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meeting day rolls around again

Pippi this afternoon when I came home from the meeting---sunbathing. What a little cutie, IMHO. It got up into the mid to high 60's today. Gorgeous weather with no rain due in till late tomorrow.

Mostly we pinned today---7 of the 8 (miscounted yesterday) tops that I brought plus Theramae had two tops and Beverly, one. Fleeta and Rosa were working on some more Heartstring blocks and Beverly brought in some she did up at home and will make me three more since we figured that we could squeeze on three center strips from the red center fabric.

Another group followed us in the fellowship Hall this afternoon. One of our members was on the decorating and set up committee for an event that is actually tomorrow. We left just a little bit earlier than normal but to be truthful, I don't know if my back and legs would have wanted to stand on that concrete flooring for another 3o minutes to do that last top. I had to seam the batting for 4 of the quilts so my knees were beggin…

a couple more...........

I am still having a grand time piecing! 1st pic shows the Frogs in Race car Snuggle Up that I finished up yesterday. Originally it was supposed to be one row longer but I decided to forego that once I had the top done--more un-sewing. I moved the squares over the right side for a little bit wider top after I cut a couple more squares. Normally I cut the squares 4 or 5 inch finished while these are six inch finished to keep from chopping up the cars too small. The binding will carry out the race car theme a little further---black and white check like the racing flags.

I also pulled a piece of fabric that I have had for years and years---a crinkled looking black that looks like old faded jeans but is not a denim fabric. I had planned long ago to make a jumper out of it----not going to happen. Actually I am thinking about seeing if Linda S wants to take it on what is left for one of her raggy quilts--I've even got the red bandana fabric that might work with it. More then one way to b…

sewing the day away

Still sewing the away for the past three days----

Thursday's output was backing for three tops, binding for two more and applying borders to two tops that Jeanne had sent for donation. I had planned to refer back to her old blog for pictures of the tops but see that something weird has highjacked it---oh, my!! Her long time readers may recall a Delectable Mountain top she did in orange-peach-rust tones as well as neat rail fence with skinny strips in blues and greens. (I promise I will get pictures of them once they are quilted)

Jeanne helped me out by cutting the binding and borders for the DM and provided the backing for both tops. I did some slight remodeling on the Rail Fence as it was a tad long. I took the last two rows off and moved one row plus 2 blocks around to the side but had to re-sew them so the rail went the right direction and zigzagged like they are supposed to. The other block will probably land in another top down the line--that strippie thing worked out pretty go…

break time

Today's output-- I finished putting the borders on the Framed 4 patch a little bit ago. DJ is holding it upside down from how I had it pictured in EQ but it would be incumbent on me NOT to complain to the quilt holder. This should definitely be a girl quilt with that pink background, don't you think? The blocks came from Nancy as a donation for kids quilts. This set was all the same color so they went in their own top while the green, blues etc all went in another that I assembled in late January. It can be seen HERE for comparison and I think can go to the Boys Ranch.

My EQ sketch looks fairly similiar but at the time I drew it up I was not sure what background fabric I would be using.

I continue to get better acquainted with the Brother machine today. I did notice that I was harkening back to the days of the old Kenmore and trying to use the knee lift as the control---we are talking 30 some years ago! It was an old machine of my mom's, in a cabinet and what I took with me …

whole lot of nuthin'

Sunday I started off great guns sewing on my new Brother machine pictured at left. By the end of the evening I had the bulk of the pink and brown framed 4 patch that I showed HERE assembled with just borders to go---and two days later, that is as far as it got.

I really like the machine---nice stitch, runs quietly. The threader works wonderfully and I found that I am sorta getting used to the concept of a knee lift to raise the presser foot as well as a button to raise the needle. Another cuts the thread when the stitching is complete if you want---I still found myself using the scissors or the side cutter, LOL. (Clearly I need to develop some new habits.) The short threads worried me a bit that I would unthread the needle--and I did but only one time.

What seems odd to me is that you could conceivably sew without a foot! I had to correct myself when I first said that to Pam and Cher while chatting. That statement made it sound like I physically did not have a foot/leg when I meant the…

done-done x 3

I am happy dancing--I reached my goal of having three quilts bound a day earlier than I thought possible. Not my favorite thing to do and I am easily distracted by the computer--or anything to NOT work on it to be honest. I cannot cross one darned thing off my goal list though because the only things on there are PERSONAL projects. The donation stuff gets done--my own stuff doesn't, I'm afraid. I suppose I could set up a tally list of how many WTIL tops I have made and how many quiltedmore or less for my own purposes but have not yet.

At lunch time today I told DJ that I had just turned the corner onto the 3rd side of the t-shirt quilt binding. That was more than I had done yesterday at the same time as I had not even started it. He had been teasing me about not getting in production done the day before when I took a 20 minute break (he said 5 mins should be sufficient, LOL) After lunch when I left him to deal with the dishes, he said those fingers better be flying. I took th…

Happy Valentine's Day/meeting wrap

Happy Valentine's Day!

The EQ sketch is similiar to a quilt that was made by one of the Belles several years ago combining a 9 patch heartblock we had found online along with a Mary Ellen Hopkins style heart from the Connecting Up #4 book. Well, some of them showed up in that strippie quilt I showed you in the two previous posts. I had a little pencil sketch of her quilt but had not drawn it up till this morning. Anything to get out of binding, LOL, but I thought it might make a nice Valentine's greeting as well.

My husband and I don't make a big deal out of Valentine's Day. After all, our anniversary was about 2 weeks ago and that is far more important and personal to me than a holiday, more or less, exploited for commercial gain. What holiday isn't these days, come to think of it? No special meal and so forth. He got me a sweet card and then took my car in to get the oil changed and a new wiper blade. I appreciate his taking care of these things and consider th…

post retreat check in

Checking in after the weekend retreat. I did drive up on Saturday as I hoped to join my friend Joy and other friends. Because the Belles that had planned on going on winter weather threatened day, the window of opportunity for some of them being able to go had closed. I didn't let that stop me though and I had a great time running away from home for a few days time.

Betsy made the trip up Friday afternoon so she was sewing away on her challenge quilt top (she used Square in a Square) when I arrived. Joy's granddaughter Helen was working on a "Twisty Star" block she had started at another quilt retreat--I believe the pattern was from a Triangle on a Roll book and when I first arrived, had been quilting on a Ricky Timms "Convergence" quilt. Joy was working on a Grandmother's Flower Garden and her friend Debbie a wonderful, fly by the seat of your pants styled cat quilt in black and white fabric. She said she was NOT leaving till that top was complete--it …

Sewing day

The group did not make the trip about an hour or so north of here after all as we were under a winter weather advisory from about 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. this evening. Figures, doesn't it? The one weekend that we plan something? There was a chance of sleet, freezing rain etc so we thought it best not to chance it. I will probably go tomorrow for the day--it's downright cold and damp but no precip in the forecast.

I did do a bit of sewing here at home though. NOT on any of the 7 kits I just cut, LOL. I had been considering combining some of the leftover blocks from previous projects and digging out a few blocks that we had made along the way and doing something with them. This morning I thought that a strippie might fill the bill--48 inches across would work for 6 or 8 inch blocks. DJ got up to find me digging in the bins for the blocks I had set aside. I hit the machine shortly after that, working in my pj's till about 1030.

Inventorying the blocks on hand I had fo…

still at it--stashbusting

Well, I am still at it again today but I knew I would be, LOL and planned for it. I have cut out three more tops today and have 6 project bags in my little basket to haul with me tomorrow for the sewing retreat.

I would like to prep one more but that will have to wait till after supper--I am on break at the moment! Actually I sat down to draw the Road to St. Louis up in EQ since I will be using larger blocks than shown in Hughes book. That's it at left. BUT my back keeps telling me to STAY down, LOL. DJ came home from playing another 18 holes of golf with our out of town guest about 3 so I've been on my own most of the day. Now he wants me to give him a haircut and also put a request in for potato soup for supper. I'll do it only because it ain't gonna happen till Sunday otherwise.

SO I thought I would share just what I cut and/or prepped today. Pat F, one of the Bama Belles had given me some yardage for the kids with a rather large race car in brights on black with brig…


Yep, I am hitting a stack of fabric that has been piled up on the pressing table for a couple of days now in preparation for some kit cutting. I have several ideas for donation quilt tops---all using a different technique or some blocks that the quilt group or a quilting friend has sent us. I am not entirely sure whether some of the fabric was sent by Finn, Cher, Pam, my mom or the donation box at this point. I hope once the tops are done, that some one will recognize it and smile when they see it has indeed been used for the kids.

One top I already cut out this morning/afternoon will be a Railroad Crossing type quilt but use a striped fabric instead of pieced strings similiar to the one you see pictured. THIS time I will have the stripes going vertically to the block and not horizontally, LOL. I like how the quilt turned out but I know that I "messed up" since it was not my original intention.

I found a nice lemon yellow at the long arm quilters shop the other day for a backg…

goal met

Well, Nancy was right---I got the three WTIL quilts quilted before Tuesday but I thought I might. 6 quilts in 5 days time, as it turned out. (They are small and I have lots of time to work on them--superwoman, I am not.)

Friday was a simple grid zoom lines that Aline had done with a piano key type border. Yesterday, a 50 x 70 ish double attic window top that my mom had made. Today, binding on the double attic window and then my little butterfly challenge top seen HERE in its unquilted state. Even sucked it up and did some free motion in the hexagon centers. Didn't look too bad as I tried to do a concentric spiral. I took the last stitch on the binding and label at 5:20---just in time for the Superbowl game.

What is next then? Binding on the two tops that I quilted for Marilyn once she brings it over for me to put on--tomorrow, I think. Eileen asked if I ever was going to work on something for myself. Well, I don't think she meant the challenge top necessarily, LOL. Act…

quilting mode

Old picture from last year but wearing the same clothes, LOL (not long after I cut off about 12 inches of hair and sent it to Locks of Love). What's a post without a picture?

I'm off in quilting mode for a few more days. There is a stack on the hamper and the armoire again. I am trying to get it all moved along. The hamper stack needs labels sewn on so I can't put them away yet. The armoire stack is WTIL tops. 3 more to quilt, couple to bind. Pippi is laying on what I thought would be the next one up. If I can convince her to get off of it, I'll quilt it. If not, the next one in the pile. (Okay, okay 4 of my own personal projects are in the closet and out of sight so those don't bother me as much. LOL)

So if the quilting is done, then someone will help out with the binding. That removes them from my house however temporary as that might be. If the labels are put on, then I can stash them in the closet or take some more over to Linda S' for storage depending on w…