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I had intended to write about my day out with the girls on Friday and mention my computer went south the very same day. Lost some files but hey, I lost something far more precious to me yesterday.

It is with great sorrow that I tell you that my Pippi passed away last evening. My frequent readers know how many pictures I have posted of her over the 2 years I have been blogging and how often I talk about her. Heck, she shared billing with the quilts, after all. I assume that this from was the culmination of her kidney insufficiency and heart problems. That is the nurse in me wondering concerned about the cause and effect, I guess. She was first diagnosed in June of 07 so DJ and I both feel blessed that she was with us for a bit longer. The last week or so it was obvious that things were worsening and no treatment was going to be of help this time around. She reminded me of the same things a geriatric human would experience, really.

So bear with me as I write a tribute to a wonderful kitt…

ready for a quilt show?

Are you ready for a mini quilt show? Here are a few of the quilts that have been turned in with my thanks to the Belles for the binding help.

1st up, "Bricks" pieced by Aline and quilted by me. Cool crane fabric used as the focus fabric. This one may be staying locally--not sure yet.

Next up, "Just Can't Cut It"--pieced by my mom Elsie H and quilted by me. This one is going to Pam and the M2Mproject.

The next one you have seen a little bit of already if you have read my previous posts. The cow blocks are like a modified "Bright Hopes" block with a few nine patches thrown in. Not knowing what to do to fill the snowball shape, I quilted the word "moo" in that spot. Top pieced by Elsie and I already said I quilted it, LOL. Headed to M2M.

Next one, Mom called "Leftovers". Some of that same cow print made its way into the modified churn dash blocks (actual name is Crow's Nest or Attic Window Brackman #1647--I just looked in BlockBase) w…

some production and some stashbusting

Hope everyone had a happy and safe Easter weekend. Quiet day here; in fact, DJ had told me a few days prior that I didn't have to cook a traditional Easter meal for us so we had some freezer leftovers with a couple additional sides to round out the meal. Okay by me!

I have gotten some sewing done over the past few days though. Shown at left is what I have been calling the "World's Ugliest Quilt" or WUQ for short. It salvaged what was supposed to have been a Pioneer Braid strippie along with the yellow I had cut for sashing and top/bottom border sections. I had enough for 12 blocks with 4 sections when I whacked them up. I guess it is no more or no less attractive than any other crumb or string type quilt. But I think that they will be ice skating in August if I ever try making either form of this quilt again, LOL. I had enough fabric leftover from my scrappy bargello backing to use it for the backing fabric on this top as well as the binding. Slightly different green…
Happy Easter--almost! Spring just sprung but you would not exactly know that from our thermometer this morning. DJ planned to play golf but was discouraged by frost. He DID go about 2 hours later than he wanted as it was warming up quickly. This afternoon, he is out painting on the shed. So far it looks like we have yet another green toned paint that doesn't quite match. We'll see after the 2nd coat is put on over that primer but it looks like three shades of green on there now, this last bit looks a bit olive.

Me? Goofing off, I'm afraid. Chatting with a couple of friends, surfing a bit. A continuation of yesterday's goofing off actually. I've been reading a bit lately, did some stitching on the bluework snowmen. No sewing unless you count finishing up the binding on my Merkitty challenge quilt. That only took the better part of the 3 days--ugh. BUT I finally got around to all the blogs I subscribe to even if I didn't comment on everyone's--some were too fa…

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Got your green on? I do and it is hard to miss green shamrock socks, LOL. Around our house it is also known as the anniversary of our first kiss. 30 years ago today DJ kissed me in the parking lot of Long John Silvers in Bloomington, IL. We were not even dating at that point but my boyfriend at the time had transferred to a job in Pittsburg, PA. I was wearing a "Kiss Me, I'm Irish" pin and not only did DJ collect but so did the co-worker he was having lunch with. We were not total strangers at the point, I might add--he was a friend who later got promoted to No. 1 sweetie when that long distant romance ended.

I have been a quiting maniac the last two and half weeks trying like anything to get all the donation quilts done and be caught up for a change. At left, you see most of the quilts I quilted spread out at our meeting place. 11 in the shot but I have done 4 more since that time.

The Belles and I had a binding party last Tuesday. Linda C, Aline and Jane all took some o…


"Tada" is a word the FABS have been using a lot today as each one of us finished up the body of our Convergence Quilts. As you can see I did not waste too much time putting to use the mostly Moda Blackbird "Water's Edge" I got at the ATL area shop hop last Saturday (previous post for picture). What is on the shelves behind the wallhanging is making it bow out a bit---flat, it doesn't look so warped, LOL. Color is way off but the lights are soft yellow so maybe not as off as I think

Pam and I got started just slightly ahead ofNorma since we were all up by 8 CST and chomping at the bit. Cher came along a bit later so we were all at slightly different stages in the making of the top. We kept in touch by IM and photos of our progression so it was fun to sew together across the miles and cheer each other on plus "ohh and ahh" over the different color combinations we used. All so different!

I will use the other fats I got for outer borders and a piece of …

shop hoppin'

I don't know just where the day has gone but it is almost time for supper! How did that happen? I don't have to cook since we have leftovers available and will be going out for lunch tomorrow--cook's night off, I guess. I suppose I'll just keep goofing off--maybe do a few rows on my sweater or the November snowman block.

I had been on a tear with quilting some of the tops for Mexico--4 quilts done in 4 days time-- and intended to continue on that pace this weekend as well. Well, not completely done--the binding volunteers will finish up. My part is done though. BUT my pal Judy unexpectedly stopped by Friday afternoon to drop off a book for me and issued an invitation to go the Atlanta (GA) area shop hop with her on Saturday. I took me about 2 seconds to say "YES" and work out the logistics. DJ and I had tickets to the Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast Saturday morning so could we leave after that? Sure! Turns out Judy had just told her husband to go to the same breakf…