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vacation's over--time to report in

I'm back! We left a day later than originally planned but I got a ride up to central IL a week ago Thursday with my friend Marilyn and her husband Roger. They have family in NE, MO, IA and MN and are so kind to let me tag along.

One of my brothers lives in a small town just to the west of Bloomington-Normal and about a mile off the interstate. I called ahead to tell my folks to meet me at Phil's about 8 since they had a short drive ahead of them. The plan was to just knock of the door and have the kids answer it saying "Aunt Linda's here!" since they didn't know I was coming. That kinda backfired, LOL. It looked like no one was home. We all were out on the curb chatting and saying our goodbye's when my brother came out to see who's car and truck were out front. My SIL and oldest nephew were at event in Bloomington while the other nephew and the two nieces were over at a neighbor's home.

WOOHOO! Since Mom and I are Cardinal fans, he had…

lazy day

Skyler is shown chasing a puff ball under the Twisted Sister top I quilted yesterday---this one is mine and I'll drag it along in the car next week to bind. Actually my donation quilt stack which one had 6 or 7 piled up in it is now down to one. I did three tops for Linda C over a two day span but had no binding for any of them so she is getting them back to take care of that part of the job.

It has been a rather lazy day here so far. I walked this morning and did a load of wash since I will be packing for my trip soon. I also drove into town to drop some books off at the library and over to our meeting place to drop off the risers, pins, clamps and batting. I chatted with any of the FABS that were available this morning. DJ and I went out to lunch (all I have to do is suggest grilled cheese sandwiches as our only lunch option. I love them more than him obviously, LOL). Other than going on a treasure hunt for a pattern I had misplaced and playing on the computer I am NOT g…

WIP Weds and other stuff

There was not a huge amount of productivity going on around here this last week. I quilted 3 of Marilyn's small baby type quilts all in one afternoon. ( Just easy straight line, stitch in the ditch mostly and only one for me to put binding on. ) The following day I quilted one of my Twisted Sister donation tops. I started another top the day after that but barely got half of the blocks locked in when I decided I would rather be reading. I didn't get busy on anything remotely quilty till the weekend. Oh well--- a break never hurt anyone if your heart was not in it.

The "Be Patient" block was my Wednesday WIP until just before lunch. I had done the fusing on Saturday, the applique on Sunday and quilted it Monday. I worked on the binding at the quilt meeting yesterday, finished it this morning and then added all the buttons in order to hang it, a little crookedly if not shoved a bit to the left. DJ insisted on helping me "right" it. I am really e…

this and that

I don't know how well this picture turned out but there were three birds out there that Skyler was trying to charm, one a cardinal and a pair of two others that I can't identify. I think there is a nest in the nearby holly bushes but haven't spotted it yet. They are squawky things with a fairly long beak and they torment him a goodly part of the day. It does not seem to bother the birds that I am in here with the TV or book on tape on either.

Norma was off on Friday so we had a sort of spontaneous "Move It Forward" thing going on. My "Two of a Kind" had been going slowly for a good part of the week but I have it up to the 11 of 21 row mark or the upper right corner is the actually corner top of the quilt's width at this point. I think we nudged Pat to get the borders applied on her Magic Trip Around the World though she was headed there anyway! See her blog for the finished top and a few posts back as to what makes this a magic method--prett…