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quilts on the brain

I am having a hard time wanting to get going today--just piddle dinking around more or less. I DID do some drawing in EQ6 though. This new version seems to have a snap to grid type thing so placing the blocks using the custom set quilt settings is so much easier than in 5 and the copy/paste feature that was added after version 4 helps too.

SOOO what are you looking at? I believe I have figured out what I want to do with my Merkitties from Michael Miller challenge fabric shown HERE. I've been mulling this over for a week or so now--something that has a big enough square to feature the fabric but not something I have not necessarily made before. Only have a half yard to play around and I don't want a bunch of decapitated kitties.

When I came home from my quilt meeting yesterday afternoon, one of my birthday present books Trudie Hughes On Point had arrived. I was flipping through that and the other Trudie books in my collection last night as I was considering a couple of her patte…

Happy dancing and cutting up

Wahoo, as of 10 p.m. last night, I finished up the last of the 9 quilts in my stack. Very productive day yesterday as I bound three and quilted two. The first one was very easy, just channel quilting on some horizontal rows. The 2nd was a little more challenging as it had a bit of a wavy on one side, wider than I normally would use on my own border---so I marked and quilted a cable and dart design. I also realized that one edge had been shorted of fabric when it was pinned so I had to add a bit before I could bind it.

Aline had brought over some fabric late Thursday evening when I mentioned that I needed something "black" for the binding. She had 3 pieces that were "possibles" and told me to keep them--some her daughter who will be relocating from England back to the States by year's end had sent her to use. DJ took one look at "more fabric" and said if I keep it up, I'll have to move out some furniture, LOL. He might be right.

Pippi has grown att…

goofing off

A lazy day here so far but that's okay with me. I took today off from walking since I go 5 days out of 7 and slept in a whole whoppin' half an hour, LOL. Miss Pippi seemed to think I needed to be up. I've been goofing off weeding out my music files and ran a couple of errands. Also been shopping online a bit.

The Bama Belles gave me some spending money for my birthday with the instructions, more or less, to use for me rather than for the donation quilts. That sort of eliminated buying fabric---did enough of that lately anyway!--since I only buy stuff for me when I have a special project in mind---which I don't at this point. So I found some used books at a good price to add to my quilting reference library.

I have been busy quilting since last Friday afternoon and have 6 of the 9 quilts in my stack done. Not quite one a day--some span two days and one day I did two small ones. This is the only one that I can show you as the binding will need to be done before those are …
A little morning excitement around our little lane. It turns out the thunderstorm that blew through here Friday around supper time did a little damage we didn't know about. It got a little windy for awhile and over an inch of rain in a short time but who knew? Earlier in the day I had seen part of a dead tree at the park where I walk had been "decapitated" with lots of sticks laying in my pathway that I cleared off rather than trip over them. Another tree downed but not on the house or vehicles was noted on the drive home. Our across the lane neighbor had an outdoor tent blown over and some damage to his fence, how we haven't figured out.

Last evening the next door guy comes over and said he had called the cable company on Saturday. Cable guy told him that this was dangerous--his house might catch fire. This was Sunday evening. Did we have a number to call the power company and talk to a humanoid? DJ did and called it. A limb had broken but not completely loose on h…

box upon box upon box

Yesterday was a big mail delivery day around my house! I still had not found a home for the 30 some yards I had gotten at the quilt retreat and my sewing room was getting a little smaller around the periphery. (And it is only 10 x 10 to begin with).

The fabric you see in the foreground is some that a friend and fellow Wrap 'Em list mate had sent so I could make a choice for a challenge fabric for the Bama Belles this year. These are 8 yard cuts so I have enough for a couple years worth. A quilt shop in KY had donated yardage to her and she had some to share. This was the

one I picked for us to work with this year. Michael Miller "Merkitties" Actually it is a little brighter green but I was more concerned with getting the royal blue background adjusted in editing. Soft pinks and ivory colorations with that brights.

As if that were not enough, Kitty also sent that big Barnes and Noble box full of backing fabrics. Our postal person honks to let us know that there is a package…

meeting wrap up

We had kind of a lazy day on Tuesday when the quilt group met. No one really felt like sewing, pinning or much of anything. Mostly it has just been so darned hot down here that is saps any energy you might have had. I had spent three days sewing at the retreat so I mostly filed picture in the album, chatted and took it easy though I did pin one before I left for the day with Theramae's help.

Betsy had invited a fellow DAR member to the meeting so it was good to meet Linda C and help her with a half finished quilt her mother had left. Her mom's pencil sketch did not help but Theramae and I pointed out just where the blocks sat and she sat down to hand stitch one together to use for a guide.

The Square in a Square is Betsy's quilt from the 06 challenge---just in time for me to pass out the 07 stuff but hey, that's okay! Really it is just in time for me to take down to Talledega soon. Beverly helped out by finishing the binding.

The green and white top uses some spo…

retreat wrap up #1

What fun this past weekend and a great way to spend your birthday if you can! Good times, good company and good food since it was catered for us by Nessa who also owns the quilt shop and the space where we met. Since one of the reasons we were meeting was to do the reveal on our rows, I will show you those first.

This is mine---love those 30's repros---I made the spool row

This is Joy's sections---she did the grandmother's flower garden section and continues to work on a full sized version of it at the retreat. (I made the fan row) The last row is special as Mary Frances used some signature blocks the Belles had made some years back but added a strip on the top and bottom of the original rail fence section. Mary Frances has a friendship quilt that is also signed so she chose to donate these to Joy, our group's original leader.

Mary Frances with her house blocks--I did the 2nd row from the top--my blocks again to the left

Betsy with her Patriotic rows--the three to the ri…

retreat wrap up #2

Okay, a little commentary and some quilts in progress during the retreat. The Snail's Trail is being made by Helen, Joy's 19 year old granddaughter. Helen has been piecing since she was about 6 or 7 having learned her lessons well from her grandmommy. She loves to play with the arranging her blocks. The color is probably a little off but it is yellow and purple which just so happens to be her college colors though she has been working on this off and on for several years. When the picture was taken, she was half done with it.

The cat quilt is Debora's. She was working on getting the binding machine stitched down at this retreat having spent her sewing time in February working on the top. Vangie is a left helping to hold up the quilt. She also got another top bound--a vintage string quilt with tinkerbell fabric for the backing. Fun!

Mary Frances is hiding behind this star pattern. We found some lovely plum fabric that may be going with the top or perhaps for binding/backing. …

retreat #3

Kim working on her "Eureka" Quilt while Mary Frances stitches on her little featherweight. You can see what a neat space we were working in. There is room enough for 10 of us to be sewing. Nicd brick walls and hardwood flooring. They had 4 kitchen table set up and then a grouping of 3 molded tables in between. The dining room is upstairs in the same building and is also a neat spot with antiques, tin type ceilings.
Here is Vangie working on a chenille baby quilt. You can see a bit more of the room set up in
this shot. The cutting island is huge and is directly behind her with a pressing station to the left--there were two areas set up till the big board got sold to one of the girls who could only come for lunch. (Patti was hand piecing a double wedding ring while she visited.)

I apparently did not get a picture of Betsy's "Nantucket Sailboats" or her at the machine but you will when the quilt is finished. She was very close to done with it so we may pin it tomor…

Think I have it.....retreat bound

No sewing today---yet. I have been messing around in EQ to figure out a layout for the abandoned blocks quilt top. There are still blocks leftover so I know another one is on the horizon from the original pile that I had--more butterflies, Wyoming Stars and so forth. My mom is sending me a few more blocks in a box heading down this way soon. In the meantime, I can cut the checkboard stuff and start assembling this. Not sure about that band of sashed flying geese but it probably does add some horizontal interest--not necessarily in those colors either. What can you do that is 4 inches wide by 36 inches long?

The doorbell rang yesterday and our neighbor two houses down handed DJ a big sack of green beans and other with okra and cukes. I HAD to get the appliqued blocks for the "due soon row" stitched down so was not ready to deal with these goodies from the garden just then. I got done with my obligations in time to give DJ a haircut and then he helped me snap beans while I pr…

Ridin' the Rails and other stuff

I believe that I am about to "ride the rails" a bit though I did not officially sign up for the challenge Finn suggested. First, I didn't think I had enough blocks laying around here for inclusion in an abandoned block quilt. I had some appliqued butterfly blocks that the Belles had made, a nine patch basket block Theramae made, some oversized bowties from Beverly had done and some old BOM's of mine. Well, maybe I did after all.

I started pulling out block bits---some block components that were not stitched up leftover from previous quilts, a stack of peach colored HSTs from the snowball and Ohio Stars. I found a pile of odd sized big flying geese that needed to be used some way but the size discrepancy made the originally planned Cycloneblocks out. I also thought I could part with 4 log cabin blocks that were leftover from a quilt made for me in my old moderator days on a yahoo group---after all, I had the quilt and had not done anything with the blocks in about 8 ye…

Latest finish

My latest finish---Finn's and my blocks with the hand quilted Snowball alternate squares. After piddledinkin' on the computer with this and that the better part of the day, I finished up the last bit of binding. I interrupted DJ's watching some wretched Steven Seagal movie to hold this up--what the heck does he see in those films? There were pencil markings to wash out and it came out of the dryer beautifully---the quilting even more defined and full of cuddle factor with the soft peach backing fabric. I'm glad I re-pinned it. I am a little sad to be done with the hand quilting so will have to find another project to fill the desire to slow down and enjoy the process.

When I was putting the binding on the other day, I found out that I was about 8 inches short of having enough to make the angled join. I was NOT going to take all that off again but thought perhaps there was a bit of that Mumm floral in the scrap bags. Maybe not though as it had been used for backing, bow…