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The whole household is busy, busy, busy this morning. I am prepping one of the applique blocks for the TSP. I don't care if Pat DOES see it---she still won't know entirely what I am up to, LOL.

I finished the re-stitching on the block that I had mis-cut due to a pattern error but mostly I am piddling at my own speed on this.

Skyler is sitting in the middle between the two areas of activity so he can go either way with the supervision he is providing. Mostly he is watching DJ at this point but not wanting to get TOO close.

And DJ? He is taking advantage of the cooler, early morning overcast weather to planting some dwarf nandina bushes in the space where he had taken out the bushes/shrubs, darned near trees previously.
Lowe's had them on sale in a mix and match sale 4 for $10. Can't argue about the price since they are normally about 6 bucks for a 2.5 qt. pot. We knew we wanted something that would stay fairly small and these are purported to only grow to about 3 fee…

meeting day

Okay, hiding behind the quilts in front are some of those fabric bins but this is how things looked when DJ helped me unload the car. There is also another quilt bag full of stuff and my purse somewhere in there, LOL.

The basket: three quilts that Shawnee volunteered to put labels on this morning. She and Nancy dropped by to pick up her quilt show entries. She said she would be back with them before I left to go home---and she was. THX!

The other stack you will see in a minute. All this had to be logged into the quilt document making sure they all had a number on the label and then stuck in the closet for now. I am going to have to find another spot to store them---like at someone else's house or we donate them earlier than planned.

Lois had completed this Scrappy Trips Around the World. Bonnie Hunter pattern found HERE. One of Lois' "go- to" patterns, I think she would tell you.

Next up, Lois had this 4 patch X quilt completed as well. Pattern Source: Bonni…

Gadsden Quilt show 2011

A few of the quilts that captured my attention. Some of them I know the maker-exhibitor and/or the pattern. There is no printed program, I didn't make any notes and just liked them. Notes will follow the picture.

Made by Miss Reba in the Gadsden quilt group. Itty bitty yo-yo's arranged in nine patches. She was celebrating her 80th birthday on Saturday at the show. Miss Reba also had two sizes of Cathedral Window in the show. Obviously she loves hand work!

This lovely French Braid quilt was made by my friend Aline's daughter Fran for her husband Rick who has not see it yet. It was awarded a 2nd place ribbon.  Fran is currently living in Puerto Rico, waiting to sell their home so they can move back stateside when her husband retires from the AFIS food service from the military.  This has been a long, slow process for her.

Both entries by Edna Carr, a friend from the Jacksonville (AL) Piecemaker's Quilt Group. The winter scene on the right was awarded the Best of S…

Design Wall Monday--wk. 40?

The grand sum total of my quilting process this weekend was thinking about it, LOL. Friday, I got the re-binding and labeling done on the scrappy bargello as planned but that was it. To be fair, I was gone a good chunk of Saturday with girl's day out. Yesterday was paperwork day and the grocery run. I also had to fix TWO meals, not just one since there were no leftovers on hand. Anything on the list just did not get done plus who says that there is anything wrong with NOT sewing?

The other thing that took some time yesterday was that Jane and Hugh had brought my quilt show entries along with Shawnee's back on Sunday afternoon. I knew that they would be worn out after taking down the show so I had told her not to rush over Saturday night. Hugh said that they had "worked (him) harder than a borrowed mule." Pretty apt description actually. He was the guy wielding the power tools and up and down the ladders all day for set up. Take down, same thing---only it …

change of plans

This is what I should be working on today. Press this pile of binding and work on the TSP. The embroidery elements are now complete but other parts remain. Blocks need trimming, fabrics pulled, etc. To be honest, I don't think my back is up to pulling down fabric from the top shelves of the sewing room book cases. It is still squawking at me from yesterday's endeavors. Parts of it may get done this weekend, parts not. Just sayin', LOL.

After my rant about submitting quilts without sleeves yesterday, I knew I better practice what I preach. From writing up a quilt data worksheet earlier this month I knew that one of my planned entries for a later show would need some attention. The document is marked as such as a prompt.
I swear that my scrappy bargello had one on it once! It has been in a quilt show before but I vaguely remember taking it off and re-stitching the binding. I think, LOL. Maybe I had just pinned on something temporarily. BUT it didn't have …

quilt show season

Looks like I am driving a quilt-mobile here. Between Shawnee's and my entries for the quilt show and the quilt meeting related stuff that stays in the car the description probably fits.

I left the house a little after 8 and got home from helping set up the Gadsden Quilt show at about 5. The guild is small and older than me in most cases. No way can they be climbing up and down the ladders or crawling around on the floor prepping the base units. Gary is happy to have volunteers from his other quilt groups over on our side of the county line---including some quilt husbands with tools and ladders.

So the show is all set up---lots of quilts, more than he really could hang as it turned out. Maybe that is a good problem to have. One of mine will not be displayed but one that I entered as an afterthought. There were probably about 8 others that can be re-entered next year. They are also displaying some of the QOV quilts that will be going to the veteran's home in Pell City.…

another finish to flimsy

.........And here is the latest finished top. I had fussy cut some of the shell elements to put them in the corner units. The stripe seems to set things off nicely but I sorta wish I had cut the sashing just a tad narrower.

The backing is prepped and the top added to the rest of the "to be pinned" at some point, hanging in my clothes closet. Good thing I don't have that many clothes anymore is all I got to say.

The binding is cut on the bias to set off the stripe. It is all seamed though obviously needs to be pressed. Story of my life lately, LOL.

On to some TSP sewing for me-----
Hope you have a wonderful day and thanks for stopping by.

Design Wall Monday? not quite!

So far I have gotten a little bit further with the hand stitching on TSP----almost done with that part of the process, but not quite. Still, I feel a bit like sewing so this is the kit I pulled to satisfy THAT urge. Skyler is in the window seat keeping me company.

The pattern is Prairie Window from quiltwoman. The seashell fabric was found in one of the scrap bags we set up for the Belles Scrappy Challenge. I am pretty sure the stripe was something from the donation bin but who knows for sure. The rest is from my stash. One piece reminds of wet sand actually----fitting! I have elected NOT to do the outer border bits for this one but still make a good sized pro bono quilt fairly quickly.

I swapped out the summer quilt pieces for the more fall themed items yesterday. I might be rushing the season a little bit since fall starts on the 23rd but it was time in my book. A few of my wall hangings are unavailable right now because of the pending quilt shows so I hung this one. I d…

well, that's about done!

The boring sewing is almost done.

Pictured is binding for 9 quilts. Most of it I pressed as I finished it rather than piling it all up like I usually do for days on end. All neat and tidy and marked with which top it goes with. My mom had sent the half cardboard in something she mailed me recently. That is how she stores her prepared binding. I just followed suit. You can see that I ran out of steam for wanting to do all that red dot stuff. Since it is two quilt's worth, that might explain why, LOL. At that point I still needed to seam the last quilt back so I moved on. It's done now and laundered to soften the fabric up. It should be fine for our purposes.
I had thought briefly about starting a Prairie Window kit that I had made up using some of the Belles challenge fabrics. Naw, not today. Maybe some handwork but more likely I will work the puzzles in the local paper instead. Or read.
And sew it goes-----day's goals almost met.

Sew-In day/check in

Fun day with the gals from the Friendship Quilters group. It is far easier to visit with folks across the table than in the guild meeting set up where you basically set in a chair and vote on this and that, LOL. Except for the time before and directly after the meeting you just don't have that chatting time.

I was having some machine tension issues with the Jem so I did not get too far with the project I cut out yesterday. I had said that if I had to spend my day doing "boring sewing" i.e. seaming backs, cutting, sewing binding then I wanted to do something fun and "new to me" at the sew-in. It meant more cutting, of course. This is Billie Lauder's "Reflections" using a batik layer cake pack that my pal Pam sent to me. I did try one half of the block but really want my Brother for this one. No, I do not know where this one will be going. Some of the colors are right up QOV alley but is it allowed to put in other colors, like red, green a…

quilt pics

These a few of the quilt turned in at the meeting on Tuesday.

Snoopy Kitty

Linda C's pieced and appliqued 30's quilt. I do not know the pattern source but think it might be Darlene Zimmerman's Oopsie Daisy??

Linda C Twisted Sister---Ami Simm's pattern

Lois Twin Sisters---Eleanor Burns' pattern from her book Quilts Through the Seasons

Lois 4 in 9 patch zigzag. The pattern is from a Quilter's World magazine October 2009

Lois Carolina Chain source: Bonnie Hunter's Addicted to Scraps column in the May/June '10 issue of Quiltmaker magazine

Hope you enjoyed the mini quilt show. Skyler sure did but he liked laying on them even better, LOL. Surprised that I didn't get nipped making him move from the first picture and then the clothes basket that contained the ones that we hadn't taken picture of yet.
I hope they click bigger. For some reason when I post from Chrome some do and some don't.

WIP Weds. wk 38

well it WAS a WIP but here is the finished top as of 10 minutes ago. Maybe it still is a WIP as I need to look for some backing fabric and piece it as well as the binding. I know it looks kind of blah out on the edge but the red dot binding will complete it once it is quilted. This is one of the "Pay It Forward" challenge pieces, thanks to Over the Rainbow.

I had two rows and borders to do on this one but I was busy till about 3:30 doing other things all day. Bama Belles paperwork, getting things ready to take to the post office and some minor re-organization in the sewing room.
Tomorrow will be a boring day of piecing backs and binding. I also will need to pack up for the sew-in day on Friday. Plans are to meet at 8:30 to drive over to Pell City where it will be held.
And sew it goes-------

quilt meeting

When I go off to a Bama Belles quilt meeting, I never know just how the day might shape up. I thought I would get a little bit of stitching done on TSP and help pin. LOL, you just know that is not where the day led, dontcha?

We are a relaxed bunch so there is no need to have a meeting agenda, elect officers and all that. People come when they want, leave when they must. Help pin, sew if you want, bring things for show and tell, get some quilting opinions, just stop by to chat, whatever.

I get there ahead of everyone because I am the one with the key to the Fellowship Hall and the group's leader. The first thing I spotted once I opened our closet to pull out the library cart was a bunch of printouts and magazines that need to go in a notebook for our use. We have known for awhile that one of the gals (Linda C) would be moving to TN at some point so she is weeding things out at home. This is not the first time that I have had to file printouts or stuff she had torn ou…

Monday check-in

Skyler has had a busier morning than me! I had a wakeful night so made up for some missing hours of sleep from 6 to 830. He was monitoring the window seat in the meantime.

Then his buddy Chico, the neighborhood cat, came by to visit so he was busy running from the front door to the car port door to see him. They can head and body bump thru the front door since the glass goes all the way down but spoiled kitty gets a chair to hop on for car port viewing.

I left on a couple quick errands and he was waiting to run and play with me when I got back. Puffball tossing, catnip mouse clawing, shadow boxing and maniacal running ensued. Now the tired kitty is sacked out on the kitchen chair.

Meanwhile my BQ block pile is waiting to be pressed. I chained the section stuff through the machine yesterday but stopped at this point. It will not take long to chain the 30 blocks to completion and then start the assembly. I doubt that I will get the top done today since I plan to border it. New…

a preview

I had cut this kit way back in February so now it is time to get it to the flimsy stage. My notes got cold and as usual, I had over-cut the number of strips. How many of these actually needed to be sewn up??? I have not made one of these for a while so the memory needed refreshing.

Sewing strip sets is boring! But it is a necessary part of making an original version BQ quilt. (There are now 3 versions). I personally would hate to have to cut and sew each individual piece. I told Norma that as soon as I had on wider piece section done, I was going to make a test block to break things up a bit. The smaller section strips are all stitched while most of the wider ones are just pinned and ready to feed through the machine.
Now, you might be asking "BQ??? What kind of a quilt name is that?" It stands for "Big Quilt" and the pattern has directions for 18 inch finished blocks along this half sized version. In the past with the help of EQ, I have done them e…

finished to flimsy

I have been piddling with this off and all afternoon but Prairie Stroll is finished to flimsy. Woohoo!

I cut binding the same as the outer border and then changed my mind and will go with something darker. Pat, you remember that brown Ginny Beyer you sent that was "too ugly to live" or something to that effect. Yep, should be perfect for this!

And here was Skyler while we waited for "Quilt Holder". I had dug his kitty cube out of the closet and he is having the best time with it, sleeping in it and running through it at 90 miles an hour. When I laid the quilt top over the top of it, it was just too, too tempting NOT to crawl under it.

Other than that, it has been a pretty quiet day. A little hand stitching this morning, grilled out for lunch, leftovers for supper and sewing.

And sew it goes-----

WIP Thursday, wk 37

A start of Prairie Stroll---roughly half of it.

In retrospect I wish I had switched the position of the two greens as the Country Threads green with print figures is a little too close in color to the Red Cardinal print (probably an old Hoffman print). Having said that, it does give it sort of "depth" to the block itself. I was NOT going to take it all apart--and that would be what it took--to fix it as the two small squares would not have been in the same position. IIWII, namely a stash quilt from donation fabric.
It is going together pretty quickly since it is just two blocks, every other one rotated in orientation. Either they didn't say or I didn't pay attention (more likely, LOL) but that top bar should have been pressed towards the rest of the block IF you have pressed the smaller rectangles away from the half 4 patch unit. Otherwise, be prepared to re-press or flip seams----ask me how I know!
I will probably get this up to borders today and do a bit more…

Silly kitty

To bolster my request that these calendar quilt-lets be displayed all together pinned to the same sheet at the quilt show I laid them all out to get a measurement (40 x 60, if anyone is asking, LOL). Before I got the camera out, he had been playing with the bell on the September school house block.

Mind you, he was no where around when I started laying them out on DJ's bedroom floor! He actually left his seat on warm laundry to see what I was doing.
If you are a new reader, all these quilt-lets were my self assigned 2010 "quilt-let of the month" project. Designed by Nancy Halvorsen, featured in her book Calendar Quilts and Stitcheries. It was an evolving project in that I started with applique and then jumped to stitchery instead. I even took a brief detour on the background color for a couple of months, LOL.
Individual pictures would be scattered through out the blog in 2010 but this link will take you to close up shots of the last 5 of them, August through Decemb…

organized much?

In spite of the best of intentions, I got neither sewing or stitching done yesterday. I found myself off on yet another tangent after an off hand comment from Pat and Norma in chat yesterday.

You see, the girls are always complimenting and/or teasing me about my organizational abilities. I am not even sure if that is the right term. I do have a good memory or at least, I USED to have. Sometimes, lately I have my doubts about that. I normally can find what I am looking for in my files or in practice fairly quickly so that might be what impresses them. Who knows?
So what started this latest organizational binge? Well, there are two quilt shows coming up. One of my pals and fellow Belles had asked me last month if I would have any quilts for the Gadsden (AL) Quilt at Falls show. I said "yes" at the time but I didn't get any entry forms from her. I am not a member of this group but because their group is fairly small, Gary opens it up to other quilters in the s…