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How about a 3rd? special quilt

In a recent post I told you about a quilt I had hurriedly quilted and bound for a very ill young boy named Collin.  My friend Bev had requested the quilt and made a special pillow case to go with it.

When she delivered the items to the home, she could tell that his sister was having a hard time of it and asked Angellyn her favorite colors.  She made another pillow case in zebra, lime green and purple with an attached 3-D flower and left it for her the next day.  It is pictured at left.  Cute huh?  Perfect for a teen-aged girl!

When Bev told me about this, I said we needed to give her a quilt as well, thinking we could use the one shown in THIS POST that we all had made blocks for.  Because the quilt was a little wide we would need to bump it up the backing about 6-10 inches.  I suggested a pieced band of strips in the fav colors off center and dividing the fabric width.  The emails were flying.

Well, Bev outdid herself and it became the quilt itself!  She brought some black fabric with …

two posts in one day?

Around the house----
You will most likely find the husband tending to some of the outside chores.  Today he is removing some old caulk from our siding. Next some re-caulking, priming, painting will ensue.  Note that he has the ladder atop the air conditioning unit and that he had to whack the heck out of nearby bush to even get at it first.  Due to sun exposure problems, he has to get out when there is cooler temps and some cloud cover so that limits his time.

The lilac bush is in full bloom right now---the best it has ever looked really.  It smells heavenly too.   The Rose of Sharon bush that is right behind it is almost in full leaf now too.  It is normally the last one to come around.  Maybe the two weeks or so of above normal temps and plenty of sunshine brought it along too.   We have not had a lot of rain though considering it IS spring but DJ said we had a half inch in the gauge with the overnight showers.

Our white azalea of the encore variety finally bloomed but this bush has ne…

Meeting notes

I believe that I might be in the market for a new mouse as things are NOT staying clicked. I just ended up publishing several pics without any text. The worst is editing documents as I am doing on an almost daily basis as the by-laws are hammered out for Friendship Quilters guild. To say it is getting frustrating would be an understatement. Do you suppose that its getting knocked off the desk on an almost daily basis might be responsible, LOL? Poor mouse!  Can you use a wireless one on a desktop?

Well, you didn't stop here to listen to me complain.  You came to see some quilts. right?  We had a few of the regulars missing-- one gal is helping out her family by keeping her great-grand, two were under the weather. We still managed to get some quilts pinned and made some plans for the sew-in date next month while catching up with each other for a few that were unable to come the previous meeting.  Like always, LOL.

I will tell you about the special project Bev and I teamed up on i…

quilting plans

So far I have not sewn, cut or quilted anything and may not as I am trying to get the car packed up for tomorrow's meeting. Always seems like half my house goes with me, LOL.

But I always have some thoughts about what I want to do next when it comes to sewing. The Belles will be having a sew-in day on the 4th Tuesday in April. I don't know that we are going to do a group block this time or not. Some have expressed interest in doing a Jelly Roll 1600. I also haven't decided exactly what we will do for a challenge this year but we have boatloads of a black fabric in the donation bin.

I would love to make a Mock Trip Around the World like my friend Pat of Bell Creek Quilts makes.  HEREis an example of one she has made.  Could you not see using that black with a bright color of your choice to make a quilt like this?  The blocks are strip pieced using a pattern from Quilt Assistant calledMock Trip Around the World.  Easy block really that goes together quickly once the strip…

what a busy week!

When I last posted, I had made the quilt delivery trip down to the Presbyterian Home for Children down in Talledega(AL). The week remained busy.

Wednesday my friend Teresa came by to see if we could figure out what was causing her problems with quilting.  She had made a quilt using one of the quilt patterns from MaryQuilts but which one I could not tell you for sure.  It is for her newly married son and daughter-in-law so she wants it done, sooner than later.  As near as I can tell is that she has some tension issues and the batting was not helping matters any.  I had a package of poly down black (the quilt was black and red) so we will substitute that out and re-pin it on Tuesday.  I also told her that since we were going to re-pin she may want to substitute that all black on the back since it was giving her fits trying to un-quilt that bad lines.

She had also wanted me to show her how to rock in hand quilting.  I was holding some extra quilt hoops I had around here and some #10 qu…

Quilt delivery day

A few posts back I showed you the stack of finished quilts that the Belles have made and I had been holding for a day just like today. They were in a basket from the floor up to just over the top of the armoire with about 6 of them stuck on the side to keep the whole tower of quilts from toppling over. This picture below shows what it normally looks like-----pinned quilts on the armoire, for sure.

Atop this heap is some batting for me to use on the QOV row quilt I will pin on Tuesday. Soon to be added, somewhere, is the 76 Bow Tie Medallion. Denise B told me yesterday that she had gotten it quilt up and I can bring it home after the executive board meeting on Tuesday.  You can see I have my work cut out for me to get caught up anytime soon.

Below, the quilts after I hauled them out to the car yesterday afternoon.  DJ was trying to nap so I didn't ask him to help.  By the time I was hauling out the 2nd stack of 10 he said "why didn't you tell me you needed help?".  …

some progress

This morning shows me prepping carrots.  No, not for eating though I toyed with the idea of making some carrot raisin salad yesterday when I bought a two lb. bag of real carrots, from Georgia even!  These go to the base part of the March Button Up.  I think mine are going to have slightly blunter tips on them as I am having problems with knowing how close to trim/clip or cut fabric out of that area.

I don't needle turn so freezer paper, modified yo yo over templar and fusibles, it is for this girl.

I ended up doing some hand applique on the basket elements and the bunny tail.  I had a nice turned edge for the bias cut basket handle, basket trim and all the eggs shapes so why not.  I won't need to do much button hold applique this time out especially if I ditch the lettering.  Just the nose and carrot tops would require it.
I did prep the nose and ear accents last night but didn't baste them down yet so the bunny still looks a little blah----but he's getting there!


Happy St. Pat's Day and Happy National Quilting Day

Happy St. Pat's Day and  Happy National Quilting Day!! Got something planned to celebrate both of those things?  DJ said I didn't have to prepare a corned beef meal but I may do it down the line.  Maybe it will just be c.b. hash tonight and go straight to the leftover type meal, LOL.

This is as far as I got on the March Button Up last evening.  I am waiting for some brown plaid fabric that goes at the button to represent the carrot patch.  I'll also use it for the binding cut on the bias and maybe the word "March" at the top.  I am torn about that though since Easter comes in both March and April.  I didn't want brown borders so I extended the yellow above the bunny's ears and then more yellow for the side borders.  The binding brown will frame the whole piece---should work.

I bordered this piece after my last post on the 15th.  The binding will match the narrow green flap of color.  I'll quilt this and finish up the embellishments once I get the March …

WIP Thursday

In the past few days I have gotten a few things moved along------April Button Up finally has the tulips and leaves basted down for hand applique.  I  must have spaced the stems differently than they show on the pattern jacket as the leaves do not look like theirs at all!  I like it but I guess mine will have its own touches.

I picked up some plastic pellets at  Hobby Lobby on Tuesday, Belles quilting day. ( Once I get to the meeting place it is a heck of a lot closer than from my house.)  My pal Veronica sent me the larger chicken you see below, minus the "innards" for me to stuff.  I was able to re-use the contents of one of long time chicken pin cushions that met its demise.  This bad boy, being so much larger than any of the 4 you see pictured plus the "dead" one I needed more pellets to complete the job.   The two red chickens are cute but are filled with fiber-fil exclusively and tend to topple.  I may do a little surgery on them since I have plenty of pellets …

Design Wall Monday

Really the design wall looks much the same as in previous photos with two new additions----

two leftover bowties from the QOV top.  I make a lot of bowties for pro bono quilts so they will just get plugged into the next one.  I finished the hand embroidery on Two Blonde Mice's "Bloom" pattern last evening but will need to pull some border fabric today.  I am resisting the impulse to order some Mary Engelbreit fabric to complete it.  I have things in my stash that will work.I knew that the stitchery would work up fairly quickly for a reward project.  That's part of the reason why I chose it---well, that and I was waiting for some fabric to come my way from my mom and a friend for another project.   Friendship Quilters met on Saturday and the gals I rode with wanted to take the Garden Irish Chain class that was planned for the program.  I did not want to start another new project necessarily so elected to work on "Bloom" instead.  All I had left on Sunday was …

finished to flimsy

QOV #5  76 Bowties in Barn Raising Set

............and after lunch  I am going to work on my embroidery reward project, "Bloom".   I am also going to write a list of what I want to concentrate on next, UFO and otherwise.  Pro bono and otherwise too.

a start

11 more rows to go on this barn raising set.  I should be able to get this done in time for the Saturday Friendship Quilters meeting even if I do have a couple errands to run.

If I were to do one more with the remaining scraps etc,  THIS Scrappy Strips and Bars from Cindy Carter might be one I consider.  Lots of free patterns there, some mystery quilts and such too.  Not that I "do" mysteries necessarily but show me how it turns out and I might be in, LOL.  I am talking about the Patriotic version in the 2nd pic of course.  And if not that one, I like this one for a planned 3 color quilt, borrowing from my friend Pat.  9 patch variation, Mock Trip Around the World

You know where to find me------

78 bow ties

If I counted correctly, I have 78 bow tie blocks done and ready to assemble into the medallion style top.

The Singer seemed to be having a little problem with the stitching though that probably was "me induced".   I need to read the manual and just play with tension settings but I didn't have the time or inclination to do that today.  I also want to explore the cams that came with it so that might be  good time to put it through its paces.

I brought the Jem in from the car.  At least I knew for a fact that it would not mind the 4 to 6 layers of fabrics.  I spent the better part of the day yesterday pinning the blocks so I could just chain to my hearts content today.  Now I'm off to start the assembling process.

Hopefully this will be a top by day's end Friday----6 inch blocks 10 x 15.  The hard part is already done.

WIP Tuesday

The primary focus of my day will be joining the center seam on a pile of 76 bowties for the QOV top.  I was further along with this project than I thought I was---woohoo there!  76 is sort of a symbolic number for a patriotic US quilt, don't you think?

I'll work thru the pile and see how far I get.  These are just a more lumpy 4 patch at this point.  I switched machines though.  The Brother, pampered princess that it is, balks at sewing thru too many layers.  The Viking tends to sew a little tight so un-sewing is not easy.  If you are going to sew, you have to be prepared to rip.  Long ago lesson from my mom, there.   I probably did the bulk of the sewing on the Jem.  I could use it but I pulled out the Singer that I got from Lois' mom's estate instead.  It has a nice stitch and we'll see how it behaves over those folded in knots.

I got a bit done on "Bloom" yesterday.   I left it out to do a bit more here and there.  I am already to the leaves with the th…

a finish and a reward

A finish to report----finally!  I mentioned the QOV top #3 as being my priority item for the week.  As I stated in my last post, life kinda intervened.

We had two days of rocky weather and trust me, that does not lend itself to piecing when  you have to un-plug.  I blew out on mother board to a power surge and I don't want to replaced another.  At one point on Friday my two computerized machines wound up in the shower.  I figured if I had to be in the bathroom with the hard hat on, then two of my prized possessions were going with me.

I fused down the cut away stars and machine appliqued the down to a 7.5 inch finished squares.  I had the rail strips already cut but didn't really start stitching on this in earnest till Friday and Saturday.  All that I needed to do today is the last border.  I had said that it was amazing that a girl like me that HATES to put on borders would do a quilt that is nothing BUT borders.  5 of them actually.  The picture I put up on FB might actually…

better late than never?

Last week was a pretty busy week---some sewing, some home matters, this and that.  You know,  life intervenes?  Bama Belles met on Tuesday and I just never got around to posting the pictures I had taken. I'll do that now


This is the center section of a Block of the Month quilt that they are doing at the Lick Skillet Guild.  (Lick Skillet is what Oxford, Alabama used to be called)   Our little group shares several members with that Monday evening guild.  Brenda is hiding behind this.

...........................and this is one of the blocks that will go around it.

Beverly was working on the binding for a young grand baby.  At first I thought it was one of two she had made for twin daughters of friends of the family, a commissioned work but she said that those had been delivered for the mama to take to the quilter.  Beverly arranged the colors in "Snuggle Up" fashion but sashed around them.  Very pretty.

Rosa was working on her hand quilting.  …