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a little progress

Awwwww! Guess who I saw on the way into the kitchen a few minutes ago. He posed for a few more pictures but this was interrupted by a bath and a lot of rolling around on the chair to sun that belly fur. Gotta love it!

Baby steps, I grant you but here is some UFO progress from yesterday's sewing session. I bet that piece of redwork has been clipped to the shelving unit for at least 4 years? Long enough to become part of the rooom landscape anyway. The pattern is from APQ Dec. 99 but I did the embroidery way after the fact. My guess is that the Convergence top that needs some borders will take its place.

After nearly driving myself around the bend the night before printing out foundations for those pieced HST's in EQ, something clicked. I was finally able to print the pieced triangles I was looking for rather than skewed squares in two different sizes. I was trying to follow the directions in one of the EQ supplemental books for printing templates on quarter squ…

WIP Wednesday

Pat always writes up a "work in progress" post and I'm decided to follow her example. Maybe if I make myself more accountable for what I am working on I might see some progress towards completion? I like having different options of what to do, depending on my mood that day. That is okay but then it takes longer to get anything done. LOL, guess you can't have it both ways.

Today I washed and ironed some more Williams Inn yardage for my Be Attitudes mini-quilts. The Bama Belles were so generous at Christmas time that they have a good stake in this quilt. I also cut out the WTIL challenge quilt top using a pattern from Quick Cozy Couch Quilts specifically Quilt #2(Christmas gift from DJ). I drew it up in EQ because I wanted to substitute 2 1/2 strips for the 3 1/2 inch ones the author used and resize the quilt for Wrap 'Em needs. I have my calculations scribbled all over the margins of the printout for how many strip sets (strips) to cut and will file …


I have a couple of reasons to celebrate!  First, today is my 10th anniversary.  DJ picked up these lovely tulips for me on Saturday.  Second, I have a couple of finishes to report.
The FAB “Summer in Winter” challenge was completed on Thursday and set on its merry way to Norma.  I also finished the binding on a bonus project on Friday but I can’t show that to you yet.  Yeah, another secret.

Next up in my sewing/creative schedule was the “Be Warm” Be-attitudes mini quilt.  I fused the motifs, machine buttonhole appliqued around them and machine quilted it. The directions call for just “birthing” the mini quilts but I have never been pleased with the results when I have tried that.  It was my choice to do the more conventional binding even if it meant more hand finishing.  UGH!

I had forgotten that some hand embroidery for snowflakes was needed along with some bead embellishments so I have some threads showing on the back that could not be hidden.   Oh well!  IIWII.  I’ll read a littl…

Quilty content?

Not much sewing going on around here though I did make this base for the “Be Warm” block and rough cut the pieces for the snowman applique for the Nancy Halvorsen designed Be Attitudes mini quilt.  Notice how I left them in a safe place? 

I also whipped up a “Twin Sisters” block from Eleanor Burns’ Quilting Through the Seasons mostly because I was curious what sized block you would get if you used 3 1/2 inch strips instead of the 2 1/2 directed in the book---answer?  8 inch finished.  The little 5 1/2 inchers are cute, I must say and the two blocks at a time is nice but sometimes so are fewer blocks!

I finished up the quilting on my FAB challenge on Monday, the binding has all been applied by machine.  While watching the inauguration events I got started on the hand finishing part.  I would estimate that I am a third of the way done and inching closer to mailing these up to Norma.  Other than that, I went through both the 2 inch and 1.5 inch strip boxes and straightened those out wh…

Enough with the cleaning!

At last I can close the closet door and even store the sewing tables if I had to!

I started work on the closet straightening almost first thing yesterday morning. It looked far worse before I took this picture. I had already emptied out all the project boxes etc that sit above this drawer unit and the stencils and bags off the door. Skyler could not keep from taking a peek at the one spot he cannot get into. It was that packed in there! The shot I tried to take with him sitting in an emptied out drawer apparently did not turn out :-{ or I would show you that one instead. Still, this shows a bit of the “before” clutter in there.

As you can see, the space is compromised a bit because it shares room with the furnace air return. The other part is the door situation—small door that doesn’t allow an easy reach to the contents in the back. All 4 closets are like that. There would be little wall space if they had done bi-fold doors though. You deal with what you have, right?

Some fabr…

Serial reorganization

Help!  Stop me before I clean again, LOL.  No, seriously I am inches away from diving into the sewing room closet to clean, purge, straighten.  Normally I would not consider that a BAD thing but I should be staying on track with that FAB challenge. 

It started with taking the thread racks down.  (See the last post)  I decided that I wanted to keep most of thread on the shelving units but that meant disposing of a bunch of my old APQ magazines.  After all, they were taking up about 12 to 16 inches of shelf space.  For years, I would not tear into these but it was time to take out the articles that I had some interest in ever making or wanted for inspiration of a set or use of color.  You get the idea.  I got all that condensed down into a 3 inch 3-ring binder in sheet protectors.

Obviously I have done that a time or two before when you look at all those notebooks.  Computer printouts and commercially purchased patterns are filed in there too.  I moved things around so I could most of…

Kits, bins and UFOs

First the “Kit” LOL. By the time I had errands run yesterday DJ had the laundry done. We have a deal-- if he is going to do it, I don’t want him hanging or folding my stuff as he does just the opposite of how I handle it. Normally it is draped on the kitchen chair but look who found the pile when I moved it to the bed. Something about the smell of clean clothes is like a kitty magnet, I guess, because these were by no means warm at the time.

I am half done with the hand stitching on my FAB challenge but haven’t touched it yet today as I have been straightening up a bit in the sewing/computer room and doing some re-organization. I decided to take my thread down off the racks as I am tired of having to unwind the first pass off it to get the dust/lint off of it. (The stuff at the store is not much better in the department, I found out. ) I ran out to a discount store near here to get some containers for that purpose plus a few project boxes. Now I have an idea of how many more …

Saturday doings

I continue to work on my FAB challenge but the machine appliquing is all complete. I’m working on some hand embellishments today—the embroidery is probably my favorite part and I wish I had had the time to hand applique this project. My machine work is okay but I really don’t care what kind of fusible you use, you still get fuzzies on the edge of fused applique. Or I don’t sew right at the edge of it and then have to try to do a fill line which doesn’t always work either. The parts I turned and basted looks so much better. SIGH. Still, applique used to be something I avoided like the plague so I guess that there is some improvement in this area over the last two years, LOL.

This brings me to my plan for a Personal Quilting Challenge which was something the FABS were discussing in online chat last weekend. Pat spoke about this in her recent post but basically we each were picking some area where we felt we needed a creative push, more practice or stretch of our skills. Sometime…

one more time

I do not know what happened to that picture of Skyler yesterday.  I have tried doing it nine different ways from Sunday by now.

The oddest thing is that IS there when I first post it.  Then it seems to disappear  leaving only the dreaded red X in its wake.  What’s more, Firefox does not even show the red X but IE does. 

Meanwhile I am probably just filling that Picassa web album with all kinds of shots of the same picture though I did not look yet to verify that.  Color me clueless at this point.  What in the heck am I doing wrong here?  Is this going to last forever?  It is not showing up on anyone else’s computer either.   I tried to edit the post---browse button is grayed out but it acts like it is loading (click done shows up)---no url code appears.

Thinking that perhaps the picture was too large I resized it---after all, I am using a new digital camera though I normally don’t play with any buttons on it.  So, I’ll try this one more time………………….

try this again---midweek post

After two days of rain, the sun is finally out though some dark clouds persist. Parts of the state did have flooding, flash flooding and tornado warnings yesterday so it could have been much worse. Some wind damage down along the I-20 corridor in the south end of the county, the paper said. Boy, is the wind whipping around out there today! I know it is nature’s way of drying things up but it is howling. I don’t remember it ever being this windy even when we had the effects of Hurricane Katrina this far north. If I were Skyler, I would be hiding under the bed or something by now.

The picture was taken through his cube as we were playing this morning. (ed note: I just plain cannot get this picture to load!! Grrrrrr and what's more I am giving up trying--maybe later then) Sometimes we put his warming mat up against it to make a longer tunnel and he shoots through there and back at about 90 miles an hour. Usually there is a mouse or too in the cube or near it. There is a pocket on t…

Lazy Sunday afternoon

I have been working on my super secret FAB challenge project off and on most of the week, prepping applique mostly.  The best part of the sewing weekend was that I was chatting with most of the FABS as I worked.  It is a bit like having your own cyber retreat but we were all working on our own projects and yakking in between.  By last evening, I had finished basting my sectioning down to the base.

Before I called it quits for the night I wound the appropriate colored bobbins.  Since two of the small spools had already been used on previous project, I was almost out of thread by the time I wound the bobbin.  I know from a Wal-mart run yesterday that I am not apt to find what I need in the fabric department as their thread case is about half the size it used to be----very little selection there.  If I have to use something else, I would rather know it at the beginning and make the switch.  I’ll hit the two spots locally that MAY have what I need tomorrow when the shops are all open.  Th…