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Challenge reveal, trips here and there

A little over a month ago I was working on a secret FAB challenge that I could not show you. We knew that all the packages had arrived at their destinations and made arrangements to be on messenger last night at an arrived upon time with present and cameras in hand. So now we can share with bloggerland what we have been up to. I tell you, the hardest part for me was not sharing pictures with the non-receipients ahead of time!!

You see, Pamand Norma picked out a piece of running eights at Joann's went they met up earlier this summer for challenge purposes. Shortly thereafter Pam mailed out a section to Cher, Pat and I after names were pulled of who we sent a surprise to. Not only did we need to use a bit of all the fabrics in the half yard--each shade of purple--but were to make something that can be used. No quilts but wallhangings or table mats were okay.

Above you see what Pat made for me--isnt't it the coolest thing? She made her own gift tags and had the pieces wrapped up so…

Sunday check in

It has been awhile since I posted again. Duh, that's obvious to anyone who regularly reads my journal. I CAN believe that 12 days have passed so I won't fall back on that old statement but what the heck did I do with the days since the 1st of July? HMMMMM

I finished a top secret project two days ago---a Christmas row that I can't show you till next month. Originally I planned on doing poinsettias for it but the quilt has become just one giant mass of red. An alternate plan came out of the nowhere and I went with that. It took a day of preparation counting the design time in EQ and then piecing for about 4 days time. The joining was a bit of a challenge but I was done with it on Friday evening (the 11th)

I am behind on working on these robins . Some of that is my fault, some was not. I finally had to give up the pretense of getting one of them moved along. That one's theme, Jailhouse Rock and any ideas I have involve (ugh!) appliqué. Not feeling it—sorry! BUT much to my d…

what's gone on this past week

Boy, this should teach me not to take so long to post. 3rd post in one day. Then I promise I will hush up, LOL.

As always when you return from a trip there are things to take care of on the home front--unpacking, laundry, grocery shopping, errands and so forth. It was no exception at our house. I had books to list and fabric to put away on top of that. More on the fabric later.

I had done most of the binding of this donation quilt in the car when I wasn't taking my turn driving. I have shown it some time back as a top but now it is quilted. I call it Pippi Memorial Garden to honor my kitty girl but the real name was Rose Garden or some such thing. I am just being too lazy to go link to the past post or the pattern site if it even said it on the pdf file. I took the last stitch on it Sunday evening.

Here is Skyler giving the quilt one last love. Somehow I feel like Pippi would be proud of him since she was a champion quilt tester. This was the last one to go in the box as it was head…

Tuesday meeting wrap up 7/24

I just barely got home from our trip and the Bama Belles met the next day. I mentioned in an early post that we had gotten bumped from our meeting site at the church with no warning from the staff. Judy offered her space for the next meeting time we met. So you will see a little different background on the pictures and quilts wearing tennis shoes, LOL.

Judy's has a wonderful pinning area that her husband rigged up from a large door. I was a little late getting there but this time I didn't have to be the door keeper. The girls were pinning a top of Lois' when arrived so I didnt get a picture of that one. But here is Beverly with a patriotic themed one that she made for a young family member. If I remember correctly, one or more of the parents were in the military??

Linda C had just complete this wallhanging top. Not sure about the pattern source but she has taken quite a few classes at the local quilt shop in Oxford so it might be from there.

This top was designed by the staf…

vacation wrapup

I have been back from my trip to visit with family in Illinois for week now and up there for one day shy of a week so it has been a bit since I posted. But, no matter---I'm doing it now, LOL. It was good to get away but we are happy to be home.

DJ put me on the plane out of Atlanta on Tuesday and I arrived at the Central Illinois Regional Airport right at the stroke of 1056 a.m. Funny thing is, the flight time is equal to the drive time to Hartsfield Airport so DJ got home about the same time I landed in Bloomington-Normal.

I arrived up at my folks with this view in the family room. The bins were piled up since they normally sit under my mom's cutting/pinning table. She had already told me she needed my help in pinning the 15 tops she had been piecing over the last couple months. BUT a local gentleman had called them to come out to get some fabric that had belonged to his wife who had been admitted to a care facility with Alzheimers. He wanted it to be used for Mom's donati…