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meeting wrap up

Busy weekend and busy week for me. Errands to run after being away and things to follow up on after the retreat. Tuesday was our regular meeting date for the Bama Belles so another day with a good chunk of it away from the house.

Theramae is still not feeling strong enough to be out after her recent hospitalization so I ran by her house on the way to pick up some things she had at home. One was this completed top from the fall sew-in. She and I were both stitching up these rail fence blocks and swapping them out for a good mix of color--our ongoing project.

Nancy finished up the Trip Around the World I had helped her cut out. She stitched that up pretty darned quick and had picked it up from the longarm quilter a few days ago and working on the binding. It is a gift for a friend so she was taking it over to the friend's home after the meeting. I tell you the girl is bit! Nancy and her MIL Beverly had worked for two days making another one for a nephew/cousin who is ill. I hear a pi…

Retreat wrap up

A week ago I was preparing to "roll on outta here" for the quilt retreat. I picked up Aline Thursday afternoon. It was pouring down rain, and would for a good bit of the weekend, but that didn't dampen our enthusiasm for the getaway. We were up in Collinsville (AL) in time to drop our luggage off at Joy's house and stake out our sewing spot for the weekend before dinner. The Georgia girls, Debora , Kim and Patti were already there along with Joy. We made two new friends from the Birmingham area , Jewell and Unav.

This is a great sewing space since the quilt shop is right next door if you need anything. Plenty of tables to sew on, huge cutting table and pressing station set up, lighting is good too. The GA girls stayed upstairs in the small apartment area rather than Joy's house this time. Didn't have too far to go to crash for the night. Seeing as they were are used to the EST time, that was good idea. They were up and sewing by the time we got uptown at 8 or…

ironing boards

Just a brief check in note for now. Libby wanted to see pictures of blogger's ironing boards in a recent post on her blog. Not sure if we are having an ugliest c0ntest or what!

Anyway, here are my three. I have a real standard ironing board but it is at our meeting place at the church and I visit it there, LOL. I keep the little board for when I am compelled to want to iron a shirt (rare, people) and need that pointy end. The board I covered with teflon cloth and batting is the main pressing board for quilting, of course. I had enough fabric left over to remove that awful, ugly stained cover from the larger of two June Taylor ironing pads. I use that one when I am foundation piecing and lay it across the waste basket top and move the whole thing over to the sewing table on the other side of the room. I think I must have tossed the smaller June Taylor thing---it needed it, badly and rivaled Libby's in the ugly department. It had gotten relegated to propping up the Je…

getting ready to roll

I'm getting ready to roll on out of here for the retreat tomorrow afternoon. A load of laundry is tumbling in the dryer. The wardrobe selections have been narrowed down--some lighter clothes if the room is too hot and sweaters if it is not. The suitcase is on the bed ready to be packed. Pippi is not sure that she likes THAT idea since it is encroaching on HER space. The car trunk is emptied of non-essentials since I need to make room for Aline's luggage and sewing things too.

My sewing projects that I would like to work on are all set and packed up as of yesterday afternoon incorporating something old and something new. Do-able in that time that I have to work:
Bargello--WIP 4 patch posie--UFO Christmas Patience Corner--PIM We had thunderstorms and tornadic activity here in Alabama on Sunday and I had intended to get some bargello sewing done. Instead I had to bail from the computer and sewing machine for a good chunk of the afternoon. To make good use of the time, I cut bargell…

stitching away

I've been stitching away on heart blocks for the past three days. I am calling myself done for now except for a little embellishment on one of the kitty heart blocks. There are others that the Bama Belles will be turning in to add to the quilt top.

Three of the blocks are free patterns from the Ula Lenz site--double hearts, inverse heart at the bottom of the picture and the corded heart in the middle row, right. The ruffled heart block was in Sew Precise 1-2 software but I also found a version of it on AZ Patch, actually I think several of those ARE also in the same software. The block on upper right is Friendship Heart from Piece by Number.

I got the bright idea to take the cutaways from the blocks and make a crumb pieced heart though I am not sure that I like the resultant piece. I don't have to include it in the quilt top if there are extras. Sarah did a lot of crazy patching for fillers around donation blocks. She, like Theramae, hated to see us throw anything out and would…

meeting day production

The quilt group met today as planned. We were still missing a few of our folks---one out of town, another in the hospital, another is moving to Georgia soon. Some have other home and family obligations. The 8 of us that were there had a couple machines set up as well as the pinning table. Aline had sent a couple tops with me so those got pinned after I prepped a back for one of them. Pat F. had a tractor quilt to pin for her baby grandson while Linda C. had a zigzag strippie top that I will quilt up and a personal project for a family member gift. Fun quilts that I will share with you in the future, I am sure. I came home with more stuff than I took--typical, LOL.

Pictured at left is Beverly's completed challenge quilt. I think that this is "Strip Twist"? Something like that anyway. She had used Kairle's strip quilt tutorial after I spotted it and sent the link to our private yahoo group. Always fun to see the girls try something I think that they may want to try. Th…

Monday, Monday.............

That goofy cat---still seems enamored with sitting on top of the TV set though that seems to be an evening thing. She even slept up there for several hours the other night. I figured she might as well be comfortable and folded up her thermal pad to put atop the flat part of the set and away from the vents. Good move till she wanted to get down. The whole thing including cat slipped to the bag of fabric below. Of course, she walked away from the spill like she intended that to be her exit though far from graceful. Pictured here, she was keeping me company while I stitched and watched an episode of "Without a Trace" I had on the DVR.

When I changed the bed linens for our guests, I also switched out the bed covers to rotate things around. Now the goofy cat will not have anything to do with her thermal pad. LOL, "give them the books and they eat the covers". Instead, she seems to have fallen in love with this particular spot on the bed. No laying at the foot of the …

checking in

Checking in now that things have settled down at my house. Our guests left yesterday morning, early, on their way up to NC to visit their son. A little excitement was had on Wednesday morning. DJ and I were just getting up when the tornado warning sirens went off as well as our indoor warning device. That thing is enough to wake the dead and only sounds for a chemical emergency at the incinerator and tornadoes. Or so I thought--- I think Phyllis must have sleeping very soundly at that point as it didn't even rouse her. By 11 the weather system had completely moved out and they were all able to head over to the golf course. I stayed home to walk and tend a pile of Home Extension paperwork that needed to be done prior to a meeting with the "prez" yesterday. We went out to Lonestar Steakhouse for supper but I had made Shipwreck Casserole earlier in the day in case anyone was around to eat it. It turned out that I dined alone for lunch but Herb and Phyllis had a bit w…

bargello bowling--standstill

Norma posted on her blog about our sewing together on Sunday. I got a bit of a jumpstart on Saturday joining some strips but she soon caught up and surpassed me. Time out for groceries and cake making will do that. And guess what? My husband thought we should eat, LOL.

This is how things looked by yesterday morning. 1st strata completed and 2/3rd of the 2nd one joined. I sewed for about an hour but then needed to go walk, run a quick errand for something I was to bring to the funeral luncheon, shower and get ready to roll on outta here. Another of our quilt group is currently hospitalized and I stopped to see here briefly since it was on the way to the visitation.

Next thing I knew, it was 3:30 and I was just getting home. My husband greeted me with the news that the house guests we expected this afternoon would be here in about 2 1/2 hours. Thank heavens the house only needed some touchup work---mostly vacuuming though I did have to change the bed linens and clean the bathroom too. H…
Look what popped open yesterday? DJ called me outside to take a peek at the crocuses that he said appeared overnight and in spite of a heavy frost and 26 degrees when we got up. I don't care what Punxsutawney Phil said or didn't say (we have the "Birmingham Bill" counterpart--spring is right around the corner here.

I have gotten a little of my scrappy bargello top together---one of the stratas using 30 strips cut 3 inches for me. I just did the sub-cuts and will start joining them when I get back from walking. You may remember that nicely stacked pile of strips from my last post? Well, they don't look like that now!

The quilt group received some bad news Friday evening. Long time readers will remember me talking about Sarah, our oldest Bama Belle. Her daughter Jane is a member of the group as well and they did about everything together. Sarah had been ill and hospitalized for about a month and succumbed to that illness. Just too much for her body to take and conti…

BargelloBowl 08 and so forth

I don't really mind watching football when a team that I follow is playing . Around here all that we seem to see during the regular season is the Green Bay Packers and whoever they might be playing. I tell you, that does not sit well with THIS Chicago Bears fan, needless to say, LOL. Does Fox think that this is the new version of "America's Team" or something or signed a big multi-year contract to televise their games??
Anyway, making a scrappy bargello quilt sounds like fun and it is a pattern I have considered trying from time to time. I'm in! Thanks to Jane, we participants have this cool graphic to use. I had considered doing this with Christmas fabrics similiar to one shown in Bonnie's gallery pages at the end of the pattern instructions. I love that zigzag effect across the whole quilt. Ultimately I decided since I already have a Christmas log cabin quilt made and pinned plus I am planning a Patience Corner in Christmas colors like Finn and Norma's…