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WIP Weds??

Another Wednesday that finds me working intermittently on my Santa red work blocks---albeit, the 11th one now called "Naughty or Nice"

The Belles met yesterday and back at our normal meeting place for the first time in 2 1/2 months. If I remember back to May, we skipped the 2nd meeting of the month since it was Memorial Day weekend?? It seems like forever! We pinned a few quilts and then went to lunch as we had two birthday girls this week.

Since I don't have anything of my own projects to share, how about I share some of the quilts that were turned in?

The cute holiday flannel squares (above, left) was one that Beverly completed. She was off on a bus trip with her DIL and couldn't be with us but she sent it along with one of the others. I just love the green rick rack that she added along the outside of the quilt!

The quilt at right is one that Lois made using scraps of Linda C's fabric. The colors really are not what you would find her gravitating to so that …

finished to flimsy

Woohoo! I took the last stitches in Allison's t-shirt quilt top at about 4:30 last night.

Today, Marilyn went along with me to deliver it to Susan, our long arm pal at Out of the Box in Boaz (AL)

When I snapped these two pictures, I still had to put on a top and bottom border. I had it laid out on the floor of DJ's room to snap the measurements. Of course, the little black and white quilt inspector had to weigh in. I am not sure if he is looking for a loose string to chew on or thinking about crawling under it to play "where's the kitty?" Top sheet, blanket, quilt top........all the same to him, LOL.

Not the best picture in the world but you get the idea of how it turned out. The only thing I had done a week ago Thursday is the initial shirt whacking. Not bad to get a quilt this size done in a week, I think.

Marilyn and I did the Hobby Lobby and Wilson's stop. Susan had a piece of yardage that will work for a special project I have coming up too. My Wil…

WIP Weds, wk #33

Well, I sewed from 10 to about 4 with time out for lunch preparation, phone calls and other short breaks to stretch the legs. Half of the t-shirt quilt is done. My goal was to have this in the hands of the quilter by Friday or Saturday of this week---and I WILL make that goal.

As I showed you in my last post on Monday evening, all the blocks were done by then. I tried to work on the design in EQ but all but one of the FABS was on IM and I was too busy chatting to get the math right, LOL. Also I wanted to make an adjustment in the width of the first column---it is easier to just start over with custom set, I have found than try to make adjustments to each and every piece of an existing quilt. The picture might look "right" but I need to know exactly what size to cut those sections and verify it on my printouts.

By mid morning Tuesday I had my cutting map all figured out and went to work on cutting the background spacers and pinning them to each individual block for eas…

some progress

Well, the blocks are all done for Allison's (my niece and godchild) sorority t-shirt quilt. The blocks will be floated on some white on white but I used my bed for the design surface.

The blue was her sorority color so we wanted to incorporate it into the quilt but I did not like the way it looked against the purple or the green block that is about falling off the bed so I framed it in white first. Also there is a blue shirt that is very close in color. Now looking at the picture, I should have done that with the black block as well. It is not too late to fix it though.

I foundation pieced her initials in a block "just in case" I needed it for filler. I might stick it on the back. The blue fabric in the letters is what I have picked out for the backing.

Well, next up some calculations so I can draw up my cutting/piecing map in EQ----after I fix that block, LOL. I only THOUGHT I was done!

Stash enhancement

"A shoppin' they will go-------"

Note the fabric inspector on the job here? I had bought the pattern that you see earlier this summer at the Quilt Symposium show in Cullman (AL) from a vendor. Today I looked for the fabric to actually make the wallhanging.

Since Beverly had a quilt to pick up from our favorite long armer Susan at Out of the Box, she had invited Lois and I along for the trip to Boaz (AL). This particular pattern is "Avocato" designed by Helene Knott from Story Quilts. I would dearly love to do a whole quilt of these cat patterns. According to the website, she has 12 designs in print but more in the works, all with a vegetable theme. Maybe a couple of them would be more my speed--wall hanging with 4 cats? They finish at about 20 inches.

Anyway, the olive greens, orange, gold, fall-ish colors are for the cat wall hanging---most of this is 1/4 yards though I wanted a bit more of the stripe since I want it for bias binding. The blue ch…

well duh!

Math has never been my strong suit. Other subjects came far easier to me but math, nope. Boy do I need to correct a statement I made at the end of July about my walking tallies.

It hit me today, about the 4th lap in at 6 in the morning, that I had not walked 488 MILES since I started tracking my laps in May to the end of July. I had walked 488 LAPS at 0.28 miles/lap. DUH! Darn it anyway. Also turns out I miscalculated the laps too with simple mathematically errors in multiplication and then addition.

To date, the corrected number is 557 laps and 155.96 miles. DJ said I could almost walk from St. Louis to Bloomington, IL (my former home) with that kind of mileage. Wonder how long it will take me to get my mileage from Alabama to my parent's house?? About 675 miles from our front door to theirs. That would be a fun way to celebrate, wouldn't it? (Or how far to BC, Norma?) Well, I sure wouldn't trust my math on that one! About 50 miles a month x 10 months= Ma…

WIP Weds, wk #32

Looks like I cut off a bit of the block when I took its "glamour shot" but Santa #10 of 12 is finished.

The WIP part? I started #11. Still didn't narrow down my next sewing project and toyed with the idea of pulling out a kit from the UFO hamper. May still do that tonight for a little while anyway.

DJ and I had a quiet day--some minor house cleaning stuff, a little laundry. Our STL Cardinals were playing a day game against the Cincinnati Reds so listened to that before and after their rain delay. Supper is simmering on the stove so no biggie involved with meal preparation.

One of my quilting buds called and wanted to know if I wanted to make the Boaz run tomorrow. There are a couple items on my "want" list plus we will probably get lunch out. I'm in, LOL. I need to track down the pattern to see what amounts of yardage I need first though. Shop informed instead of on speculation, right?

Have a great evening in whatever you chose to do---------

finished to flimsy 2

Woohoo! Another finished up donation top. I think whoever gets this one can have fun looking for the matching blocks, finding the pairs. Some have them and other colored fabrics don't.

Not sure what I will work on today, though maybe the redwork Santa at least for a little while. I had been considering working on the purse that I bought fabric for recently but am reminded that I have a purse in the UFO pile that I could finish up first. Not sure exactly I left off with that one---it is a Lazy Girl DesignsTowne Purse. Since I used a dark fabric I know I wanted it more for a fall/winter thing. Still, going off on another tangent would be more fun, LOL. I'm all about the fun, dontcha know?!

Speaking of purses, have you seen Lazy Girls newest design that is going to be released next month? Too cute especially if you have some striped fabric on hand--which I do! Try this link.

DJ and I will be going out to lunch in a bit---birthday lunch. I never did pick the restaurant…

WIP wk #31

A little progress has been made on this triple rail donation top in the past two days. I had the bulk of this section done a few months back so row 6 was the one I pieced and attached.

Below is rows 7, 8 and 9---the long rows thru the middle of the quilt. 10 will complete the lower left corner when I get to it. Since it is on point, the rows get progressively smaller as you work out to the lower right. I'll get back to it tomorrow.

I have a ton of blue and green blocks made up so I am only trying to NOT put the same print right next to each other. I admit that is hard NOT to try to be too matchy-matchy with the prints---to just pick up a piece and use it no matter what, LOL. I couldn't resist working in some of the jigsaw scraps from the last donation top. You can't see it on this shot but it is in there. I'm going to whip up a couple more from the scrap basket before I resume the rows.

The pattern (from Mary Ellen Hopkins long ago online subscription) calls f…

another finish

Redwork won out yesterday---as I was very close to a finish on this one.

Pattern: Bird Brain Designs "Here Comes Santa"

Santa's Overflowing Bag of Toys is the block name. I have 9 blocks done and 3 to go plus itty bitty ones for the quilt's cornerstones.

I'll sew on that triple rail top tomorrow and stitch some more on the next block---because I can, LOL.