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WIP Weds

Another installment of WIP Weds---another week gone and about to switch the calendar over to another month already!

So what am I doing this week? LOL, same thing as last week actually but a little further along. I had decided that I want my Strip Twist quilt to be an 11 x 12 set (8 inch finished blocks) for a quilt that finishes about the size of my Scrappy Bargello as that is working well. I need just a touch more length to go over the pillows though.

As of last night, I had 96 blocks done and 36 more to go. I had purchased 4 more fabrics in the Hearth and Home fabrics so looks like 9 blocks of ea. one. My goal is to have these finished up by week's end. I plan to start with the strip sets during game listening time tonight.

The flimsy assembly will probably wait as I think I need to get started machine quilting on the donation stack which numbers 8 at the moment. 2 of them are my own. I know of about 4 more to be pinned as Linda C has been a busy, busy girl, LOL. Mo…

quilt shows

I had just started to sew a bit this morning when a little black and white furry fella jumped up on the sewing table and wanted some cuddling. He doesn't do that often so block stitching fell by the wayside for the time being. Before he left, he hopped up on the other table to inspect the sack from one of yesterday's quilt shows and almost got the decorative jute tie removed and chewed on the bag handles a bit, LOL. Nosy, nosy, nosy!

So here are the contents of that bag as shown below:
I won a door prize at the Gadsden (AL) guild's show! The bundle of 17 batik fat quarters was donated by the Quilters Cottage in Cullman who was one of the show vendors. I had a choice between this and a grouping of some neutrals. While at present I would have more use for the beiges, creams and tans, I picked the brightly colored bunch. (After finding a stack of green fat quarters in the donation bin at the meeting the other day, I am considering making a double 4 patch as shown o…

Meeting day check in

When I last posted I was about to be working diligently to get the binding done my queen sized Cheese and Crackers quilt since I had entered it in a quilt show. You can see that Skyler insisted on testing it out as I worked. He had briefly tried the front some months back but this was new territory. I had even left the room for a time and came back to find him burrowed UNDER it as well, LOL. I felt I should pass on the trip with the girls to the quilt show at the museum this past Friday as I felt I needed to keep plugging in under to finish in time for today's pickup. I am P-O-K-E-Y when it comes to binding. Slow, slow, slow and it can takes me 3-4 days for a full/queen. In spite of Skyler's best efforts, I got the binding completed by Saturday morning.

The application of the sleeves was done by Sunday afternoon. At one point I had started using a smallish applique stitch and then thought "why?" I am not planning on keeping them on the quilt for long anyway …

change of plans

Just got a call from one of the Belles and it is changing my sewing plans for the day or more likely the rest of the week! Betsy and her husband are with the Gadsden Quilt Guild and the question was "do you have any quilts for the show?" (Next weekend, same as the JOY group's first show. I am not a member of either group but JOY exhibitors have to be member owned or member made. Gadsden doesn't matter)

My first thought was that I had none that had not been shown already and the one possible candidate was in use on my bed. Come to think of it, I have two but one will need a sleeve added and the other one needs binding and a sleeve. (If you read my blog regularly you have already seen and read about these two quilts but if you haven't read HERE and HERE for the stories behind them. I may have even included the pattern sources, LOL).

I threw the bargello in the washer as it was the one on the bed. It has been washed once since I first put it on the bed back i…

WIP Weds

I guess this post could be more like "what is on your design wall?" for a Monday. No matter. It IS what I am working on here.

On the design surface that is my sewing room shelving unit hangs my FAB friendship top that I completed this weekend. Part of it is obscured behind the sewing table. I am contemplating what to mark in the plain squares and setting triangles. Crosshatching would be easy enough by machine but I am thinking about a motif for hand quilting which I dearly love to do. That's why it is hanging rather than folded up. I still have to scrounge up something for backing and the binding needs to be pressed and rolled as well before I put it up. I hope to get it pinned next week at our quilt meeting.

I made the purple block on the left 2nd row which has the names of the +2 FABS and found the Diana Leone purple border fabric at Hobby Lobby last week. Purple being the FAB color, it fits. You might be able to tell that I cut the setting triangles large…

now back to our regular scheduled programming...........

I tell you, Skyler looks like I feel--worn out and needing a nap or at least a good night's rest. I believe he is going to be happier and more relaxed about things without extra people around. You know how cats notice every little thing out of place? I've got the linens and dishes washed up and back in place. The rooms and their contents are put back in the usual spots. Just DJ and I around. No extra legs to rub on or avoid or shoes to sniff.

DJ's golfing friend and his wife arrived here Tuesday evening. One of their sons live in the Asheville, NC area so they drive on down to see us from there. Rounds of golf were planned for the boys on Wednesday and Thursday. Phyllis stayed back here with me. By the time she got up Weds. morning, I had already walked and was trying a new cinnamon roll recipe. It was a very slow rising recipe so we were able to leave for a time to pick up the down rod we had to order for the ceiling fan. She loves to look at recipes and my co…

WIP Tuesday

Yeah, I know---a day early with the progress report post. DJ has plans for me tomorrow but more on that later.

I have been sewing off and on for the last couple days on the strip sets for my version of Strip Twist. I elected to keep the center squares and "arms" the same throughout the blocks. I am NOT following the directions in the pattern but that is my choice. My decision to go this route is sort of backfiring as my sections are cut a 1/4 inch bigger and then I can't quite get out enough cuts from the fat quarter strips that were in the kit-- close but no cigar. I may need to get some more of the Hearth and Home fabric depending on how many blocks I am able to squeeze out for the top. I am thinking I need a bit more green in the mix anyway. Some unsewing and creative re-piecing and/or fudging the pieces that are "oh so close" will probably be in order as well. If it worked for our quilting foremothers, it will work for me too.

As I work I have been li…