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Another quilt addition

My pal Nancy stopped by a bit ago with some of the quilts that she volunteered to bind. This is one that I know you have not seen. Grandma's Scrap Bag --a pattern from Miss Rosie's Quilt Company. Pieced by my mom and quilted by me. I don't know that you can see the wavy line that I quilted across the pieced bands leading away from the little square in a square blocks or not but trust me, it is there, LOL.

The quilt will be going to Pam's M2M project along with 10 others that she pieced and I quilted. (One has already been mailed) Mom also has two completed quilts that she will be sending back with me to mail out with the rest. I was asked in chat last night how many were going. I know that I have two of my own making out for binding that will be added to the 3 or 4 that Pat has offered to quilt. A few that the Belles have made may be going too.
There are a couple of "hafta" projects (round robins) on the horizon when I get back from my trip and also a …

401st post

I didn't notice that my last post was my 400th until I went to post this one. That is a lot of gabbing, LOL. When you consider that I "lost" my first 6 weeks of blog notes, there would be even more out there.

I just finished up my super secret FAB challenge yesterday afternoon and will mail the output of that on to the name that was pulled for me tomorrow. As soon as all 5 of the FABS have received their packages, we will assemble in chat and open them all at the same time--just like Christmas! Chances are, pictures will be posted on our blogs shortly after that, LOL.

No pics of that but I was invited to ride along with my friend Jane and her husband Hugh and our mutual friend Aline to the Alabama Quilt Symposium on Friday. The event started on Thursday and ran through Saturday in Cullman which is about a hour and half drive away from here. They have had this for several years but this was my first opportunity to go. I am sometimes on vacation when the show is on and would…

different sort of day

My quilt group met yesterday and it proved to be a different sort of day. It turned out fine but plans were changed from what I originally thought it might be. Roll with the punches.

I have the key to the Fellowship Hall and am the group leader so I always get there ahead of anyone else. First thing that I saw when I arrived was a "NO PARKING" sign? HMMM, that was a little odd, I thought, are they repaving the lot or something? I unloaded my stuff from the car, hauled in my cart but the lights were on and the door, unlocked. OH, OH. The lady in charge must have seen the perplexed look on my face---they were all set up for the ARC summer camp and what's more they will be there all through the rest of June and most of July. Obviously I did not "get the memo."

We expect that we will get bumped if the church has a function going on . No one from the church called and when the secretary saw me, she knew what I was thinking. I would have made other ar…

another week has flown by

Where is time going? Another week has just zipped by while I wasn't looking. All too soon it will be the first official day of summer and 2008, half over. Here in Alabama it is hot, hot, hot even if the calendar says it is spring yet. We hit the mid 90's with heat indexes of low 100's and who knows just what the humidity/dew points are. I have been getting up at 5 in the morning to try to get my walking in between 6-7 but my resolve to do so is getting weaker when I am sweating like a pig and have a harder time breathing in the oppressive air. Oh well--we are all in this together.

So what have I been doing? Quilting, in a word. My Pippi Memorial quilt shown HERE, my mom's Grandma's Scrap Bag and my version of a "Mary Quick Strippie" shown HERE. Picture of the Grandma's Scrap bag when it is finished though I probably won't show the other two since they didn't change a whole lot after quiltinf them. I sucked it up and did some free motion on the …

Monday, Monday

So far this has been a fairly uneventful day that followed a basically lazy Sunday. No sewing or hand work but I did consider it however briefly. Pam and Norma are issuing a challenge to we 5 FAB members and the result is a pass along gift to a fellow FAB. After a run through my pattern files yesterday, I totally know what I am doing on this super secret project. SSSSSSSH

I took the picture of the tshirt quilt before I had added the top and bottom borders. I sewed the side ones on as part of the row itself which made that far easier but needed the master bedroom floor to deal with the rest. I was done with the top by Wednesday afternoon. The backing fabric arrived on Friday so a quick pre-wash, ironing and piecing job happened. Now to deliver it to the long arm quilter.

There is a new quilt shop that opened near the longarmer's place in Boaz (AL). We met them at the Geraldine Quilt show in late March but one of the partners was the guest speaker at the quilt guild in Jacksonville …