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checking in and wrapping up

Well, 2007 is almost gone and another year is starting in just hours here in the SE, USA.

See my deterrent to sewing last week? It was late when I started and obviously she wanted my attention. I had about two seams sewn at the time. Okay, Pippi, you win!

I had planned to write about my goals for 2008 and how I was not able to cross one single thing off my Top 10 UFO personal projects for the year. I'm not going to dwell on not meeting those goals as I did exactly what I did or did not want to do with my craft. After all, there are only so many hours in the day--it can't or won't all get done, even if I don't work outside the home. I'll revise that list for my own needs to keep me on track but won't beat myself up if I fall short.

Truth be told, I couldn't get at my own pinned tops on my closet shelf even if I wanted to (which I don't)---there is a pile of pinned quilts for Mexico blocking it. I did count up what I did get done with the donation quilts th…

Merry Christmas


Long, long ago.
In a world dark and cold,
Night so still, winter's chill.
One bright star was shining.
On a bed made of hay, in a manger He lay.
Shepherds came, they knew His name.
King of Kings, a brand new day.

They saw the Light in the darkness
it shines on us in tenderness.
It brings out the hope that's in all of us.
May it shine It's light on you this Christmas Night.

On this Christmas day
May that star light your way
This Christmas Eve , I still believe
That same star still shines on me.

Nativity scene found as a poster HERE

lyrics to "One Bright Star" written by John Barlow Jarvis and performed by Vince Gill on his album "Let There Be Peace on Earth" --a song I have enjoyed listening to this week. Merry Christmas!

can I still call myself a quilter?

Well, there is not a speck of quilting or sewing going on around here--can I still call myself a quilter? No stashbusting, no cutting, no quilting that quilt that has been waiting for a month. Early this week I twisted my ankle while on my daily walk. Not the first or last time I will do that to my notoriously weak ankle but fortunately, no bruising or swelling so I have been able to continue with my routine after laying off just one day. BUT it has bothered me to get up and down on my foot initially; once up and moving, I don't notice it. Also it hurts to depress the gas pedal so I figured the sewing machine pedal would be the same.

I have been tracking down and printing off heart block patterns for the row quilt that will need to be tended to, sore ankle or not. I found a file I had of heart links needed updating and augmenting as I worked. Also backed up my saved quilt files and pdf's. That's just planning for the future, not sewing. In my search I tracked down a few pat…

surprise packages, donation top and punkin' recipes

A little of this and that---first up the triple rail top that I just finished on Friday evening. I used an Mary Ellen Hopkins pattern of the month from back in August 2000. The plain squares really don't show up as well in my version as you can see the heart at the center really well on hers. Quilt Holder said "this isn't finished" when he was trying to figure out which direction it went, meaning there was no border. It's not getting one--first, because it is a donation quilt top and it is big enough and second, I am not fond of putting on borders in the first place. I cut the side triangles slightly oversized so it has a tiny built in border anyway.

Stashbusting here, though in small bits. About a third of the blocks were leftover from some that Nancy had shared with us but I pieced the rest at the fall sew in---many from the scrap bag or batting bits. Some I swapped with Theramae for a bit more color in both of our tops. When I got down to the last three rows a…

Post 1 of 2--challenge quilts and parties

In lieu of our usual 2nd Tuesday meeting, the Bama Belles Quilting Club had our annual Christmas potluck at our friend Judy's lovely home. Last year it was so cold that Judy's husband had lit a fire in the fireplace but not so this year---it was in the mid to high 70's so the windows were open and we enjoyed the living room space instead. We had 14 or 15 of us in one spot. A couple were out of town, another in the hospital so still missing a few but a relaxing time to just visit and enjoy each others company along with some good food. I left pleasantly full--those small bites of everything add up to a full plate. Oh, Carolasked about my pumpkin squares recipe and I will post it in a later post--maybe tomorrow. I actually used a different recipe than I first planned and will post them both, Carol.

Right after we ate and put the food up, we presented Theramae with her friendship quilt. That's her holding the quilt and asking what she had done to deserve this…

post 2 of 2--Challenge quilts continued

continued from earlier post----

Linda S showing her quilt called she named "Bubbles". The Merkitties print had small bubbles in the print. Linda has made several quilts that incorporate ragging techniques. She also shared two quilts that will be given as Christmas gifts. I have pics of those as well but will save them for another post.

Jane and Sarah (her mom) teamed up for this top which I may have posted on the blog before. The "rule" was that I needed to see at least a square inch of kitty fabric. It meets the criteria--third row, 1st block on the left. I think this one is a bit like an "I spy" with fun things and various blocks incorporated into the quilt.

Another Jane and Sarah quilt but this time with larger sections of kitty fabric. I love the pink and green frog print that she used. The pink tone on tone is the same print I used in my quilt top, actually. Since it was used on a previous quilt back, Sarah may have used the cutaways from t…

Monday, Monday.......

Hurray! My challenge quilt top is finished as of last evening when I finished the borders. My piecing abilities were sorely tested on this one with lots of points to match where the geese points and square in a square met. Challenging mostly because the flying geese were just a hair off in size but I was beginning to wonder if I could piece a 4 patch correctly too. *SIGH* Lots of un-sewing and realignment attempts. You try to do your best work on any project and I know I can do better. Be kind when you see the pics, please? I want to post the challenge quilts as a group after our party tomorrow.

So instead, here is Pippi thinking that she can get up on the shelf where she used to squeeze on top of those three baskets. Sorry, Kitty, that ship has sailed, LOL. It was all cleaned off that she could have gotten on any of them when she wasn't interested in climbing up there. Obviously, the quilt shop yard sales and such have filled it all in again and some serious stash busting will be…

checking in

Best laid plans are subject to change. I had intended for a week or so to get that last WTIL quilt in the stack quilted---it didn't happen. SO challenge quilt first and then close out the 07 year of donation quilt work.

What intervened? Well, the last couple of years other than the nativity set being put out and DJ adding lights to the cedar tree outside, I have not decorated for the holidays. Much of my previous decorating surfaces is no longer available for various reasons so I couldn't go all out even if I wanted to. Which I didn't..........

Then DJ was looking through a sales flyer and found a reasonably priced 6 foot artificial tree and bought one as a surprise for me on Friday. We decorated it that afternoon. I spent the rest of the afternoon putting other things up and going through the boxes to see what we could get rid of. I was horrified to find out both of my snow globes had lost their liquid and one was still dripping---my good Dept. 56 one that had been a gift a…

this and that

I have been keeping busy but not necessarily with quilting stuff. Tuesday the quilt group met and I did sit down to make a few more triple rail blocks from some backing cutaways. I call 'em basketweave blocks--is either correct? Either way, I got this much of them assembled while I was there. I am using the set up from Mary Ellen Hopkins old BOM for "Mock Triple Rails and Squares" with the plain squares forming a heart shape at center if you can see that in the print out. Theramae and I were stitching these blocks at the sew-in but her top is done and the girls pinned it along with several others.

Two more of the Merkitty challenge tops were done and I did take pics of them but will wait to share those till after the Christmas party. A piece of backing fabric that Mom sent recently was perfect for the back of Beverly's top--the pink and blue splotchy one, Mom. I stopped sewing my triple rail in order to piece it together for her since I had the only machine set up. Lo…

Checking in

I hope those of you in the States enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday. It was a quiet day here though we had our main meal at noon, freeing up my afternoon to finish up the quilting on a top I had been working on. We had had turkey breast and trimmings not too long ago so I fixed ham instead and tried to watch my portion sizes and no second helpings. I did enjoy every bit of that pumpkin pie though! Somehow when it takes 10 laps (almost 3 miles) around the park to burn off a dessert, it makes me think twice about overindulging but hey, it was a holiday.

I have had these pictures in the camera for a few days but really have not been online or on the computer much this past week. You can probably see the lake that is catty corner from our house in this shot. I love these Bradford pear trees at the end of our lane at the entrance to the nearby subdivision. Gorgeous in the spring with the white blooms, nice green leaves in the summer and then stunning color in the fall. Since we mai…

Friday check in time

Another week as flown on by, just about. Early part of the week I was busily working on finishing up my row robin obligation and was able to get it mailed out on Wednesday as planned. The next one, hearts this time, arrived today. Sorry no pictures.

The quilt at left is one that Joy made--Twisting Star with an alternating Snowball block. I think it might be the first one she quilted with the Nolting set up that she has. The quilt group met on Tuesday but we arrived to find the pastor's wife and two of the church members setting up for an early Thanksgiving dinner. Turns out that the girls cottage that the church has "adopted" were invited along with their adult leaders and the director of the Presbyterian Home for Children. Since I had 16 quilts to deliver to that same facility, I arranged to leave the quilts in the closet and have them take them home with them. The pastor asked me if I wanted to come to the dinner as well to present them to the group but I passed. The c…

contrasts in style

At left my wedding quilt---Mom had started this top as a pass around project with the small quilt group in her town. I believe it was in the late 90's as I made a couple blocks for her after we moved south to Alabama. Not being able to find the pattern name or source, we named it "Fall City Baskets" after the one we saw in an antique store while visiting my grandmother who lived in Fall City, Nebraska at the time.

I have probably told you this story before but my husband and I were a couple for a very, very long time before we got married--one of those "are you sitting down?" moments when informing my parents. This top went to the hand quilters soon after my call. When we traveled back to Illinois to visit some months later, my family gave us a wedding reception and we were presented with the quilt and a trip to Sea Palms Resort on St. Simon's Island, GA. What fun! I love the quilt as it uses my beloved 30's prints, some real ones and repros. Mom has si…

more quilt show pictures

More pictures from the recent quilt show I attended since I still don't have anything of my own to share. Still plugging on my row robin blocks but none to speedily. Errands, haircut, home duties, etc have taken a chunk out of the last two days but that's the way it goes.

So without further ado I hope you enjoy these--I sure did, LOL. I've got one more I might show as a contrast to one that I own but in a later post................

A Thimbleberries BOM, don't you think? Maker not notated.
Another of my friend Aline's quilts--made for her former DIL with colors picked by her granddaughter This one was made by an Anniston (AL) quilter from a quilt group that meets across the street from us, if I remember correctly.
Aline's Mystery Quilt, 2007 edition
Fleeta's Mystery quilt, 2006 edition (Bama Belle)

Maker not noted but I love the set on this sampler

Another one I admired
This one was from a magazine---maybe APQ? Maker not known to me.Rosa's quilt for her so…