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what's up?

DJ just came in from an outdoor inspection and asked if I had my camera. Yes, of course! We have 7 yellow crocuses up, seemingly overnight! Someone forgot to tell them that we may be in for more nights in the 20's this weekend. Still, it does my heart good to see some outdoor color.

another edition of WIP Weds

Just to keep this from being a picture-less post, some of the scraps headed to the cutting basket for re-purposing. Some are in the FAB challenge (a tease for Cher, LOL) while others go in something else I whipped up. In between I worked on "Cheap Trick" but that doesn't look a whole lot differently that it did last week, LOL.

Since last week's edition of "WIP Weds", I have made and quilted two small pieces. Neither can be shown till after they have gone to their soon be be owners--blog readers, dontcha know. If I have to wait, then you do too!

Last night I stayed up till midnight working to finish that last little bit of binding on the challenge piece as it needs to get mailed ASAP. Woohoo! A finish to cross of my 10n10 list. The other piece is in a holding pattern till I get a bit of fabric I need for the binding but it will be complete soon enough. Almost another woohoo and cross off!

There were so few of us at the quilt meeting yesterday that I…

WIP Wednesday

Well, DJ's golfing friend has come and gone and the house is back to normal. Production came to a screeching halt for a couple of days as I was either cleaning or trying to keep it clean. That lasted till Monday. Once the boys hit the golf course, I didn't care anymore and sewing commenced. I pulled out my Cheap Trick/Two of a Kind and started piecing from the other end. What you see hanging on the hanger is the first half of the quilt. I need 7 more ever increasing in size rows to get this half done.

I should be working on my FAB challenge but I can't. I am short fabric and had thought I had width of the fabric cuts on hand. Nope, 11 x 18 inch sample type pieces instead. Won't work but I can use it for something else down the line minus the challenge fabric.

Now what? I am on deadline here and this pushes things back several days! I started looking thru some books and patterns again Monday night. I was mulling things over long after I went to bed. Well…

a finish

I'm done---another finish. Turns out quilters DO buttons after all, LOL.

Fun little break for me. I plan on starting the FAB challenge tomorrow even though housecleaning will intervene for a day or so. Maybe some handquilting won't mess up the house in the interim.

(pattern source listed in previous post)

WIP Weds and meeting days

Yesterday marked the first quilt group meeting for the 2010 program year. Other than our going out to lunch in early December for our Christmas "party" we had not had a "work" session for two months. Some were expressing withdrawal symptoms, LOL. The cold weather cancelled another quilt group opportunity last week so probably did seem like a long time to see our buddies.

Several of us had tops to pin, a few are out for binding but the one at left is one that Jane had just finished. The top was made by Aline's granddaughter Leann. I can tell you that gma is busting her buttons that one of the girls is following in her foot steps. Leann is largely self taught in the quilting department but I think she is doing a wonderful job. I quilted this one for her and last week, a boy themed one she also made. Aline is almost done with the binding but the quilt will need to take a bath to remove some markings I made prior to picture taking.

I came home with two donat…

quilting goals 10 in 2010

For short, 10n10-- I will refer you back to a post I wrote in early November for what this means. This idea had come out of a couple weeks of online chat with my pal Norma concerning how we wanted to stay on track in the coming year. We both admire how our friend Pat stays on track with her lists of of goals and want to keep from straying off target TOO much, LOL.

In this post you will see some of the kits and starts of projects boxed up representing some of my UFOs and PIMs stacked in the closet and shelving that need attention. That is by no means all of them either, a whole hamper full of more, mostly donation quilt stuff and in the TV stand cabinet. I need some focus and this broken down into a more manageable format.

Here is what we basically came up with. We think that there are several areas in our quilting live and we should be able to pick at in any category depending on our mood at the time.

UFOs--something you have pretty much abandoned for some reason. The idea is to…

Another finish

No, not a quilt top but part of one, LOL. Actually I had most of this Bird Brain redwork "Here Comes Santa" block done back in August but set it aside. I had been to the point where I wanted to drop back to one strand for the finer work and perle cotton for the heavier detail. At this point 5 of the 12 blocks are completed and a 6th is started---one of my ongoing projects. If you DO click on the link you will see that the pattern also calls for little redwork motifs in the quilts cornerstones.

If you like to do little handwork projects, you might enjoy the freebie on the Bird Brain site, click HERE. This month's motif is a cute little snowman. The previous ones are archived and could certainly be used on something other than tea towels.

It is doubtful that there will be much quilty content for a few days since I am machine quilting when I can keep Skyler from parking on the top, that is. I have two fairly good sized donation tops made by the quilt group to do. …

one flimsy, another near flimsy

Normaand began sewing on our Daisy Chain quilts a week ago Sunday and both of us got our tops up to border stage. She finished almost a full day ahead of me but there was no contest or race involved. I KNOW I sew slower than her so that race would have been lost from the get-go, LOL.

Since I knew I didn't want to tackle borders on the Daisy Chain last night, I put them on the Sisterhood quilt instead. I had pieced it a week ago Saturday and it was just hanging in the sewing room, waiting. I seamed the binding while I was at it but did not press it. It was late, I was tired. Luckily, I can get by with only one fabric width for the backing so it could be pinned.

Norma is auditioning fabrics from her stash for her DC borders and she will wait to proceed. She said she uses her long arm quilt frame to aid in measuring her tops for borders and it is currently occupied. My borders are cut so I could conceivably attach them today--even cut the sleeve fabric if I want to match the bo…