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Checking in on a Friday

Well, another week has just about come and gone. Next thing you know we will be changing the clocks back to standard time and it will be Thanksgiving here in the States and Christmas soon to follow and on to '08.

Finn asked in a recent post if we "loved the stitches" Oh, I do--whether I am machine quilting or hand quilting but I love hand quilting the best. Always have. I guess Ms. Pippi doesn't care one way or the other just as long as she can test out the quilts. I was nearing the finish of the quilt and she was bound and determined to get up on the quilt hoop---twice that evening, as a matter of fact. Finally I just gave up for the night and once she left, folded it up with the backing facing out and let her have it for her night time sleep spot. BIG mistake. For the first time in months she had pukers. Naturally it hit the quilt--"Murphy's Law". I removed the solid matter and rubbed a laundry stain product all over it. It was on the back of one of t…

lazy Sunday

Another day of not a lot going on---I guess with both of us "retired" and homebodies it just isn't going to be a thrill a minute in the first place. I shouldn't expect it to be otherwise, LOL. Our weather turned fall like again for a few days with mornings in the mid 40's and afternoons up to the mid 70's. Lovely weather really. They think we are in for some rain tomorrow though--cross your fingers that it materializes. This morning I was dressed in a sweatshirt and long pants trying to keep warm. Tomorrow morning, it is supposed to be in the 60's again at 6 a.m.--I'll be back in my summer walking outfit trying not to get overheated. Make up your mind--which season is it? *VBG*

Thursday I did go on the trip to the Collinsville (AL) quilt shop taking a couple of the Belles along with me as part of the carpool trip. Three other vehicles left from Calhoun County but we took a slightly different route up. By the time we arrived the others were already …

not much going on

Really not a whole lot happening here. I have been mainly hand quilting this past week. Here is what the quilt looks like so far BUT I am only doing the heart motifs in the alternating blocks by hand; the rest was quilted on the machine and I already did the binding once that crosshatching was done. Two more blocks to go but my arthritic-y wrists and my "poked too many times fingers " are begging me to set this aside for a few days. After I finished some of the accent lines on block number 5 a little bit ago, I listened. BUT as soon as this is done and its picture is taken, it can be delivered down to the Presbyterian Children's Home In Talledega along with 15 others that are piled up in the bedroom and closet. A little reduction in clutter would help.

Other than turning on the machine this morning to fix the worn out in seam on a pair of pants I wanted to wear, I have not had the sewing machine for a week or more. Now that is a slump. Here is what I intended to work on-…

still in a sewing slump

My sewing slump continues though I did piece one day this week on my ancient friendship star top once I decided to make it two blocks wider. That meant some redrawing in EQ since I am piecing in 6 inch stars in the sashing. Some of these blocks were signed and dated 99-00 so that gives you some idea just how old a UFO I've got here. BUT there are some that are even older.........all personal projects. Yeah, I seldom work on those so no wonder. I am ashamed to say how many hours I spent playing cards yesterday and today for that matter. Other than taking care of few things around the house I am just wasting time. Maybe that is only natural after keeping my nose to the grindstone for months but I need to find some direction or set some goals in order not feel like a "slug"

Since I have nothing completed to share with you, here are a couple of the finished up donation quilts instead. All the ones that I quilted in a big hurry last month coming back with the binding done. De…

no motivation

It is one of those week's where I am just not motivated to sew but I guess that is what happens when there is no deadline staring me in the face. I did stitch up a pile of Puss in the Corner blocks but it took me three days to get a simple strip pieced 35 blocks done. Not stitched together but the picture clipped to the basket is the EQ version of what it might look like when complete. The fabric was in a box of challenge scraps from Ellen which also included several pieces of yardage to make WTIL quilts--Michael Miller cats on scooters.

The turkey? Well, that is one that occured to me earlier in the week long AFTER I posted all the fall/Thankgiving quilt block ideas HERE. However, it is NOT one in the public domain but rather included in Country Threads Quilt Shop series copyright 1992 from Connie Tesene and Mary Tendall. I drew it up in EQ since it can be foundation pieced if I eliminated a few lines, should I decide to use it for the row quilt I will work on sometime in this ne…