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checking in on a Tuesday

Pippi at the watering hole......silly girl has to hop up to drink but at least she is getting some exercise doing it. With her recent kidney filtration problem, I worry if she is NOT drinking but also if she is drinking TOO much as that would be a symptom of worsening lab values.

See that priority box right behind her? The patriotic fabric that awaits me and the row blocks I will be working on this week. Some of that box space is the top as it exists so far but I do have a nice stack of themed fabric there, thanks to my mom. Betsy had asked for "Patriotic/Stars" and RWB fabrics but golds and off white are okay. Turns out a blue I picked up at Walmart yesterday for binding on another quilt might also work too. I know which blocks I want to do especially since I confirmed that they don't have all be stars. Coincidentally, the Nancy J. Martin perpetual calendar that sits atop my computer monitor has some nice blocks that fit the theme right now---not saying that I am using …

not much happening

Sharing a picture that Roger took when my parents dropped me off at the pickup spot last Saturday. We are all so horrid about doing the "goodbye scene" at the car so it surprised us a bit to have Roger say "smile". Guess we managed though. (They brought me the print yesterday so I scanned it. I should see if I can get the negative or see if that was a digital pic to get a copy for my folks)

No piecing or quilting go on around here this week--only binding, if that counts. The week has been so chopped up that I haven't even set up either sewing machine. Monday was pretty well shot with running up and back to retrieve my Viking from the shop and some other round town errands. Tuesday, Pippi had to go in for lab work followup Two trips back and forth to the vets though for about 35 miles more on the car. Wednesday, my own doctor checkup took half of the blooming day---long enough for me to read about 180 pages in a Patterson book while I waited. Thursday, more erran…

vacation wrap up

It was good to get away to visit with my family in IL and good to get home. Normally if my husband goes with me, we have spend roughly two and half days traveling and two and half days actually there. If I fly in, then a week's stay. This time, I had the luxury of 10 days, thanks to my friend Marilyn and her husband Roger letting me share a ride as they were visiting family in NE Minnesota.

We got to our pickup destination about 9 p.m. on Wednesday 6/6. They stayed overnight at the hotel in LeRoy and my parents drove down from their Lexington home to get me. (My youngest brother and his family live in that small town right off I-74. ) Pictured is my youngest nephew Ted who was playing ball with his team Thursday evening. The winds were quite gusty but Ted made his pitching debut. Struck all three batters out in one inning--normally he catches. I have a couple of pictures of him pitching but had to take them through the fencing---almost got hit by a pop fly doing it, LOL.

Friday I t…

home again, home again..........

............jiggety jig.

Just got home last night at 8:30 pm--I'll post more later but understandably, have things to take care of here on the home front first. After being out of the loop for 10 days and sorta out of it the week preceeding that, there is probably no hope of catching up with y'all but I can read your most recent postings!

Happy Father's Day to all those special guys out there but to one in particular, I love you, Dad!


No, I'm not going to the beach but you get the idea. Still waiting for my ride to come but I'm all packed and ready to roll. See you on the 17th (though I may be back a few days earlier.)

Sunday check in

This is going to be a pictureless post, I'm afraid. I've been quilting on WTIL quilts since Wednesday after I got back from taking my Viking in for cleaning and adjustment. The Brother is quilting well--I didn't know how it would act with monofilament whereas I KNOW exactly how the Viking does. In fact, I like the fact that the Brother has a push button for raising the needle and a knee lift (when I remember to use them---old habits die hard!) as this makes it so much easier when pivoting and rearranging the quilt. Not crazy about the walking foot on this machine though. If they were ever to make a machine that had all the features and/or stitches we need wouldn't that be something??

So far I have three quilts quilted and most of a 4th. I can link you back to the pictures of the tops--three of them were donated by Nancy and one is the Building Blocks--got that one done on Weds. on the top that I did at the spring sew-in. I did the Spiky Star on Thursday, Boot Scoot Boog…