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quilt plans and making lists

A blogging friend who I have recently met and began following at A Left Handed Quilter posed an interesting question today.  (Her alter ego Quilter BOB has separate blog and has some even more takes on quilting!!  Some that I agree with---a lot!  But I digress.......)

Anyway she asked
If you KNEW that you had only one more day before you died and in that day you could make one more quilt, what quilt would you make?She named several styles of quilts and oh, there were some good ones to chose from!  I don't think I am what you would consider a MODERN quilter but the reasons/rants about that will wait for another day.  Scrappy, Traditional, more my speed really.

She also wondered if you would take that day to finish up a UFO or start something new.  I thought about it for a bit.  Actually I think about it a lot---no, not the only having one more day to live part but what I want to work on next.  I especially ponder this when I am working something like binding.  (The Row QOV is done …

catch up post

Well, it has been a few days since I posted. The first holiday of "summer" has passed. I tell you, it may not be summer by the calendar but here in Alabama it feels more like July 4th! A glance at the weather map shows a good part of the US is having a hot time of it as well. There are no effects for us this far inland from the first two named hurricanes but I sure hope that Florida got some rain and drought relief.

DJ and I basically stayed home though we did make a run down to Kohl's to find a pair of walking shoes. You may recall that I was trying to get started back with a walking program a few posts back. On Day 2 my shoes started chafing so badly that I barely made it back on the last half lap. (Huge blister on my left heel and irritation on the right.) That pair of shoes had never fit right! I had tried to pad the heel counter plus two pair of socks with some success. (If someone wants a pair of 9 Nike walking shoes these have barely been worn and I don'…

900th post/missing quilt picture

I have reached a bit of a milestone today as this is my 900th post. No give-aways, sorry to disappoint you. Others may do that, but I haven't anywhere along the way so why start now? I figure I give enough away with all the donation quilts over the years. If you quilt, then you have no doubt have other resources for getting fabric packs, quilt books and patterns and such.  Boosting my readership has never been what this is about anyway.

I started back in February 2006 egged on my some of FAB pals. I lost the first 6 wks of my blog in a move of sheer stupidity on my part but nonetheless, that is when I started.   Here it is six years later and I am still at it. At the time one of my sister-in-laws asked me "why?"  Admittedly, it is a limited audience that I am speaking to but I have always looked at this as my journal. Read it if you want--some do, some don't.   Some, like me,  have too many people in their blog lists to conceivably follow and still get any sewi…

quilt show aka quilt meeting (edited)

Actually it was Bama Belles meeting day and Lois and Bev had quilts to turn in plus Brenda had some tops to show us too.  After seeing them posted and comparing to what is on hand I figured out which one I am missed.  It is currently not at my house so I cannot nab quilt holder to do the honors.  Anyway, enjoy!  I am sure that the children that receive them will----------

ED. NOTE:  My pal Norma reminded me that she has a quilt made from this pattern which appeared  in Fons and Porter's For the Love of Quilting magazine from September/October 2000.  You can see her notes on her blog archive.  F & P called it "Simple Cross"  Good choice for all those 2 1/2 inch scrappy strips PLUS I could use them on the sections I have leftover from Faux Log Cabin!  Still no word on what to call the one in the next post above. 

Bev's Pineapple Blossom

Lois Sashed and Cornerstoned Strings

Lois Frames and 4 patches

Brenda's Sew-in started top and new pattern for her to play with---

how goals become goals

My pal Norma is on holiday today---I think it is Victoria Day up there in BC---and we have been chatting on IM a bit.

I finished up the July embroidery block yesterday and started the next one which is an egg basket. Stitching has continued this morning.  Norma left to get her day started, that two hour time difference between here and there, after all.  I kept stitching and at some point I said this----

Linda J says

I am going to set up to quilt in a bit (meaning as soon as I ran out of thread in my needle)  
Norma says tired of stitching? Linda J says no never! or seldom anyway
Norma says lol mix things up a bit? or you have a list of things to tackle too!
Linda J says no, I just need to move that qov forward so I can turn it in next meeting I have a list at least in my head I do there are three bed quilts that I want to finish----cheap trick, pop stix and the Fab challenge and of course that monstrous pile in the bedroom to quilt
Norma says that never goes down!
Linda J says and I want to start the …

some progress

Friday I pieced a bit. Two Album blocks made using the Blue Elephant granny square tutorial.   11 blocks towards a pro bono quilt.  I have a bunch more strips paired up so who knows how big it will be.  Maybe eventually two quilts even.

Saturday, I quilted on the Row QOV--last posted HERE but before I had completed the side borders--late February of this year anyway.  I got the top 4 rows done before I quit.  There are a total of 10 rows but it is far too warm in the house to want a quilt on my lap.  Mind you, not quite warm enough for my husband to okay turning on the a/c but close.  (Has to hit 80 because the thing is set at 79.  I repeat, I did not move South for the summers).  One of the Belles wants to see how I approach machine quilting so I am probably going to work on this at the meeting on Tuesday if not before.

So what am I doing today?  What I wanted to do yesterday actually.  I have barely touched my embroidery lately.  Now that I have to take minutes at guild meeting, the…

Fight Like a Quilter "Many Hearts" blocks

Yesterday's output----Block 1

I don't know if you can see it or not but the little nine patch at the bottom was my first attempt.  The yellow with the whitish splotch on it must have been mis-cut a hair because the seam finished a bit too small in both spots that I used it.  I wrote a big old NO on it and then didn't bother to un-sew it.  Parts of it could have probably been re-used.

They asked that yellows, teals and blue be in the block but we could add stuff from our stash.  The blocks I saw on the shops facebook page look a good deal more yellow, LOL BUT I didn't get a fabric kit.  They get what they get, right?

Wouldn't this be pretty done up in 30 reproductions as well?
Here was my 2nd attempt so maybe it is a bit lighter.

The pieced part of the block finishes at 10 inches but the sashing bits bumped it up to 14 inches which looks huge to me!  If I were to make this again using my own stash or cut squares I would be tempted to go with 2 inch cut instead of 2.5.  …

Journey of a thousand steps.................

There have been a little progress around here in the "preparing to sew" department.  I pulled the two main fabric bins out that contain my green fabric stash and tried to what I had that would work for the Paint Chip Challenge.  When I found the light colored tones and couple darks that possibly work, I knew that my idea to proceed with the August Button Up was probably the way to go.  The light greens are for the watermelon rind area and darks for the rind itself.  Even if some of these are not quite the "right" shade for the paint chip deal they WILL work for the overall project as there are 6 different blocks.  The notes on the paint chip card are the shades of Moda Marble that I thought were close if I had to buy some yardage.

The pattern shows a black with red and green print for the sashing that I in no way can duplicate.  Either of the bits on the top would work and the top one probably more so because there is some red in it.  That choice will depend on what…


Once again I have come to a screeching halt for sewing, quilting, piecing, whatever but that is not to say that it has not been on my mind.   Just the execution has stopped, LOL.

I can show you what I was piddling with the other day. I finally laid hands on the misplaced pieces of binding corners that one of the Belles had lent to me but I had not had time to explore yet. I thought I would make my OWN set so I could return hers plus try out the technique. This method eliminates the need to slip stitch the miter closed---turn it over and it is already mitered by machine and supposedly a nicer finish. I can bind fairly well but my corners always look a little sloppy to me so why not try it, was my thought.

First off let me say that this idea has probably been around since at least 1993. Linda Goodman Emery designed a mini-miter thing called "Corner Mark-It" way back when as it says so in the insert of the one I bought and stuck in my "carry to sewing events" baske…

Golden Springs Baptist Quilt and Car show, part 2

Bev who belongs to Bama Belles and the Lick Skillet Quilt Guild in Oxford, AL made 10 Quilts of Valor tops in 2011. Some were quilted by Craig Heyer of Birmingham or Margaret R who is also an active member of Lick Skillet Guild. I won't identify which ones as in some cases that is not known.

This last one was entered by Ann B, 2010-2012.  "This quilt was made to decorate a room in the Americana theme"

Golden Springs Baptist Quilt and Car show, part 1

A few of the quilts that caught my eye at the quilt show this past Saturday-------they had a program printed up so I will use the descriptions provided.

1-12  Mountain Mist pattern by Doris Swanson 1942-1944.  The woman who owns it submitted the following:  "My grandmother made many quilts during her retirement years.  Each of the four granddaughters received two at the time of her death.  My sister and I stayed in their home during months of High School.  I was privileged to watch her as many were being made on big quilting frames"  I believe it is type of dahlia pattern as the petals were raised.  I love the yellow!

1-26  Emily's Quilt "made by hergreat-aunt Linda Stedham for her newly painted lavender bedroom.  Emily's favorite color in 2010 was purple."

1-28  Mother's Handkerchief by Mary Ann Lipham, 2012.  "While cleaning out my mother's home after her death, I found a bundle of old handkerchiefs she had kept.  I made this quilt in memory of …

Meeting Day

Job one today-----wind 66 yards of batting onto two cardboard cores.  I had dropped one box of our shipment off last week when I was delivering my quilt entries across the street from our meeting place.  I unboxed it so was not surprised when the storage closet was almost pushed  open by the batting roll on the other side of the door.

Bev and then Lois lent a hand in getting this rolled off the giant roll.  Since Lois had three tops to pin we just rolled off what her quilts required while we were at it.

Here is a boy themed rag quilt that Bev had turned in for the kids.  Cute, huh?  Teresa has one as well but hers still needs to be clipped and laundered so I told her I would wait to take the picture for our photo album.

We were missing a few of our regulars today but Nancy and Julie stopped by.  Later Aline came with her little great-grand Lilly.  Lilly just turned a year old recently and was charming all of us.  Aline had an adorable Turning Twenty top that we pinned---lots of dots and …