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laid back days

At left, Pippi, of course, but on her sewing room perch. She still likes the bedroom one best but at the moment is doozing atop my pillows---smart girl, she is on the softer one. If you look close you can see the backyards of the subdivision. Not much of a view past those overgrown bushes.

Not a lot going on around here. I guess I am still in holiday mode in a way and just doing some handwork on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. The sampler quilt is parked on the sewing table all neatly folded and inviting for kitty snoozes---it is not going anywhere. I really have NOT been in the mood to wrestle with it. It's my quilt, there is no rush for completion. Not like the commissioned quilts and facing a deadline where I had to push myself through those when I was sick for two plus weeks. Now I can kick back and take it easy before the donation quilts push start up again in a couple weeks.

DJ and I had a nice Christmas meal---leftover ham is in the freezer for some future meals but ground …

Christmas pics

Navity set made by my mom

Lights in the Brookwood Subdivision Anniston, AL More lights
House off Saks Road--jam packed with stuff as is the house next door. Sometimes the other houses have no lights as their neighbor lights things up enough for the whole neighborhood, it would seem. House a few blocks from us---surprised that you can't see if from here, LOL
Brookwood again--I was trying to show how they light up the curbing too--almost like an airport runway
Brookwood subdivision again--somehow the lights look golden --actually are mainly little white lights

Seasons Greetings!

A friend sent this in an email along with a poem--good ol Maxine! I don't have any quilting pictures to show but we did set up the Nativity set today. Maybe I'll get a shot of that for next post. Still, Happy Holidays to all my readers out there in Bloggerland.
I took yesterday and today off from quilting with 5 more blocks of my 30 block sampler to go. The ones that are left are at the dead center of the quilt and harder to get at. My back, shoulders, wrists and elbows are thanking me for the reprieve, LOL. It's my own personal quilt and it has waited this long, after all. Oh, for a picture of the completed top I had to go back to June of this year but it can be viewed HERE. I told you that my own stuff gets pushed to the back burner.
So what have I been doing? Playing too many games of Superior Canfield on the computer but I have also been working through some of the lessons in the EQ6 book. Since I have owned versions 4 and 5 prior to this, some of it is review but it …

Tuesday check in

I took two days off from any piecing and quilting but couldn't quite decide just what I wanted to work on---ah, too many choices. I thought about finishing up my Santa redwork piece that has hung in the sewing room for so long it has become part of the landscape. (Dec. 99 APQ mag if you got it in your library) All it needs is the pieced border, after all. Nope, don't feel like dealing with little bitty sew and then cut HST's. Next though--some 7 inch pineapple log cabin blocks that I piddle with every once in a while---scrappy and a good choice for the odd bits and strips. Nope, I like foundation piecing but just not quite in the mood for that either. Odd since I would rather piece.

You can see what I ended up doing but with some obstacles, LOL. Pippi was up on the quilt and testing it out before it hits the bed at some point---not once but twice. Since then she has been cycling around the room---on the project basket, on her OWN quilt on the cutting/pressing table and now …

free at last

I took the last stitches in the three commissioned quilts yesterday at about 2:30. I knew that I wanted to get a picture of the T-shirt quilt and had a batting roll to deliver to the church along with our hanging pole set up so off I went to our meeting place. OH OH. Something was going on in the fellowship hall but some cars were leaving as I pulled up so I thought that I had come 12 plus miles and wasn't going to turn back around. Of course, I was not dressed for company--sweat pants and an old baggie shirt, ponytail, no makeup--I hadn't really planned on leaving the house, after all.

They were all busy taking group pictures by that time and I snuck into the closet with our supplies so I don't know that anyone spotted me coming in. The first person I talked to said they were celebrating someone's 100th birthday and pointed me to the one in charge. Could I lay out my quilt since I had already driven that far and get a picture quick?? Sure, she says. Unfortunat…

Friday check in/replies

Wahoo, done with all three of the quilts except for inserting the labels. I just got the email with the text that goes on those, prepared the document and printed it. The literature varies on how long you need to let the ink set up but I'll give it till tomorrow afternoon before it hits the Bubble Jet Rinse. We set the delivery date and time as well. By now I am mightily sick of binding--never my favorite part of the process to begin with--and to spend the better part of 5 days time doing it? Well, the best part is that it is almost done. It will be so nice to have my life back instead of nose to the grindstone with deadline stuff.

As I was pressing back the binding on the t-shirt quilt I spotted some areas that needed to be taken apart and re-done--most of the first side actually and some other smaller spots on all but one side. I told DJ this at lunch yesterday and got a rather odd reaction. Like killing the messenger?? "Why do you let people do the work if they aren't g…

Christmas party, part 2

A few more pictures to share from the Christmas party. Judy's home was decorated for the holidays and the tables set beautifully in the "sunporch" that overlooks the woods and the lake. Each place setting had a pomander (picture below) for us to take home matching the gold charger and the gold colored floral piece that she had fastened around it for a napkin (cloth) ring. I should have taken a picture of the tables! Fresh rose floral arrangements on all the tables too.

Judy had purchased this cute arrangement at craft sale---set up on a man's cane
The tomato cage Santa that she found last year--I was trying to tell Mel about this around Halloween so will need to direct her over here to see this. Every quilter should have one of these!!

The pomanders (I've got Linda S's too--yum smell with the cloves) Jane in the foreground with Judy's "Monticello" quilt in the back---Jinny Beyer pattern
Pippi playing with the tissue paper around a gift Aline had gi…

Challenge quilts and parties

We had a lovely potluck lunch at our friend Judy's house yesterday. A few folks could not make it and couple were running a bit late but it was good to sit and visit. Good food and good company in a lovely setting. Judy sets up the tables in the room that overlooks a lake--just feels so serene out in the country.

The last thing that we did before heading home was have show and tell of the butterfly challenge quilts that were to the "flimsy" stage or completed. There are a few more out there but I think we will do this again. I had thought that the butterflies would probably go to the Presbyterian Children's Home since they might be a little more "girl" themed but a couple of them could really go either way.

Beverly's--2 patch, 4 patch and 8 patch Carolyn did an Album Cross with the butterflies as the cornerstones and block centers. Traditional pattern. Fleeta is inspecting on the left ( Linda S is the barefoot one, LOL)

Our lovely hostess Judy holding my Mo…

a repeat--well, maybe not so much

Nadine wondered about and commented on the unusual basket pattern on the quilt Pippi was laying on in my last post. Not the best pictures since they were scanned from a photo and resized but here you go, Nadine! I had shown this previously on my "lost" blog so for anyone reading THAT long ago, this is a repeat.

New readers--this is my wedding quilt that my mom took to the hand quilters almost immediately after I told her that we were getting married a week later. We had been in a long committed relationship for 21 years at that point so no doubt no one ever expected us to tie the knot---finally it was time! Can't say that I didn't know what I was getting into, LOL.

I am afraid that neither of us knows the pattern source but we call it "Falls City Basket" as we saw it in an antique store in Falls City, Nebraska where my grandmother was living at the time. The closest I can see in BlockBase is # 674 where it is found in a book edited by Ruth McKendry called…

Sunday evening

Pippi on my wedding quilt I finished up most of the quilting on the 2nd SEC quilt yesterday and today returned to finish up the banner part on both of them and prepped the hanging sleeve sections. Just finished attaching the binding on both and decided that was enough for the day. When I started on Thursday, I hope to be at this point----and I am. The t-shirt quilt is done at the long armer quilters but she called late Saturday to ask if I wanted her to put on the binding---which is at my house. I needed it for the two SEC quils as well but will run it up to her tomorrow and then pick the quilt up by mid week. I'm going to be hand finishing binding the better part of the week, I'm afraid. Norma and I were talking about our New Year's sewing goals since some of our deadline stuff is getting finished up---like, what is next on the calendar once the holiday sewing is done? Some time back we had talked about doing a UFO challenge in 2007 and hopefully get a "kit"…

round robin 2--other group's projects

Interesting comments on the last robin--some had more appeal that others probably due to a preference in style or color. On my own, overall I really like it and do not want to sound ungrateful for the efforts made on my behalf. BUT I am not at all sure about the dark solid colored brown (ugh) border. The leaves are well done and since it is applique, it could be conceivably applied to something more pallatable to me. The string pieced stuff in the corners will definitely have to go though. For now I will set it aside and leave it intact for the quilt show next fall so the person who made the offending border will not be hurt. After that, it is my quilt and my choice. Actually the size is one of those that is too big for a wall hanging and too small for a full bed quilt so I may continue on with it----or not.

On a personal note, our expected guests opted to stay down in Florida another day or two when told about the cold snap that was due in (down to 16 here last night---brrrr) and that…

round robin pics

As stated in my last posts, the round robins came home to roost last night so I have pictures to share--not sure how many blogger will let me add at one time so it may be scattered over a couple of other posts. DJ ended staying home since he still was not feeling up to dinner out if he couldn't come straight home after the meal. I didn't get back till about 8:30 so that might have been a better plan. These are the ones in my own group--next time I'll share the ones from the other group of 7. I apologize in advance for the picture quality in some cases. The quilts were getting so big that it took two people hold them and the variances in their heights left for some lopsided quilts. I tried to straighten some of that up in Picassa and it made for chopped off quilts.

My Fall themed robin (I have some opinions about this but will keep them to myself right now)

Aline: Oriental Theme

Pat: Honey Bee theme
Lauren: Grandmother Flower Garden

Mildred: Floral (and she is the one who l…

not much happening

Pippi on her scratchy box. One of her little safe spots to be that is out in the open. They sent her home from the animal shelter with one of these almost 10 years ago. The mouse is largely ignored though she used to routinely toss and throw them around, many times losing them under the opening at the coffee table base. The little blue thing sticking up at the end of the box is rubbery tennis shoe shape that came with some Reeboks that I stuck a little chain through for more dangle enticement. She will pluck that out of the edge of the box and drag it up the hallway to me like a mouse she has caught, mewing all the way. She doesn't do this as often as she used to but still enough to make me laugh at where I might find it in the morning

Not much happening here--the creeping crud symptoms continue but perhaps a better night's rest. I mostly feel like someone ran a weight up and down the length of my body and have zip energy. Yesterday I managed to cut up a bunch of my purple fabr…

KISS philosophy

All finished with the round robin as of about 8:30 p.m Saturday. Just missed crossing it off my November goals list by two days. No matter though--it is done now. Actually I did pretty well at reaching my goals this past month. I kept it simple for December though--mostly centering around the commisssion completion, maybe complete a long neglected redwork piece for a UFO completion later in the month--just for me. KISS philosophy there too.

Okay, it measures 64 1/2 inches square and I think my addition helps tie it together. Simple enough to frame the piece and leave some area for quilting. I cut the length of the bias binding that I had on hand into fourths and that was a long as this thing was going to be, LOL. One time when overcutting/sewing paid off as it is the same stuff I used in a previous applique round Not quite completely around the quilt but close.

Colorwise, the dark paper bag print goes with the center and that SW flavored background. The green is repeated in the bricks …


How could that be? It's Friday already and time to flip the calendar over to another month. Next thing you know it will be '07.
I'm still plugging on the round robin--yesterday was finish up the leaves, the flower centers and piece the flowers. The block at left is 3413 Eight Points in a Square from KC Star. I wanted the points to be finished off for applique so I blunted off the template and made it slightly longer so I wouldn't have to worry about the center circle not covering it. Well, that part would not have mattered anyway as I cut it bigger to start with. The motif finished at about 3 inches so those little tumblers folded in half are about too small for my big 'ol fingers. Stiletto to the rescue. The "red" fabric that I had hoped to use will not work with what sits next to it--those burgundy and navy squares--so I had to dig into my stash. A piece of my prized Smithsonian reproduction "Grooms Fabric" from the late 90's was cut in…