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finished to flimsy

Well, I got it this far anyway. Bridgecreek Blossom, pattern by Terry Atkinson. Approximately 54 x 70

I originally made 24 blocks so I have enough for a 2nd quilt but no more than scraps left of the jigsaw fabric or the blue inner border since I am using it for binding as well. The jigsaw print is directional so when I prepped them months back I was fussy cutting it to try to match it up the best I could. That made for a lot of bits and pieces for the scrap basket. LOL, with all that color the seams are pretty well hidden but I didn't want the horizontal lines jumping all over the place. I'll find something else to use when I am ready to finish up the 2nd one.

I am never crazy to be working on borders but this time it was good to be back at the machine a bit. Not saying that the sewing slump is over but I am thinking about pulling out the triple rail donation top I had started and get some more of it done this weekend. Skyler has been known to get up on the sewing ma…

3 finishes

Yeah, they are small but they are done, LOL. I am caught up on the calendar blocks till August hits anyway.

Source: Nancy Halvorsen's Calendar Quilts and Stitcheries

May block

June block

Bet you can't guess, LOL----July block

WIP wk #29

Mostly I had been working on the embroidery on the July themed block on the left. I managed to get it finished up and trimmed down both blocks you see and bordered them.

Today I hope to get them spray basted providing I have the batting I need and enough 505 spray for the project(s). I pulled some fabric from my stash to use up for backing. The machine is switched out and set up to do what little bit of machine quilting they will get. Hopefully I can get to the hand work that remains on them this evening. The binding is already cut though I need to press this the last batch of it. You can spot it atop the container below, LOL.

As I was putting away the fabric that I bought last week at Qwiltz I found a few more pieces that might possibly go with the purse I want to make. Decisions, decisions! I think I am clear on just how the thing goes together though I want to add some internal pockets to the scheme. I may still go back to my original idea of making a practice one firs…

WIP Weds, wk # 28

Yesterday 5 of us went off to Qwiltz which has relocated from Bowdon, GA to the downtown square in Carrolton, GA. Since we are still displaced till August at our regular meeting spot, off we went on another field trip. Google said it was almost 49 miles from the spot where we congregated and piled into my car so not a bad drive.

Robbie had some fabrics marked down to 40% off plus another 10% off that as a sale special plus she had discounted patterns, books and notions as well. There are going to be some cool kids quilts made with some of that sale fabric but this is my booty. Kinda bright and wild, huh?

Well, I have been saying that I need a project or some fabric to get excited about playing with. I think that it will fill the bill. I am going to make this purse you see on the right. I don't care that the fabrics go with maybe two outfits in my wardrobe. I LIKE it, LOL. The two orange-y fabrics on the left end and the pink fats on the right end will probably not go for…

A little somethin' (edited)

A little production today---

I decided to make that little bag to hold my cell phone and ID for the walking trail but the little purplish thing you see was the 2nd attempt at it.

I tried a Handy Bag first but even though I cut the initial squares 4 inches smaller, the bag still was going to finish about 5.5 x 8. It proved to be not that much smaller than the tag along tote I had made last year (black bag with cats seen above). I had positioned the velcro for the inner pocket thing up too high, thinking I needed to adjust for the changes I had made. I got the idea of how it would work but didn't bother putting on the strap and un-sewed it to salvage the fabric.

I went back to my original idea of a slightly longer, one less pocket wonder wallet using the cell phone carrier I had purchased recently for the pocket dimensions. Woohoo! I am set for the trail tomorrow. I can still store my other walking paraphernalia along with this little bag in the larger one and unpack when I rea…


As has been my frequent statement lately, I am just not being very productive lately. It is hot, I don't feel like it, nothing is really tweaking my interest or desire enough to stitch. Do I give myself permission to put that quilt top that is hanging over my head aside and do "something fun"? Make myself sew? After all, I have plenty of stuff I could/should be doing. I have found that just leads to errors and unsewing. Go with the slump and find something else to do? That usually means playing in the kitchen, reading, playing too many hands of solitaire or mahjongg.

Yeah, I am working on some embroidery (June calendar block) but it should have been done long before now. See reasons above, LOL. In truth, I messed up and had to take the last tier of beehive off but I can get it up to trimming and borders today. Then trace off July's block would be my guess.

One thing I have been thinking about whipping up though is a cell phone carrier for the walking tra…
Happy Birthday, USA

(quilt pattern from Little Quilts---made back in early 2000's. The other, a Debbie Mumm pattern though I didn't put it up this year as access to the closet it is in is sorta blocked at the moment)

It will be quiet here though I do intend to grill a couple of steaks---definitely a treat for us! I'll do some typical picnic type fare to go with it: corn on the cob, watermelon, lemonade.

The fireworks I can normally see over the tree tops by looking out the back bedroom window won't be happening as it was not in the city's budget this year. The other two towns in the county may have already done their town celebration, not sure about that though. We wouldn't be driving up there (or down there) to see them anyway. Of course the neighborhood version of fireworks started two days ago. Mostly likely it will end in a few more---when they run out of ammunition, LOL.

And so it goes around here---doing a little embroidery but no sewing but finding…