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quilt meetings and home front

Here is a quilt that was turned in at our meeting On Tuesday-- Theramae's Merkitty challenge quilt. She has been having some health problems this year, in and out of the hospital and such, so this was the first time she could in months. We had offered to come by and pick her up if she felt up to it and take her home when she was ready a time or two but she was not ready to take us up on it. (Her home helper brought her by and Jane and Aline took her home after going out for a sandwich at Quizno's. Most of us had brought our lunch so didn't go)

We had a few to pin, chatting to do, suggestions about quilt patterns for one of the girls. I did a bit of work on one of my bluework snowmen blocks since I didn't want to haul my machine. Really if I am going to be truthful, I am in the "not wanting to piece or quilt doldrums" again, I'm afraid.

Now mind you, I don't necessarily think that is a BAD thing. It helps to recharge the batteries to step back a bit but…

flickr upload if interested

If anyone is interested, I loaded all the pics from Quilts in the Park onto a flickr set that can be found HERE

Also I never did get around to posting any of the pics from the Geraldine (AL) Homemaker's group quilt show on my blog--that was the weekend that Pippi died and my computer crashed. Understandable, I would think. Anyway I also loaded that batch on flickr in their own set HERE if you care to take a look.

Get real bored and you can look at all the past donation quilts and such, LOL. If I can figure out how to load that mosiac thing on my sidebar, I might give that a go.


I have two pictures that I had intended to add to my last post concerning our trip to Cave Spring this past Saturday and Skyler's "Kitty Shower". Also I have a response to a comment that was left.

This was one of the quilts we saw in the bedturning presentation. The blocks were made by our group founder's mother. Joy, the daughter, hand quilted it. They look larger in the picture than they actually were from this angle---maybe 12 inch finished or smaller when viewed in person. One of my group was very interested in learning how to string piece so this one really "wowed" her when she saw it. She had me take a picture of a simple string/half square triangle block earlier.

And, here is Skyler worn out from playing with some of his new cat toys from the "Kitty Shower." I put quite a few of them away for now--sensory overload!! He knows right where I keep them though and meows like crazy when I open the drawer of the buffet. That, and tries to climb …

field trips and good friends

7 of the girls in my quilt group and I went on our field trip today to Cave Spring, GA. I am not sure just how far that is from us but it took just a little over an hour on divided highway and/or two lane road. Just far enough away to know you had gone somewhere but not far enough to get butt weary from the trip.

It had rained during the night last night but it was a Chamber of Commerce gorgeous day today. I took the picture at left through the window of the historic Rolater Park (built in 1851) looking outside at this gorgeous pink dogwood through the stained glass windows.

I am showing you a few pictures of the church interior. The lady in the turqouise shirt is my friend Debora who organized the quilt show. The cat quilt up on the Balcony edge is my "Kitty City" quilt from a few years back. The quilt on the left side of the doorway is the raffle quilt for the quilt guild in Carterville, GA. Also you see an overview of the quilts that were on display. One in the middle of …

quilt pics and check in

What is wrong with this picture? The cat is in the recliner, sitting on DJ's neck pillow while DJ is on the loveseat spot. To be honest, during TV viewing time DJ alternates between the two spots so he left the spot open. Skyler was getting down from there when he spotted me with camera in hand though. Ohhh, the answer to how long it would take him to get up on the top of the kitchen cabinets and the kitchen passthrough way high?? 11 days. He did it at least 6 times yesterday. Again, he got down when he sees me so no picture.

Slight detour with the 9PP top business this past Saturday but I am pleased with how the top worked out. I still need to get some backing pulled and pieced as I made wider borders than the book suggested so it finished at 48 wide. Fun, fun day with the FABS though I am convinced that I am the pokiest sewer around, LOL. I finished up with the borders about 13 hours later than I had started sewing. You don't suppose that all the chatting I was doing in betwe…

9PP sewing date

Ready to rock and roll here in the central time zone. We had tornado warnings and thunderstorms again yesterday afternoon so I didn't get to sew my strip sets together till after supper. (I got my friend's king sized quilt cut out for her prior to that--cutting time only because I kept track because she was paying me to do it 2.9 hours)

I just took a picture of the short strips I will need to get the nine patches out. You only get 16-2.5 cuts across the width of the goods and I needed 18.

One of our few rules: sew the strip sets together ahead of the sewing date but wait till this morning to do the subcuts.

I'm ready to "rock and roll" on these nine patches. Design "wall" is up. My EQ sketch is up to follow--that helps me get the colors I will be using in mind rather than what is shown in the book pattern. Don't have to keep wondering which I substituted for the red she shows this way.

Found out last night that Cher has and is using the same green print…

9PP, part two

Here is the layout---much, much brighter in person. I am not happy with my sewing on the green and moda marble sections though. Old eyes on those strips? Several threads off on the nesting thing and I can do so much better than that. How can the simplest things become more complicated than they need to be?

BUT as Pam often says, IIWII--it is what it is--and it will probably quilt out or another way of looking at it, how can see it in all this mish mash of color??

Look who decided to try to help me sew this morning? I did a whole top the other day and he didn't bother me once but this morning his curioity got the better of him. He was biting at the thread and getting a paw a little too close to the needle. I know he has been unthreading the cone thread because I caught him biting at it and don't leave that temptation but this was a new trick.

From there he decided to be a little more docile and climb aboard DJ's lap. The book just got put aside while he made himself comfortab…

9PP completed

The finished product---the colors are not quite right but the bulbs in the living room tend to make everything look more yellow than it is but no matter. The flimsy is done and a day's goal accomplished. Plus it is just plain fun to sew with your friends online like this. Stop by their place to see how differently the tops turned out--links up in the first post of the day.

break time

It has been a busy day today already. I decided that it is about time to get on the summer walking schedule and set the alarm to get up about an hour earlier than I normally do though it is supposed to call off this weekend with the possibility of stormy weather again tomorrow. I am consistently going 3.08 or 3.3 miles usually 5-6 days a week. It takes me an hour to walk and about 10 minutes of driving there and back.
In spite of getting up early I barely had time to get showered and dressed again in time for a hair cut appointment. I had a grocery stop on the way home and once returned made a no-bake pumpkin pie to go with the turkey breast I was putting in the crockpot for tonight's supper. By the time I heated and ate lunch plus cleaned up the kitchen, the day was half over. DJ will be parked in the chair sometime this afternoon for me to cut HIS hair but I have other things to do in the meantime. I warned him against asking me to do this right when I need to be back in the kit…

checking in

Today was my quilt meeting day and while I have some "quilt show" pictures to share, I will do that in my next post. Linda C also had a couple of personal quilts recently picked from the longarmer that are quite pretty too. Okay, enough of a teaser to lure you back to visit, LOL.

DJ was deep into watching the Men's NCAA game between Kansas and Memphis last night. No way was I going to go in there and ask him to hold up a quilt top!! I waited to take it this morning when I could hang it up at the meeting place. This is my "Pippi Garden" quilt that will be going to Pam's Mission to Mexico or a she calls it, M2M. It is a free pattern on the Benartex site HERE and real name is "Rose Garden". Pop on over to her place to see the top she had made in honor of my kitty. It is an easy, peasy pattern but I think I will adjust it so the center is a rectangle, maybe 12 x 18 next time.

This was a stash quilt. The cat fabric if I remember correctly was given to m…

this one is better

I am going to change my profile picture to show the newbie kitty--need the url for google. I'll also tweak the name of blog to indicate the changing of the "guard" SOOOOOO here is a much better picture of Skyler---yep, that name is it. I like it, DJ likes it so Skyler it is. Think I'll ever get used to saying him, he or kitty BOY instead of her, she or kitty GIRL??

I have cut out a quilt top to make a memorial quilt for Pippi from a stash cat fabric and some donation fabric that I newly acquired. Pam wanted to do this for her and donate the quilt for her quilts for Mexico. She emailed the other day with a link for the pattern she chose to use--her top is done or near done. Isn't that a sweet thing to do? I'm using the same pattern and will sew a bit after supper. I want to see how the Viking is doing for piecing. BTW, my diagnosis was correct--I needed a new bobbin case in addition to the normal clean out and maintenance.
K. best decide what we are ha…

thank you all

I would like to thank you all for expressions of sympathy at the loss of my precious Pippi. So many of you have been in my shoes and know what a loss of a furry family member can be. It has been a long week though I have tried to keep busy---mostly by getting my new computer back up to speed but also getting ready for the floor installers. Here is a view of the completed kitchen though we still need to move back one bookcase that goes near the windows. Tomorrow, the boss man says.

The floor was down by the time a friend and I returned from picking up my sewing machine yesterday. (3 hours, there and back). Nancy had a quilt to drop up with the long armer on the way up. I got my name in line right behind her for the t-shirt quilt that STILL is not completed. No way have I felt like sewing this past week. DJ had to paint the trim board this morning before we could move the furniture back in but he had that done by the time I got back from my hour's walking.

I got all the cat paraphelia…