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DJ is out taking advantage of the cooler, overcast morning. He had started taking branches off the cedar tree periodically a week or so ago---cutting and dragging off branches to the burn pile between other outside tasks. Why cut it down? Taking over the driveway mostly plus it is deader than a doornail inside the bush. Mosquitoes, bite-y insects and birds haven't enjoyed his presence much. Well, the mosquitoes might if they thought he was supper, LOL. The birds? Not so much.

Imagine my surprise to see what it looks like now! All that stuff on the ground, he lopped off this morning in about 30 minutes. The stump will wait till the chain saw is done at the repair shop but we are getting closer.

Goodbye cedar tree! Now how about those awful over grown holly bushes in front when you get a chance? One in particular and I'll stop nagging about it. Promise!

checking in

Not a whole lot going on around here---still--in the piecing/quilting areas. I think the hot weather has a lot to do with it, really. High 60's/low 70's for overnight lows and up to high 80's/low to mid 90's for highs-----ugh! We won't get in to heat index values but it is summer in the South. You have heard that old saw about the 4 seasons in Alabama being " almost summer, summer, still summer and Christmas"? Some truth to it, LOL.

Tuesday the Belles met at our pal Beverly's house. The church were we normally meet has other plans for the fellowship hall Tues-Fri all through June and July. That's fine---we knew about it enough in advance to make other plans. The girls had some quilts to turn in as binding was completed. Here you see Skyler thinking he can hide under one while DJ and I were taking pictures of the 5 that came home with me. The one on top was last seen HERE and is made from stuff that I re-purposed.

We had a lovely potluck m…

WIP Weds, wk. 24

Well, it is getting closer to a top anyway, LOL. I left off last night with the center joining seam to do and adding two corner triangles on the upper right and lower left.

Because I decided to go with 6 plain block squares for my version of Bridge Creek Blossoms, that gave me a jump start for a 2nd donation quilt. I ended up taking two blocks apart as the directions the stripes were NOT going was setting my teeth on edge (3rd row, block on the right) and then making 6 more blocks so each block is a little different in all 12.

I got my walking in this morning but it was a contest of wills to get it done. I really do not feel well today, to be honest. A combination of things is making me just want to crawl back in the bed----and I may just do that. Sewing may wait as I do not feel like attaching borders at the moment. LOL, I am never nuts about putting on borders to begin with let alone when I feel puny. I do want this top moved along if for no other reason than to quit talking…

WIP Weds wk 23

I'm afraid that this is another one of those weeks where I have marginally gotten anything quilt related done. Borders finally are on my May calendar block but it awaits quilting and hand finishing---a little progress on THAT front.

Norma and I had to postpone starting on our version of Terry Atkinson's Bridge Creek Blossoms until Saturday. At left you see the "kitted up" quilt so I could show Norma the fabrics I would be using.

Cutting this donation quilt and the calendar quilt stuff was Thursday and Friday's project. The jigsaw fabric at the extreme left of the shot is some that my mom passed on to me for this project. It is a directional print so I tried my best to match up the puzzle pieces for the borders. Fortunately the fabric is so busy I don't think you will hardly see the seams but I did want the eye to follow the vertical and horizontal lines without too much jumping around, LOL. The blue tone on tone will be the inner border and binding and…

WIP Weds, #22?

No progress here in the sewing department on ANY count. No embroidery, no borders on the May block, no cutting, no sewing, definitely no quilting. Nothing, zip, nada, zilch............well, you get the picture.

What I did do was go through a stack of my old cooking magazines and enter the recipes into my cooking software. Now I can donate all those to the friends of the library and regain some space on the book shelf. Another bonus---some new recipes to try in coming weeks. Who can't use some inspiration or a new twist with the same ingredients? For example, I can heartily recommend last nights dish, Fish Tacos in Avocado Sauce. Unfortunately that link may not open for you unless you subscribe to one of the Reiman Publication family of magazines--this one was in Taste of Home. Tonight I am trying Meatball Sub Casserole which hopefully gives us some for the freezer down the line.

So what is on tap for today now that I am done with THAT big project? I have a mailing to …