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finished to flimsy

I knew when I last posted that I probably would NOT get my current top done that day or even the next. And I didn't. Between running a few errands and doing some meal prep work ahead my time was spoken for. I would sew intermittently and play on the computer in between----same as always, LOL.

Hot off the press----or rather after Quilt Holder got up from his nap. The Belles Scrappy Challenge Puss in the Corner flimsy is done. See who is looking for some dangling string down there?? I had put a couple more squares into the mix when I was cutting up the blue fabric recently. I found if I made two more blocks I could add an extra row for length. Kids come in all sizes, after all. We shoot for 40 x 60 and this is probably closer to 43 x 68 ish.

And speaking of the Skyler kitty, some of the fabric was cleared out with what WAS the dark to medium blue bin. He can get up on the shelf and "hide" if he wants and keep me company in the sewing room. Mostly he was a…

unintended net break

It is one thing to take some planned time off from blogging or your computer. That is not what happened in my case. I've got the pictures to show you why I was offline. First let me say, I know that this is so minor compared to what others went thru with the tornadoes two months ago. I am not complaining---it could have been worse---but relaying the story. 

DJ and I had just sat down to a bowl of homemade vegetable beef soup on Friday evening. As has happened fairly often this month, our area was under a severe thunderstorm watch/warning situation. It was getting darker and windy-er by the minute. A few bites in and off went the power and out came the candles. I don't know that I have ever eaten soup by candle light so I was just hoping that I didn't end up wearing more than I was ingesting, LOL.

About twenty minutes later our power came back on but the neighbor woman was knocking on the door. There is a tree limb from her tree in the back yard on our…

What I have been up to...........

for the last couple days. Just in time for the deadline tomorrow. We were to make 12 inch finished Sawtooth type stars for Ben's QOV quilt. I used EQ for my patterns but some are available online so I will share the links if you want them.


no pattern, I just drew up the variation



If you are looking for a whole pile of 12 inch finished sawtooth star variations for a sampler or whatever, try this page at Quilter's Cache

What's next?? Probably back to one or the other of my scrappy challenge quilts but first, the floor in here needs some attention. Threads and bits of paper are scattered everywhere and I have been dragging a path to the bathroom and bedroom. Good to feel productive again.

Design Wall Monday

Saturday I managed to get the sections sewn together for the Summer "In Seasons" wall hanging but so far, it remains up on the design wall with the pile of motif fabrics stacked up and waiting. I still need to mark the word "welcome" to the top and bottom border if I am going to stitch that on. You can find a picture of where I am headed HERE.

Since tomorrow is the official start of summer and I am not ready with the replacement wall hanging, I may shift a few of the wall hangings around as a temporary measure. I notice too that I still have a little rabbit hanging on the sewing room door that should be replaced with something more seasonal----like the flag motif maybe?? Flag Day, 4th of July coming up, after all.

After I took this picture, I finished cutting my way thru the smaller pieces of blue fabrics that I had pulled, doing it in sections for both pressing and cutting. I have squares cut for 3d bowties, enough to get started on a project anyway. Maybe…
Happy Father's Day! I love you--------

My dad, my brother Steve and me in 1954

reveal of a formerly top secret project

The FABS were finally able to gather in one spot long enough for our pal Cherto open her birthday presents.

Between a family illness, lagging participants, various people taking trips hither and yon we just could not get our schedules, particularly on a weekend to align. We had hoped initially that we would have a sewing project to do---like we did with the Jelly Roll 1600 for Pam's bday. Finally we just opted for an evening and even then one of the girls had just an hour window. Cher does have something sewing in mind (at least we think it is sewing) for us but it might be mid September before we can make it happen. She won't tell us what though!

Anyway, this is what I made for her. Gordian Knot VI. You may recall when I made Gordian Knot 1 shown HERE. The patterns were all designed Mary Whitehead. Our teacher Nancy Allain said Mrs. Whitehead had drawn up the designs before her passing but died before she could include the assembly instructions. The teacher spe…

WIP Wednesday

I don't know if I am really doing what you would call "work" today, LOL. I did go thru one of my dark blue storage bins and pulled most of the fabric, organizing it a bit for cutting.

The pile on the left is smaller pieces so I am just going whack up the whole thing into 2 1/2 inch strips. I want to do a staggered Skinny Strips quilt for the veteran's home project that I spotted in Quilts and More for my FAB bday party in August. There is a free pattern online at the APQ website under the patriotic quilts---- click HERE if you would rather not go hunting. If I can get some 3 1/2 inch squares out of the deal, fine. Those are always good for 3-D bowties.

The pile that you see on the right is bigger pieces so I am shooting for 6 1/2 inches squares for a Disappearing 4 patch like the one my pal Pat has made shown HERE. Well, that or a Carrie Nelson "True Blue". Jan has a wonderful multicolored version on her blog post HERE . Another idea that I ke…

checking in

Deb had commented about the recently finished up sewing machine cover I showed her on the blog. I told her that she could have the pattern if she wished as I am done with it. We ended up working out a swap. I suggested that a couple of 30's fats would be good but only if she insisted on doing something in return for the pattern. I think she outdid herself! Thanks again, Deb!

Shown with it is the set aside Two of Kind/Cheap Trick quilt. The top is roughly half done at this point. SIGH. Maybe some new to me fabrics will help push it forward??

I still don't really feel like sewing but I am tired of looking at the little piles of stuff in this room. It seems like it is mocking me and making me feel guilty for NOT sewing and worse, wasting time doing a whole lot of nothing important. Maybe it is this prolonged heat----zero ambition.

Shown at right is the program materials from the Friendship Quilter's group this past Saturday. They were showing us how to make a hexa…

home happenings

Skyler shown visiting with the neighborhood cat, Chico. Yeah, the spoiled baby gets a chair moved over to the door way so he can see his buddy. If we could just entice Chico over the front door where the visible area goes all the way down, we would not do this. Chico likes the cool shaded concret though.

First thing this morning, DJ opens his blind and the thing comes crashing down. Skyler runs off like he had been shot and bright morning sun comes streaming in. It turns out the header on the blind has cracked from the constant of the pull cord on it. It came with the house so who knows how many years old it is as I can only count the almost 14 years we have been here.

What to do?? He doesn't want a light colored one but that is all that the stores carry nor does he want to pay a lot to replace them. Might be able to get a black one from Penney's or order it but the price range was 10-60 bucks. BUT we have some old blinds out in the storage shed but are they the right si…

a start

It is a start! I pulled some possible fabrics for "Summer" from Nancy Halvorsen's In Season yesterday. Today I winnowed it down and cut.

I knew from digging around in the storage container over stuffed with neutrals and lights that there was no way on God's green earth I would get it back in there again. I separated things out by shades or types but picked up two smaller 20 qt. containers when I was out today. This should make it easier to see what I have for a scrappy background quilt in the future. I left the white on whites out since I know that I will be needing them for the flag Button Up and/or veterans quilts---they don't really belong where I had them anyway. Think I might get some sewing done if I ever got myself organized to my satisfaction??

The stuff you see piled on the table is the applique motif stuff. The left pile is possibles for the borders and binding.

To the right, is where I am heading. It should look something like this. (Sc…

a little progress?

In the past days I have gotten a little bit more done in several areas.

I almost have 4 blocks completely hand quilted on the Bird Brain Santa. I am still looking for a cable idea for the sashing and have a few on order that MIGHT work. I think it needs something more than in the ditch. I did check in my inventory at home and have one that may be more in keeping with what I am visualizing though. I have NOT looked in any of my quilting motif books yet either.

Next we have most of the flower stems hand appliqued down on this project---the one on the extreme left is only partially stitched. Note: this is April's quilt of the month of the Joined at the Hip Button Up. I am so far behind since I elected to go with hand work. Oh well, that is why the" Welcome" one is done and hanging. I am considering jumping ahead to July since I so far behind and catch finish this up more at my leisure. Actually if you leave off the July wording, this one would work for any of th…

what a week!

A week ago I was packing to leave for Illinois for a few days. DJ's grandson Josh, seen at left, was graduating from high school so this time DJ had to make the trip too. Ordinarily he goes every other or every third year. He is happy if I can get a ride up with friends from round here. Or he can drop me off and/or pick me up at the Atlanta airport. If my brother and his family are going to the same deal, I can meet up with them in their home near Nashville and ride up the rest of the way too. Options!

My friend Jane had offered to come in and tend to Skyler's needs while we were gone. We took her up on it so he would not have to be boarded at the vet's office. The private place we had used before had closed since we needed it last. This seemed to be our best option. We could leave earlier in the day and he would be happier in his own surroundings.

We usually have to wait to leave after 8 and then stop overnight in southern IL leaving about 3 hours to go the next…