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historic day

Well, YOU probably are thinking I was talking about the Cards historic run to the 2011 World Series win. You would be wrong, LOL.

DJ and I picked up my car from the shop this morning and I said I was going to get the shop vac so I could vacuum up my car. DJ said "I wish I had a camera to mark this historic event". I got mine out but warned him not to get a shot my back side.
Yeah, cleaning out cars or doing anything other than gassing them up is HIS job so why worry about it? See how happy I look about my decision, LOL? Once I got done I went after the barbecue grill but I should have had a putty knife to do really good job on it. Not happening, or at least not today.
As for the other historic day---that was last night actually. VBG. I am thrilled along with a lot of others in Cardinal nation. What a year! Who'd a thunk it?
May quilt this afternoon--what little bit I did yesterday had to be taken out so hope that the thread change helps. Hope you are having …

finished to flimsy

#19 finished to flimsy and also #8 for the Belles Scrappy Challenge. I had 4 rows done and assembled by Weds. evening and finished the last three Thursday afternoon. I interrupted DJ's flipping between the Game 6 of the WS and whatever other show caught his attention to hold it up for the glamour shot. (More on that in a bit, LOL.)

The assembly was more less random. Yeah, you try not to get too "matchy-matchy" but sometimes you just have to swap a few blocks out. I think I only have one spot where the same fabrics actually touch and two spots where they are one strip away from ea. other. IIWII---finished to flimsy. Some spots the lights are not quite light enough for contrast but it looked fine through my door peephole telescoping it down.
A friend asked me on Facebook if those scraps were all in my stash---a good many of them are but there was a good influx of other strips from the Belles challenge bag. Some are really pretty pieces that I would not mind having…

WIP Weds/ sew-in notes

Yesterday was the Bama Belles extended meeting, sew-in day. Jane and I were there early and found the room set up for an upcoming (or just finished?) holiday event. My guess is that they had some of the kids from the cottage they sponsor up from the Talladega Presbyterian Home---- or will have. There was a line of skirted tables right up against the wall where all the plugs are. That will NOT do for sewing day! I don't think we got those tablecloths back on exactly like they had come leaving time but we did our best to leave no traces of our being there. I appreciate everyone pitching in to get it that way.

I had encouraged the girls to work on their own project if they wished but we asked them to make a couple blocks using the Pineapple Blossom pattern. This bunch met and exceeded expectations, LOL. Since we were mostly sewing at individual tables I spread them out so the girls would get an idea of what it might look like minus the sashing and cornerstones. We are u…

reveal time

Today is Pat's FAB Par-tay celebration day. Birthday girl got to open all the packages we have been sending her this month. We will sew in a bit---some of the girls are still cutting strips and such. Pat's choice: Minnesota Hot Dish from Atkinson Designs though I am doing Faux Log Cabin instead.

Here is what I made her though there were a few other goodies in the box. The initial pattern called "Autumn Blessings" is from Kaaren Johnston at Painted Quilt. It is one of her First Friday Freebies. It contains all the elements of quilting that I enjoy---applique, foundation piecing and stitchery. But I made some changes---first of all, not working in wool since I don't own any of it!

Ignore the string on the pumpkin block. I have another picture but this one was more closer in so you could see the blocks better. I elected to substitute some flying geese blocks for more shoo fly blocks and made maple leaf blocks rather than the pinwheels the pattern sh…

WIP Weds

Because of the order the pictures posted, I'll write about the finishes first.

I got a boatload of binding done yesterday waiting up at the hospital yesterday. Turns out Same Day Surgery had 45 surgeries scheduled yesterday and only 18 beds to put folks in plus a few stretchers. We had to sit out the waiting room for 2 hrs waiting to be put in a room. Trust me, we were not the only ones! DJ was one of 10 patients his doctor had for cataract surgery and he was about in the middle of the pack. It got to the point that when they called anyone back we all clapped and wished them good luck---and see you at the office tomorrow morning! By the time DJ and I stopped to get him something to eat we walked in the door near 5 p.m. (and we left here at 10 a.m.)

I tell you all this so you know just how much time I had on my hands to work on binding. I had half of "Pumpkins 4 Sale" done when we walked in the hospital. Then I started on "July" Button up (above left)-…

Design Wall Monday

So here's what is up on the wall.

Yesterday afternoon/evening I finished off the Biscuits and Honey Basket (from the Bee Tree Designs Flickr site). Lots and lots of stitching in this May block! All I basically had to do when I picked it up was finish the honey stirrer, the two biscuits next to it and the little bee on the jar label.
Below that, Faux Log Cabin. My variation of Pat's Bday PAR-TAY block for her FAB celebration on Saturday. Today is the actual day but we can't get the 5 of us in chat to open her presents and start sewing till the weekend. This will be the reminder of the block sequencing when it is time to sew.
Then, that name badge thing I need to finish for the Friendship Quilters quilt show. It has been up there awhile but obviously has not made it to the hang from the neck or pin on finished version.
So far no sewing, quilting, stitching today. I think today will be a binding sort of day, a jump start on one of those wall hangings as it were. DJ&…

Sunday check in

Completing "Summer" was yesterday's project. Label, hanging sleeve sections, binding. the remaining embroidered elements and buttons----all done. Woohoo! The quilt show it is entered in is 3 weeks away. No last minute binding rush required, LOL.  (Before picture)

After lunch yesterday, I went out to help DJ with the area out in front of the house. Our little nandina bushes appear to be doing well since their planting.

We haven't really had any rain to speak of so DJ waters them daily and was even misting them. That might be a job that will fall on me soon with the no bending rule in effect when he has his eye surgeries. We put down the last of the black barrier stuff and used all the bags of rock that he bought a few days ago. We are up to 12 bags down now. I helped him with 6 of them just to keep the paper from billowing up. There are gaps and it is not on there very heavily. We are guessing we need 4 or 5 more depending whether or not we put some around the…

quilting mode

Well, I had a lot of fun piecing and appliquing in past months but it is time to quilt some of these puppies up.

I started off with Pat's bday present earlier in the week since it was a deadline project. Done and mailed out yesterday. Woohoo! Hurray for a finish!

"Summer" is also a deadline project since it is entered in the Friendship Quilter's quilt show the first weekend in November, making the due date set up day Nov. 4. When DJ spotted me quilting it, he wanted to know where the Fall one was---was I entering it too?? Nope, it is next and not even started; they will have to view just Winter, Spring and Summer at the show. It was time to fix supper last night so I didn't bind it yet. That's first on the list for today's session.

I moved on to the July Button up after supper. Since I just do in the ditch, it doesn't look appreciably different than the last time it was shown. The binding is on this but I still need to add a label and the…

WIP Weds?

I did have a WIP till about 30 minutes ago and I was binding it. Now it is officially a finish---yep, Pat's bday present is all done. Of course, I cannot share a picture of it till after the reveal.

So how about two of Lois' quilts turned in at the Belles meeting yesterday? This is 4 in 9 Patch zigzag from a previous Quilter's World magazine. I am going to have to try this one down on the line---add it to the "list"

This one is a planned color scaled down Daisy Chain. Pattern by Atkinson Designs. It is amazing to me how different a quilt can look with different or planned fabrics. I have done one in 30's prints and it just looks so different to me!

I was about half done with pinning my Gordian Knot quilt as the girls began to arrive. A few of the girls were on vacation and another had just returned from a trip but rarely if ever, are we all at a meeting. Life happens. My friend Teresa was able to come again but it was her first time at the regular …

Design Wall Monday---wk. 42?

Now that I pulled the "Summer" wall hanging down from the design wall, that area looks so bare! Even though it was not completed at least I got to enjoy what I did have done thru the summer months.

The binding in the bag is for the July Button Up flag and the plaid, for summer. The buttons are needed for embellishments on Summer and Pat's bday present. That stuff is up there so I don't misplace them, to be honest.

Of course my thoughts have turned to fall/autumn and the only one of the four in the Halvorsen "In Seasons" series that is not done. I know it will be the "next up" rewards type project. Maybe leaving the book out will provide some inspiration about which fabrics to use or the push to get some quilting done on these small pieces anyway.
First, I have a few little tasks to complete to get ready for quilt group tomorrow. Possibly an errand or two as well.
In closing, Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to my Canadian readers----

something quilty

I mentioned in my post yesterday that I was going to have to add "another must quilt soon" to my list. Friendship Quilters has a challenge for the group to finish something that was taught at a guild meeting program or class. For me, that would be my Gordian Knot #1. For a full out shot of the top see HERE in March of this year. They need to be done by the Christmas party in early December. I would like to pin it at Belles on Tuesday.

Recently they had a convergence class but I had already made two of those. The one I did as a gift was finished, of course. Mine still needs borders---that should go on my UFO list to get done in 2012. Or when I ever get caught up, LOL. Yeah, right!

I had already prepped the backing for this when I completed the top way back when. I think the binding is done too but I follow up on that tomorrow. I cut the batting and marked the top with a 2 inch wide cross hatching that echoes the width of the lighter blue dot and other of the blo…

Saturday check in

No quilting or much of anything productive has been going on around here. Not like I don't have quilting to do---in fact, another challenge type thing cropped up today. Another top to pin and get quilted for a different quilt group is added to the list of "things to do".

I thought I would share a few shots from the around the house since I have no new quilty ones I can share. Shown DJ's crazed cosmo plant. I cannot believe all the blooms it still has on it and more appearing daily. Perhaps he should not have planted the whole seed package in one spot but this thing continues to shoot up and out. He tied a rope to the fence to try to keep it erect. Still it one of the few things in bloom around the house. One small white crepe myrtle has some blooms but clear down at the end of our lane.
The leaves have not really started to change yet. Here and there you might see some but not the vivid colors that I remember from IL. It is still a little early for us. I&#…

WIP Thursday

I have been doing a lot of stitching the last two days. Another quilt meeting on Saturday and I probably will finish off the basket part of this one.

Because I had the appointment with the oral surgeon yesterday, I had my stitchery along with me. I had just started part of the hanging down part of the towel on the right side. I had half the basket done by the time I left. You see, it took some time to get back to see the doctor for the consultation---approx. two hours. I was not expecting them to say that they could do the extraction that day. Knowing that DJ's surgery was coming up and that the doctor is only in Anniston two days a week, I didn't necessarily want to come back. I especially did not want to drive all the way home and have to drive back in again. What happened is that there were about 3 of us that went back on the list till the rest of the scheduled appointments were cleared. Once I was numbed up it only took about a minute to get that tooth out of there…

Design Wall Monday---wk. 41?

Oh there is something on the design wall but nothing I can show you till the bday Par-tay later in the month.

Can you tell what I am up today just by looking at some of the tools of the trade? Would the comment to my husband that I needed to vacuum up the mess in here before I made more tip you off? I think that both of these mats are nearing their time to be replaced!
My TSP main part is all pieced though the applique elements need some button hole applique and embellishment. Today it is back to the pieced border and down in the home stretch. I changed some things around in the pattern but that was my choice. Enjoy the process or why do it?
I did some trimming stuff this morning but mostly I was taking care of some of the home tasks to this point. DJ had an app't with the opthalmologist this morning in preparation for his cataract surgery later this month. Lots of eye drops will need to be administered. I will also have to give him a sub-q med since he will be off…