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sew. sew. sew

First you cut, cut, cut.....and then you chain yourself to the sewing machine and sew like crazy, LOL.

At left, the Gordian Knot from my quilt class. When I stopped sewing on Saturday with two halves of the top. (it's on point) That elongated rail section is the last piece to be added when you go back to finish off the partial seams. Today's goal is to finish this top up.

Pattern source: Gordian Knot designed by Mary Whitehead. Our teacher said Mrs. Whitehead had drawn up the designs before her passing but died before she could include the assembly instructions. The teacher spent 4 years figuring out how THAT part was done for the 9 designs. This is knot #1.

I started this pile of Triple Rail blocks on Thursday using scraps from the Belles scrappy challenge container. By Sunday afternoon I counted them up while I pressed the final seams-- 80 blocks separated out by color groupings. I had some left (22) from my last quilt of this type. Just how many did I need for stra…

ongoing sewing

Hey, that title rhymes, LOL.

I started sewing a bit from the Belles challenge scraps last night. Actually I was sewing in part to make sure the Jem was going to behave before I drag it off to class in Pell City tomorrow. ( I had some tension issues the last time I used it. ) Mostly I wanted to make a dent in that little bin since it has a lot of little things planned for it---see the label on the little bin, LOL. After a few days of cutting, I was ready to sew!

Rail blocks seemed to be the easiest to start with. It takes a lot of blocks to make enough for a top since they finish at 4.5 inches hence the "ongoing sewing". I have blocks leftover from the last quilt I made for a jump start on the next one. I am thinking this time I will do straight sets rather than on point with a heart pieced in.

Bowtie blocks are also another ongoing project around here. I have a whole container set aside for that purpose---3D type and the diagonal corner method. Again, there are a fe…

WIP Weds, wk 9/yesterday's meeting

Cutting and kitting again!

I finished quilting my Kitty "Leap Frog" Monday evening and could have worked on the binding at the quilt meeting yesterday. You know I didn't since you know how I feel about binding, LOL. Instead, I cut the two kit bags you see on the top middle and right, the fall-ish colored stuff from mostly challenge fabrics. It all kinda- sorta went together but the quilting pals made some suggestions and even handed me a good "go-with" that Linda C had just placed in the donation fabric.

The one on the right will be a staggered bricks quilt. I was minus one yellow-y olive green strip that I needed to complete the kit but found three possibles in my stash here at home and cut up what I had left. There are some loose 4 1/2 inch strips in there from what I was able to squeeze out that might end up a Snuggle Up down the line, depending on what remains when I am done with the Bricks idea.

The middle one uses a large scale fall print from the Be…

checking in

Just a bit ago DJ asked me what I have planned for the day. I am finding it particularly difficult to get motivated today since I am going on only 3 1/2 hrs of sleep for the 2nd night in a row. Hate that! DJ and Skyler are both morning "people" so no way are they going to let me crawl back in bed and try to cop some zzzz's anytime after 7 a.m.

You try to put everything out of your mind so you CAN sleep but sometimes thoughts keep coming unbidden. That block at left is part of what I was thinking about in the wee small hours of the night. I need to make a 3 inch finished friendship with a half inch finished frame around it for a name tag for the Pell City Quilt group at some point. I want to foundation piece it so I eliminated a few lines when I drew it up in EQ. To me, this is spinning backwards but that is their insignia, being the Friendship Quilters. I should have just gotten up at 230 and drawn the darned thing instead of thinking about "what size did sh…

a finish

..........well, actually two finishes but I can't show you one of them till later in the month.

Shown, Christmas log cabin circa 2000 something as I just took the last stitches in the binding a few minutes ago. I quilted it in late December. I had a little more than half of the binding done last month but got back to it today. Learned my lesson on one thing on this project: I had used a sheet on the back which makes for a seamless backing but it was not easy to needle especially where I had the extra thickness of a hanging sleeve at the top. My fingers are a little needle bruised so I think I will switch to quilting one of those pinned tops tomorrow. I am guessing it will be my cat leap frog, last seen HERE in Sept 06 when the top was completed. Antiqued enough, you say?? What to put in that large open square--shape of a cat's head?? I think I can find a model around here somewhere.

NOT shown a FAB birthday challenge piece from the Joined at the Hip Button Up collec…

checking in

LOL, this post will not fit either the design wall Monday or WIP Weds protocols. I have been busy here in the sewing room since I last posted but just don't have a whole lot I can show you.

The base for the "In Seasons" Spring piece was sewn. Machine applique was done on the FAB birthday piece with the deadline coming up by month's end. February JATH QOM is stalled out for now. I may jump ahead to March and finish February up later since this month is half gone now. For now the January snow man is still hanging and I'm cool with that.

Saturday I spent a big part of the day cutting my way through a stuffed to the brim grocery bag of scraps for the Belles scrappy challenge. My bag(s) contained a stack of some yardage that I didn't want to slice down yet as there were some piecing possibilities for some of it so I attacked the true scrap stuff. You know the drill--whatever you can squeeze out of the piece.

It turned out to be: 3 inch squares for an exist…

WIP Weds

Other than making a pile of binding, there is not a whole lot going on here today creatively. I AM preparing to mail two boxes of quilts off to Wrap Them in Love Headquarters. including the two tops I made last weekend.

Normally we only send in finished, ready to ship out quilts but Ellen had indicated that the shelves were pretty low right now after she had prepared a large shipment for a site in South America. I have put a moratorium on my pinning anything more to quilt till that pile on my armoire is dealt with. If she didn't mind quilting these two, she could have them a whole lot sooner than if I had to do it. (She has a long arm at the shop. ) After some back and forth emails she said to pop them in the box and she would do the honors.

So there is the aforementioned pile of binding about to be pressed. The project bag is my FAB birthday present for later in the month---I was basting down some of the elements of the design at the quilt meeting yesterday. The stack of fab…

tada---#7 11n11

#7 11n11, PIF challenge flimsy completed

today's goals

This is where I left off last night with #7 of 11n11 and the sewing weekend---all the strip sets are done. The pattern is The Craftsman Quilt from the site and like the one I did over the last two days, designed by Anne Wiens. Basically the same fabrics, plus 1 since I didn't have extra of the focus fabric to use.

SO since all my grocery errands are run, menu planned for the week, frozen stuff pulled out to thaw, etc I am ready to put this puppy's borders together and finish up the top.

This is who has greeted me when I have headed back and forth from the kitchen for the last 10 minutes. I do not have a clue what he wants and he won't tell ME. DJ had left to help someone next door so he might be hoping he will come back soon. Who knows??

And look what has just come up in our back yard---yellow crocuses. There is a bunch more but I just focuses on this clump. We also have some purple ones planted but the yellows always arrive first.

Well, the quilt top w…

#6 of 11n11

Finished to flimsy #6 and part of the "Pay It Forward" challenge as well. Some of the WTIL list group is working together this weekend to see what we can get done.

Center panel from fabric from Over the Rainbow and rest from my stash. I know it looks kind of dead out on the edge but it will be bound in the same blue as the sashing.

Moving on to #7 from the same fabrics but different pattern.

Note cat chewing on hanging down string? That little booger boy!

Design Wall Friday?

Or today's project, LOL. The base for the SPRING Nancy Halvorsen seasonal wallhanging from her "In Seasons" book.

I figured while I was cutting I would get that rolling too---even though I still have a February QOM and a birthday present to finish first.

I pulled some of the applique motif stuff and that is what you see hanging around the periphery. That and some pieces I cut to audition on the base. Live with it a bit before I sew it.

And this is what the one on the book looks like. My borders will not be so olive green in color. I can't begin to replicate those fabrics in the first place but it is fun to raid the plaid and strips box anyway.

Once I get the base assembled I plan on starting one of the kits---Right Angles featuring a girl's sports fabric Red Rooster's Sports World. Stay tuned, LOL!

It is pouring down rain and the temps are just a little above freezing. I'm crossing my fingers that my car doors don't freeze up again or the roads get…

still at it---designing, cutting

Yesterday's cutting output at left.

Clockwise from upper left, the go-with's for Lyn Brown's Cypress Quilt (leftovers from Mom). Some old Debbie Mumm animal print will show up there.

Upper right---whatever it was intended to be, it is now cut up and re-purposed for a Naptime though not near as fun and bright fabric as I cut up. No clue as to where it originated.

Lower right---Prairie Window but I am not going to do an outer border. Shells fabric from the BB challenge. Not sure where the stripe is from but I found a use for it and whacked up some old yardage from my stash that looks a lot like wet sand color.

Lower left, BQ 1 the half sized version. The focus fabric is some of the Over the Rainbow PIF challenge fabric. The red dot is donation fabric though I am not sure about the source. It may have been in the BB challenge, not sure. It was not a purchase I made though.

This is what I am supposed to be cutting for today but I have gotten a little sidetracked drawin…

cutting and kitting

I guess today's post is cross between Design Wall Monday and WIP Weds, LOL. You have to cut and kit before you can do either of those posts.

I've been busy today and will probably still be at it tomorrow. Pressing fabric in preparation to cut, calculating if I have enough yardage, debating on which background to use for another project bag.

Yesterday I had gone thru a former project bag and decided there was no way on God's green earth that I wanted to complete the original project plan. Actually I already had switched gears once on it. Originally it was a millenium quilt from Patchwork Studio, 12 blocks with alternating chaining blocks. I did 6 of pieced blocks, enough of the chaining blocks and cleverly called the quilt "500 Years"---perfect size for a donation quilt. BUT I had a good bit of WOW that could be re-purposed and the two leftover blocks can go in an abandoned block top later.

So this morning, I put that WOW to use. I need a fresh project to wor…