a double attic window set last time for the person who commissioned them. After I showed what it might look like in the picture frame set, he said to go for it. Picture of one (3 identical) can be found HERE . There is not a variety of color in these teams---most all are a shade of red/crimson or navy/blue. LSU's purple and Tennessee's almost fluorescent orange are the exception.

I finished up the cutting yesterday afternoon after strip piecing the offset and the shadow section with the exception of what fits around the two odd sized blocks and the borders. I left off last night with about 3/4 of the first tan frames completely shown. LOL, I might have kept plugging on it but I got up to talk to DJ a minute and Pippi thought she would try out my chair. Okay, I guess I'm done. By the time she vacated I was out of the …

slow Saturday

Try this again--apparently I cannot post from Picassa with beta blogger as I lost another post. Anyone else having problems? Also I cannot seem to get edit html to open----hmmmm. BUT pictures seem to load from blogger okay for a change. Bloglines isn't notifying either but the "plumber" was visiting last night----hmmm again.

I thank you for the positive comments that you made about my butterfly challenge quilt. Several of you asked about the pattern or block. I should have re-stated the pattern source and had neglected to do that in my post. It is Trudie Hughes "Interlocking Squares" from Crib Quilts. A lot of cool patterns in that book to try out and eventually I will.

I DID draft up the alternating star block in EQ but mainly because I wanted to foundation piece the flying geese type units. Drew up the interlocking square too but that was after the fact and more or less for the challenge of doing so. In paging through BlockBase by pattern type I thought that it…

challenge completion

I still need to cut out the binding and backing but here is my completed butterfly challenge top. All from my stash with the exception of the butterflies. The turquoise piece is leftover from a quilt back and really picks up on the shade of some of the butterflies if enlarge it or see it in person. The other colors are also leftovers from previous kids quilts. I only bought a tad more purple so I would have enough for binding.

Cher showed you the one that she had completed recently on her blog last week. She's the one that had surplus butterfly fabric left over that she could share with her quilt group, mine and other friends. My mom has one finished that she sent back with me this summer. Finn is working on one a well but is being secretive about her plan.

Beverly was sewing on hers at the meeting the other day using a pattern that started off with large scrappy squares in a row, the following row cut it down to 4 patches and the next row 16 patches. She said that the pattern calls…

meeting date wrap up

A wet and windy day here in Alabama. Other than a trip to the post office, I am ready to stay home today, finish up some binding for Aline and finish up my butterfly challenge today. I just realized that this month is half over with commissioned quilts and that round robin waiting to be done--time's a wastin', LOL.

We tried something new yesterday for holding a few of these quilts. Ginny had brought this quilt holder thinking that perhaps we could use it or actually be allowed to mount it somewhere to take our pictures. I put it across the doorway yesterday but it a little "fumble fingers" loading the quilts. Judy is taking it the frame home to ask her husband to invent a better wheel. We think a board about 6 foot long with cup hooks or screws every 6-8 inches would let us put binder clips on the quilts and then hook them over the hook. The doors could be open wider and the board moved out further if the quilts were bigger. He is quite creative if she explains what …

another day of running

Sorry the picture is a little fuzzy looking but look at this neat bag that Cher brought me today! It is hand knit and then felted so it feels just like a heavy wool fabric. Do I need to ask you who is sitting on it now? My fault that the fuzzy faced one thought that was an invitation because I left it laying on the cutting/pressing table after I took the picture.

Cher, her sister and her sweetie got here about 10 this morning. After a peek at the challenge in progress and my sewing room, we piled into my car to drive the hour or so up to see our mutual friend Joy. Lunch was planned at the tea room--the only customers since it is by appointment. When we went in February, Joy had selected the menu but this time she told Nessa to just "surprise" her. SO we dined on potato soup, baked chicken breast and an open faced tomato and mozzarella sandwich. Dessert was cheesecake with triple berry topping with apple and grape garnish.

From there we went down to the quilt shop which Nessa …

Better luck

I had a little better luck today one the shopping front--both shops were open for business and it is quilter's quality stuff. The yardage on the left is for the round robin border--that "paper bag" color for the background. At right, the top 4 are for me with my $25.00 off gift certificate--1/2 yard cuts for the reproduction stash. The other three may be part of the applique I intend to do on the robin because I have some pieces in the stash that MIGHT work---either/or. I overcut fabric on vines I did on an earlier round so I don't think it will be necessary to make more unless I go with a different color green--also could come from stash, in that case. I am only doing that applique on two opposing corners mainly because it needs a break from all that busy-ness at center but also because I don't want to spend a year appliquing. Aline took to it back to fix a couple spots where the person after her chopped off the star points she had tried hard to do correctly. Th…

field trips and shopping

Pictured here is the butterfly challenge that I should be sewing on. Didn't stick one stitch in in yesterday with all that shopping and running around. The alternating block is shown at left and below what the 6 main blocks will look like along with the pieced setting and corner triangles. The 1st border is pieced into the triangles actually in this pattern. It is an on point set.

The color is off though. That is muslin in the background, hot pink, cheddar yellow and a turqouise band to set them off. The purple looks right but the pink looks coral in the shot below and then the yellow is not right. I think part of the problem is the flourescent bulbs in my sewing room.

9 of us went on the outing yesterday and we left here around 10 CT for the Joann's in Douglasville, GA. (That is about 60 -70 miles or so from here.) I didn't find any fabric that I could not leave behind though I was dragging that round robin with me looking for background "paperbag" c…

quiet day

Finally the sun comes out and Pippi is rewarded for waiting on her perch. It always seems like it rains on election day--even the primaries, come to think of it and it kept it up intermittently through the night leaving a cool and damp day till about 30 minutes ago.

This is the look I get when I go in to pester her--the big stretch but can't really be bothered pose. Such a lazy girl! She didn't even alert me to the fact that we had a little "visitor" a few day ago or go after it. Now that the weather has turned cool it seems like we get a mouse in the house each year though he has done everything he could to seal things off. DJ and I were eating when I saw something dart out of the corner of my eye. No other evidence had been apparent till he heard my shriek. A few hours later the fresh peanut butter got him. DJ dumped it out on the kudzu that the neighborhood cat patrols--dinner on a plate, LOL. BUT no way did this one go on mouser patrol!

I got my butterfly challeng…

suggestions please!

Sorry that I could not get a better picture of this--the background at center and with that SW motif is about the color of a paper bag. The round with the stars is an "old gold" but a fairly clear pretty blue.

Boy, oh boy, do I need some suggestions about what to do with this round robin. It is Gary's who started with a low contrast block of Carpenter Wheel in the center. Aline did well, I thought ,with the small Friendship star round. Then Karen decided that it was going to go Southwest---HUH? What has that got to do with a Civil War theme? Remember me saying that one of these quilts had acrylic paint on it? Those black marks are all painted on. Of course, that was a "no, no" in the rules.

Lauren kept it simple and tried to calm that all down by using the 1800 repro dark pirnts with a lightish black and tan print around it. Pat carried the blues and starts outward. SIGH, who the heck knows what Mildred was thinking? It is not black but navy--the last two r…

Toadie done

Got my toadie top done this afternoon, backing is readied and binding cut and seamed and waiting for pressing. I had hoped to do a bit more cutting but my thumbs are not being very cooperative for flexion and extension activities. Cutting my butterfly challenge will wait till after Monday errands.

The BQ pattern does not call for borders but I had resized the blocks to 12 inch to accomodate the amount of yardage I had been challenged by Finn to use in some manner. The resultant quilt would have been a bit small if I had not used a 3 inch finished border. I will bind it in the red print and use up some more of that "kit" red.

I don't know if it will be really obvious to the casual observer but I DID mess up a bit. The strips sets of muslin and red print were supposed to be cut in 3 1/2, 6 1/2 and 8 inches. Somewhere between the first trial block and cutting for the rest I got 8 1/2 inches on the brain. ACK!! I did not want to un-do and re-sew 11 blocks when I c…

200th post

Well, actually I probably passed that about 2 months back as this is my second blog---I lost about 6 weeks worth of posts at one point and had to start over way back in March. I guess that means that I can pull out some oldies but goodies pictures at some point when I can't refer back to the archives.

Good of all of you to join me along the way--some comment and some don't. Always meeting new people from the world over and adding more blogs to read to bloglines too.

On the quilting front--well, nothing so far today as I have been piddling with some computer downloads and had a couple errands to run. I DID get the little nine patch quilted yesterday afternoon as planned. (Jan and Cindy, the box went out this morning) I am going to work on my toadie BQ though in a few minutes. I may cut out my butterfly challenge top if I had time leftover today---or that gets done first thing tomorrow.

Baked a "Better Than Sex" cake to take to the neighborhood do tomorrow …

day off/goals list

Well, I had planned on quilting a third quilt today--the little nine patch on point. It's the one on top of this two quilt stack that Pippi was circling and trying to get comfortable on last night. She ended up sleeping there so must have gotten a proper kitty dent made.

We had a lovely walk today on a picture perfect day. Back to my biker shorts and T-shirt--low 60's, sunny, slight breeze. I think what I like most about fall in the south is the break from the sometimes unrelenting heat and humidity. I have often said that I didn't move South for the summers, LOL.

He needed to go into town to get his flu shot and take our library books back. I went along for the ride and picked up some BBQ sandwiches on the way home since we had no leftovers on hand. I told him a long time ago to not expect me to cook lunch passed making a grilled cheese sandwich--suppers are enough! Of course, tonight's supper did not turn out well--the roasted potato mix was too peppery and salty and …

Quilting MeMe

Courtesy of Shelina and making the rounds of bloggerland. I like this one as it is not requiring us to run down ourself by naming odd or weird things about our personalities but rather share our experiences in quilting. Bold face indicates something we have done---copy/paste and add your two cents on your own blog if you wish. No tagging needed.

Have You Ever?
1. Taken a quilting class (now ask me if I finished the class project, LOL---only once)
2. Paper pieced (Love it and do it often)
3. Hand quilted (not often enough)
4. Hand pieced (rarely)
5. Created your own pattern (that is half the fun of playing with EQ!)
6. Published a pattern in a magazine or book
7. Gone on a quilting retreat (what fun!)
8. Gone to a quilting convention (AQS show many times as well as a few NQA's)
9. Met someone who wrote a quilting book (including my friend Cheryl Adam but guild speakers too--a good many of them)
10 combined your quilting with some other craft ( a vest or two used some quilting-appliquilting te…