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some progress

Shortly after I posted on Thursday, my friend Nancy came by to pick up the borders and binding I had cut for her Civil war quilt. Her friend Shawnee was with her. I had met her recently at one of our quilt meetings last month so it was fine to have unexpected guest. For the 2nd time this week, someone wanted to see my quilts, particularly the 30's ones! My friend Teresa was over on Tuesday and wanted to see my stuff too. I obliged---on both counts, LOL.

I knew Nancy was a real animal lover so I pulled out my Amy Bradley Kitty City quilt and her Dazzling Dog blocks that haven't made it into a quilt --yet. Also, like me, they both do "redwork" so I showed them my Bird Brain Santa's too but I forgot about the calendar cat top in the closet. They might have been on quilt overload by that point anyway. Even I was! Of course, not all my quilts were made by ME personally. My mom is responsible for a few of them too.

I don't know how well you can see it …


I have been busy with things on the home front but not much in the sewing related department. Such is life sometimes. It is so blamed hot and humid (read: summer! so what do you expect?) that you honestly feel like expending the least amount of energy possible. The sun is so intense that just going out to the mailbox can reduce you to a puddle of sweat. I know that I am far from alone in this predicament. Much of the country is still roasty-toasty judging from the weather maps.

The quilt group met on Tuesday as planned. The fill-in spot is maybe about 2 miles from my house and I was not in charge of the key so I didn't have to leave the house till about an hour later than I normally would. Some of the group was missing but seldom is everyone there to start with. We had a couple of special guests instead.

Aline was on grandma duty so we all got to meet her first great-grand Lily who is just three months old. Grandpa was standing by at home just in case she got too fussy or…

What a day!

A little fruit basket upset around here yesterday. Definitely no sewing was happening!

It being Monday, I had some errands to run. This time, it included a run over the church where we ordinarily meet to get our batting and other pinning supplies we will need for the meeting today at another location. (The fellowship hall has been in use for almost two months now for the ARC camps but we will go back in August.) Since another stop was at the office supply store, I picked up a new key board. WAHOO!! I'm a happy girl till the paint wears off anyway. (Why are they all black now???)

While I was gone, DJ had been on errands of his own! He had been saving up his change for a new HD tv. He has been watching the sales flyers for months now and spotted one he liked at a price he was willing to pay. That's it, above, settled in its new home, much much later in this narrative. "I need you to help me carry the box in from the car once we move my old one" he says. …

still no sewing..........

so what have I been doing with myself?? Still messing with those recipes from the stacked up mags until about 30 minutes ago. BUT 3080 recipes later and files backed up, I think I am officially done. It got a little faster once I figured out taste of home's system for labeling the files in their url. I didn't have to search for it first but is/was still time consuming to download and transfer. Thank heavens for recipe fox in a Firefox browser for grabbing the whole shootin' match along with the picture!

I thought I was done on Friday morning but found another stack of about a dozen to transfer over to the cooking software. I still have some taste of home magazines on the shelf but those may be covered with the books they put out at years end that contain the whole year's mags. If that is the case, then those puppies are out of there too.

In between, I seemed to be having problems with the replacement keyboard. Not long ago the one I had used for a long…

off on another tangent

I am off on another tangent that has absolutely nothing to do with quilting. The cooking magazines are piling up and I am downloading the recipes from the taste of home website to my cooking software. Then the mags can go off to the Friends of the Library. Based on what I got done yesterday, another day or so should take care of this particular publication. Meanwhile I am getting a few new ideas to work into the menu planning. That can't be a bad thing---other than the list is starting for a return trip to the store, LOL. Well, that is inevitable anyway.

Shown at left, Skyler is play mode. We had already played "where's the kitty?" in attempting to make the bed. He is not much help in the bed making department, trust me but it is part of our play. He got all enthralled with his sock ball and I just skipped the top quilt for now. Note his exit strategy from the room. Rather than just walk over to the blanket chest and down to the floor he would rather l…

today's output

It took me a good chunk of yesterday but I met my goal to get this pile of 48 blocks cut from the giant 4 patch down to the nine patch components.

And here was today's goal-----I do not believe that the giftee reads my blog and will see the frienship blocks. I cut the background block oversized so they can be trimmed down by the assemblers. They still need to be button hole appliqued and then some embroidered elements and a small button on the suspenders. Suspender Sam/Overall Bill on the right is stylishly dressed in Williamsburg Inn except for his shoes. Sam/Bill on the left looks like he has a 30's Hawaiian shirt on with hula girls. Old blues for the overalls and hat. The other? Dig around in the scrap basket till you find something you like.

I used the Eleanor Burns turned interface version for most of this mainly because the others involved in the group project will as well. I knew from past experience on a previous friendship quilt to just use fusible product o…

today's goals

I have doing well in making do-able short term daily goals. Most of what I had my list yesterday got done until Mother Nature decided to get serious about that thunder and lightning around here.
I didn't get fabric pulled for the friendship blocks after all but I know where to start looking for it--which color groupings and/or theme. I DID get all but 4 of the giant 4 patches done last night. I tried but I am not going to risk zapping out the mother board on my machine. I always make sure the machine is unplugged over night since I had to replace one on my Viking. Or if storms are approaching, stop and unplug.

I finished up the blocks this morning. So today, I am going to get giant 4 patches cut for the next step. I am going to have to put this away for a few days so I want the blocks laid out ready to sew so the pizza box will work just fine for stacking them up as they should be picked up and sewn.

Problem was, I had no empty pizza boxes. I emptied out one that I would not…

half way there!

Yep, I am getting a little production done here today. The embroidery on Summer............

..........and flowers stuff basted down on the July Button Up.

Both projects are ready for the button hole applique once I swap out my machines. I like the BH stitch better on my Viking whereas I prefer to sew with the Brother.

I am still considering sewing getting to those 4 patch blocks but it is really thunder rumbling out there. I don't think we are under warnings yet but it certainly looks like it could at least rain a bit. I may wait till after supper if things are cleared up by then. Once the sun starts to lower in the cloudy skies, it sometimes will clear up when it nears the tree line. Who knows?

For now, I think I will pull the fabric for some friendship blocks I had offered to do.

pictures round the house

After running a quick errand into town, I was struck by how much more our crape myrtle trees/bushes had bloomed out. Had to get my camera! These did not load in the order I wanted but whatever...............

sunset shot from a recent evening

The red one--my favorite really

The purply-pink one as you enter the lane on its north side

Purply pink one and the white tree as you look back South

Today is hand work day, I guess. I already did the word "welcome" with perle cotton embroidery on the "Summer" piece top and bottom before I ran my errand---last seen HERE. Next up on my list is to baste the leaves and stems on July Button---last seen HERE. Then if I have the time and/or inclination, I can sew up the last 15 giant 4 patches for D4P. See how it goes.

WIP Weds, wk.29

Just to avoid a pictureless post, here is the button basket block that I finished up yesterday. I also put a few stitches in the block that followed but too few to show. Design source: Bee Tree Designs on herflickr pages.

So what have I been up to today? Earlier in the day I started pressing and cutting some of that white on white pile from the last post. I got a nice pile of 3.5 inch squares and a start on the 30 6.5 inch squares I need to complete my giant four patches for the D4P top I want to make. I want the smaller squares for 3-D bowtie blocks to go with the small leftover blue squares from D4P. BUT I had a few other things to do before I could really get deeply involved with the prep work.

Errands run? Check. Lunch made? Check. Thanks to Pat, our Belles hostess I came home from the meetings with some of the leftover tossed salad as well as fresh tomatoes, whole cantaloupes(!) and some of the leftover water melon. That changed my menu plans a bit so I made Chicke…

what is wrong with this picture?

What is wrong with this picture??

I finished up the 2nd block and thought I would join it to the one I already had completed. WHAT? It does not even begin to match up. So what did I do wrong?
The first one, on the right---the interior strips/squares finishes at 1 inch. Turns out the directions on proficient needle said to cut it 1 1/4 inches from the center seam. (One seam is already enclosed from the initial 4 patch)
The one on the left---the interior strips/squares finish at 1 1/4. DUH! Someone that looks a lot like me did not look at the directions again and cut it 1 1/2.
But you know what? I think I like it better that way. Usually the smallest piece I work with is 1 1/2 inches, foundation piecing being the only exception. Surprisingly, the finished block is the same size--11 inches. Good thing that I caught it early and I will only waste one block with my boo boo It can go in something else down the line---abandoned block quilt or a row quilt that is in the do…

Design "Wall" Monday wk #29

This is what I was working on. There is one completed and hanging from the bookshelf in my sewing area for a guide.

Yesterday proved to be a "lost day" sewing wise. I got off another tangent and started cleaning off and cleaning out the crud on my keyboard. It looks wonderful but after all that, I found I had buggered up the space bar. I lost and then found the wire that is under the key but it still sticks---badly. That is kind of frustrating so I ended up pulling out an old backup that may or may not have problems of its own, LOL.

After I had posted on Saturday, I sewed my way through the pile of cut 6.5 inch blue squares till I ran out of background squares. I knew that was going to happen. I figured I could count up a little easier once I saw what remained blue fabric wise. Amazingly, I only have to cut for what would be 15 blocks once completed. I am still not sure how many blocks I need for the veteran's quilt---5 x8 will finish a hair short and about 5 in…

not much to show for it

It seems like I have been busy with some sort of sewing project all week but somehow, I do not have much to show for my efforts. Know what I mean?

So let's do a tally-------

Leaves and flower centers are all prepped for the July Buttonup. Binding is made but not pressed. 80 plus inches of 1/2 inch finished bias tubing is made but still need to be pressed. I am thinking that it would be easier to deal with if I cut it something around the lengths needed for the flower stems instead of the whole long length of it.
Binding is made for "Summer" but not pressed. I really do not like pressing binding, if you want to know the truth, LOL. How often have you seen piles of binding on this table over the years, LOL?? I even took a few stitches in the embroidered part of "Summer" (the word welcome goes on top and bottom borders) at today's quilt meeting but decided I needed a table and decent light to proceed with that!
A pile of hanging tabs were made for my &q…

goodbye, bad tree

Woohoo! The offending tree has been dealt with and the chances of it causing us any further cable, power, phone outages or damage to the mast is minimal. Probably just in time too. The tree cutter guy told me that one of the other limbs had a big crack in it. It was just a matter of time and a big enough wind. We would be out another 250 plus replacing the mast----or more.

It also turns out that this mess was actually TWO trees, not one and both volunteer trees. The remaining one leans towards their lines and the cut down one, ours. We can't say we are sorry to see it go.

The neighbor's step-dad removed the brush from the fallen limb over the weekend so the yard is cleared out. THX Michael!

And, the guys were also contracted to take this broken limb down while they were here on the 2nd tree. Easier for them when they had both the equipment, personnel and the truck/trailer to haul the brush away.

To read about what precipitated all this tree business, see THIS post.

A bit…


My friend Betsy called this morning to see if she could come by and pick up the blocks I had made so this quilt top could be completed.

I missed the sewing date but had told her I had 4 blocks to include in the project. My blocks will just need sashing applied and then the rows can be joined. Close up on the blocks can be seen in THIS POST

Looks pretty, doesn't it? I am not entirely sure but I think this will be going to the Veterans Home in Pell City (AL). I'll find out down the line.


Color me distracted---in more ways than one! Because of the order the pictures posted, we'll go with this first.

Goodbye to most of the huge holly bush that was overgrown into the support post, the soffit and the driveway! DJ sawed off most of it yesterday but whittled away at it a bit more this morning. We both drug branches down to the burn pile last night, manually and in the wheel barrel---just ahead of a thunderstorm!

The biggest one you see down the row needs to go as well but can wait a bit. Actually till we are allowed to burn brush again (whole state is till under a burning ban as far as I know), we can't really pile much more on the brush pile.

I didn't get the best of pictures here but the crape myrtles bushes are beginning to show their color. The large more mature tree, white one, has been out for longer but not a whole lot of blossoms.

And look who was waiting for me to come back in the kitchen? He wants his treat bite (teaspoon of Fancy Feast canned) I wa…

Design "Wall" Monday

........more like, design "desk" Monday.

I am prepping the appliqued leaves for July Button Up. Whenever possible, I want the raw edges turned under. I need 10 of them---9 was in progress and 1 to go.

Next up 5 flower centers---there are two different sizes but I'll use that brown piece you see there to do the job.

Then I will have to hit the machine. To the right you see blue binding and the tabs piece to seam for July piece. In the middle, the bias strips for the stems---I need 80 inches worth at 1/2 inch wide. Lastly, you see binding to sew for In Seasons Summer.

Hand work is slow going but I enjoy it even if it is a little "boring". I am making some progress on two projects.

DJ and I aren't doing anything special for the 4th. I cooked out yesterday and will just re-heat the leftovers. Fireworks were held last night at the Fort McClellan Duck Pond. Even if I knew where that was, we probably would have stayed home. That's fine with me!
Happy Birthday, America!

Hope all my stateside readers have a safe holiday.

Today's efforts

Today's efforts included cutting out and assembling the July Button Up to get it to this point.

I have the bias strips cut for the flower stems but not seamed yet. I also have the leaves cut and ready to baste around the templar shape. I have not fused down the flower petal shapes yet but pinned them on so you could get an idea of where I am headed with this thing.
Binding is cut for both the Summer piece and this one but not seamed.
Progress, nonetheless.
I am beat from waking up/getting up way too early so my sewing is done for the day.

how I spent my afternoon

........I prepped the applique motifs for my Nancy Halvorsen "Summer" wallhanging from her book In Seasons. I had been living with the naked base for a week or two so it was time----last seen HERE.

Most of it is fusible applique type thing. The angel dress is easier to sew a strip "set" and turn over freezer paper. Those stylized flowers right below it I used three different techniques: fusible for the spiky flower part, yo-yo type things for the centers and bias strip stems that I smartly sewed into the outside border so I didn't have to worry about a raw edge. (I wish I had done the same thing with the rising sun area.)

I'll get to the button hole applique in a few days. There are a few buttons to be added as well as some embroidery embellishments----bee flight and button with the hive, eye for the fish and I think star buttons for the angel's dress. "Welcome" is marked on the horizontal borders but I may do embroidery that once th…