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checking in

A little more stitching done---Nancy Halvorsen April calendar quilt block, slightly resized. I messed up and marked the flowers. These look fine but it is not what the designer suggested. I was supposed to have done fused 3 dimensional ones in three colors and use a yellow bead at center. Oh well---it is too late once the stuff is marked on the cloth. Borders are still needed as well as a running stitch border near the verse which will serve as a quilting line once I get it sandwiched. The original pattern calls for making small pillows from the blocks but I want quilt-lets similar to the appliqued version.

I had a lovely surprise on Saturday when my pal Aline stopped by with her embroidery floss to share with me. She had a container of stuff already rolled on floss bobbins and another container separated out by color groupings---"take what you want", she said. I was able to compare the numbers on my document and just took the ones I didn't have to supplement th…

WIP Weds

My stitching was put on hold for a few days while I re-organized the contents of 20 various sized notebooks---some of which are pictured to the left. All this started because I was talking to Norma about getting my redwork stuff all in the same notebook. By Monday evening the cutting/pressing table was loaded with piles of patterns and printouts in sheet protectors grouped by category and held with a ring binder till I could file it all back. At that point had 4 more to go through. Fortunately the last two were already broken down and better organized and I was done by yesterday afternoon.

Then I got busy updating the embroidery floss document and winding the newest acquisitions for the next project. Norma and I have decided to do the Snowman Year block of the month stitchery from Freckles Collection. Norma was lucky enough to see this one "in the flesh" so to speak when the BC, CA Designer Dougal Walker visited her guild and did a trunk show for them. See this post fo…

spring has sprung

Happy National Quilting Day! If you don't celebrate that, go for the fact that it is officially, if only by the calendar, the first day of spring. We are at the mid 60's today with sunshine and a light breeze blowing. Lovely day! Warm enough to shut off the furnace and crack a few windows. Skyler is loving it, running from window to window and back to the front door to look out.

The picture shows him up on the buffet in "begging" position and that point he thought he needed his "treat" bite. He kept wiggling so I didn't get the cute head to the side shot, LOL.

I took some outdoor shots to share---the daffodils in fuller bloom than a previous shot.

The camellia is loaded with blooms though it has been trying to bloom for months. In previous years the frost would zap them but I guess the sustained colder weather this winter convinced it NOT to bloom too early. Or not as much anyway.
At any rate we haven't seen it looking this good.

The Bradford P…

a finish or two

Happy St. Pat's Day! My WIP Weds includes some corned beef in the crockpot and a Watergate cake in the oven---smells pretty good at my house about now. I got the "coverup frosting" already made along with the molasses, horseradish and mustard glaze that the recipe calls for the meat. I'm good with kitchen detail till about 4:30-5 p.m.

My main reason for showing this pic is because of the 2 of the 4 hanging towels I have recently made. I whipped up these on Sunday between the finishing of redwork hearts and resumption of redwork Santas. My chair is blocking your seeing the apple motif on the front of the towel very clearly but it matches the potholders and oven mitts I use. You will just have to trust me on that one. The gold/yellow yarn goes with other things in the kitchen so they are growing on me. At first I was not so sure about the John Deere tractor colors, LOL. (Norma, see a peek at what placemats I am using? Even DJ has commented on how pretty…

last 5

I just took the last stitches in the final redwork block in the "12 Days of Redwork" series----now to decide how to set them though I have been playing with that idea and have stuff drawn up in EQ to help me decide. The one thing I am NOT going to do is how Alex Anderson shows them on her site, LOL.

Of course I have other embroidery projects in progress so I can keep stitching if I want to---and will. So, for your viewing pleasure here are the five I have completed this week.

Morning Glory Block 8

Forget- Me- Not Block 12

Dianthus Block 11

Dahlia Block 9

Calendula Block 10

meeting day

Quilt group meeting today---several are out of town right now but 4 of us managed to get quite a bit done. Shown is a pinwheel top that Aline's granddaughter made and gma quilted. Good job, LeAnn!

Our first order of business was to deal with a new box of batting. Nu-style packs a 48 x 60 some yard roll of batting into a box 18 x 16 x 28 inches. We needed to un-stuff it from the box and then roll it onto the tubes we had saved in the storage closet. Fortunately we were able to put it up on two large serving tables in the Fellowship Hall and spare our backs and knees.

Linda C had 4 donation tops and 1 personal project to pin so we got busy with that. Two of the top needed additional batting added. I took care of that while the others pinned. Turned out some backing needed seaming as well. My Jem is always out in the car so I did that too--darned machine seems to have developed some tension issues so I will have to look into that!

3 of the tops came home with me and 4th…

still stitching

Loving this redwork--to the exclusion of any other crafty pursuit. 7 done, 5 to go but I am going to put #8 in the hoop any minute now and will probably have it done or near done by day's end, LOL.

Here are the latest finishes:

Nasturtium and Fuschia on the left

Dogwood and Rose on the right---I think that these two are my favorites so far.
Another edition of WIP Weds

I am still of a mind to hand stitch rather than use the electric needle. Of course, I have things I could be doing but it does not appeal to me at the moment. I am willing to bet that we all go through sewing slumps for whatever reason.

So today---a few more stitches in the Red Brolly "Brutus the Cat" block that will be part of Brownyn Hayes' Catalicious quilt. A start on the dogwood block from the 12 days of redwork series too.

What are the Peaches and Cream cotton yarn and towels doing in the shot? Well, our hanging towels in the kitchen need replaced. The towel part is looking pretty sad while the yarn part is virtually indestructible. These were pieces I commissioned some time back by a crocheting mother of a quilting friend . Ms. Esther made me some sunflower shaped hot pads that went with them too. I googled up a pattern online so will give this a whirl. I am definitely more of a knitter than crocheter but this could be a fun, …


I don't know if you can see it as well as Skyler is currently doing but it is snowing. What a winter we are having though it snowed this time last year too. I had just awakened a little after 7 a.m. As I opened the blinds, the rain turned to sleet and then to snow right in front of my eyes. The school bus picked up the child across the road so they didn't apparently call off school or close down the public offices in advance of the weather this time. So far the snow is sticking to the ground but not the driveway and lane. Guess we will see what happens as the day goes on.

Me? I don't feel like sewing so I won't. I will do some more redwork instead. These 12 days of redwork hearts are fun and work up fairly quickly compared to other projects I might pick up. I might change the setting blocks though when I am ready to make the quilt and goofed around with that in EQ a bit. I basically piddled the day away yesterday, I admit. Nothing got done but dinner on th…