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completions--quilty and retreat notes

Just a bit of a catch-up post again. I've been a bit under the weather for a little over a week when the creeping crud upper respiratory thing decided to make its unwelcome appearance. But I have gotten a bit of quilting work done since my last posts (4 of them--gabby girl!) that chronicled my trip to OR. This note will finish up with my fabric purchases, goodies from the FABs and some of that pre- trip secret sewing stuff and post trip completions.

These placemats were what I was working on just right before I left. I said I was hand finishing binding, and boy howdy, was I! I implied to the girls that I was working on the binding on my Cheese and Crackers quilt but that was telling a little bit a fib. "I could tell you but then I would have to kill you", LOL?? I gifted both Pam and Cher with sets of 4 but was able to squeeze out a total of 10 of them with the available yardage that my mom sent home with me earlier in the summer. DJ and I get to keep a couple of…

DT2OR report, part 4--FAB Retreat OR BUST, slightly edited

FRIDAY the 7th I should have taken a picture of the FAB retreat logo that Pam had made up. She printed it off on the computer and then added on a separate piece of paper "OR BUST" and stuck it in the back window of her HHR. Anyway, it was raining a bit when we pulled on Friday morning and headed on to Portland. We were trying to get to Fabric Depot to meet Pat and her daughter Michelle and Norma and her mom Mayvis at 2 p.m. but had warned them the night before we may be a little late depending on traffic.

A lovely drive over---we stopped at the Umpqua lighthouse, drove through Reedsport and then started inland towards Eugene and I-5. We met some bicyclists along the route so there must have been a planned ride for the weekend. We passed the Dean Creek Wildlife Area, an elk reserve along the way. I did get a few pics of them from the road. Pam pointed out the Cascade Mountains to the right as we traveled up I-5.
A stop for lunch along the way and we got into Fabric Dep…

DT2OR report, part 3---Pacific Ocean

THURSDAY the 6th
(I am approaching 500 posts and will probably hit it by the time I am done posting about my vacation, LOL.)

Again these picture will be a bit out of sequence--though all on the same day, Thursday evening in Bandon. As I said in the previous part 2 posting, we had gone into Bandon for a little sightseeing, stopping at the shops to get some cranberry candy and some souvenirs. We saw the cranberry bog area on the way over to Bandon off route 42S.

I tried to get a picture of the folks crabbing down off the docks near the fish market and pier. You can rent the crab cages by the hour and of course they have things set up for the commercial fishing people as well. Some are for oysters. There was a harbor seal moving about apparently looking for some of the catch or scraps from the fisher people cleaning fish.

This is the Pacific Ocean up close and personal. There were several surfers out there trying their luck. A bit overcast and breezy but what a sight to see!

Pam and…

DT2OR report, part 2--lighthouses

Mostly from Wednesday August 5th
These will probably post in reverse order of when I actually saw them but if you were traveling south down the Oregon coast, it would be just right, LOL.

First up, the Umqua River lighthouse. Actually this one is quite a bit inland near S. Reedsport, Oregon. From what I read, the first lighthouse in this area was built on the sand and started to sink so this made for a better spot to place it. Try THIS link if you want to read about this spot or the ones that follow. We stopped to take this picture on the way up to Portland and the FAB retreat on Friday. Later we would cut inland towards Eugene and catch I-5 for the reminder of the trip to Fabric Depot and Cher's home.

This is the Coquille River lighthouse at Bandon. No doubt if you follow that link you can get a better, close up view. I took this on Thursday evening when Ed, Pam and I went to Bandon for supper and sightseeing. We got a fish dinner from a local fish market and drove down to th…

DT2OR report, part 1

I arrived home from my dream trip to OR on Tuesday, the 11th. And what a week it was! I not only got to make that long talked about trip to visit withPam but we both had some face time with our FAB buddies Cher, Norma and Pat + 2 at week's end. What a fun time! I know my mom in particular is waiting for this report and pictures of my trip so I best get to writing and posting, LOL. (Probably in three parts)

DJ drove me over to the Birmingham airport bright and early on Tuesday 8-4. It had been years since we had been to that airport and we about missed the exit to turn off. No notice that it was coming and I had been watching-- then boom, the sign that said "airport" and then the turnoff almost immediately after! I caught him before he got pulled out too far to the center lane. I just had him drop me at the door to avoid parking fees since once thru security, there is no waiting with him at the gate. The flight left at about 830 CD on the first leg of the j…

check in b4 DT2OR

It has been a busy week here but mostly spent working on binding---and nothing to show for it. My wrist and fingers are thankful that they didn't have to do of that today!

My Viking has been in the shop for a month, since I dropped it off on the way to my brother's home in TN on our way to IL for our family "Christmas in July" gathering. Earlier in the week, I had very nicely suggested that they would not get paid for Marilyn's serger repairs (done by last week) nor my Viking servicing (still waiting at that point) til the middle of August if we did not come in up Friday or Saturday. We had to drive up together as she doesn't drive or if she does, she has to have someone with her. I'll be gone to Oregon and my friend watches her grandkids Mon-Thursday. It was done two days later and we did our run to Boaz and Albertville today along with our friend Linda C.

Linda swung by and picked up Marilyn on the way and I drove. Our first stop was Out of the Box so…