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I'm back

Another goal met and a day earlier than my initial expectations. I took the final stitch in the t-shirt quilt top at about 9 last night (Monday) By late Sunday I had the 5 strips done and assembled, the lettering for Donoho done and the top border completed. That just left the Falcons lettering and the outside vertical borders for yesterday afternoon, after errands were run. Wouldn't you know that I started goofing up on the letters? Even the simplest one of all--the "L"? Had to start all over on the "C " as well as it was easier to print a new one than ripping it out.

ed. note: I had meant to post earlier that someone had asked if I had used a walking foot when I pieced the first t-shirt quilt. (Veronica, maybe it was you?) I had not but did take that suggestion for this one and I am very pleased with the results. I didn't have any problems with the sashing not lining up properly with the interfaced shirt pieces, no incidental stretching. Amazing…

break's over

At left--Pippi looking for trouble---she had been way up high on the top board of the kitchen pass through and coming down. Surprised I didn't get a kitty blur!

Well, my break time for donation quilts is over for the time being. Yep, my expected fabric for the t-shirt commissioned quilt shown in the EQ sketch HERE arrived just before lunch this morning. It hit the washer and dryer immediately. I just finished cutting out all the sashing, borders, fill in bits etc for the blocks.

A few blocks are just big 4 patches--that will be a snap. The lettering will be foundation pieced--that is a "cut-as- yo -go" kind of thing. but the framing sections around the letters are cut. The printouts are all printed up. I think that I can get the top together fairly quickly if I watch what I'm doing as it is basically a vertical strippie with 5 rows with lots longer rows than I was working on the past two days is all. The lettering will take a little longer but I hope to have this deli…

checking in

Today is our 8th wedding anniversary. In a previous post I spoke about how this came about and showed our wedding picture. It does not seem possible that we have known each other for about 29 years! How did that happen?

The mums are one of my presents--there was some lovely green paper on the pot but I had to take that off when I put some water in the pot. Pippi is enjoying one of my other gifts---it is pretty cuddly, after all. Baby blue polar fleece top, hooded pullover with pocket and Eeyore on the front. It says "BORED" on the front. That is a bit odd as I am rarely, rarely bored. I think he liked the color and the hood part, LOL. We went out for catfish--about the only time we go to this particular restaurant is for a special event or when visitors come from out of town so it was a nice treat.

I have been sewing a bit the last two days as I really did not feel like quilting though I did get one done for my pal Marilyn on Wednesday. The fabric I ordered for …

heartstrings, snowmen and quilt meetings

Yesterday was the Belles meeting day. Busy as usual! I believe that they pinned 6 tops yesterday and 5 were turned in. I think we all are enjoying the new quilt hanging method because there are plenty of "oohs and ahhs" as the finished quilts are hung. Carolyn got a digital camera for Christmas so she was taking pics too so she could share them with her family--one of the quilts was one she had made but that didn't matter. Some of the girls kept to the pinning table, one was cutting strips again from the donation fabrics, one was quilting and 4 of us did get some machine time in---me included!

One thing I had found was I should have used a different foot. I had the Janome and the quarter inch lipped foot was on -- the open toed one was at home. I kept catching the fabric base in that lip. Really I think my blocks looked a lot better and smoother on the back when I had just used my walking foot out of not wanting to bother to take it off the Viking just to put it back on…

at last!

As I told you in my last post(s) I have been asked to make another T-shirt commissioned quilt. This one will be auctioned as a fund raiser for one of the local private schools. The fellow that has asked me to make this quilt and other recent commissions is on the school board.

SO Friday I whacked up the shirts to get a ball park idea of what size they might. This time, I had a lot of duplication of the shirts. Someone even donated one of those fish net looking football jerseys---no way could that be used. There is not a lot of color in the backgrounds this time either--lots of white and pale gray. Because I was told get this up to full/queen, I did the best I could with the duplicates but tried to keep them separated out in the design.

Those large black squares--the same shirt back. The small black squares in the 4 patched blocks? The front interest of the shirt. I actually pulled one out of the trash when I found I had enough 6 1/2 inch squares to squeeze out 4 blocks like …

2nd quilt done

Just finished quilting a 2nd quilt--this was a top that Finn sent to us late last fall. With the holiday lay off, we didn't get it pinned until our first January meeting. I'm sorry but I'm getting a server error as I was going to link you back to her page.

I had planned on quilting two donation quilts and then taking the day off to just play with my new sewing machine (a Brother Innov-is NX 450). My replacement sewing table insert arrived on Tuesday along with two other fun boxes of quilty things from two friends and a CD of the family Christmas pictures from my sister.

You know there is BUT here, right? I got a call I was half expecting from the man that I had done the commission work for recently. We had talked about the possibility of my doing a smaller t-shirt quilt for the private school fund raising auction in December but it was left open ended. At the time that I delivered the quilts right before Christmas, I told himthat the long arm quilter needed about two months…

Quilting mode again

Sorry that this looks so dark---just sharing the last two bluework blocks that I have done recently--finished the May block last evening. I knew quilting would wait since I was SOOOO close to done. I set the project bag aside again.

I did get a bit of machine today though. The plaid bricks is done since I only had about 1/3 of it to go and can be seen HERE in the pre-quilted state. Just ditch work so it won't look a whole lot different to you even if the binding was done. Lois offered to take that part off my hands since I quilted her donation quilt last week. It's a deal!

Next up is that one that you see the back of in the snowman picture--that ubitiquous WTIL kit cobblestone stuff. Here Pippi is parked on it. I moved it this morning to a different spot to keep her off of it but I substituted two others that she could get on. Silly goose hops up on my desk and walks over the basket atop the printer where I had stashed it near the machine. I swear for a minute she was going to h…


I learn something more about html everyday. Good thing! Someday when I don't have much of anything else I feel like doing I AM going to review the chapters on the web design self study I had done before. It is a challenge to me and makes those brain cells work a bit plus makes me a little bit better informed for tweaking my blog template.
Pam commented to me yesterday off post that I didn't have a view profile link on my blog. I knew I didn't because I had not wanted it to say "About Me" like everyone else's set up. There are other ways to get there if you really want to see it, I had though. BUT there is that challenge again--see if I could put it back in.
I know Finn has the same blog set up as I do Bowman's Minima which is somewhat of a blank slate so I snuck a peek at how it SHOULD read, got my own profile html to plug in and the view button is back. BUT it was not aligned at center. No biggie but it sorta bugged me when the rest of it was where I want…

Well, I'll be!

From Patti's blog via Nancy's blog

You Are An ESFJ
(Extrovert, Sensor, Feeler, Judger---I looked it up, LOL)
The Caregiver

You are sympathetic and caring, putting friends and family first.
A creature of habit, you prefer routines and have trouble with change.
You love being in groups - whether you're helping people or working on a project.
You are good at listening, laughing, and bringing out the best in people.

You would make a great nurse, social worker, or teacher.
What's Your Personality Type?

Amazingly they may be right--I may have been in the right profession after all? I had wanted to be a nurse since age 7 and my high school course work led in that direction. I practiced for 24 years but never went back to it when we moved south though I do keep my license active "just in case". As I age, I am no longer filled with the milk of human kindness nor am I as naive and idealistic as I was in my 20's. I don't suffer fools gladly either and my tears are pretty …

this and that on a Friday

At left you see the blocks I have completed so far towards a heartstrings quilt for the Boy's Ranch. Blog fodder, LOL. I finished piecing these on Wednesday and then put the strings up for the time being. I had told the group to bring their machines for our next meeting and I'd bring the strips and the backing muslin if they want to lend a hand and make a block or two.

Yesterday I wound a "bazillion" number of bobbins because I need to hit the machine quilting for a few days. Oddest thing, since my motherboard was replaced on the Viking, I cannot fill the bobbins as full. Anyway, I have some for pay that will help towards my new machine purchase and some for WTIL. I'll get back to my big 30's sampler sometime this month though as that one is my choice for personal unfinished project goal from the Top 10 list. I got one top done (see below) and still had the time and inclination to work another hour so pulled out the plaid bricks that had started on last month …

Back in the saddle

Back to work for the Bama Belles with the first meeting for 07. It was good to see everyone after the break for the holiday season. Today was mostly pinning day and a lot of chatting. Judy was tying a flannel quilt she had made for her daughter. Lois was sewing--actually finishing up at top we later pinned. Pat volunteered do some cutting so I dug through the bins and asked her to cut some 2 1/2 and 4 1/2 inch strips, whatever she could get out of the small bits and pieces. I ended up taking my ostrich RR in the hopes of prepping some bias strips for an applique vine but didn't touch it--other duties intervened. Sarah was sewing bits of batting together so we get a bit more mileage out of the roll. Ginny and I were discussing what she might do for a commissioned quilt she has been asked to make for a school fund raiser. Whoever wants to bring their machine next meeting can help with some heartstring blocks if they wish. I came within a whisker of hauling my strip baskets this morn…

Happy Birthday!

Those of you who read around the stash webring probably read Nancy's invitation to help her celebrate her birthday today by making some string quilts to aid the Heartstrings group. The blocks can either be sent to Nancy or one of the other volunteers to assemble the top with the resulting quilts being donated for those in need OR kept in our own communities to fulfill a need there. I'm planning doing both, LOL.

So Ms. Nancy, Happy Birthday to you--the red ones are to honor you on your special day. I could not resist sticking a bit of cat fabric in there but you might have to enlarge it to see better. The blue ones are to honor your dad's life as you said yesterday would have been HIS birthday. (A tad of cat fabric there too).

I'll get them in the mail tomorrow when I run errands.

Finn, any of those fabrics look familiar to you? Told you I was going to put those into use! Off to start on a few of my own now. I left the walking foot on--it might be helping to ke…

Saturday doings

A few months back Finn sent some fabric and quilt kits down for the Belles' use--some was bits and pieces left from previous projects from both her and her pal Betsy. Cut squares I gave to Theramae since she loves making nine patches. Abandoned blocks went to Sarah as she works wonders with tops made from "nothing" and so it went but the dribs and drabs came home with me. Since I will be making some Heartstring blocks before long, I thought today was the perfect time to visit that box!

The carpeting felt a little dampish yesterday so I got to cutting. I've got a stack of muslin cut for the foundation and the red strips for the block centers. In true stashbuster fashion I cut my way through the muslin cutaways from quilt backings---so I cut 10 inch squares for the string blocks, 9 1/2 inch squares for an alternating block for some nine patches made at the fall sew-in, 6 1/2 for bowtie alternating squares if you were to put them on point and a gob of 3 1/2 inches for bo…

stalled out

Pippi hiding her eyes from the desk lamp
Yep, kinda stalled out the last two days. Some of the quilt Pippi is laying on has a little bit done and I had intended to get back to it yesterday but got off on a tangent. The day before no quilting got done but a lot of stuff on my computer was dealt with--okay, you got me. Some card playing too, I confess.
Anyway I seem to be having problems finding a good pillow situation lately. The firm, slightly concave one is best for certain bed positions but I needed just a little bit more elevation for others. So I got the bright idea to adapt on old bed pillow for my needs--use the case and the stuffing to the degree of firmness I needed for a small neck pillow for me, a back up one for DJ and a new back pillow for my chair.
First thing out of the box in retrieving the serger, I knocked over the small paper shredder. Of course, it was almost full. I got most of it up but figured I wasn't done making a mess with the pillow guts so I would wait to…

Happy New Year--long

Happy New Year--a few days into '07. I can't believe that it has almost been a week since I last posted---usually just 3 days at the most between journal entries but here I am. This will be long to make up--just warning you!

DJ and I had a great time with my family over the weekend. My brother and his wife who moved to TN a year ago invited all of us to come and celebrate a family Christmas. We accepted that gracious invitation with fingers crossed. Realize that this is no small undertaking when you are talking 6 kids, their spouses and the 11 grandkids. My SIL deserves a medal for taking us all on -- the thought and prepartions they put into hosting this event! We numbered 22 or 23 people. Other than my parents 50th wedding anniversary in 01 this is the first time we have all been together in the same place. Someone is always missing at the Christmas gathering--either as they have to work (several in the medical field) and you have to schedule when most can be there or distanc…