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WIP Weds, #21

A little of this and that going on around here---or about to, LOL. I finished up the slightly resized May block from Nancy Halvorsen's Calendar Quilts & Stitcheries and will be cutting some borders for it later today to get it up to flimsy and maybe spray basted if I have time. A little ladybug button will be attached and some running stitch applied to quilt it. I like the natural Moda Marble for the background better than the Kona cotton I used for the April quilt-let.

Next up:
I started this top on Saturday and didn't touch it since. I was stitching, dealing with paperwork on the home front and for the quilt group. I have also been adding recipes to my Mastercook 11 software from my mail lists and such intermittently.

Oh and last night I was re-arranging the quilting stuff in the "annex" since some fabric followed me home from the meeting yesterday. It all started with my dragging out all the personal tops on the far end shelf of the closet---all pinn…

Meeting day

Quilt group meeting today----and it looks like Miss Jane has been very busy with binding! Because I have been very busy quilting (done for now on the donation stuff anyway----woohoo!) she went home with three more to finish up and Linda C got three of hers back as well. When it was time to pull out some handwork, Beverly and Lois were binding on two of their quilts so I should have more pics to share before long.

This one is one I made----I do love making 3-D bowties but this is the first one I made with something other than a muslin background. I would do it again and in fact, I may have to, LOL. I have way more of those 3 1/2 inch gold squares cut and more yardage on the roll the WTIL head sent me.

At right---Aline's Stack and Whack fans. Pattern source : Bethany Reynolds. When DJ was holding this one up, he told me that he really liked the wild colors. I totally forgot to pack my camera (again!) so he got roped into being quilt holder after he was done riding his…

Still at it

I think this quilting has become a bit like taking a multi-vitamin lately----one a day, LOL. I took Sunday off but I have essentially had that kind of output as you will see from the stack below on the right.

I had just started #6 of 7 when DJ took this picture after lunch today. It is a 12 block Thimbleberries sampler that Linda C made. Since I basically just do stitch in the ditch, it is taking a lot of pivoting and quilt wrestling. My upper back and shoulders have had it! I quit with 4 blocks and borders to go for tomorrow's detail.

There is one more in the stack but I honestly do not feel up to the task. It is large, backed with flannel, bulky and the pattern does not excite me since I just quilted one like it but with smaller blocks. I didn't volunteer to quilt it in the first place so that might have something to do with the attitude. Whine, whine, whine. After spending the better part of 2 weeks quilting, I am SO ready to piece or finish up my embroidery b…

WIP Weds, wk 19

First, some of the flowering things around our house

The honeysuckle is out in full force---and taking over this holly bush at the entrance to our lane. I love how it smells but it sure can stuff up my nose! There is some that grows, just as wildly, at the city park on the south and west ends where I walk my morning laps.

The climbing rose is in full glory while the white azalea is almost spent. I should have taken its picture last week.

I have seen some magnolias out in my travels but the people across the lane have one so we get to enjoy theirs from afar.

Then there are these bushes, whatever they are, LOL. They also have a scent though fainter than the honeysuckle. We have two of them in the backyard but it also seems to grow wild as I see it all along the places I routinely drive. The two bushes are huge and were originally planted in a planter area with a bird bath in the front yard. Obviously not a good choice for such a small area if they are going to grow up taller than th…

Finished to flimsy

Here is the view I saw while I attempted to join the top and bottom halves on the donation quilt I had been working. Skyler loves to dive under any protective covering--- a quilt, a towel, the sheets and blankets while you try to make the bed, a piece of fabric, even a quilt block. We ordinarily play a round of "where's the kitty?" but not with quilt tops still in the machine, LOL. He cracks me up! At least he was not laying in the front of the machine this time!

To the right, the finished remodeled top. You know, I did not notice that a block in the bottom row is not oriented the same direction as the others till I rotated the image. Well, it is too late now----IIWII. I had debated about trying to use a rusty colored leftover fabric that I had on hand for cornerstones. It might have worked with the other fabrics but I found I had just enough to use that yardage for backing. Back to the "no stones" plan then. I still pieced it as a pre-sashed block…

WIP Weds, wk #18

A little of this and that going on around here. The May calendar block stitchery with a bird house theme for hand work--usually that means mornings before lunch or during TV viewing time in the evening. LOL, sometimes all day long if I feel like it.

The blocks are those big triple rails that are set on point in the block with a square in a square process. Yesterday I only got one HST sewn on each block so not a lot of progress being made but I'll get busy with those in a bit. (I have fabric in the washer that will need pressed after a little of dryer tumbling) I hope to have the top finished and ready for pinning at our meeting next week. LOL, another for the armoire stack.

This week I seem to be more into "fabric acquisition" than stash busting. I was talking to my mom the other day and mentioned that Norma and I are planning a sewing day next month to try a version of Terry Atkinson's Bridge Creek Blossom. I was looking at possible yardage to pick fabric fro…

busy, busy round here

I have kept fairly busy since I last posted---a little of this and that. One thing at the top of the list was this little wall hanging for my pal and fellow FAB Cher who had a birthday last week. The pattern, originally purchased as a kit from Keepsake Quilting, is "Don't Go Out of the Lines, Plant the Seeds" from Plain Brown Wrapper. Because it has a gardening theme, I thought it made a good choice for Cher.

The original pattern called for perle cotton stitching and raw edges with maybe the batting sticking out or some such thing. It had jute ties and a stick for a hanger. Now I would like that folk art-y vibe but it just didn't seem quite Cher-like. Nope, I ordered a little split bottom hanger from Ackfeld Wire and put hanging tabs on the back instead. The pigma pen writing and coloring were fun, fun, fun!

The plaid fabric that came with the kit was filched for my last two months Calendar quilt stitcheries. I substituted the little bit of fabric lefto…