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I got nuthin'...........

Well, it has been one of those weeks where little is getting done here creatively. No finishes of any kind but then I didn't really expect to have any either. Do you count the following as creative or just part of the process?
made and applied a pompom to that golf head cover when DH said he might play golf today
wove in the ends on 5 dishcloths that I had knitcrocheted another dishcloth just for something different----I don't think I had crocheted any actual objects since the granny squares in the 70's! Had to google how to do a Half double crochet stitch, LOL. I am knitting one more to use up the yarn but I pretty well set for dishcloths right now
cut out the strip sets for my Twisted Sisters class this coming Saturday
applied the inner muslin border to my Cheese and Crackers top at our quilt meeting on Tuesday. I said I was not going to leave till I get that done. I was the first one there and the last to leave, LOL.stapled the loose protective covering on the botto…

all in a day's "work"

The FABs virtual sew-in started around 10 CST at my house with time out for meals, meal prep and gabbing with whoever was in IM a the time. What fun!

I am done sewing for the day and my back, shoulders and knees will thank me to get my butt out of this chair! The pieced border/inner border is planned for tomorrow and Monday but I am getting closer to a flimsy. The lighting is not the best but look who had to test it out with some rolling around and marking it, kitty style.

Hot Iron Cover Tutorial

For several months now a couple of the Belles have been coveting the hot iron covers that we have on the irons at our meeting place. The ones we have and that I have at home were made by June Tailor products and called “Iron Cozy”. I know I purchased all of these at Hancock’s several years ago. We keep looking online and in the fabric stores but to no avail.

I found a pattern online from from Kay's Quilts recently. Pretty cool pattern as it is given for the standard size and for a travel iron size. Might make a good secret pal gift, door prize. I thought I would make one for my Black and Decker Classic iron as it is shorter than the standard size. Mom has the pattern too so we have been comparing notes a bit the past few days.

The more I studied the pattern and with talking with Mom, the more I didn’t want to do it her way. Isn’t that always the way? Look at a pattern and immediately start thinking of ways to change it? LOL I don’t think hers was lined with fabric and …

50 blocks

The little king of all he surveys---pausing between birdwatching and puff ball chasing.

I finished up the 50 blocks that I need for Cheese and Crackers last evening after supper. Woo-hoo! Easy chain piecing--just keep feeding them in one right after the other. I had to a bit of color switching around at the end to try to keep 4 different colors in the blocks but that was easily accomplished.

I had thought about starting on the pieced border today and letting the top assembly wait till the virtual retreat on Saturday when the other FABs can join in. We are possibly in for some storms today so I don 't know that I will sew today. Not knowing when it might blow in, I unplugged the sewing machine when I quit for the night. It might be a better plan to pick up the sewing room a bit.

I'm thinking about redwork Santa stitching today. Maybe shop the stash for the "Twisted Sister" class later in the month? I'll find something to do, no worries there!


Boy, the weeks seem to be flying by! Middle of February already. Hope you all had a lovely Valentine's Day.

Pictured is Skyler seeing if the "kitty eating machine" is going to stay where it belongs before venturing from the safety of the sewing room. That, and he thought we should head to the kitchen for some reason. I was getting plenty of meowing just before the vacuum came out. I had just finished cleaning off the air exchange grate with q-tips and made a mess of the carpet which DJ took care of since I had done the hard part of the job. Of course, Skyler thought q-tips were toys-- like pencils, LOL. I am sure to find one under the kitchen bookcase along with his puff balls. He loses stuff and I retrieve it--the never ending game we play.

So what have I been up to? Some of the FABs were doing the Cheese and Crackersquilt. The "plan" was to start cutting this weekend and depending on how far we got, start on the strips sets shooting for a virtual…

this and that

Though I doubt that winter is done with us yet, I always think of daffodils of being a sign of spring. Milder temps overall with a little rain here and there.

Some health concerns and a toe injury put a kibosh on my walking this past fall. I had been very dedicated about my walking program and was routinely walking 3 miles 5-6 days out of the week. I feel like a slug when I didn't get out there but when you are not feeling quite up to snuff it is easy to blow it off. The weather turns cold and it is even easier to want to stay in your jammies and robe and forget about going outside. All excuses, that didn't stop me in the past. Then too, I had promised DJ that I would not drive if I was not feeling well and had to take medication for it. BUT that situation seems to be mostly behind me so I figured it was time to start back again. Wednesday I found out just how out of shape I had become. I did 6 laps or about 1.7 miles and my back and knees were begging me sit …


TADA--- a finish!

Here is the little quilt that has been keeping me out of mischief the past couple days! Sunday I cut and fused. I think I got the top wing set a little differently because my V is a bit higher than they show in the book. It doesn't bother me though---just sayin'. Yesterday, it was buttonhole applique followed by machine quilting. The machine was NOT happy by the time I got to SID around the letters. I cleaned and changed the needle and all that after I finished but I have a feeling it about ready for a trip for servicing. I use this one hard---and frequently. The Belles met today and I took the last stitch in the binding within a half hour of departure time.

Nice day today--we didn't get bogged down with pinning the greater part of the meeting. We had plenty of book, magazine looking and chatting.

This is one quilt that was turned into today, a heart memorial quilt for our friend Sarah. Actually the top is one that was made by Theramae who pa…

Sunday, its a fun day

………… beautiful US 30 drag strip. LOL an old radio ad slogan from my teen years in IL. Imagine the reverb.
But seriously what a gorgeous weekend we are having. What a blessing it is after the dreariness of winter days. It is downright balmy out as the warm weather pushes up from the Gulf instead of that Alberta Clipper and overnight temps in the teens a few days ago. We seem to have quite a bunch of crocuses up after a few appeared far, far too early last month. This is the time we expect them. The daffodils along the fence will be open soon as well. DJ made sure to point me to them when I was grilling up some brats for lunch. The camellia, as we feared, got zapped with the extreme cold with blackened blooms scattered on the ground.

Look who was surveying the scene as I was taking the flower pictures? Skyler loves it when the front door can be opened or even better, the windows. Currently he is up in the sewing room perch facing the front yard watching for birds and an…

Quilts Hiding The Scrap Bags

Yesterday after spending some time on my February Santa block, I could not decide what to work on after that. I just have a bit more to do with the heavier perle cotton and it will be done. Golf head cover is about done too but I would rather knit during TV viewing time so that would be a good project for tonight.
I ended up pulling a couple of projects out of the UFO hamper but nothing really excited me---too much cutting to be done, not thrilled about making pinwheels right now, don’t feel like doing HST’s either and other various excuses. How about those string blocks that Theramae had left behind? She had 31 made up so I would only need to make 4 more plus the sashing sections for a donation quilt. Ahhh, strings are just the ticket when you want to do some mindless sewing.
I got a good start on the top in the afternoon and evening. I always treat the sashing as part of the blocks as it is easier for me to NOT attach a long skinny string of sewn sections to a row of blocks. …

Tuesday check-in

Last time I posted I was all excited about working on my Rosy Red St. Nicholas redwork piece. I had foundation pieced the borders and was all set to try the mitered seam to join them. It worked so well (NOT!) that I threw in the towel after I had three borders on. I ended up taking the seam ripper to the borders and removing them. There was no way that it was ever going to lay down flat. I folded up the whole deal and decided that I would work it into my re-designed Oxmoor House Christmas quilt. I tried and will try mitering again but much later down the line. After that humbling experience, I opted for making the donation quilt shown below. It was next on my list anyway but how easy was it to just make a bunch of strip sets when you think you can’t do anything right? The pattern is from Quick Cozy Couch Quilts by Sandy Thompson, specifically her quilt number 2 from that book. (I ordered mine from Connecting Threads). Because we shoot for about a 40 x 60 quilt for WTIL I …