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A sort of tutorial for a tshirt quilt--EDITED

I should be sewing on that tshirt quilt left you see what I have to work with minus the first vertical row. I switched some blocks around after I took the picture though. Later I drew it all up in the computer-- and even that got revised. Actually I do have the 1st vertical row completed as of this writing and 60% of the 2nd row is done--does that count, LOL?

The woman who commissioned it is a Jacksonville State University (AL) graduate. I think she said she worked in the athletic department while in school so there are no sorority shirts but a lot of sports programs at JSU are represented. She wanted that black and white gingham but I didn't think I could use it for plain sashing with cornerstones and have it look even. I suggested this "Picture Frame" set and have used it before for other tops. It does look striking with all the red in the shirts and the white that will go between the blocks to sort of float them.

ED. NOTE: A lack of a clear design h…

this and that

Boy, if that isn't the truth! I do love the"Pickles" comic strip! We do tend to spoil our furry babies. And just like a child, they would rather play with things that are not necessarily YOUR idea of a toy. This morning, Skyler was treating a rolled up, smelly walking sock that I had just removed like it was his prized toy mouse.

And speaking of mice, here we are on mouse patrol yesterday morning. He loves it when I have to get the yardstick out to try to find the ones that he has shoved under the couch and loveseat. Or the kitchen bookcase for that matter, LOL. The yardstick becomes the toy in that case. He is fun to watch!
Last week was not a good week for sewing or for walking. Two meetings and Saturday was also booked up. I went over to Trussville to the quilt shop with some quilting friends. The others were going for their monthly Block of Month pickup and I had a gift certificate to spend. There was a space in the van so I went along.
I ended up getting a book entit…

meeting wrap up

The Belles met on Tuesday and here are a couple of the lovely finished quilts we saw. Aline had completed her Janet Jones Worley quilt from I believe, "Quilts for Chocolate Lovers "or another of her books. I think this is one called "Red Velvet Cake" Aline duplicated similar fabrics. This was from a workshop that was given at the Jacksonville (AL) guild and Lois has a top made but in lovely teals. Beading, applique and all sorts of pretty things!

Lois had completed this quilt for donation. I call this one "Whatever" because I know of 4 ways to piece it and came up with my own variation concerning those HSTs at the top so in that case, who do you credit?? Lois has made several of these--another is in progress. Somehow those scraps just keep reproducing! I love the wavy quilting lines that she used for this as well as the fun fabric she used for the borders and backing. I had a suggestion for another pattern that she might want to explore---not sure what it …

Monday check-in

I am in a bit of a holding pattern with Sarah's Memorial Heart quilt. For those of you who don't know what the heck I am talking about, Sarah was a member of my local quilt group and passed away in February. Her daughter Jane is also a member of our group and a few others in the area--you rarely saw one without the other. We make a heart memorial quilt in red and white using a heart blockpattern from WWQP when someone passes away, a family member of the group or unfortunately, a member of the group. Actually there is a prepared top in the closet already but we decided to change things up a bit.

Sarah liked pink fabric so we went with that. I told the group to make any sized heart block that they wanted and suggested a white backgroud so it would float the designs. I was just flying by the seat of my pants on this one as it is hard to draw something like this up on the computer software when you don't know what size the finished top will be at the start. Once I knew that cen…


A little sewing going on around here in recent days. I mentioned that a friend had donated some blocks but I needed to make 7 more to complete the top. She had more muslin bases cut out but I cut those up for the sashing on the block bases.

I only used some of my cut strips and about 20 inches off my muslin bolt for this top but I did use donation fabric for the cornerstones, backing and binding. Does that count, LOL? I am not formally keeping a tally of the stash in/stash out though I know some are.

Yesterday I started assembly on Sarah's memorial heart quilt. I have been thinking about how I was going to assemble the block that the Bama Belles donated for this project for a bit now and ultimately, just dove in. Many of the blocks were 6 inches in size so I ended up doing like a medallion type center. I only needed to make one more block that size and did that this afternoon. I have 12 more blocks to add into the scheme of things but I'll mull that over tomorrow. …

check in time

The picture shows Skyler taking his morning nap. He is quite long when he stretches out like this but a bit of a couch (and bed) hog. We have some cardinals nesting in the front bushes and had some rain this morning so the birds are out in full force this afternoon. He seems to enjoy watching them, chittering and chattering back at them. I guess he was worn out from all that "hunting" when I took his picture.

It has been a pretty quiet week. A little of this and that--DJ had a birthday earlier in the week so I had a cake to bake. I tried two new recipes for both the white cake with chocolate icing he requested though. The cake was perhaps a little more successful than the frosting. The directions were vague so I am not at all sure that I beat it as long as I was supposed to or that the cocoa and milk mixture got hot enough to dissolve the granulated sugar---it remained a bit gritty. We celebrated by lunch out and I fixed steak and the usual sides for our supper. The weath…