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Happy dancing! I am done with my part of the row robin and ready to mail as soon as the local post office opens today. As planned I finished piecing the three blocks that remained on Wednesday. Thursday, I concentrated on appliquing down the stems, leaves and the flower centers. I decided to buttonhole stitch around the flower centers with two strands of floss though as I thought it added a bit of texture to the Poinsettia centers.

I love the piece of pine needle fabric I found for the setting triangles. A few weeks ago Judy L mentioned an online shop that specialized in Christmas fabrics called the Christmas Cloth Store . Thanks, Judy! Because I was not sure that I had enough of what I thought I might use in my stash, I went over posthaste to check it out. The pattern showed a warm brown tone piece but I wasn't so crazy about that idea. I found some snowflake stuff that might work with my bluework snowmen blocks and this Maywood "Ho, Ho, Ho Pine Needles" in gold. It see…

Caught up----temporarily

When I last posted, I had just begun some machine quilting. I did 6 large block Rising Star on Thursday. The picture links are in my last post for all but the snuggle up so the links are for the online patterns.

Friday I started off with a Snuggle Up with 6 inch squares and double border that Marilyn had made and donated. I followed that one up with a 4 x 6 block set of Faux Log Cabin and finished off the evening by doing the horizontal and vertical lines on Boot Scootin' Boogie in the Warm Wishes.

Saturday, it was back to the center rails on the Warm Wishes and next up the Hidden Spools By mid afternoon it was onto the last one, Cross Roads to Jerico (see the link to Nancy's original top--I don't see a pattern online)--now that one was a bit labor intensive since I only do ditch work but it was worth the effort even if it took me longer to do it than the other two.

Sunday---bound, labeled and trimmed all 6 of them so the Belles will have plenty of binding to keep them busy a…

some progress 'round here

I'm making some progress around here on that Christmas row----and otherwise, LOL. Two of the blocks are complete except for the appliqued bits and the other three have all the components done. There they are stacked and pinned down to my flannel workboard.

This is often how I work---print out a mock up of the block for reference and keep it right where I can see it. If it is a quilt, then I print that out too especially if I need to know how much sashing to cut, etc. This time since I was foundation piecing I needed to watch the sectioning so I did a screen shot of the EQ page that shows that prior to printing. I had to be mindful that not all those tips were red and mark the foundation as such.

Yesterday I prepped all the leaves and the little gold circles that will form the center of the flowers. The bias strips for the stems I did while I was working on the first block. I MAY use that old Jinny Beyer border stripe between my rows depending on what my rows turn out to be. I have …

this and that on a Tuesday

We had had some glorious weather here in my part of NE central Alabama. A little cooler in the morning so I don't have to get up quite so early in the morning to try to beat the sun and the heat. Nice breeze blowing, sunshine and just the hint of fall in the air. I live for days like this! Pippi is seen enjoying some of that morning sun in the picture above. Afternoons, will find her in either of her perches on the opposite side of the house though I accidentally shut her in the bedroom closet yesterday. My friend Joy was coming by yesterday afternoon to pick up a few of the donation quilts to display at the Collinsville Quilt Walk next weekend so I had the door wide open while I picked out six of the quilts. Unbeknownst to me, she must have taken that opportunity to sneak in there. I thought she was hiding under the bed and didn't go looking for her for several hours. Of course, when I opened the closet door, she comes out nonchalantly with that "I meant to do it" a…

a shopping we will go........

I know this web ring is supposed to be about stashbusting....and I do my fair share of that. This post is more about stash-augmenting or plugging up some holes in the stash. Even the stashbuster yahoo group calls the B stuff as in batting, backing, borders, binding "legal" purchases in spite of their pledge to use and reduce.

A Time 2 Sew in Collinsville had their "yard" sale yesterday---in this case, literally a yard was on sale for $2.50. Normally the shop is closed on Thursday but they were hosting this special event at the same spot where I attended the quilt retreat last month. Actually most of the town shuts down on Thursday as well, a habit they formed back in WW II so people could work in their Victory Gardens. Joy said that the townspeople just got used to it and kept up the tradition 60 years later. Anyway, two of my quilt group and I drove up together while another friend who shares membership with another area quilt group rode up by an alternate route wi…
3:23 p.m.

Two posts in one day--and in between I DID get busy in straighten things up in here. The Christmas fabric is all in one spot and the bin is temporarily in the bedroom till I get my row done--after that, anyone's guess. (May have to attack one of my bedroom closets to make room.) The greens moved to the spot were some of the Christmas HAD been so that freed up those two baskets on the end top for something else--mainly those smaller white baskets---I was able to empty out three total.

One large grocery sack full will be donated to a local quilt group with little resources once I track down the contact number. There are even a couple of old quilt tops that they can have that I know I do not want to tackle so they can have them as long as they go to a charitable cause, I don't care nor would the peson who donated them.

Looking from the other angle on the 2nd shot. I got the project boxes moved down to the other end which I wanted to do for some time except for one that wi…

one of those days

It has been one of those days----not getting much done but not totally goofing off either though I did waste an hour playing La Belles Lucie with a Draw---I admit it. Mostly it seems like I have started a task but then it lead off in other tangents.

Right after I walked this morning, I had to go buy some packing tape and an ink cartridge to take care of some of the odds and ends the meeting yesterday. I hit Walmart at 7 a.m. so you would think I was thinking ahead and combining my trips---generally being organized. You would be wrong. I still had things to put away from the meeting and that led to a general desk clearing. Below is what it looked like in here when I got home yesterday so you can see why.

A document I was to email needed updating first--okay, hope she got it but will tell me if she can't open it. While I was it, I updated my notes about machine quilters in the area. Now that might be construed as thinking ahead a bit. When I meet with the lady next week to see what …

something fun

The quilt at left is a UFO that Nancy started and sent on to the quilt group. Theramae was up to the task of assembling the Double Irish Chain. I quilted it on Labor Day and finished the binding on Friday. It will be going out to Wrap The in Love Headquarters sometime next week with whatever quilts are turned in at the meeting. I love the little daisy print in the Puss in the Corner type squares. Too cute!

I'm almost done with all the binding lacking one short side and about 20 inches of a long side to go on the last one. I have stated before that it is NOT my favorite thing of the quilting process but in the interest of getting that box sent, I opted not to wait till month's end t0 let someone else in the group do it. Here is Pippi (below) "helping" me bind the abandoned block quilt and generally, settling in for the evening. Okay, cat, I can take a hint and quit for the night.

After spending three (or was it four?) days, working on binding the four quilts in my …

caught up--temporarily

I have been machine quilting since last Friday and finished up the 4th one in my stack this morning. I am caught up temporarily again till we pin some more next week. Really I am just trading one job for another as now I have binding to work on for a few days.

Notice anything wrong with this picture?? Yep, I was sewing on binding with the fold to the edge, not the two raw edges to the batting side. Thankfully, I noticed it when I got to the corner and attempted the miter and did not go clear around the quilt--more like 20 some inches worth of ripping. I know that this the first time in all my 20 years of quilting to pull that particular error.

The first one of the four I mentioned in my last post, the Joann's BOM quilt, (shown HERE) I was about to mark it for a wide crosshatching in the borders and will hand quilt in the plain squares, just for fun---LOL, in my spare time. The machine quilting was done by Saturday evening. Sunday I quilted up THIS one of Joy's (from Quiltmaker…
How did it get to be Labor Day weekend already? The year seems to be slipping by so quickly and here we are changing the calendar page again. It will be a quiet weekend around here---DJ and I aren't going to any cookouts or family gatherings. He'll play golf, I'll walk and work on whatever quilt is in the works---same as usual.

Here is one that I took the final binding stitch in Thursday evening and pressed Quilt Holder to work before he could plunk down in the recliner after lawn mowing duties. Nancy sent a half done top and a gob of blocks to Pam who just didn't have time to finish this one up so she passed it on to me and the Bama Belles. I've shown the top before (with the door behind him open and the sun shining through the top making the fabric glow like jewels ) but here it is all quilted up and bound. I have about 40 blocks leftover as I think Nancy intended to make a much larger top. I have decided to just make some of these 4.5 inch finished rail blocks a…