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FAB challenge---some progress

I have continued to work on the "My Sunshine" FAB challenge piece throughout the weekend and was pleased to get 4 blocks completed and attached before I quit for the evening last night.  Woohoo!  Finally got a little something I can show on the blog anyway.

But this morning I took a good look at it and realized that the 4th block of a barn raising set needed to start angling down the other direction if the chains are to be symmetrical.  Oh oh!  I knew I had directional prints at the centers.  That meant that I was going to have to watch  how the rings of color were placed.  The blocks cannot be rotated in quarter turn increments as one normally would do this set.    Here I had started ALL the black strips on the left hand vertical on all the blocks.  On closer inspection, 4th block starts on the top, 5th block on the bottom and 6th block on the top.  I caught it before I got too far in though and it wasn't all stitched together.  Minor un-sewing on the center I plan to u…

catching up

So what have I been up to in the creative department since my last post, you might ask?  It is my blog so I will tell you even if you DON"T ask, LOL.

I made a few more "granny square" blocks using the Blue Elephant tutorial but not following it exactly.  As I said in my last post, 8 pieces of it can be strip pieced so that is what I am doing.  Also I think from here on out I am going to call this by its original name Album Block.   BlockBase lists 8 different ones for what is a very similar block if you add a square in the smack dab middle of the block.

LOL DJ asked me why I had my pillows lying on the floor and the bed unmade in the middle of the day.  Pictures of course!  I still need to trim down the blocks.  I am shooting for 20 blocks and pairs if I can, reversing the two colors. It might make a larger than usual donation quilt but kids come in all sizes.  BUT I set it aside.
My sister caught up to me on facebook with a knitting question.  She wanted to make a baby b…

Sew-in date: quilts hiding in your scrap bag

What a fun day sewing with my Bama Belle pals yesterday! We had an extended meeting and everyone brought their machines ready to "hit it" along with cut 2 1/2 inch strips galore, cut 2 1/2 inch squares and nickel squares/charms. Everything was free game so dig in---take some for "homework".  Jane even had some yardage to share!

8 of us "regulars" were there but so were 3 of our gals who cannot come very often. We were happy that Pat's schedule allowed her to be with us as well as Linda C who was back down visiting from Tennessee. Nancy has a conflict in the schedule since her church's quilting day is the same as ours but they meet at the church catty corner to where Belles meet so she pops over occasionally. That is what Shawnee did later in the day.

Bev who is recuperating from major surgery did not want to be left out of the fun and had her husband drop her off for a bit. She brought her yo-yo bag of tricks to show us how to do it especially…


I have been falling down on the "goals"/day's plans the last couple of days---mostly piddling.

I had gone out to see one of my quilting/FB pals on Thursday morning and enjoyed both the drive over (through the back of the old Fort McClellan) AND the visit. In spite of her only being a week postop at that point we went upstairs to see her wonderful sewing space that her husband had carved out of some of the attic space! What I wouldn't give to have cupboards and a walk in storage closet! Bev showed me some of the things she was working on. She also knew that I was looking to put a flower or something on my completed purse/backpack. She lent me her little yo-yo maker for that basket block embellishment.

Now, I have never used my extra large Clover yo-yo maker yet though I have had thoughts of slowly making some over time.  A recent quilting magazine showed a quilt from Terry Atkinson, one of my all time fav designers, with rows of yo yo's on a teal background.  …

3 more finishes

two small finishes and one more button up is officially done.

 The basket block will need some velcro added to the back in order to hang it and ir really needs some embellishment.  Yo- yo's with buttons, I'm thinking.

"Bloom" is also officially done.  I had it bound and the buttons were sewn on but I did the bee's flight lines this morning.

Late for this Easter but early for next----the March button up but I left the month off so it had  a longer shelf life.

What is next??  I would dearly love to take a break to piece something---like maybe finish up my set aside Popsicle Stix last seen in early February HERE or in the following post when I had to pack it up to work on the 3 QOV quilts I had committed to do.  BUT I still have binding to put on one of those QoV's and the row quilt QOV to quilt.

The other thing that needs to be done is cut for Cher's FAB day.  I may do that first and then get started on the QOV stuff.   We have learned that the facility is to o…

one finish anyway!

A finish, finally! I thought I would play with Bev's flowers but wound up starting on the binding stack instead.

I've got more binding to go on the other three recent quilted items---two are much smaller so that's helpful.

This one is all hand appliqued, except for the letters.

Catch up post

As usual I have been keeping busy since my last week's mid-week post.

I quilted up Two Blonde Mice's "Bloom Where You're Planted"  shown HERE,  the two recently completed March and April Button Up wall hangings and a little slightly adapted  6 inch basket block from The Farmer's Wife Sampler that I whipped up last week.  (It is going to go a different wall hanging piece for May.)  Between quilting and baking up 5 dozen Oatmeal Toffee cookies for the sew-in that took care of two days "play time"
Friday was the Friendship Quilters Spring Fling Sew-In.  This time we were off to the Camp Chula Vista Christian Conference and Retreat Center near Pell City.  Well, the sew-in had actually started on Thursday but we had not planned to attend that day.  That's pushing it especially since I had been gone a good part of Tuesday for Bama Belles.  The building you see on the left that looks like a  modified T was where we met. We had two large rooms on the firs…

16 patches and other stuff

What a good meeting we Bama Belles had yesterday!  We had two guests:  Bev's neighbor who has sewn in the past but does not quilt came along with her and we had a little almost one year old grand come w/ her Mim.  Let me tell you, Lily Grace was charming everyone in her path,  including the pastor.

We also a couple of sharing/learning opportunities.  Bev showed us how she does her dimensional flowers.  I had a planned demo on how to mark bias lines for cross hatching as well as how to cut bias and use bias press bars---two things that had come in conversation since our last meeting.   Another opportunity came up because Lois had brought in some orphan blocks and some foundation piecing printouts to share.  I had the machine set up for my demo so I sat Bev and Rita down to show her how to get started with that.

Teresa got her special quilt for her recently married DS and DIL pinned and she is on the right track now about piecing a huge back for another special quilt for her husband.…


What do I want to work on today? There are no shortage of choices!  I did get a few things done since I last posted.  Mending job is done, carrot tops appliqued.  The Farmer's Wife Sampler block drawing project is done. I even have that to  "the quilt top stage" though I will probably keep tweaking it.  Some of those blocks just don't look right on point---sorry!

So do I---------

QUILT?  I got these pinned on Tuesday evening but haven't started doing the honors yet.  I could also put the binding on my 76 Bow tie QOV for some next week meeting(s) hand work.

CUT?  Friendship Quilters is having a sew-in April 12-14.  I have tons of things kitted up that I could sew on but there is also a class on making a purse that has straps that would convert it to a backpack.  I've got the cutting direction posted above the cutting/pressing table but still need to pull fabric.  I know it means a run for either Decor-Bond or heavy duty interfacing as I only have the lightweight…

WIP Monday?

There is no "work" going on here, LOL.  I am still in my pajamas playing on the computer though I should do something about THAT soon before the morning gets away from me!  I do NOT want to be out grilling brats come noon time, looking like this.

It is not for a lack of anything to do.  While I hand appliqued the orange parts of the carrots, I still need to machine applique the carrot tops.  The backing still needs seamed----Mom, you recognize that piece, of course and I think I will pretty much shoot what is left. April's tulips and leaves could be hand appliqued and hiding behind all that stuff is a pair of
slacks that needs the waistband re-stitched in spots where the thread  unraveled.  I've got a QOV to bind too.

Yesterday I wasn't interested in doing any of that stuff.  I allow myself to go off on other tangents because I know that is what sparks my creativity.  I had spent a good part of the week doing paperwork and following up on things for Bama Belles and …