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WIP Tuesday

When I posted on 11-22 I was preparing to really hit the pile of donation quilts atop my armoire. At left you see 6 of 8 quilts that I took care of during that week's time.

My rail fence on point, my Bridge Creek Blossom, Lois' Many Trips Around the World, Leann's pinwheels (not really sure what the block is but will find out for the quilt documentation). The two you see folded are Aline and Leann's challenge quilts. I'll get pics of them at the Christmas party next week when we do the reveal.

In addition to the donation quilts I also quilted Linda C's Redwork Garden quilt designed by Alex Anderson for pay. Those blocks were a freebie last year that she called "12 Days of Redwork" so I guess it has been renamed and put in a different spot on the website. LOL, I gave Linda my printouts once I had my quilt done but I used a different setting blocks and ironically, mine is hanging in the closet because I never took it with me to the meeting site to …

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all the U.S. celebrants!

(turkey insert made by Veronica)

what is and isn't going on

Not the most prolific of week's in the creative department. Machine applique, stalled out. File re-arranging and other things on the home front took center stage. Besides, I honestly didn't "feel" like sewing........or quilting. I know better than to push it when I don't feel the creative muse. I DID a little redwork embroidery on the #12 Bird Brain Santa block but that is about it.

I also went thru a lot of my Christmas patterns and books. Some magazines as well. I did a bit of re-design work on my proposed Oxmoor Christmas quilt in EQ. Just no sewing or quilting as previously stated. That quilt seems to have more of an attraction for me lately. In a couple weeks, maybe.

My errands are all run and I do intend to set up to quilt starting today. My goal is to get at least 5 of those top 7 donation quilts done this week, working around the holiday meal, of course. It's doable. I don't mind having a quilt on my lap so much when the weather cools…

Design Wall Monday

This past weekend turned out to an impromptu FAB "sew and check in" time. Some housework, cleaning and cooking, kept me from joining in until after lunch on Saturday but I made some progress.

I'll show you what I got done in the past 48 hrs, LOL. Some stashbusting and both wall hangings I am working on have been moved along

Borders applied to winter "In Seasons" and I dug around in the red bin to find an old Mary Ellen Hopkins geometric red on black that I will use for binding. A scrap of it is hanging there next to the quilt-let. Binding is cut and awaiting seaming but this whole thing is in a holding pattern till both hangings are prepped.

By quitting time last night I had the wagon area of "Pumpkins 4 Sale" all prepped. I had to seam the teal piece in order to use if but I love the way it looks----like faded paint. It is turned over freezer paper as that seemed to be the easiest way to deal with that long narrow piece. It is thread basted in…


Progress made. Still needs stitched down, embroidered elements done, buttons and beads applied. And come to think of it, an outer border put on. Having fun though---like playing with paper dolls of years gone by.

I may go ahead and prep that pumpkin one that I have been wanting to do and then machine applique them both down the line.

First, a job around the house needs done before I can play with the other FABS in our impromptu sewing day. Catch you later-----------

where I am headed..................

Winter "In Season" won out for my next applique project. I know this doesn't look like much at this point, LOL.

The tree was supposed to be appliqued as well but I took one look at it and thought "I can draw that up in EQ and foundation piece it instead". And I did......... pieced it this morning.

That thing in the lower left is an angel body. Rather than have small strip of fused on fabric that tends to ravel I drew up a square about the right size and foundation pieced the line in. Then I drew the shape on freezer paper

This is where I am headed with it............I'm off to cut some letters or at least finish up the headless body. Maybe both, LOL.

I figured if I were to leap ahead a season maybe it would be ready to hang by the time winter officially comes around. Then I will follow up with spring. summer and fall---quarterly quilting.

WIP Weds, wk. 46

I took the last stitches in my Calendar Quilt-lets about 4 this afternoon. If you want to see the individual blocks a little better, go back to THIS post.

I had taken a picture like this of last year's "Be Attitude" blocks so I thought I would spread them out and do the same thing. LOL, Skyler came out from hiding under the quilt on DJ's bed just to plunk himself right in the middle of the action. DJ of course is supervising and said "why did you make these two so small?" pointing to the two appliqued blocks at the top. UHHH because those one I actually followed the directions. Then I got smart, switched to stitcheries and scanned and re-sized them. Originally they would have been a bit smaller than the appliqued ones, if you can believe that!

So, I'm done and thinking about what I want to do for my next seasonal/BOM type thing. At the moment Amy Bradley's Seasoned Quilter and Nancy Halvorsen's In Season are strong contenders. Okay, ma…

2010 Fall FAB challenge reveal

Last night the FABs gathered in IM chat for the FAB challenge reveal . Patwas our group leader this round and she said make something that said "fall" to you. Unlike previous rounds, we did not have to use a specified fabric so the field was pretty wide open. Could be Halloween, Thanksgiving, or just plain fall.

Pam had my name this round and look at all the goodies she made me! A gorgeous apron---see the apple pies and china in the fabric and cute rick rack? And I need one---my red chef's apron has seen better days. She said the pattern was in Eleanor Burns' Egg Money book.

But that was not all! Gorgeous table topper/candle mat with some wonderful decorative stitching to quilt it. And see that wonderful tote with not one, but two wonder wallets! How she crammed all this into a 9 x 12 mailer I will never know. Thank you, thank you, thank you to Pam. This hastily shot picture does not do it justice---but I had to take one quickly to show the pals on I…

Quilt-lets Day 2

What I have so far------pattern source: Nancy Halvorsen's Calendar Quilts & Stitcheries.

October, November blocks
I had reversed the orange-y plaids at first and had to do some un-sewing to get them more to my liking. The navy with stars I used for the first border shows up better in person.

September and December
I borrowed a trick from the designer of Freckles stitcheries. I had started on a set of snowmen blocks last spring---the one that is done is shown HERE . She has you mix one strand of say, a brown with two strands of a light color so it will show against a light background. I did this for the beard and hair and in retrospect. I should have done for the turkey collar (shown above) or followed Nancy's direction for color, LOL. Again, not so hot picture.


I pulled the Williams Inn fabric line from last year's Be Attitude blocks for this one as I thought it looked more summery.

Binding pile---just finished the pressing

Paula, The Quilter asked me in comments…

WIP Weds, wk 45

That time again--another week has flown by. It is a dark, damp, dreary November day, maybe more typical of what you see at the end of the month. I am thankful for some fun fabrics to play with today!

I took the last stitches in the calendar quilt blocks on Monday. Yesterday I pulled and cut fabrics for the sashing and binding. Fun digging around in the homespun boxes though I pulled some leftover Williams Inn for the August block too. Today I will start piecing as soon as I swap out machines.

Pictured is the little furry sidewalk supervisor. I think he might have been more interested in the camera cord dangling in front of him at that moment. Of course, he WOULD quit pawing and sitting on the blocks when I tried to get him in action!

Seeing as the July block is STILL up on the wall, I am determined to get November and December done and ready to hang. That is this week's goal so I start with them first. Should any of the rest be quilted up as well, even better! Hurray for f…