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Let the dancing begin!

Color me happy today! I was preparing our lunch when Janet, our postal person, honked to let me know that she had a package for one of us. I am expecting a small fabric order but imagine my surprise when it was my Superbowl 08 bargello quilt that Norma just finished quilting 10 days ago! I know it went in the mail on the 21st but she told me to expect 12 business days. It is here---already! I had to restrain myself from ripping into the package till I finished fixing lunch and dishes were put up.

I trimmed off a good bit of the extra batting and backing as I intend to sleep under this tonight even if the binding is NOT on yet. Norma did a wonderful job of it and took some photos of the closeup quilting--allover Baptist fans in a nice green that goes well with the borders and backing---two different shades of green there.

Well, you can see the borders better in the picture below. Thank you so, so much, Norma. You know I will always think of you and the two of us sewing over th…

WIP Wednesday

I can tell that this is going to be one of those weeks where I am not going to have a lot to show for my efforts, LOL.

I just started another Birdbrain Designs Santa last night and didn't get very far with it. I will pick it up when I need a sit down job today. Ordinarily any piecing or quilting takes place in the afternoons so it is nice to have something to grab for handwork in the morning hours. Even a couple inches at a time will add up.

Monday I whacked the 20 t-shirts apart for the commissioned t-shirt quilt. I cut out the interfacing while I was at it so I'll work on the fusing and secondary cutting after lunch. The sashing fabrics and black for the shadows are all wash and pressed. I expect the background fabric to arrive in a day or two. This project is started but won't look like anything till some sewing can really commence. Some drawing in EQ will be needed as well.

Yesterday was the quilt meeting but I was "it" till about the time I was ready to …

Move It Forward weekend

Hope you got to do something quilt-y this weekend.

Norma and I are always bouncing ideas off each other and tracking down websites and blogs that have quilts that we would like to try or that might be suitable for donation quilts. In some ways, that is bad because we have more ideas than time but mostly, that is great! We get an idea percolating and we are off and running. Perhaps in a slightly different tangent than originally planned, but we go with it.

To that end, we issued a "Move It Forward" challenge to whomever of the FABS was available for this Saturday. Could be an old UFO or just something you were dragging your feet about sewing, binding, quilting--whatever you needed a push to get going on. I chose my 4 patch stacked posie which has been antiquing for at least a year. I could go back through the blog entries but I would guess early 08 anyway. The picture above shows where I left off----the BEFORE shot. That stinkin' narrow border (cut 1 inch wide) …

National Quilting Day

I guess that this is considered the official National Quilting Day but I believe we quilters here in the U.S. celebrate it with sewing events at various weekends throughout the month. Normally I would be hard at work on some donation quilts here at home but I spent all week quilting my way through the "stack". I showed you two of the ones I did for pay in my post earlier in the week. I also did 5 donation quilts done since then. That just one leaves one that I will set aside for now. Of course, I will add 2 more to it when we pin my Twisted Sister tops. I have something else to do today'this weekend but will get to that in a minute.

DJ said it looks like we had a rabbit invasion around here. LOL, it kind of does! I have not put out the Easter decorations in several years so it is fun to see these again. Since I won't take pics of the donation quilts till the bindings are completed, this is what you get for post pictures---past crafts and such. Even the &quo…

Happy St. Pat's

I woke up a bit ago to a quiet house and Skyler curled up beside me. DJ planned on heading out for 9 holes of golf so must have gone? Stayed in bed another 20 minutes enjoying it till I remembered it was St. Pat's and that corned beef needed to get in the crockpot! I had fixed the green dessert stuff yesterday morning when I made a seafood pasta salad for our Monday evening meal. Just in case I pulled on some green socks for the trip to the kitchen just so I wouldn't get pinched should he be reading quietly in the kitchen. Oh so cute with the pj's and bed head, LOL. It turns out that Skyler and I DID have the house to ourselves for a little while. (He's birdwatching in the sewing room perch and I'm posting, still in my jammies)

I got both Twisted Sister donation tops done this weekend. The blocks are arranged slightly differently on both and the reds are slightly different too should they be going to the same location in the future. Since all but one …

hip to be square--EDITED

Yeah, I'm back---and posting two days in a row

I thought I was finished with enough blocks for two donation quilts but turns out I need four more blocks. I miscounted when I didn't have enough fabric for 4 wedges from three different fabrics, I guess. No problem--I tried to use two shades of the same basic color for the wedge color and could use a stronger purple toned one to balance things out. Not like I don't have any fabric to pull from.

First though---these things are not square. I am not entirely sure how that happened other than you are dealing with a good bit of bias on the wedge even though she tell you to stitch from the straight of grain side. That should have controlled the bias part. I was careful in my pressing on the seams as well so I didn't yank the heck out of the block there.

Did I miscut? Our teachers had told us to cut the background color 5 1/2 inches wide rather than the 5 1/4 because they had found on their pressing that the strip was cons…

WIP Thursday

My quilt group met on Tuesday and I was able to spread out my recently completed Cheese and Cracker flimsy and get a better picture of it. Well, better is debatable. I had to stand up on one of the chairs and I still managed to nip off a corner of it.

It was fun to see that two other pals were working with 30's repros as well---or about to. Nancy had a pattern called "Blooming Bowties" designed by Sherri K. Falls from This and That Patterns that is scrappy bowties with some fun applique applied on completion. It is one purported to work well with layer cake cuts and fat quarters for the fabric collectors out there. Linda C was working on Oopsie Daisydesigned by Darlene Zimmerman. I believe an order has been placed for more of those Mama Cottons 2 from Connecting Threads--or about to be. You think it might be the pastel, fun colors that is appealing to us since spring is coming?

Linda C came back to my house after the meeting so I could help her with bias s…

Monday check-in

Skyler hiding up in the baskets but guess what? I know you are there, LOL. Too bad I didn't get the camera fast enough when he was wriggling to get up in that tight spot. (Pam, recognize that Hunter Star foundation stuff?)

It has been a kind of lazy day today. Just one errand to run after lunch. Marilyn came by with a couple of small quilts that I had agreed to quilt for her. A couple of phone calls from friends. The Belles decided to have a potluck lunch tomorrow so I made my dish for that plus threw something in the crock for supper so dinner prep will be a snap.

I had been working on my stack of Twisted Sisters blocks and have two wedges on a pile of close to 50 blocks. I only completed one when I took the workshop shown HERE. The background are all the same as are the bright orange centers. Gonna make two happy, happy quilts for donation. Well, you catch a glimpse of it in the picture to the right, below, as well. I packed up the blocks, machine, sewing materials…

let the dancing begin

Today's goal was to get the top and bottom pieced borders on Cheese and Crackers. Just finished though the whole thing could use a good press.

I found that I had to trim a 1/2 inch off the inner border all around as my pieced side bands measured a full inch differently on the quilt. Once I did that, I was able to get the side bands done and applied yesterday

Time to vacuum up my mess-----

Tuesday rolls around again

My latest finish is shown at left. After taking time out for the TwSis class on Saturday and finishing up all the needed wedge and additional strip cutting on Sunday, I got back to the machine applique I had left to do.

I tried a different colored thread this time for the button hole work--"milk chocolate" Essentials cotton. I really like the color for the body of the work since the fabric has a greenish-brownish undertone. Not so sure about using it on the letters since it is a much darker fabric involved there. It looks almost gray there but the shade may be more ""forgiving" than the black? Less contrast for an errant stitch to show up around those letters perhaps. I might try matching the color on next month's mini-quilt.

Some hand work was needed to embroider the ant's legs but it did not take long to get the machine quilting done. After piddling around the better part of the afternoon yesterday doing everything BUT being creative, I did t…

0900 snow shot

about 90 mins after I took the snow pic in the last post from about the same angle

Maybe we will get what is predicted at this rate?

this and that

One of my friend's (Marilyn) had invited several of the girls from my quilt group to her home yesterday for a Twisted Sisters class. Her husband was out of town at a hunt club with their son so it was the perfect time for a bunch of us to come over and sew. Several people from her church came as well but they had not done quilt piecing before. Marilyn with Ada helping her worked more one on one with them through the process---how to cut, make a strip set and then proceed with the block.

She ordered the books and templates for us and there was some question about them coming in time for the class as things were in a reprint/revision mode. Had I had mine in hand prior to class time I probably gotten more than this one lonely block done, LOL.

You are instructed to cut the strip sets in 4 1/2 inch chunks but that seems to be an extra step in the process when you can line up the marked line on the seam and cut on all four sides. One of the girls was using WOF and found that she cou…