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just puttering

Pippi is showing you her newest acquisition. I got her one of those cozy cat cushions that features a self-heating core and warms without electricity and FedEx delivered it on Saturday afternoon. I was thinking it might help those old kitty bones. She sits down so gingerly sometimes that I thought she must be a bit uncomfortable. Then the next minute she is hopping up on something high or running 90 mph down the hall, so who knows? She seems to like it--to the point that DJ asked me where I intended to sleep last night. (She did allow me to have half the bed and I pulled the quilt at the bottom of the bed up over me till she moved on a few hours later. )

Speaking of bones, I have got a case of the lazy bones today---no sewing or anything remotely sewing related for almost a week now. A little knitting, yes, but that is about it. Well, first it was because we expected company on Friday and Saturday. But I had another project that I'll tell you about in a second.

Actually the golfing …

meetings and homefront

My quilt group met yesterday but for a variety of reasons just three of us were there---the two newest members and me. The weather was awful--cold, raining/drizzling and gusty winds so I can't really blame anyone for staying home. A couple of the girls are having some health problems as well.

I pinned this little wallhanging after I pieced some old batting strips together. The pattern is from Joined At The Hip, one of their yard long designs. Something a little different for me--first, it is primitive and second, appliqued. Well, the easy way ( fused with steam a seam 2, windowed where possible and machine button holed. ) I thought it was a cute pattern. I have some of this type of fabric but probably not all the top would call for and ordered one of their kits . My sunflowers are a little bit lean-ier than theirs but hey, it is supposed not supposed to look perfect, right? They would have given us a paper sheet to help with the layout if placement were critical. Anyway, my waywar…

another Saturday check in

Well, here it is--another week has flown by and I have to wonder what I did all week, in retrospect. Early in the week I was finishing up my next row robin obligation--not due till the middle of February-- and got it out in the mail but can't show you that. I started on a Joined at the Hip pattern--one of those cute yard longs--but still need to do the borders so can't really share that yet either. All the machine embroidery is completed though/ Thursday was "lost day" as I was down in bed with a sick headache most of the day and yesterday I was knitting on my cardigan.

So what is a blogger to do? Well, Pippi was sitting up in an entirely new spot yesterday on DJ's bureau. I am used to her sitting on his desk looking out the window or his desk chair but up here made me do a double take and call him in to see. Later the goofy girl was up on the kitchen table sitting on the newspaper---now that is NOT allowed and she was promptly removed once she was spo…

Saturday check-in

Poor Pippi--her blanket got moved as I am doing some foundation piecing so she is reduced to sitting on the little bit of background fabric that I left on the cutting table. But her wool throw was replaced by bedtime, trust me! She had a hard afternoon yesterday---sitting in her perch minding her own business when whoosh, off to the vet's. Lab work results show that she is not losing any ground but the kidney tests are not improving much either which to be expected due to her diagnosis, I guess. Oh, goodie--some meds to try to see if her appetite will improve any but fortunately a liquid, not a pill. She was hanging around pretty close to me most of the day after our return home, like she was thankful she didn't have to stay at the animal hospital.

Norma sent me a link this morning which led to my discovering that today is Live Like a Cat Day. Wish I had known that before I spent a couple hours deep cleaning out both of my closets this morning. To think that I could have be…

this could be us

I love the "Pickles"comic strip and sometimes they remind me a lot of DJ and I. Though not really where our earthly remains will spend eternity, it could fit, LOL. That Earl!

this and that on a Sunday

This was a first---I don't think Pippi has ever tried to sit on TV before. The table itself , maybe. She likes to get up on the pressing/cutting table and then hop over to her window seat--that's a given. Lately though she thinks she can walk around the room without setting foot on the floor.

From the TV stand table she makes a jump over to my sewing table---parked on the braid strips I started--and then over to my desk which it to the right in the picture. What a silly goose!

I can't say that she has been a deterrent to sewing---I just didn't either find time enough to get started with the weird walking schedule I have had lately. Because it had been so, so cold with a frigid, bone chilling wind blowing and a high temps of 25 one day and barely into the 30's the next, I did go up and got a membership to use the indoor walking/running track at the community center in the town about 8 miles north of my home. DJ said to take his checkbook and pay for it--thanks for ma…

what you do on NYD, you will do all year long.....

Image, I was sewing and chatting with Cher and Norma yesterday having our own little online retreat . What we do on NYD we do all year, right? We girls kept checking in throughout the day motivating each other and cheering on progress--what fun! Trust me, I avoided doing a mending project and no ironing yesterday either when finger pressing worked fine for what I was doing. BUT I didn't warn DJ in time when he went after a cobweb he has spotted. If he wants to clean all year, I will let him! Bless him, he had vacuumed up the sewing room mess when I left to walk the day before.

The project I chose to sew on yesterday served two goals for 08--it was a donation quilt and it was something from my UFO hamper (my old clothes hamper and it is stuffed to the gills. Well, there it is at the foot of the table with Pippi's wool throw over the top of it ). One of the Belles had two strips of Pioneer Braid done but was not going to be able to complete the project due to an upcoming move…