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done--for real this time

Late Sunday afternoon I was celebrating that I had taken the last stitch in the blanket stitch on the blocks I had made for the row quilt assignment---just in time to pop them in the mail by Tuesday. Seconds later it hit me---I needed 48 inches finished in 6 or 12 inch blocks. DUH! (6) 6 inch blocks sure doesn't make 48 inches, LOL. Talk about being mathematically challenged---only took 4 days to realize that these were not 8 inch blocks.

Back to scrounging around in the fabric bins to make two more in two different color ways. I just barely managed to squeeze out what I needed for the background WOW; one had to be seamed. Any more than that and it would not have been possibly without more than one seam. Really, it didn't take all that long to pull, press, cut, sew, baste down and then blanket stitch but it did delay the celebration till this morning. I delayed walking till I got the last one done and the package readied for mailing on my way into town. (The color of the blocks…

Happy Birthday/general chatter

Happy Birthday to my dear husband--though it really is tomorrow. Also one of my nephew's is the 29th and a dear friend's is today (you know who you are!) Actually he wanted to just skip it this year but I told him "no cake" in that case. LOL, he wanted cake. I told him what kind I would make if it were my birthday----so he had a couple choices. Come to think of it, I didn't get one as I refuse to make my own. I just finished frosting this---I used the banana cake recipe from The Cake Mix Doctor . (The author Anne Bryn was a first cousin to one the Bama Belles, now deceased.) I think I used a different recipe when I have made banana cake before--probably one that used some leftover buttermilk or some such thing. This uses a non pudding'd yellow cake mix as a base. It is topped with her "Quick Caramel Frosting" recipe which I have made before. Normally I would not mess with toasting pecans but hey, it is his birthday and the recipe DID call for them…

meeting day

Today was the quilt group's meeting day and there were just a few of us there today for various reasons. I had brought 5 tops with me that I hoped to pin and Lois had a couple as well--hers are the ones I am showing today. Theramae and I were manning the pinning table while Judy worked on a motorcross top for the boys.

Lois had used this wonderful duck scene print on another quilt that I had quilted for the boys earlier this year and this was the leftover yardage. The front is a race car panel that my mom and/or I had fussy cut a few years back and the squares alternating blocks were the blue and white check fabric. Necessity was the 'mother of invention' here. It was a good thing I had kept the scraps of the kit included because they came in handy today! The backing was not quite wide enough for the top but she had extra length that she could spare. So if we pieced the duck fabric into to what we had of the check and took the end of the of the strip folds as many as we co…

this and that on a Friday

As usual, Earl and Opal Pickles are cracking me up--check the archives HERE for other recent strips if you do not get this in your local paper. What a hoot!

On my last note I was headed off to do some handwork--and I did. Two labels applied till I realized that I had no more numbers to put on them and not enough labels here at home to finish the job and also put them on the ones I needed to quilt. I figure that someone at our meeting on Tuesday will not bring their machine and will be looking for some handwork like labels or binding. I will happily oblige them, LOL. At left or wherever it lands on the page is a top that Aline made for the boys that I said I would quilt for her. I am afraid that the tan binding will obscure the small green batik border she used so this is NOT its official picture for the WTIL gallery pages. When I first opened it up yesterday, because of the mix of blocks, I wondered how in the world would I go about quilting it. I hate to free motion, I don't…

cats and quilts

Isn't this the cutest thing? Well, if you are cat lover anyway? What I can see of the dog is just as cute though and I think it will be featured in the next issue. Foundation pieced which I enjoy doing. Here is the link

Yesterday I quilted a grid pattern in a Green Bay Packer colored quilt (alternating green and golden yellow large squares) that Marilyn's niece had made on a recent visit. This is intended for her boyfriend Josh. Marilyn gave me her copy of the Quiltmaker magazine. She said she thought of me immediately and was done with her copy.

Today has just whizzed by. It was a bit cool this morning so I didn't get out to walk till after 10. Delivered the quilt to Marilyn's house and chatted a bit with her and her husband. Their 2nd grandson was born yesterday and I got a peek at the digital photos of the little guy. Off to the bank and home just in time to fix some sandwiches for lunch. Then did som…

have ripper, will sew

In recent days I have been tagged for the "Thinking Blogger Award" by Darlene, Patti andJudy that I know of--I'm a bit behind in reading. Thanks so much for the "shout out", ladies. I just keep plugging along doing my thing but it is nice to be noticed for my efforts on behalf of Wrap Them in Love. I've been active with the group since the fall of 99 and consider it my mission to use my time and talents to make quilts for children in need. I don't know that I will tag anyone as I consider you all my inspiration and would not want to leave anyone out. Also, some who would have been my picks have already been tagged and some more than once.

Just a comment though in response to what Darlene and Judy posted. I DO make my own stuff just not often or most of my stuff is not finished. Until we get to the goal for the quilt numbers we need it will remain that way. Normally by late summer/early fall then I can pay a bit more attention to personal projects. T…

post sew-in

Well, another two day spring sew-in has been completed. Since I had scheduled this right after Easter, we were missing a few folks or some could only come one day out of the two. 6 of us came on Monday and 10 yesterday.

We were thrilled to see our friend Sarah and her daughter Jane. Sarah had been seriously ill earlier this year but has made a good recovery, regained her appetite and is now able to walk with a cane rather than a walker and going through her rehab assignment. We all headed out to our recently opened Olive Garden for her long postponed birthday lunch. Yum--soup, salad and breadsticks! One carload of us stopped at the new little quilt shop on the way back--not a lot of inventory in yet but good stuff, nonetheless. A few patterns and some heirloom sewing materials.

Monday morning I had stopped to take pictures of the turned in quilts, posted pics to the album, helped pin three quilts, etc, etc so I got a very late start sewing. Marilyn needed some help with a sashed on poin…

isn't this the truth?

From today's "Pickles" syndicated cartoon---so, so true about that "cat-itude". Mine seemed happy to see me after I had been away all day but mostly she was meowing, and quite loudly, for a taste of our supper. She rarely meows but she was definitely being vocal and no way was she going to let you get away without noticing.

I'll report in about the sew-in tomorrow and have some picture of some of the finished quilts that have been turned in and maybe a few finished tops.

break time

Boy, has it gotten chilly down in my little corner of the Southeast! Down in the 20's at night and struggling to get UP in the 40's with a brisk wind. Those 80's of a week ago were too hot, too soon but what a contrast. I have walked the past three days in spite of it but today had to wait till 1 and it was only 40 by then. DJ said the azaleas definitely took a hit last night. I suppose it could be worse though--didn't Judy report some snow fall? All the golfers at the Masters seem to be bundled up in sweaters and long sleeves---DJ has been watching some of the tourament the past 3 days. The whole thing strikes me as being so pretentious--naming the trees and golf holes, sheesh. And that sappy theme music---please.

Here is the top I finally finished up Friday---lollygagging along. I had asked DJ if he thought it needed a border. You can see that he won that one, LOL. Its twin quilt is HERE. Since the two quilts will be headed to the same spot, I wanted them to be a bit…

some production

I have been getting a little production done, though somewhat slowly since I last posted. Not completely stalled out but not really raring to go if you know what I mean?

I made a few more blocks for a 5 x 7 block set of a Heartstrings quilt for the Bama Belles and I. It sat overnight as I tried to decide if I needed to add some borders. LOL, you can see that I thought it needed them if only to carry the red color out to the edges and frame the quilt. I think that any bias pull was probably stabilized on the edges by the muslin backing but I think the next ones I do will be on old phone book pages. I am a foundation piecer from way back so pulling the paper doesn't bother me all that much. I do want to do some diamond shaped ones so have been saving my old used color catcher sheets to do some like Norma shows in her recent post.
Strings are the ultimate in stash busting, aren't they? I hope that the boy that gets this one will have fun picking out the dogs,cats, M & M, sport…