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WIP Tuesday

After spending the better part of three days cleaning house, I was ready to sew last night.  We finally received a phone call from DJ's golfing buddy who says he should be here by Wednesday noon.

I just need to try not to track strings throughout the house.  Who am I kidding, LOL?  Everyone who knows me and has any business in my house, knows I sew.  There will be strings.  Let 'em fall where they may.

I finished up up the upper and middle hearts button hole applique.  The smaller ones at top and bottom were prepped over freezer paper.  The larger ones have that rick rack in place and steam a seam 2.  I honestly did not know how to that rick rack down over the larger hearts prepped over freezer paper but arrived at a solution by basting the rick rack to the heart edge and then fusing it down.  I had pulled the paper out of these---or as much as I could.

That plan worked but when I needed to button hole applique it down, that made it almost impossible to pull out the basting threa…

Happy Anniversary!

It was two days ago actually---and our 13th one.  We have been a couple since 1978. We both knew what we were getting but tied the knot anyway back in 1999.

Look what greeted me when I got home from the quilt meeting on Tuesday.  When I first walked in the door loaded down with stuff, I gasped as it looked like he had bought a whole bush of plants.  Two days early after all and that wasn't sitting on the table when I had left. He had not cut the stems down to fit the vase better and it looked even larger.  I am told these are Peruvian lilies, quite hardy and more "bang for your buck" for cut flowers.  They are still holding up well and brightening our kitchen..  THX, Honey!

He had gotten me an "anniversary" present a couple weeks and something that I truly did need----a squeegie/sponge thing like you see at the gas station for washing your windshield.  The one I/we had completely sheared off at the wooden handle since we stick it on the fence to dry out.  The on…

Meeting wrap up

LOL, we met on Tuesday so I am a little late in getting this post written but I was a little tied up yesterday trying to back up my computer.  I was late in getting started on it, decided to make a whole new set of discs since it had been so long since I had officially done that with the Windows deal.  BIG mistake!  It took from 1030 Wednesday morning til 0413 this morning.  Since I had tried to do this on Monday and lost like 7 discs worth I was going to see it through no matter how long it took, by golly.  One thing though---I slept very, very well for 5 straight hours.  Trust me, that does not happen often.  I think I am in the market for an external hard drive rather than babysit the discs for hours and hours.

So want to see some quilts?  At left, and probably above, you have Linda C's watermelon "Just Can't Cut It".   I quilted it either late 2011 or early 2012.   Jane had finished the binding on three of Linda's quilts that she left behind when she relocate…

this and that on a Sunday

For all of you who think I get "so much done"  I slowed down a lot in the last two weeks time.  Actually stopped would probably be a more apt description.

The sum total of my output for that time frame has been as follows----
Binding cut, seamed, pressed and applied to a 60 x 90 ish QOV for the veterans home.  See THIS postBinding pressed for February----see the same post 2-55 x 72 ish batts pieced from batting scraps.  See THIS posta minute amount of embroidery on my basket block. Those 4- 3 inch finished courthouse steps blocks you see on the design wall.  That was yesterday's project.   Wish I had made the center a darker color but it is too late now!  Not much of stashbuster with those itty bitty strips, LOL.The flying geese and pine tree block you see on the design wall are some sections that I managed to get done a long time back.  Unfortunately the geese will no longer work in the spot I made them for and will be re-done---possibly today.  Possibly not as I want …

thank heavens for leftovers!

As you know I enjoy cooking and trying new recipes---most of the time.  I DO collect cookbooks and read them like novels, after all.  I think you can tell by reading the ingredient list if it will work for your needs and flag it.

Other times, when I am busy with something in the sewing room, I could care less about cooking and will throw together anything as quick as I can.  DJ would refer to my actions in the kitchen on those days a bull in the china shop--- in, out and back to sewing.  Come on, we all do it or just give up and order pizza or run through the closest drive thru burger joint.

I also consider myself lucky that my husband is NOT a picky eater or one that will NOT eat leftovers.  Lord, I would hate to see what our food budget would have to be in that case!  We do not waste food around here.  We are retired so that means most of the time BOTH of us are here for lunch.  Last night's supper is often lunch the next day.  If there is still some leftover, then it is off to th…

at it again--edited

It seems that I cannot quite quit tinkering with my Re-vamped Oxmoor House quilt.  I'm at it again!  I am playing in EQ with the design.

Oh I did the boring stuff yesterday with the binding but it didn't get sewn on the quilt yet.   I still need to study up on how to program the sewing machine to do lettering for the QOV label if I go that route.  I didn't get the Prairie Window top marked yet either.   What's another day??

I have been thinking about this re-design for about a week and may have mentioned it as being a hold up to actually sewing on this thing.  I decided to bump up the width to 64 inches so maybe I could come closer to being able to use this on my bed.  I played around with it last night till almost 9:45.   Other than filling a 4 x 27 inch space with "something" I was satisfied with the arrangement when I went to bed.

Because I want to include a previously made redwork piece and a feathered star, I needed to add another 16 inches to the len…

oh so true


all in a day's work

Who would of thought that piecing two batts would take the better part of a day??  But it did.

The first one wasn't too bad since I had a fairly wide piece from the extra length of batting cut for a "wider than 48 inches" top from last week.   That probably had about 5 seams total.    The 2nd one?  14 seams total as I was essentially dealing with long strips anywhere from 7.5 to 11.5 inches wide to build it up to about 58 wide.   Even that little bit marked 9 x 56 has 6 seams in it as I was down to the last bits of batting.  Now, I may be handed a bag of cutaways when I get to the meeting site next meeting OR worse, there are some hiding in the closet.

These batts are for two of the tops in the closet here at home.  Dec 2010 on this one.  Prairie Window Romance Challenge.   Pattern source:   I still need to mark the top in a wide grid or that WAS my plan once upon a time.

The other slightly smaller one is for the Picnic  BQ 1.   More recent flimsy completi…

wasted week?

Would you believe it if I told you have not touched my machine, not once, all week?  I just plain have not had time.  Oh by Friday I had pulled out my embroidery to put a few stitches in my green basket block but that is it.  No sewing!  For all the gals that ask me how I get so much done in the sewing department, I didn't this week!

Maybe it was just time to take a short break?  There is not shortage of things that could be done in here.

Let's start with ugh, seaming batting.  No fun but necessary esp if I am going to make tops that don't fit on 48 inches wide. 

Then we have February----waiting and waiting for the needed button hole applique to be done.  January is half over, after all.  It won't take long to quilt or bind it but do you think it will be hanging in time for Valentine's Day??

Then we have the Christmas quilt.  I seriously intended to be working this by now.  I got only as far as looking at the foundation pieced flying geese part and trying to figure …

meeting wrap

We had a good group yesterday at our Bama Belles meeting. With the holiday layoff it seemed as though some of us had not been together in ages! A few that have had schedule conflicts in recent months WERE with us including one gal who had moved up to TN. She and her husband were back in the area for a few days (house has not sold yet) and their visit coincided with our meeting.

We pinned up 7 quilts and 7 are about to be turned in---3 need labels so Beverly is taking care of two of them and Betsy will do the honors on her own. I realized when I was posting the following pictures that I didn't get a picture of her cowboy quilt but I will! Meanwhile the stack of ready to be delivered ones has grown a bit higher.  Said pile, last seen HERE, is even with the top of the armoire from the floor on up!  Lois had 3, I had two while Bev and Linda C has one.  Thanks to Teresa for seaming up the back for that last one!  I was helping someone square up some embroidery blocks and explaini…

one of THOSE nights

I don't think that today is going to be a sewing day around here. I have a feeling that my efforts would lead to more "reverse sewing" or I would be primed for a rotary cutter nick or an attempt at sewing through my finger. Oh, tell me that doesn't happen at YOUR house too!

I am definitely not at the top of my game since I could neither get to sleep till after 1 a.m. and have been awake since 4: 15. Finally I bailed at 5 and fired up the computer. It is NOT that I have a lot on my mind and that was interfering with my sleep. I certainly was tired enough at 9 or so to have gone to sleep if it had been dark, cool and quiet around here. Well, cool and dark I could manage---quiet, no. Not with a small house and a husband who is a candidate for a hearing aid. I see a nap on the horizon later today.

So what is on the horizon for me?  Well, I want to back up my computer files but first all these saved files---and that is not near all of them----need to be put into the…


Hubbers was out working on the front bed area that got suspended due to his bilateral cataract surgeries.  We still need to get several more bags of the white rock but he has been driving around for months with this black trim stuff in the back seat of his car.  The weather warmed up enough and there was sufficient cloud cover for him to get out with his spade.

Look at what he unearthed out there!  Kept hitting it with the spade as he had rounded the bend near the down spout.  Yikes!  Big 2 x 6 length, half rotted out.

As I write this, he has gotten to the halfway point, looks like.  Glad it is him and not me.  I don't "do" outside, LOL if I can help it.

another donation flimsy

I stitched and stitched yesterday afternoon and evening till I had enough blocks made to complete half of this top.  This morning, I joined the two halves and corralled Quilt  Holder to "do the honors."  Think I might be on a 12 in 12 plan as far as tops go??   How about quilting up the ones from last year and keeping their 11 in 11 label??  HMMM

I have no plan for where my creative muse may take me today. Right now I need to clean up the mess of strings on the floor from the past days of sewing.

I'm guessing it is time to get serious about that my adapted Oxmoor Christmas quilt thing but that is a sampler type thing.   Sketch link HERE.  I am going to include that Quilter's Cache Christmas 2003 block that I recently stitched up for Friendship Quilters in it so will revise it slightly before printing up my road map of what goes where.

donation flimsy

Thanks to the Bama Belles' group sewing date in October----and a pile of leftover 2 inch strips this made for a fairly quick "finish to flimsy".  You never know when you are working on a group project as there can be a bit of variance in one's machines 1/4 inch seam allowance.

I made sure to square the blocks up which I don't normally do on my own, "all me" generated on the same machine blocks.  Also if the cornerstones did not fit the strip I verified and/or slivered trimmed the sashing strips.  If I knew the sashing was correctly length and width and found the block was a tad undersized, I could fudge it in a bit.

This should be a fun quilt for a youngster.  There are enough novelty bits in there to make it be a treasure hunt, or use it for a matching game.  I have one block leftover which happens to be one that I made.  I pulled them out of the bag just as I had picked them up and tried not to get too "matchy-matchy" with the sashing.  I also…

2011 accounting

(Mostly I do not want to lose the lists I maintained last year and want to set up the same thing for 2012, LOL.  Ignore it if you want to)
BELLES SCRAPPY CHALLENGE 2011Hot Mess flimsy PIC flimsy 4 patch diagonal chain 8-21-11 Triple Rail 8-22-11 Diagonal Strings 8-31-11 Beachy Prairie Window Faux Log Cabin 10-27 WIP bowties
PIF CHALLENGE---this remains as I have more to make with the donation fabricCraftsman Sports World--to HQ as flimsy Right Angles Sports World--to HQ as flimsy RR Crossing top BQ 1 Picnic print 9-14-11
QOV’s---tops to the long arm quilter volunteer
Line Art Disappearing 4 patch 2011 FINISHES
JATH base 1-6 January JATH 1-6 In Seasons's Winter 1-6 Christmas Log Cabin 1-21ish Kitty Leap Frog 3-5 Pam's Bday Button Up 2-17ish Veronica's Bday Button Up 3-26 Welcome Button Up 3-28 FB Medallion 3-30 Daisy Chain 4-1 In Season Spring 4-1 Cher Gordian Knot 6 late May Pat's bday Autumn Blessings 10-12 In Seasons Summer--10-15 Pumpkins 4 sale 10-18 July Button U…

the year's first flimsy and finish

Hot off the press 1-4 with binding completion.  Yeah mostly a Dec 2011 project with the piecing, button hole appliquing and machine quilting.  It still goes on the 2012 list.  Woohoo!  Scratch off one of the week's goals.

And, except for the button appliquing or some sort of edge finishing,  "February" Button Up is a flimsy.  By the 5th heart I prepped yesterday I knew that it was better to cut off small sections of the ric rac and overlap it then try to make it bend around the corners, especially on that pointy tip!   It looked like I might be running short on the ric rac as well but of two packages, I have about 6 inches of it left.

I ended up basting the ric rac down and then removing the freezer paper from the back that I had used to turn the raw edges.  Then I had to use a whole sheet of steam a seam 2 to stick the thing down.  I am not fond of the stiffness behind the hearts but it could not be helped on this one.   I am counting this as almost reaching the week'…

What I have so far.........

After all that quilting lately, I was so ready for a reward project.  I had posted that this was my personal project of choice on New Year's Day.   It got moved along on Monday to this point when I "closed up shop".

I decided that it might be best to baste the ric rac to the heart and then secure down the whole deal.  It does soften the edges of that angular shaped heart.  Of course, stitching thru all those layers was not without peril, LOL.  Between the pins, the glue, sticking myself a couple times I was happy to put it away and start fresh this morning-------with a heavier, longer milliner's needle.

Here is a closeup of the one I have basted and secured.  The pattern suggests using bright yellow ric rac and then over-dying it with tan dye.  I could not find bright yellow jumbo ric rac here in town on my cursory look but I didn't want to order any either.   I have since found out that they do have a selection of ric rac at Wilson's up in Boaz and I will reme…

what you do on New Years Day.........

Image will do throughout the year.  Ordinarily I make a special point to work on something pro bono.  Today was no exception but I also decided I was going to focus on a little bit of several aspects of quiltmaking.

First out was my green Bee Tree Designs basket block.  I haven't touched this since early November but I have been busy with other things!  Normally I drag this with me to the quilt guild meeting but that is going to be out since I am the incoming guild secretary, LOL.   I stitched for a little over an hour so get it moved forward a little bit.

Next, I turned to hand quilting.  Bird Brain  Designs "Here Comes Santa".  5th block of 12 in progress.  I stuck with it long enough to finish this particular block.  I would dearly love for this to be up on the wall NEXT holiday season.   Maybe if I set aside one day of the week to hand quilt I will get there.
I told Norma that I didn't want to do any housework, laundry or binding today, that being my lea…