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One of THOSE days

Skyler laying on the clean towels---you may not be able to see just how downhill his head is laying but I don't know that he is in any better shape than I am today.

If one more thing goes wrong, I believe I should take my husband's suggestion and just go back to bed. I stayed up too late reading a short book I had gotten from the library so I was sound asleep when the alarm went off at 5. Normally I wake a bit before the alarm would go off or Skyler sees to it that I do. At first I couldn't figure out what that noise was but since I want to beat the heat and bright sun beating down while I walk, I got up and got going. So far, so good. I even remembered to run DJ's mail to the post office and the water bill to the drop box. Usually he has to ask me more than once as I walk right past them on the way out the door---I didn't write those checks out after all.
First thing that happened? My ear buds kept breaking in and out on the mp3 player. It had done it befo…


I finished up the 2nd of the Snuggle Up tops today so shanghai'd DJ after he got off his exercise bike for quilt holder duties. You may think you are seeing double and you sort of are, LOL. They are different but subtly so. I think that these would work for either a boy or a girl.

If you read my last post you know about the over calculation I had done on the 1st top. By the time I decided to do another with the extra strips I had cut, I was out of a few of the fabrics.
2nd one

1st one
I was able to squeeze out just enough fabric for the narrow flap and binding for both quilts from the same yardage----woohoo! The only thing that remains is to cut some fabric for backing and then we can pin these at the next meeting. These are such a snap to quilt up too which makes them even better for pro bono tops using as many colors as you want or as few.
So what is next? I was talking to Pat this afternoon on IM and said that I should just close my eyes and reach in the UFO hamper and pu…

WIP Sunday---huh?

Yeah it is customary to post this "work in progress" stuff on Wednesday---alliteration, after all. Who knows what I might be working on by then? Knowing me, this same top if I don't get busy on it this afternoon. ( I didn't get the whole thing in the picture---some is hanging below the sewing machine table.)

I was on loose ends a couple days ago--really didn't feel like working on the fusible applique "Be Attitudes" since I normally buttonhole and then quilt it right after I finish the applique---machine still in shop till probably months end.
What to work on instead though? Earlier in the week I had drug home a bag of stuff one of the Belles had brought. A few blocks that needed the sashing removed from a donation top--did that but will re-visit the piecing back together later. Also in the bag was a pile of appliqued floral blocks with pieced half star baskets. Hmmm, interesting-- but only 5 or 6 are completely done and a bunch more to work o…


He is sitting up on the desk for some reason but what? I don't know, LOL. He has given up on puffballs and wants to play but with what? I don't know that either. Silly boy! Looks like he is giving me the stink eye. Normally he just walks towards the camera when he hears it power up.

Here is the last of the friendship blocks for the FAB retreat. Norma requested house blocks any size, technique and color for her block. I kept coming back to this link from the Mary Engelbreit site for a hot pad. Cute and folk arty but I needed a bigger image so re-sized it on the computer. Somewhere along the line I probably flipped the image too as the fireplace and door wound up on the opposite side of the block. I had fun digging around in my fabrics for the block. I prepped the block on Sunday so I had some handwork for the Bama Belles meeting yesterday.
All the pieces but the windows were prepped with starch and templar methods. The round pieces like yo-yo's but I prepped the …

checking back in

Yesterday I had a fun day with several of the Belles on a little field trip. They were having a 25% off everything in the store at Heart to Heart in Trussville (AL) excluding machine quilting. Lots of tempting fabric and in fact, I had to talk myself out of buying a collection of "Objects of Desire" fat quarters. I'm going to need some spending money for my trip to Oregon next month so I settled for this little bag you see. The bags measure 6 x 9 and for 5 bucks you could stuff as much fabric from a pile of bolt ends etc as you could get in there but the ziploc part MUST seal.
My selections might be a little boring but all in all, there is about 3 yards of fabric in the bag. All but one piece was WOF and measured 9 inches to 17 in length. I needed the white on white for a block I needed to make. The blue is a nice moda marble that could be used for sky in a realistic block. Yellow, well I seldom pass those over, but it might be a purse lining at some point. …

some sewing 'round here

I got some sewing done for the first time since the 29th of June yesterday working on a couple of friendship blocks for the FAB retreat. Two of the girls requested wonky blocks and while it is not my "thing", I did as requested as I am a friend after all. They may not be all that nuts about MY choice as it involves HSTs.

Cher's wonky house with instructions from Tonya's tutorial. I wasn't sure if you were just supposed to cut it with scissors or NOT sew a 1/4 inch seam but this is about as "wonky" as I could make myself do it. The window area is too small and down too low if you ask me as I put that piece above the door all the way across. I guess with this form of piecing there is no right or wrong though. IIWII.
The door color is off in the photo---it is a hot pink/fuschia. Cher bought some of the funky pink piece for me years ago on a visit to Alabama. Some will go back to live at her house now. The raspberry stripe was a bonus from an onli…

home again

I arrived home yesterday morning from a trip to IL with stops in TN coming and going. At this point I am glad to be seated in something that is NOT moving, LOL but it was so good to see my family! I am the oldest of six children so parts of this might be confusing to follow if you aren't related to us, but I'll do my best.

Shown below is the oldest of the nieces and nephews from a Christmas celebration some years back. I pulled the picture off the wall collage to scan it. Of course, they are young adults now and making their way in life. My sister from Colorado was "home" that year as the youngest child you see in the picture will be a senior in high school come fall. so we could probably figure out the year if we wanted. As time went on two more of us would move out of state. 6 more grandchildren would arrive---4 girls, 2 boys as well as foster children for one brother. My, how time flies!
I left here on Thursday morning with planned stops along the way. D…