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A shoppin' we will go

Today Heart to Heart Quilt Shop in Trussville (AL) was having an anniversary sale.  Jane had offered to drive and could take 5 including herself.  We had agreed to meet at 9:30 at our usual spot and took off.

All was going well till we got hung up on Chalkville Mtn. Road near downtown Trussville but a train stopped on the tracks.  Finally when almost all the cars ahead of us had done a three point turnaround and went back around we figured that the locals must know another route.  Sure enough----the next street down had an overpass OVER the stopped train.  (That stinkin' train was STILL stopped in the same position when we were coming back home!!)  That detour told us that the Chocolate Biscuit was probably not open as we did not see a single car in the lot at 11 a.m.  We went to Applebee's for lunch near the quilt shop instead  before we even went shopping. Crossing Chalkville Mtn. Road or turn left onto it can be a real nightmare as there is too much traffic on a far too nar…

Thursday check in

I am happy to report that I finished up the last of the 6 donation quilts today.    When I snapped the picture I was working on the diagonal grid I had marked through the string blocks on a top that Aline had pieced.  Now it is completed with binding and label attached.  Woohoo!

To celebrate I am headed over to Trussville tomorrow for a day out with a few of the girls.  I think we are going to the Chocolate Biscuit for lunch at the tea room .  The main reason for the trip is going to Heart to Heart Quilt Shop as they are having an anniversary sale.

Here is Skyler keeping me company in his perch this afternoon.  At least he was not hoping up on the sewing table and just staring at me like he was this morning.  Uh, a little hard to quilt that way but perhaps that was his point,  LOL.

My plan for this evening is to see where I have some holes in my stash for the upcoming "Popsicle Sticks" for Norma's bday par-tay.  Even with a Jelly Roll with 40 strips I will need about 3 ti…

Lois has been busy!

Today was sort of a bonus day meeting for my quilt group. Normally we put the meetings on hold till we get past the holiday season, meaning that we meet the 2nd Tuesday of November and lay off for two months starting again in January. Oh, we meet to have the Christmas party in early December but it is not quite the same thing. Lois had some quilts to pin and wondered if anyone might be available to help and asked if we could meet on our normal 4th Tuesday. I've got the key so as long as I can be there, come on ahead.

I took my camera but should have checked the battery life before I packed it. DJ STILL had to hold quilts up once I got home, LOL. You will be able to tell what a busy girl Lois has been in 2011 as all the quilts I am going to show you are hers! Plus we pinned 5 more of her tops and re-pinned one that had been pinned a little cockeyed that I had started last week. Luckily Jane came along to help us and we whizzed thru the job in plenty of time to go out to l…

Monday check in

No picture this time out.  Nothing much has changed on my design wall other than I added a block that Aline made me for Christmas----it may end up in the adapted Oxmoor House quilt though.  I already took my quilt bag with camera in it out to the car (so I don't forget it----again!!!)   for tomorrow's meeting.

I took the weekend off from anything in the creative department.   I had some cooking to do to get ready for Christmas dinner so that took quilting's place.  DJ and I did our gift exchange on Saturday evening as is our tradition and then watched "It's a Wonderful Life".  Last night we watched the DVD I  had gotten him of the 2011 World Series.  Still gives me goosebumps when I think back over that last 6 weeks of the Cardinals season!

Today it is back down to earth----grocery errands, laundry and such.  DJ tried to run a few errands of his own but found out the lab was closed for his standing monthly blood test as is the bank and post office.  The library…

Happy Holidays

This is an older picture but it will still work.  The reason for the Season.  Since this was taken, I can tell that one of the lost sheep has returned to the flock, LOL.  These days I handi-tac the two little sheep down to keep them from the kitty paws.  The angel gets the same treatment to protect it from the husband's elbows.

May you have a joyous and peaceful Holiday season.  Safe travels as well.

WIP Weds, wk 51

Technically you could say that I am between projects.

The Christmas Patience Corner expansion is completed.  Yesterday I got the backing all seamed and with DJ's help folded up and put in the box for mailing.  My pal Norma will be quilting it up for me after she does her own.  Actually my quilt contains some of Norma and our pal Cher's fabrics in it so it will be fun to spot them as she quilts mine.   The binding is seamed for it but not pressed.   

I also added some more black solid strips to the one you see rolled on the bolt core.  (Borrowing a trick from my mom there.)  There is one or more of the quilts in this pile of donation quilts that will need it.  I want these quilts finished and not hanging over my head in the new year.  Other quilts to be made, after all.  Other tops to pin too---my own tops.

So what's with the bin of fabrics?  Norma will at some point announce a date for her postponed FAB bday par-tay.  She would like for us to explore Popsicle Sticks from one …

expansion complete

Expansion blocks, bottom row and side right, all finished up.  Top measures 84 x 96 so should fit my bed fairly well.

I took the picture on DJ's bed so you could see the entire quilt from a slightly different angle than the Dec 2010 "finish".  Had to laugh when I went to put the quilt on the bed though.  Skyler was hiding UNDER the quilt.   I didn't know that till I was removing the pillows from the bed and he started meowing at me.  I waited till he moved to take the pictures but of course, he had to test out the top.

I plan on prepping the backing after supper.  The binding is already cut so I can sew it as well.  Hurray for another "finish!

ED NOTE:  12-20 well, that backing prep didn't quite happen.  Something about laundering, prepping and ironing 9 yards of fabric just  takes all the ambition right out of you.  Guess what is tops on today's goal list, LOL?

back to sewing

Skyler has made himself quite comfortable on the newest quilt.  I cannot get him off of it long enough to make the bed, as you can see.   I wanted to be sure it was completely dry before I put it up in the armoire or hung it on the quilt rack so slept under it last night.  I want the darker Scrappy Bargello on the bed though for the winter months.  Surely he will get up at some point, LOL.  I would say it certainly passed the kitty "tested and approved" criteria!

I am giving my fingers a break from tons of binding and finger cracks to sew.  Oh, I could quilt up my Thanksgiving turkey button up but not when I am in a Christmas frame of mind!  The expansion project of the Christmas Patience Corner, it is then.  I thought I was done with this LAST year about this time.  You can see it HERE in this post.  I know that picture makes it look like it has a dark green border but that is the aforementioned bargello quilt underneath the top.  I like the looks of it but I have elected t…

Done, done, done

Actually the quilt is in the washer right now to get the blue marks out of the border but it does not look a whole lot different that this picture.   If you are seeing pins, then that is why, LOL.

This is a BOM started in Pell City in 05, blocks added to and completed in June 2006.   The source:  Eleanor Burns Pioneer Sampler but I added 18 other blocks in the public domain, etc.   I machine quilted a good bit of it several years back and stalled out with 5 to go.  

Then I made the commitment to get this done this year back in November----and I did with about two weeks to go.  My husband may not be excited for me or proud of my efforts but I am!  

I'll get some other shots so you can see the border cables at least.   Now to move it from the UFO tab to the 2011 finish tab.

Binding----and quilt pics

Since my last post, I quilted up the FAB bday present and yesterday, completed the binding. Of course, I cannot show you it yet. SHHHHHH TSP.  My Thanksgiving button up, while pinned and ready, will wait till the next quilting binge.  You have to strike when the mood to bind hits, as it is rare, LOL.

Today, I am all set up to work on binding my large bed sized "Pioneer Sampler Plus". The forward table is ahead of the sewing table but pointed a different direction in the room so I can spread out the weight of the quilt. Of course, this is just all too tempting to Skyler. At the time he was looking for an opening either UNDER the quilt or the softest spot on TOP of it.   Or he may have spotted a loose string to go chew on.  I'm guessing the hiding spot though.  I have yet to put the first stitch in it but I'm ready.

I also promised you quilt pictures from the Belles Party the other day.   I went off without my camera so Quilt Holder had to do the honors so I…

WIP Weds

So far the only thing I have managed to get done on the creative side was prep the labels for the button ups and cut/press the sewn piece of tab strap.  I pinned both tops last evening.  I am setting up to start quilting in a few minutes or more likely, after lunch.

We had a fun time at the Christmas lunch out yesterday. So much easier then having to make a dish to pass.  Some of the girls had done that the night before for Lick Skillet Guild so I am glad we didn't go that route.  We had  "Show and Tell" afterwards--along with some date nut bread that Beverly shared.

  Silly me, went off without the camera again.  Marilyn had hers but turns out the battery needed charging so that was out.  Bev took some of her camera phone but I don't have those yet.  I had DJ hold up the turned in quilts anyway once I got home so I'll share those tomorrow.  I promise!

Well, you know were to find me--quilting!

Design Wall Monday

The actual design wall is just holding the same old blocks that have been there awhile plus the completed Christmas Star 2003 and some sewn tabs and binding for the button up above and the giftie one.  BORING!  But since I should include a picture with my post, you get to see the turkey closer up.   I am just about done with the piece having just the word "Thanks" to button hole applique.  I am trying to match the design elements on this one so I don't know that you will see my efforts very well.  Next up, the giftie applique and then off to prep backings and batting.

Tomorrow is the Bama Belles Christmas party.  Since this is such a busy time of year,  it will be a fuss free event.  No gift exchange, no dish to pass.  So many of the girls belong to more than one group and it seems they each have their own holiday routines.  It can get overwhelming!  We are off to Olive Garden for lunch and then do a reveal of our scrappy challenge projects back at out meeting place.

To t…

sewing and more sewing

I've been sewing like crazy the last two days---and loving it.

One I cannot show you but this one I can.    BU #20 Give Thanks.  I got it to the point where I need to do the button hole  applique.  I prepped the binding and tabs before I called it quits.

Tomorrow is the Friendship Quilters Christmas luncheon.  Show and tell, installation of officers (I'm the incoming secretary) and other program year wrap up things.  I'm guessing that I will just take the day off or do some hand work tomorrow.

I snapped this picture of Skyler this afternoon.  AWWWWW isn't he the cutest little thing?   I almost didn't see him hidden under DJ's throw.  He loves to burrow under anything cloth or fabric.  Sometimes  if you cannot find him he is hiding under the quilt on DJ's bed.

Nothing much else going on here today seeing as I was kind of "chained" to the machine.  Hope you have had a good day---------

WIP Weds

I could have subtitled this post as "cuttin' and kittin'" but that just sounds like some annoyingly pretentious movie title, LOL.   Still, the action is true that last two days.

I have prepared the "Give Thanks" Button Up #20 for myself but the kit below is birthday giftie for my FAB pal Norma's pushed back bday party.  She knows I am making her a button up so that part is okay.  She does not know which one since I gave her a choice.  I made a decision about the binding and cut it out this morning.

And while I have the ruler and rotary cutter at the ready, I am also going to cut this Michael Miller Christmas yardage into bias binding for "soon to be expanded" Christmas Patience Corner.  I cut a few nickels out of the leftovers to include in the extra blocks too.  I have "Tiny Snowflakes in Green Tea backing" and a couple of 5 inch charms from the Winter Fun collection coming from Connecting Threads.  LOL, I am pre-spending my Christma…

Holiday preparation

Just taking a little breather here-------

I know DJ will say that is it too early to put up the tree but I had set aside today to finish up MY part of the decorating.  He is wearing a Holter monitor today---he feels fine but the cardiologist wanted a followup for comparison purposes along with an echocardiogram.   I can drag the tree down to spare him a trip up and down the ladder as well as haul the decorations in.    I've already drug in most of it already so what's a couple more?

There is a little method to my madness.  By the time he gets in the mood to put the tree up (mid month) he has a hard time convincing me to actually decorate it as I am no longer "in the mood".  I've done my part, now you do yours!  So if the tree is up when I am ready to decorate, he might get some help.  LOL

Normally Ms. Mousie and a stuffed bear (that has antlers, LOL) go UNDER the tree since there aren't presents under it.  Of course, Skyler wasted no time in going after her!  …

Sunday check in

No surprise but I have set aside the hand finishing details on the Pioneer Sampler Plus in the last few posts.  I'll get back to it but there are a couple other things that need attention first.

The block at left is one of them.   It is the challenge block for the Friendship Quilters Guild and due on this coming Saturday.  While I did not participate in the block of the month, others did.  The organizers suggested the Christmas 2003 block from Quilter's Cache for anyone that wanted to make one.  I don't believe that there is going to be any voting on them for a favorite or anything like that.  I figure I can always use a 12 inch finished block for my Adapted Oxmoor House Christmas quilt so I'll bite, LOL.

One thing though the downloaded gif did not print anywhere near the scale listed on the block.  I drew it up in EQ and made a little adjustment in the drawing so the rings would be even on the edges.  My first attempt was not, LOL.  When I inspected the printout outs I …

getting closer

I am getting there!  Yesterday was borders day.  Today's goals are hanging sleeve, label and binding application---and that is doable.  This whole deal with need washed to remove the blue marks but not till the hand part of the binding is done.  I COULD sleep under this one tonight if I want.

I swapped out the fall wall hangings yesterday and put my Christmas log cabin quilt on the back of the couch.  That led me to take a peek at one of my other Christmas tops----Patience Corner last seen HERE, last December about this time.   I don't know what I was thinking but this thing is too small as is at 72 x 84.  I am guessing I was considering a fairly deep double border but didn't have the yardage I needed for that.  Since I like the looks of it as shown on the bed, I need to make 14 more blocks to bump the size up to 84 x 96.  Norma has offered to quilt it for me AFTER the holidays are passed and then we both will have one to grace our respective beds NEXT Christmas.  (THX, my …

WIP Weds

Actually I am not all that sure if this will BE a WIP project today.  I am proud to announce that I did get the last 5 blocks that remained to be done quilted yesterday.  It was no easy task either since I do not free motion (rarely) and I stitch in the ditch on a domestic machine, my old trusty Viking 500.  Definitely a two ibuprofen night after wrestling this thing around.  All that might get done is to quilt a line under the little flap of red.

Still, I am happy that I got this moved forward.  The borders still need to be done, of course.  I would dearly love to hand quilt it but I DO want this thing finished and off the UFO "list".  I have used one of the Quilter's Dream poly in low loft in this thing and I honestly do not recall if it recommended for hand quilting.  That is a definite consideration before I put the time into it.

If I am going to do this on the machine then I need a cable with a fairly gentle curve.  The braid will work better than the egg and dart.  …

Another one done! edited

Designed by Mary Whitehead but piecing instructions written up and class given by Nancy Allain
Completed the top on March 1, 2011 and officially finished November 28, 2011.

It just fits the rod above my bed!  So far Skyler has not noticed the change out of the quilts and tried to climb in behind it, LOL.

Today I quilt on that big monster so wish me luck. 

Edited note:  This was later donated to WTIL in the fall of 2012.  Sometimes you just made quilts to try a technique but that doesn't mean they have to continue to live at your house.

checking in Monday

I have another finish to report.  Woohoo!  Merry Christmas BU #21 is ready to hang when I am ready to decorate---another week away anyway.

I've been binding like crazy this past weekend.  I thought that I would get at those 5 blocks in the long lagging bed sized Pioneer Plus Sampler today but I am backing off that.  I only have one more quilt to bind (Gordian Knot 1) and I want that decked cleared rather than having it hanging over my head.  It needs to be  done by the Friendship Quilter's Christmas luncheon on Dec. 9th.  I would have plenty of time except for the other things I would like to have done first, LOL.  What's another day at this juncture?

DJ has been scouring the ads for months now in an effort to replace our microwave.  Our old one had a  light that no longer worked and the 1 button had given up the ghost.  You can live with some of that but not if you need a power level 1 or want to stand there and baby sit the thing to avoid overheating whatever it was you …

a finish

Woohoo!  A finish this morning.  Pattern source:  Nancy Halvorsen "In Seasons".  This officially completes the series of 4 quilt-lets.

I was determined to get this done so it could hang at least a few days until I get the urge to do the Christmas decorating.  Normally I wait till we are about a week into December and then take then down after New Year's Day.

My plan for the day is to quilt the Merry Christmas "Charley Brown looking tree"  Button  Up next.  It's all marked and ready to roll.  Hanging loops, binding, label are all ready too.  Hopefully THAT hand finishing will be done when I decide to hang the Christmas pieces. But for now I will re-hang and enjoy the "I Love My Cat" that Pat made for my bday----too cute!

And speaking of cats,  I have one patiently sitting on the desk next to the keyboard and waiting for me to walk out with him to the kitchen for a taste of Fancy Feast.  Real turkey, he wouldn't touch but give him some foul sme…

Plans for 2012

First off, Happy Thanksgiving to my USA readers! And Happy Birthday to my dear friend Norma! We FABS will celebrate it together down the line---once the holiday hubbub passes.


I was just updating my UFO tab this morning as I knew that I had not included 3 half started row quilts.  I knew that my languishing Oxmoor House quilt has GOT to go on the top of the list.  I have re-designed this thing twice,  3 times if you count the version I finished up for Betsy.   I have been talking about it for years!

I came close in late 2010 when I printed off the small log cabin blocks to foundation piece.  I've even got a small basket with fabrics pulled for it!

While I want to continue to work on the Button Up pieces in the coming year, I also want this quilt moved forward.  Put up or shut up, right?

I've got plenty of other tops to finish, to quilt, to start even for this that and the other thing---and those will or won't get done …