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WIP Weds

Actually I am not all that sure if this will BE a WIP project today.  I am proud to announce that I did get the last 5 blocks that remained to be done quilted yesterday.  It was no easy task either since I do not free motion (rarely) and I stitch in the ditch on a domestic machine, my old trusty Viking 500.  Definitely a two ibuprofen night after wrestling this thing around.  All that might get done is to quilt a line under the little flap of red.

Still, I am happy that I got this moved forward.  The borders still need to be done, of course.  I would dearly love to hand quilt it but I DO want this thing finished and off the UFO "list".  I have used one of the Quilter's Dream poly in low loft in this thing and I honestly do not recall if it recommended for hand quilting.  That is a definite consideration before I put the time into it.

If I am going to do this on the machine then I need a cable with a fairly gentle curve.  The braid will work better than the egg and dart.  …

Another one done! edited

Designed by Mary Whitehead but piecing instructions written up and class given by Nancy Allain
Completed the top on March 1, 2011 and officially finished November 28, 2011.

It just fits the rod above my bed!  So far Skyler has not noticed the change out of the quilts and tried to climb in behind it, LOL.

Today I quilt on that big monster so wish me luck. 

Edited note:  This was later donated to WTIL in the fall of 2012.  Sometimes you just made quilts to try a technique but that doesn't mean they have to continue to live at your house.

checking in Monday

I have another finish to report.  Woohoo!  Merry Christmas BU #21 is ready to hang when I am ready to decorate---another week away anyway.

I've been binding like crazy this past weekend.  I thought that I would get at those 5 blocks in the long lagging bed sized Pioneer Plus Sampler today but I am backing off that.  I only have one more quilt to bind (Gordian Knot 1) and I want that decked cleared rather than having it hanging over my head.  It needs to be  done by the Friendship Quilter's Christmas luncheon on Dec. 9th.  I would have plenty of time except for the other things I would like to have done first, LOL.  What's another day at this juncture?

DJ has been scouring the ads for months now in an effort to replace our microwave.  Our old one had a  light that no longer worked and the 1 button had given up the ghost.  You can live with some of that but not if you need a power level 1 or want to stand there and baby sit the thing to avoid overheating whatever it was you …

a finish

Woohoo!  A finish this morning.  Pattern source:  Nancy Halvorsen "In Seasons".  This officially completes the series of 4 quilt-lets.

I was determined to get this done so it could hang at least a few days until I get the urge to do the Christmas decorating.  Normally I wait till we are about a week into December and then take then down after New Year's Day.

My plan for the day is to quilt the Merry Christmas "Charley Brown looking tree"  Button  Up next.  It's all marked and ready to roll.  Hanging loops, binding, label are all ready too.  Hopefully THAT hand finishing will be done when I decide to hang the Christmas pieces. But for now I will re-hang and enjoy the "I Love My Cat" that Pat made for my bday----too cute!

And speaking of cats,  I have one patiently sitting on the desk next to the keyboard and waiting for me to walk out with him to the kitchen for a taste of Fancy Feast.  Real turkey, he wouldn't touch but give him some foul sme…

Plans for 2012

First off, Happy Thanksgiving to my USA readers! And Happy Birthday to my dear friend Norma! We FABS will celebrate it together down the line---once the holiday hubbub passes.


I was just updating my UFO tab this morning as I knew that I had not included 3 half started row quilts.  I knew that my languishing Oxmoor House quilt has GOT to go on the top of the list.  I have re-designed this thing twice,  3 times if you count the version I finished up for Betsy.   I have been talking about it for years!

I came close in late 2010 when I printed off the small log cabin blocks to foundation piece.  I've even got a small basket with fabrics pulled for it!

While I want to continue to work on the Button Up pieces in the coming year, I also want this quilt moved forward.  Put up or shut up, right?

I've got plenty of other tops to finish, to quilt, to start even for this that and the other thing---and those will or won't get done …

WIP Weds

Yesterday was essentially prepping and pinning day though I did take apart a small wall hanging to re-stitch it and prep it as well.

That gives me three small pieces to quilt---Autumn and Merry Christmas included in that count.

Also in this stack is my Gordian Knot that needs the binding finished.  Quilt up those small ones and the binding stack will get even bigger, LOL.  The black "cosmetic" case is what I keep my hand work/quilting supplies in for quick and easy retrieval.

Then there is the blue backed piece on the bottom, the quilt that keeps me from ever being caught up.  Yeah, I know it is only an illusion even if it were finished as I still have umpteen flimsies to deal with.  It is my Pioneer Sampler and this post is probably the last time it was seen on this blog opened full out.  Oh there might be one with Pippi sitting on it while I was trying to quilt it but hard to be sure.  The posts before that show the blocks close up.  The quilt was started back in 2005 (proba…

Not a design wall but about a quilt

Normally this would be a Design Wall Monday post. My Autumn In Seasons wall hanging is up there---and you just saw it although perhaps without its border. I also showed you my very recent finish on the Joined at the Hip Merry Christmas tree.

I did NOTHING on my creative to do list from yesterday. Instead I traded one machine for another---computer for the sewing machine or hand work. I took a note out my pal Norma's book and added tabbed pages to my blog for 2011 finishes, 2011 flimsies and 2008-2010 quilt files. The captions and quilt descriptions were a bit time consuming and I just gave up on the old files, LOL.  I figure you don't really want to see all the pro bono quilts from 1999-2007 if indeed, I could even find the files since the computer crashed along about 08.

So what am I going to blog about today?   Well, I would like to follow up on a post from back in September found HERE.   I had been to a sew-in date with the Friendship Quilters group in Pell City.  Bet…

this might work

This findings might work to embellish my "Charley Brown" Christmas tree.  The snowflakes are too light for this background but I have another idea in mind for them.  The candy canes and gingerbread men are  "maybe's" . This is not the only Christmas quilt I have in the works--they won't go to waste, LOL.

I am really leaning more towards the sparkly "Holly Jolly" findings as it makes would pick up on the red border.

So what do I do today in the creative department?  There is no shortage of ideas, really.  I can take my pick really-----

embroider on my basket blockhand quilt Bird Brain "Here Comes Santa"prep this wall hanging and Autumn for machine quiltingmake some more bow tie blocks for the Belles Scrappy ChallengeFinish up the Pineapple Blossom topHand finish the binding on Gordian KnotCome to think of it, I could pick something different for just about every day of the next week----and might! Thanks for stopping by!

finished to flimsy----already!

It still needs embellishments of some sort on it and a tad of buttonhole applique around the star but the flimsy is complete.

The pattern calls for 18- 1 1/4 inch key tags from an office supply store for pseudo ornaments.  I think you color them in with markers or something.  That would be light weight but I think I'll go with buttons, small yo-yo's or small ornaments instead.

I also need to make the hanging loops and seam some binding but that will wait till after supper.  Norma is moving right along with hers as well.  I had a head start this morning as she needed to cut hers out!  Can't wait to see how hers turned since she was using batiks.

Hurray for another finish!

moving on to a reward project

I love reward projects!   I think everyone needs a fun project that was  not necessarily on their radar to keep one's interests up.   Yes, I have a challenge project to do and another one to finish up.  Yes, I have a FAB bday present to make for my pal Norma but it looks like her celebration/sew date is going to be pushed back a couple months.  BUT I have gotten a few other items at least to flimsy, quilted several and such.  I make the "rules" so I'm going for it!

SOOO with Christmas coming, I want a button up hanging that will reflect the holiday.  I have the December stocking pattern that I could make but I love this "Charley Brown" looking tree.  This is "Merry Christmas"  BU#21 from Joined at the Hip button up pattern collection.  Not to say that I won't eventually make the stocking button up but this will be a quicker finish.  Norma is joining me in making our wall hangings this weekend---that is always a fun time for us!

Instead of workin…

Autumn progess

Woohoo!  Some progress made on this little fun project.  I had most of it done last night with the exception of the angel motif.  That needed a little more digging in the fabric bins and mulling over.  I just finished prepping it a few minutes ago.

There will be some button embellishments added:  A star with the crescent moon, pumpkin buttons on the angels dress.  If there is not a heart button available for the turkey, I'll check the button box or just cut and fuse one from some red felt.   I also have some fall leaf buttons I found recently and used on Pat's FAB bday present that could be scattered on here if I chose.   I could start the button hole applique on this today if I can come to some decision about the borders.

I scanned this from the back of the book so you can see where I am sort of headed with this.   I love Nancy Halvorsen's choices here but as I said yesterday, I don't quite have the rusty red color of fabric on hand.   A dark red that looks like cracked…

WIP Weds comes around again

I have temporarily put the bow tie project aside again but this is were I left off on Monday evening.  I asked "Quilt Holder" to do the honors but handed it to him with the short side up.  I had pulled the cut squares I want for the remaining 35 blocks and cut the muslin background for this and the cornerstones for the Pineapple Blossom while I was I had the mat, ruler and rotary cutter out.
This is what I truly intend to work on today.  I realize that it does not look like much but it is the background squares for the "Autumn" In Seasons wall hanging.  I have a few pieces pulled for the motifs as well.  I don't know  have that a clue what I have that could be used for the borders.  The book shows a dark brick red with a red plaid for binding---not something I have but I am not married to that plan anyway.  This decision may need a quilt shop run once the motifs are applied.    But for now, I will can proceed.

We had a little excitement this morning when there wa…

Design Wall Monday

Well, I had a little production going yesterday afternoon anyway.  For the most part, last week was a "lost" week since I did not feel well.  While the sore throat is gone,  the cough and nose blowing have persisted, just enough to keep me at low energy levels.

The speaker at Friendship Quilters on Saturday was a fellow that repairs and services mechanical sewing machines, sergers and industrial sewing machines.   He spoke on what we piecers can do to keep our machines in running order.  My Jem was not sewing well that last time I had it out.  I took some of the things he said under advisement and cleaned this out the best I could and adjusted the tension knob.   (It helps that you can take the bottom off and attack any linty stuff from that angle too).    It seems to be behaving so much better that I may avoid a trip for this machine anyway.   The fellow lives about 10-15 miles north of me in Calhoun County but had done a pick up and delivery to the quilt meeting recently (n…

ED. Note Re: Friendship Quilters quilt show

a few of the quilts shown recently at the Friendship Quilters show. They are in no particular order. I do not always know who made them or the pattern/pattern source either. In some cases I do.

There was a separate room for display of the QOV quilts that are going to the Veteran's Home next year. Apparently not ALL of the ones on hand at the present time though counting the ones that the guilds in BHM have been making there was 62 quilts. Frankly I think we could have only displayed about 4 more maximum anyway and not block the doorways in some manner. One of the girls from the Oxford Lick Skillet guild (who has also been coming to my group in recent months) has made 10 QOV quilts. She was disappointed that none were hanging. One can only hope that that means we AL quilters are going to be able to reach a goal of 230 quilts. ( that is the latest number I heard)

This one I think was Jackie W's---the pattern is a variation of "Just Can't Cut it" done in a…

Design Wall Monday---wk. 46

Poor neglected design wall! Even my name tag is removed from this area of the sewing room. What is worse? Two of the blocks that ARE on here are my mom's: the cat and that little spider web block. I keep thinking that I am going to see my way clear to start on my autumn "In Seasons" and will need a spot to well, design!

It is not like I have been doing nothing since I last posted. Quilt show set up, quilt show all day yesterday to white glove, help at the ticket table and the massive take down effort. Saturday I was home but had to do the grocery run a day earlier than usual. I even sewed the sleeve and label on Gordian Knot and then moved on to quilting my #1 of the 11n11 challenge last seen HERE clear back in early January! Watched a few movies on the computer while I stitched and had 15 of the 35 blocks quilted by the time I quit to watch the Alabama-LSU football game. All this between making a good old comfort food type meal for our supper and putting in DJ…

WIP Weds whatever week

Between not feeling like sewing/quilting this weekend, my doctor's appointment and sitting at the hospital for DJ's 2nd eye surgery, I have gotten a good bit of the June Bee Tree Designs basket block done. Of course, it helps that there is not near as much stitching required as the previous one(s). I did pull the next marked block and the printout and slipped it in the tote "just in case" I finished. Not quite there yet!

DJ is doing well with his 2nd eye. I had to hurry up and put his drops in before he left for the doctor's office. I had planned on driving us in but he either didn't want me to go or didn't feel it was needed. The patch is off and he can see well enough. They will write down what they want him to do as far as eye drops in both eyes and that is all I needed to know anyway---any changes in meds and administration schedule.
So what is on tap now that I suddenly have a free morning? Well, I have to finish up my name tag thing for…