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Switching gears

Since I need to wait for a small fabric shipment from my mom to proceed with the March button up, I am moving back to the QOV stuff. When I last worked on this (Friday 2-17) at the Friendship Quilters sew-in, this was as far as I got. Jane gave me the blue yardage for that last round or it would not gotten THAT far.

Currently it measures 36 x 56 and it needs to be bumped up to as near to 60 x 90 to meet the requested size for the veteran's home beds. Translation: 17 inches more to the top and bottom and 12 inches to the long sides. I have it worked out on paper in EQ---see THIS post for the sketch.

The Marcus Brother fabric site has the pattern designed to use their American Valor fabric line. They show a version of variable star scattered between pieces of triple rail using a partial seam method. I don't think that is going to work for me since mine is a bit asymmetrical. I thought maybe Friendship Stars instead?? Name of the quilt group, after all but only a quilter wou…

Treasure Hunt

Because I needed a little break today from cutting/sewing/thinking about QOV quilts, I elected to pull fabrics for the March Button Up from Joined at the Hip.   ( Look for BU 3 if you try the link.)  I didn't get it done last year so I would like to make it THIS year even if I may not get it hung for March.I can't replicate the fabrics that they use for it but I can make it to my tastes and stash fabrics.  I am not all that crazy about all that brown, for example.

Referring to the fabric picture below I have some fabrics pulled.  My rabbit will be white, not cream, thank you very much.   The background will be that soft yellow calico.  I had some pink plaid as they suggested for the ears, nose and tail.  More on that stuff in a minute.  5 oranges for the carrots?  No problem---I've got that covered.. 3 pastels for the eggs?  Got that in spades!  Green for the carrot tops and a possible brown for something though I didn't go check the homespun bin yet for brown plaids.


Just the side borders to go and this puppy is done.  I had it laid out to measure and both boys were lending a hand.  DJ moved back to the AL-MSU basketball game and Skyler wants my measuring tape.

Okay, back to sewing as I WILL have this done tonight.

I should be sewing........

Okay, two of the turnstile blocks are done but neither meet in the middle as well as I would like.  The other 4 blocks are pieced but in halves.  That is as far as I got yesterday.   Want to make a bet on whether I will have any better luck with the centers on the other 4?

If it were not for the time I have already invested and my great desire to be done with this top, I would scrap these and substitute something else.

And I DO want to move on..........I got a pile of 3-D bowties in navy and white with red knots to address for another QOV top.  I love 3-D bowties way more than pinwheels.

Just whining---fire up that machine and make it happen, Linda!  Think that is enough of a kick in the behind?  LOL.

WIP Weds

One more row to go----that turnstile block you see in my work space.  6 of them.  Ordinarily I do not like to do pinwheel type blocks with all that stuff landing in the middle of the block.   Still, it seemed to go with the mix of rows and will pick up the same yellows in the friendship stars that I did yesterday.

Hopefully this whole top will be done in a day or two so I can move on-----to lets say, that pile of 3-D bowties with the red knots I had started at the fall sew-in.

And sew it goes.  Still pluggin'

Recipe for those cookies

For whomever wants this---the recipe is online but in most cases, with goofy procedures for making them.  (One I found even was made with LARD!)   I fleshed it out a bit and added an Oatmeal Toffee variation from an online quilting friend back in the aCozyQuiltBee /onelist/yahoogroup days. Makes about 5 dozen if you don't use as much dough as I did this morning for another batch.

DJ said "not to bother/ don't feel obligated since you didn't have any left for me/you're too busy"---you know the he doth protest too much routine?  I told him I was making them because I wanted to plus I still had all the ingredients on hand to do so.  If he didn't want them, I would give them away too, LOL.  What I REALLY did was save out a dozen and the rest went to the freezer for now.  Well, minus the 2 we had for ummmmm, quality control testing purposes, that is.

Pride of Iowa Cookies (with an Oatmeal Toffee variation) 
 The coconut in the cookie makes them a bit chewy but t…

QOV sewing continues

What a fun time at the sew-in the last two days!  Good fellowship and the Ways and Means see to it that we eat well providing the meals.  The members bring munchies and snacks.   My Pride of Iowa cookies were a big hit as was Jane's Southern Praline Pecan cake.  Guess we know what we better fix when it is time to do our turn on the refreshment committee!

DJ was a little disappointed that I did not come home with any cookies.  I bake cookies so seldom as he likes those cardboard tasting ones from the grocery store.  Translation:  why bother in that case?  Thursday when I handed him some good fresh baked ones I said "now THIS is what a cookie should taste like or why eat them?".   He got those and an over-sized one from the last bit of batter in the bowl.  Two days in a row he asked if I had any left.  Come to find out, a couple of the girls had taken one home for their hubby's to try and then insisted that their wives get the recipe, LOL  I told DJ I would make him an…

WIP Weds

As I told you in my last post, this is QOV week around here.

Today I was working on the row design to figure out just how many blocks/rows I would need to piece to include with some that were donated.  Several of the rows come in right on the money at my targeted range of 54 finished.  Two do not---like an inch bigger! I think I can see where they went wrong.  Some slightly off seam allowances along with some inaccurate cutting.  I am pulling them apart to square them up.  I'll re-cut if needed and of course, re-assemble them.   Yes, I would probably be easier to just pull some other fabrics and just start from scratch.  I like the fabrics and someone at least TRIED to participate in the row project.  I can do a selvage operation.  I've done it before and I'll do it again.

Yesterday when I was measuring them at the meeting, I found  one row that was wayyyyy shorter than the rest and made with what looks to be Moda Marbles.  Problem was: quarter of a Broken Dishes block is p…

Design Wall Monday

Seriously there is nothing much happening on that design wall.  Same blocks up there---some blank squares for quilt labeling purposes, a piece of bias binding for the Christmas Patience Corners.  We also have a block Aline gave me for Christmas along with the Oxmoor House components that I hoped would inspire me to keep going on that.  Odd kid quilt components but mostly I can't quite reach them, LOL.

A slump or just busy with other stuff?? Both actually.

On Thursday through Saturday this week Friendship Quilters is having a sew-in to work on our quilts for the Col. Robert L. Howard Veteran's Home being built in Pell City (AL).    The Popsicle Sticks stuff that I hoped to work on a bit over this past week just did NOT happen.   The guild met on Saturday and I did not feel well a few hours after I got home.  Yesterday, some cutting and grocery errands. You know how it goes. Life happens.   I put the stuff back in the container for now.  Not forever, just not now.

Now I have to mak…

WIP Thursday

It is going but very slow.

The designer Terry Atkinson lists sizes as:

nap 48 x 64lap 64 x 80twin/full 80 x 96queen 96 x 112king 112 x 112I want it to be more like 86 x 96 so made some adjustments to bump up the width by a "half block" and went with the length of the full rather than the width of the queen.  So I fiddled with it in EQ only to discover that moving the half block part around meant way more seam matching or a band of 8 strips,  Just add a column to one long edge and call it done!
So the sum total of my output is the 30 sections of squares I already had done.  I only have 20 of the 3 strips x 10.5 done, only 46 to go!  The small sections?  Only two and that was because of a mis-cut---34 more there!
I have been playing a bit in my recipe software making some major additions and changes in the past few days.  Lots of backing up required, etc along with reading discussion list notes, experimenting with some OCR software and such.  Time involvement things really and s…

PopStix progress--edited

This what my cut piles looked like before I started sewing yesterday afternoon.  Nice, neat contained.  The stuff in the front is my jelly roll strips all separated out by their color groupings or style of the print.

Here is my output so far----32 of the 5 strips sections x 10.5 inches.  I need to make 10 more to be done with step A-B of the pattern.   I almost had to take this with a cat sitting among the blocks.   As it is, one of the strip sets is piled on the thread boxes near the light, LOL.

And here is the fabric strips after a day's sewing----what a mess!  I closed down shop for the night.  My back will thank me to do so.  Plus I need to unplug the machine anyway since we have some thunder/lightning moving in.  I am going to straighten this up and call it a night!  The only neat part of the pile right now is what remains of the Amelia jelly roll though I suspect some might still be hiding in that strip pile.    I did cut some more strips just to add a bit more color the m…

Reveal date!

The FABs are celebrating Norma's bday today---at long last.  Her day fell around US Thanksgiving this past year and we just could not get everyone's schedules to coordinate.  Trust me, the emails and IM's were flying to decide that Saturday, Feb. 4th would work out for all concerned.

At left you see the Snow Days Button Up from Joined at the Hip that I made for her.  When I first offered to make her one, I told her to pick a couple that she liked.  She suggested November for her bday month and the December stockings one.  Well,  she and I made that "Charley Brown" Christmas tree so December was taken care of.  November, I could have done but with her party being pushed back so far I was afraid she would not get to use what I made till next fall.  Snow Days, it was.  Shown on my base though and my buttons were not aligned just right for display nor was I going to move them just to take a picture, LOL.

I am sure she will post about this and her other gifties on her b…

A finish

Woohoo!  Joined at the Hip February Button Up is complete and hanging in its hallway spot.

Today's project----PopStix strip sets.  

WIP Thursday

Today's to get this thing bound!

I finished the quilting yesterday morning.  The binding and tabs went on when I came back from errands.  That is as far as it got.

I needed to do some tweaking on the computer, supper preparation took longer than I thought, blah, blah, blah.  Binding is never my favorite part though I do a good job on it.  I think the crack on the corner of my thumb makes me not so anxious to pick up a needle BUT I do want this up on my wall so best get cracking.

The boys only got 6 holes of golf in yesterday and were eligible for a rain check for today's round.  Herb will be moving on down to Columbus, GA for a couple of days and then down to FL where he picks his wife up at the airport.  I doubt we see them on their return since they have family in ATL and NC to visit.

The house is quiet and I have it to myself for longer than a doctor's appointment or the time it takes him to run errands.  Let's enjoy it!  I'll stitch and think about what I w…