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this and that

Here is a little something I just finished-- sweet pea heart from Alex Anderson 12 Days of Redwork posted in late December-early January. Norma has started these hearts for a seasonal wallhanging. I had downloaded the designs but didn't trace them off till yesterday afternoon. She knew, and I knew, that I would probably cave, LOL. Between these hearts, the on-going Bird Brain Santa blocks and a series of redwork from Brownyn Hayes, I can stitch as much as I want when the mood strikes. But I love it!

Next up:
I had pulled out an old UFO to finish up the bottom row. How old is this project? Well, way back in 2000 I and another friend had headed up a row robin project on a quilt list I moderated for several years. I had picked a summer theme and had sent around a Country Threads book for inspiration. I did the top row of stars and sent it on. The girl that was also in charge did the appliqued row but it did not fit on the quilt---measurements had gotten off as they …

meeting day

Another good meeting day today. One of the girls had invited a guest. Another 3 who have a conflict on Tuesday's schedule were able to come so that was good too. Jane brought some yummy cream puffs from the bakery and another, a pan of blueberry cobbler so we even had treats today! Later 3 of us went on the Quizno's run for sandwiches and brought them back to join the ones who stayed to work and chat. 4 quilts got pinned---till we ran out of batting. Oops! I should have asked Judy to bring the box we have in storage at her house.

The left, the brightly colored 3-D bowtie top that I finished assembling yesterday. Some of the fabrics are leftover from some Twisted Sister tops that I did last year. Quite a few are backing cutaways or border leftovers, actually. Others, just squares in my 3 1/2 inch bin though some were left from a couple of the tag-along totes I made.

And here is my other finish, done-done. My FAB friendship block quilt. Blocks are machine quilted, …

some production

I had a pretty productive day in the sewing room yesterday enjoying some tunes on the computer while I worked and DJ listened to college basketball game after game.

I mentioned in my last post that I was putting sashing and cornerstones on a pile of string blocks that Theramae had made that were left in her fabric things when she passed away. I had previously added the plain strip to the bottom of each block and had half of the top row assembled but the rest of was assembled Weds thru Friday. She had pieced them to paper---old newspapers, phone book pages and such. By the time I was done it looked like it had snowed here in the sewing room, LOL. Unfortunately she also had some tension issues with her machine on a few of the blocks. Pulling the paper out lead to some top stitching or reinforcements. By the time I started sewing yesterday I only had to do 3 long joining seams. A tally in the "finished to flimsy" column. I also seamed the backing for the top as well …

WIP Weds

Today finds me working on two different things---sashing some string blocks that our dear friend Theramae was working on at the time of her passing for a donation quilt. The other, putting a few more hand quilting stitches in my FAB friendship block quilt. The donation quilt only has one row completely done and the sashing bit added to the remaining blocks---not much to see, in other words. I have posted progress on the other before but hand quilting takes time--two and half borders are done at this point so I am getting there.

What I am posting instead are two recent finishes I promised in my last post. I hung Sisterhood of Quilters in my "above the bed gallery" yesterday and the February calendar quilt just in times for Valentine's Day.

Other than that there is not a whole lot happening. Day to day stuff. I made a crack at making deep dish Chicago pizza but was not too enamored with the crust so table that recipe. I plan to try my hand at Swedish Limpa Rye tomorr…

I promised quilt pics

A few pictures from the quilt meeting last week. It was a rainy, cold day and I thought I might be the only one who showed up but the girls surprised me, LOL. Lois' niece who was visiting from Alaska came with her. Another pal who has not been able to come in recent months dropped by with a top for donation even. Since a couple of us needed to make a Hobby Lobby run, we chose the Mexican grill not far from there for lunch. Yummers! Good day and good company in spite of the weather.

The top on the left was made by Aline using a ballerina fabric she found in the donation bin. I love the simple but fun blocks she made for this.

The one to the right is one for donation that Aline's granddaughter made. I can attest to the cuddliness of this one as I quilted it for Leann. The light blue print is flannel and both blues have a cowboy print so it will perfect for a boy, don't you think?

This fan top is also one of Aline's. It was done stack and whack style using a w…

snow pics

I know this snowfall is nothing like what I experienced in all the years I lived in Illinois. Every time I talk to my parents on the phone, it seems like is or has been snowing this winter. It is pretty piddly compared to the East Coast recently. BUT snow doesn't happen often around my little corner of NE central Alabama. I would estimate that we got about 2-3 inches judging by how it is stacked up on inanimate objects----like my car!

It started in about 11 a.m. and kept it up in varying degrees till about 7 p.m. What seems odd to me is that the roads and driveways remained perfectly clear of the stuff----not that I am complaining, mind you, LOL. We saved our snow shovel when we moved South but have never had to use it. I guess we thought it was better to be prepared than have to replace it. The first picture---how things looked at 2 p.m.
Of course, school was cancelled ahead of time and some businesses closed. In the north we would wonder why. I believe that there might …

Weds. check-in

Well, so far today---nothing creative happening but a few more hand quilting stitches put in the border of my FAB friendship quilt.

I just got back from about a 100 mile round trip to take my Strip Twist top, last seen HERE, to the long arm quilter. Does that count, LOL? The weather forecast at week's end may be a little iffy so I thought today would be the best day for such a trip. It will be about a month or so before she get to it judging by the length of her list and her best estimation but that is perfectly fine. Maybe by pickup time I can share a ride back up as several other quilting buddies names were either right before mine or right after. I chatted with Susan for a bit, found some embroidery floss I needed at her shop, got a reuben sandwich (yum!) at Mill Street Deli and then drove on home.

My Sunday project was to put the binding on my Belles challenge quilt, last shownHERE. I had quilted it and one other donation quilt last week as planned. As it turns out I w…

FAB reveal

After the last of the FAB challenge packages arrived, it was time to round everyone up for the reveal. The challenge fabric was a piece that reminded us a bit of winter sky so it was dubbed "Baby, Its Cold Outside" but a winter theme was not required.

Norma had my name this round and made me these lovely placemats to brighten up a dreary winters day. The florals were some she had used when she and I were sewing together in cyberspace on our Daisy Chain tops. Additionally, she made me this wonderful sturdy tote bag that is lined with the same fabric. See the butterflies on the bag outer fabric? I love it!

I had Cher's name this time but got in such a hurry to mail it out that I did not take a picture of the completed project. She will post the small wallhanging I made her on her blog if you follow the link.

What fun! From the chat we 5 were having we all had fun making our pieces, changed our minds umpteen times about what we wanted to do and outdid ourselves aga…

a week of this and that

It would seem that this past week, creatively, was a bit of "this and that" or that I couldn't stay focused. I like having a variety of things to work on but the downside of that is that it takes longer to finish anything. The upside, I keeps me from getting bogged down and feeling like I have to keep plugging when I really just want to do something else for a few days.

For two days I hand quilted on the FAB friendship quilt. At this point the short top border and the long right side are done--well, almost done. I am about to turn the corner onto the bottom border.

I also started another stitchery project. Hanging head only because it is NOT on my 10n10 list. But this is will be an ongoing project so I am allowing it. I am SOOOO open to the power of suggestion and as usual "blame" Norma for it. She was telling me about their recent guild program with a trunk show from the designer of the Freckles Collection patterns. Norma had bought a couple of…